Silybum marianumLuteolinFlavonolignan: Flavonolignans are natural phenols composed of a part flavonoid and a part lignan.HydrastinineCholineThomas Brasbridge: Thomas Brasbridge (1547–1593) was an English divine and author.Trogia venenata: Trogia venenata, also known as the little white mushroom, is a species of fungus in the Marasmiaceae family indigenous to Yunnan province, in southwest China. Consumption is deadly for both humans and mice, as the mushroom contains three toxic amino acids.Amanita xanthocephala: The vermilion grisette, also known as pretty grisette or vermilion Amanita (Amanita xanthocephala) is a colourful mushroom of the genus Amanita. However, although it is often referred to by the common name "grisette", it is not closely related to other edible species that carry this common name, such as Amanita vaginata and Amanita fulva.PhytomedicineCollege of Practitioners of PhytotherapyWhey concentrate: Whey protein concentrate is the cheapest and most common form of whey protein, a byproduct of cheese production. Whey protein concentrate is a common Bodybuilding supplement used to increase dietary protein intake, often with the goal of maximizing muscle hypertrophy.Estrous cycle: The estrous cycle (also oestrous cycle; derived from Latin oestrus and originally from Greek οἶστρος meaning sexual desire) comprises the recurring physiologic changes that are induced by reproductive hormones in most mammalian therian females. Estrous cycles start after sexual maturity in females and are interrupted by anestrous phases or pregnancies.VulgareBachelor of Environmental Science: A Bachelor of Environmental Science is an undergraduate bachelor's degree awarded for courses taken in the study of environmental science or related disciplines, such as sustainable resource development, environmental health, or ecological sustainability, and may also be known as a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management degree in some schools.