DisulfotonTrimedoxime bromideCholinesteraseObidoximeAcetaldoximeAvizafoneAcetylcholinesterase inhibitorMatsumoto: Matsumoto (松本 or 松元, "base of the pine tree") is a common Japanese surname and place name.FosfluconazoleFive faults and eight antidotes: The five faults and eight antidotes are factors of samatha meditation identified in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The five faults identify obstacles to meditation practice, and the eight antidotes are applied to overcome the five faults.PyridiniumTimeline of chemical warfareCymserineOrganophosphate: An organophosphate (sometimes abbreviated OP) or phosphate ester is the general name for esters of phosphoric acid. Many of the most important biochemicals are organophosphates, including DNA and RNA as well as many cofactors that are essential for life.Chloro(cyclopentadienyl)bis(triphenylphosphine)rutheniumMethylphosphonyl difluorideMetrifonatePseudocholinesterase deficiencyChlorpyrifosNeostigmineDonepezilDibucaine number: Dibucaine, also known as cinchocaine, is an amino amide local anesthetic. When administered to humans intravenously, it is capable of inhibiting the plasma cholinesterase enzyme.TacrinePhysostigmineGalantamineDiazinonInsecticide: An insecticide is a substance used to kill insects. They include ovicides and larvicides used against insect eggs and larvae, respectively.Avicide: An avicide is any substance (normally, a chemical) which can be used to kill birds.Pirimiphos-methylSuccinylmonocholinePyridostigmineCyanophosSevil: Sevil is a common feminine Turkish given name. "Sevil" derives from "Sev".Arenicin: Arenicin is the name used to classify a group of antimicrobial peptides, which have shown promise as a novel drug to combat Gram-negative bacteria.M-Cumenyl methylcarbamateEnzo Celli: Enzo Celli is an Italian contemporary dancer, choreographer and dance company artistic director