Endolymphatic sac tumor: An endolymphatic sac tumor is a very uncommon papillary epithelial neoplasm arising within the endolymphatic sac or endolymphatic duct. This tumor shows a very high association with von Hippel-Lindau syndrome (VHL).Electrocochleography: Electrocochleography (abbreviated ECochG or ECOG) is a technique of recording electrical potentials generated in the inner ear and auditory nerve in response to sound stimulation, using an electrode placed in the ear canal or tympanic membrane. The test is performed by an otologist or audiologist with specialized training, and is used for detection of elevated inner ear pressure (endolymphatic hydrops) or for the testing and monitoring of inner ear and auditory nerve function during surgery.Enlarged vestibular aqueduct: [of right osseous labyrinth]Crandall syndrome: Crandall syndrome is a very rare congenital disorder characterised by progressive sensorineural hearing loss, hair loss associated with pili torti, and hypogonadism demonstrated through low levels of luteinising hormone and growth hormone. It is thought to be an autosomal recessive disorder closely related to Björnstad syndrome which presents similarly but without hypogonadism.Von Hippel–Lindau binding protein 1: Von Hippel–Lindau binding protein 1 (VBP1), also known as "prefoldin 3", is a chaperone protein that binds to von Hippel–Lindau protein and transports it from perinuclear granules to the nucleus or cytoplasm inside the cell. It is also involved in transporting nascent polypeptides to cytosolic chaperonins for post-translational folding.