*  "Specific activities of uridine kinase and uridine phosphorylase of ehr" by D G. Blair and D J. Rainnie
Blair, D G. and Rainnie, D J., "Specific activities of uridine kinase and uridine phosphorylase of ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells during tumor growth. Abstr." (1969). Subject Strain Bibliography 1969. 23 ...
*  Patent US5141943 - 5-benzyl barbiturate derivatives - Google Patents
5-benzyl barbiturate compounds for use as water-soluble uridine phosphorylase inhibitors are disclosed. These compounds are useful for reducing the toxicity and anemia induced by antiviral drugs such as AZT, as well as for potentiating anticancer drugs and combatting their host-toxicity.
*  Uridine Phosphorylase from Trypanosoma cruzi : Kinetic and Chemical Mechanisms
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*  "5-Chlorodeoxycytidine when coadministered with modulators of pyrimidin" by Orlando Santos
5-Chlorodeoxycytidine, a halogenated pyrimidine nucleoside analog, was coadministered with several modulators of pyrimidine metabolism, in order to achieve tumor selective radiosensitization in murine tumor models. The modulators were tetrahy-drouridine (an inhibitor of cytidine deaminase), PALA (an inhibitor of aspartate transcarbamylase), 5-fluorodeoxycytidine (which acts to inhibit thymidylate synthetase, and also produces single and double strand breaks in DNA, through incorporation of FdUTP and dUTP into DNA, and subsequent repair) and 5-benzylacyclourindine (an inhibitor of uridine phosphorylase). Several experimental approaches were utilized to determine the extent of tumor radiosensitization and selectivity. Studies measuring the levels of the various metabolites of CldC one hour following CldC administration with or without the various modulators of metabolism showed that is is possible to selectively generate CldU and CldUMP in the tumor compared to normal tissues. ...
*  DIGITAL.CSIC: Role of a dipeptide insertion between codons 69 and 70 of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase in the mechanism of AZT...
The 3'-azido-3'-deoxythymidine (AZT)-resistant pheno type of a heavily mutated human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) reverse transcriptase (RT) carrying a dipeptide (Ser-Ser) insertion between codons 69 and 70 as well as other mutations related to resistance to RT inhibitors has been studied. Recombinant virus carrying this variant RT (termed SS RT) showed reduced susceptibility to all nucleoside RT inhibitors in clinical use, particularly to AZT. In the presence of ATP, recombinant SS RT had an increased ability to remove the 3'-terminal nucleotide from AZT- terminated primers and extend the unblocked primer, compared with wild-type HIV-1 RT (BH10 isolate). Insertion of two serines in the sequence context of BH10 RT did not affect the ATP-dependent phosphorolytic activity of the enzyme, and had no influence in resistance to RT inhibitors. However, SS RT mutants lacking the dipeptide insertion or bearing a four-serine insertion showed reduced ATP-dependent phosphorolytic activity that ...
*  Higher expression of deoxyuridine triphosphatase (dUTPase) may predict the metastasis potential of colorectal cancer | Journal...
5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) is one of the most widely used anticancer drugs for the treatment of cancers of the colon, breast, skin, head and neck, stomach and liver.1 2 5-FU-based chemotherapeutic regimens have also become standard treatment for digestive tract cancers. However, to exert an anticancer effect, 5-FU must be intracellularly activated to inhibit thymidylate synthase (TS) activity, or be incorporated into RNA and/or DNA.3 Cancer cell sensitivity to 5-FU is often influenced by the presence of enzymes affecting anabolism and/or catabolism, and these enzymes include dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD), orotate phosphoribosyl transferase (OPRT), thymidine phosphorylase (TP) uridine phosphorylase (UP) and thymidine kinase (TK).3 4 Salonga et al5 have previously reported that overexpression of DPD, in addition to TP and TS, appears to be an important indicator of poor prognosis in patients with advanced colorectal cancer treated with 5-FU-based chemotherapy. Overexpression of ...
*  Plus it
The enzyme systems associated with the synthesis and degradation of pyrimidine nucleotides in rat liver after the repeated administration of phenobarbital were studied. The incorporation of [2-14C]orotic acid into uridine components of the free nucleotide pool remains unchanged, whereas incorporation into cytidine components is decreased. The cytidine triphosphate synthetase, UTPase, and CTPase activities of cytosol are increased. The activities of 5'-nucleotidases of the cytosol and microsomal fraction as well as UTPase and CTPase of the microsomal fraction are decreased. The activities of nucleoside, nucleoside monophosphate, and diphosphate kinases of uridine and cytidine components and the activity of cytosol uridine phosphorylase are not affected. Deamination of cytidine in the presence of the whole homogenate, the microsomal fraction, and the cytosol is not altered. Finally, the ATPase activity of the cytosol is not affected, while that of the ...
*  GTOP save0:BAC69360.2
GT:ID BAC69360.2 GT:GENE BAC69360.2 GT:PRODUCT hypothetical protein GT:DATABASE GIB00135CH01 GT:ORG save0 GB:ACCESSION GIB00135CH01 GB:LOCATION complement(2019550..2020191) GB:FROM 2019550 GB:TO 2020191 GB:DIRECTION - GB:PRODUCT hypothetical protein GB:NOTE PF01048: Phosphorylase family GB:PROTEIN_ID BAC69360.2 LENGTH 213 SQ:AASEQ MSTKPDPAPLLIACALGIERLALRSGDRGGADGPVTVLRTGMGPKAAERAVTRVLADPALREAAVVATGFCAGLAPGMHPGDLVVAEETRDPRGVTPCVGTEVLVKELVRAVPGRTVHTGPLIGSDHVVRGHERSDLLLTGAIAADMESASTLHGAVCTGTRPVAAVRVVVDAPEHELVRIGTVRGGISAFRVLRAVLPAFFEWHRSLLLPRR GT:EXON 1,1-213:0, BL:SWS:NREP 1 BL:SWS:REP 25-,154,MTNN_PECCP,1e-05,31.0,126/232, SEG 162-,174,rpvaavrvvvdap, BL:PDB:NREP 1 BL:PDB:REP 35-,90,1z5oB,5e-05,37.0,54/232, RP:PDB:NREP 1 RP:PDB:REP 34-,151,3dpsF,4e-13,27.0,115/226, HM:PFM:NREP 1 HM:PFM:REP 32-,173,PF01048,2e-18,32.4,139/234,PNP_UDP_1, RP:SCP:NREP 1 RP:SCP:REP 32-,151,1nw4A,9e-10,18.8,117/243,c.56.2.1, HM:SCP:REP 4-,176,1t8sA_,9.7e-24,31.0,168/0,c.56.2.1,1/1,Purine and uridine phosphorylases, ...
*  The Toxoplasma Blog: Nonreplicating cyst-defective type II Toxoplasma gondii vaccines stimulate protective immunity to acute...
Live attenuated vaccine strains such as type I nonreplicating uracil auxotroph mutants are highly effective in eliciting life-long immunity to virulent acute infection by Toxoplasma gondii. However, it is currently unknown whether vaccine elicited immunity can provide protection against acute infection and also prevent chronic infection. To address this problem we developed nonreverting, nonreplicating, live attenuated uracil auxotroph vaccine strains in the type II Δku80 genetic background by targeting the deletion of the orotidine 5' -monophosphate decarboxylase (OMPDC) and uridine phosphorylase (UP) genes. Deletion of OMPDC induced a severe uracil auxotrophy with loss of replication, loss of virulence in mice, and loss of the ability to develop cysts and chronic infection. Vaccination of mice using type II Δku80Δompdc mutants stimulated a fully protective CD8+ T cell dependent immunity that prevented acute infection by type I and type II strains of T. gondii, and this vaccination also ...
*  deoA - Thymidine phosphorylase - Escherichia coli (strain K12) - deoA gene & protein
The enzymes which catalyze the reversible phosphorolysis of pyrimidine nucleosides are involved in the degradation of these compounds and in their utilization as carbon and energy sources, or in the rescue of pyrimidine bases for nucleotide synthesis.
*  Record details
Phosphorylases catalyse the reversible phosphorolysis of terminal glucose units of alpha-1,4-glucans and can therefore synthesis or degrade glucans depending on the concentration of inorganic phosphate and glucose-1-phosphate. This modification is intended to lead to an increase in tuber yield ...
*  P2RY4 - Wikipedia
No campo da biologia molecular, P2RY4 é uma proteína que pertence ao grupo dos receptores P2Y e que, em seres humanos, é codificada pelo gene P2RY4. Communi D, Pirotton S, Parmentier M, Boeynaems JM (1996). «Cloning and functional expression of a human uridine nucleotide receptor». J Biol Chem. 270 (52): 30849-52. PMID 8537336 A referência emprega parâmetros obsoletos ,month= (ajuda) !CS1 manut: Nomes múltiplos: lista de autores (link) «Entrez Gene: P2RY4 pyrimidinergic receptor P2Y, G-protein coupled, 4» Nguyen T, Erb L, Weisman GA; et al. (1996). «Cloning, expression, and chromosomal localization of the human uridine nucleotide receptor gene.». J. Biol. Chem. 270 (52): 30845-8. PMID 8537335. doi:10.1074/jbc.270.52.30845 !CS1 manut: Uso explícito de et al. (link) !CS1 manut: Nomes múltiplos: lista de autores (link) Stam NJ, Klomp J, Van de Heuvel N, Olijve W (1996). «Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel orphan receptor (P2P) expressed in human pancreas that ...
*  Dimerization of human uridine diphosphate glucuronosyltransferase allozymes 1A1 and 1A9 alters their quercetin glucuronidation...
Sigma-Aldrich offers abstracts and full-text articles by [Yan-Qing Liu, Ling-Min Yuan, Zhang-Zhao Gao, Yong-Sheng Xiao, Hong-Ying Sun, Lu-Shan Yu, Su Zeng].
*  BAU Ranchi Courses Offered | BAU Ranchi List of Courses | BAU Ranchi Programs
BAU Ranchi Courses Offered, BAU Ranchi List of Courses, BAU Ranchi Programs, BAU Ranchi Course Details, BAU Ranchi UG Courses, BAU Ranchi PG Courses, BAU Jharkhand Course
*  DIGITAL.CSIC: Determinantes moleculares implicados en la resistencia a análogos a timidina y en la fidelidad de copia de la...
The human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) reverse transcriptase (RT) is a multifunctional enzyme with RNA- and DNA-dependent DNA polymerase, RNase H, strand transfer and strand displacement activities. HIV-1 RT is a heterodimer enzyme composed of two subunits, p66 and p51. Reverse transcription is error prone and contributes to the high genetic variability of retroviruses. One of the consequences of the high mutation rates has been the emergence of drug-resistant HIV variants. With the increasing complexity of the antiretroviral regimens, novel mutational patterns conferring high-level resistance to nucleoside RT inhibitors have been identified in viral isolates, among them, insertions in the β3-β4 hairpin-loop of HIV-1 RT. The combination of a dipeptide insertion and thymidine analogues mutations in the RT confers an ATP-dependent phosphorolytic activity that facilitates the removal of the inhibitor from primers terminated with AZT or d4T. One of the objectives of this Thesis has been ...
*  Menghilangkan Bau Kandang Ternak dengan Tannin | BBPP Batu
Bau pesing kandang ternak ruminansia oleh ammonia dari dulu menjadi masalah yang merepotkan peternak dan menyusahkan masyarakat sekitar. Ammonia diogolongkan sebagai gas sberacun yang bisa menimbulkan penyakit pada manusia dan mencemari lingkungan. Hasil penelitian di Amerika Serikat menunjukkan ekstrak tanaman yang mengandung senyawa tannin berprospek bagus untuk memecahkan masalah ini.. Tidak hanya mengatasi emisi ammonia dan bau pesing, hasil penelitian Prof. J. Mark Powell, Ph.D juga memberi keunntungan lain. Yaitu jika pakan ternak sapi ditambahi tannin, maka pakan sapi tidak perlu lagi diperkaya dengan protein.. Peneliti dari Badan Penelitian Pertanian Kementerian Pertanian Amerika Serikat tersebut menjelaskana bahwa protein yang dokonsumsi sapi dicerna menjadi berbagaai senyawa nitrogen. Pada sapi perah, hanya sepertiga nitrogen yang masuk melalui pakan yang dipergunakan dan menjadi bahan pembentiukan susu dalam tubuh sapi. Selebihnya dua pertiga bagian keluar terutama melalui urine. ...
*  How many words can made out of Uridines | Anagram Solver
List of words make out of Uridines. Anagrams and Words made out of Uridines. Find Scrabble Point of Uridines. Definition of Uridines. Puzzle Solver.
*  Phitokos Ausilium BAU - Deakos
Mangime complementare per cani - Aiuta a proteggere le vie urinarie POLVERE - Peso netto 100 g [scarica la scheda in PDF] Indicazioni: Phitokos AUSILIUM BAU, indicato come rimedio...
*  Bau Bau
Social Visa extensions are a joy to complete in Wanchi, Wakatobi. The officials in the office even prepaid our fees in the bank to save us taxis. Supplies are available but limited, no fuel when we were here. The anchorage is safe inside the lagoon a new pass has been cut, (ignore the curent google images) enter leaving the coral breakwater to port and the concrete tower to stb. head slowly through the lagoon its approx. 3m at mean low in points. there is a 14 mtr section with excellent holding clear of the fishing vessels ...
*  Kapsul Ekstrak BB FRESH (Bau Badan)
... dapat dibeli di SupplierHerbalMurah.com. Cepat, Aman, Terpercaya. Call: 0821.390.63541. SMS: 0821.390.63541, PIN BB: 53B52B9C
*  Difference between revisions of "Kafatos:MacCallum, Bob" - OpenWetWare
Here is a link to [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=PureSearch&db=PubMed&details_term=%28MacCallum%20RM%5BAuthor%5D%20OR%20%28MacCallum%20R%5Bau%5D%20AND%20norbury%5Bau%5D%29%29 PubMed] which lists my publications ...
*  URIDINE (13C9, 98%; 15N2, 96-98%) - Creative Proteomics
Creative-Proteomics offer cas 58-96-8 URIDINE (13C9, 98%; 15N2, 96-98%). We are specialized in manufacturing Stabel Isotope Labeled Analytical Standard products.
*  URIDINE (15N2, 98%) - Creative Proteomics
Creative-Proteomics offer cas 58-96-8 URIDINE (15N2, 98%). We are specialized in manufacturing Stabel Isotope Labeled Analytical Standard products.
*  Uridine or alternative availability - Forum on Managing Side Effects of HIV Treatment - TheBody.com
I haven't seen much in uridine availability in the US other than persons buying it through the internet. If any reader has details please post on the site for us to learn about! I haven't seen much...
*  C68268 - $CYTR anyone who is invested @ 0.99 will be rewarded too, pl... | StockTwits
$CYTR anyone who is invested @ 0.99 will be rewarded too, please do not afraid, we have @strongbio, @ptodd with us, OTC is good avg down