*  A Photo Essay - Mammary Analogue Secretory Carcinoma of Salivary Glands (MASC) - Pathology - Dr Sampurna Roy MD
Differential diagnosis include: (i) Mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC): Low-grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma consists of various cell types ( it may contain variable proportions of squamous cells, clear cells, mucocytes, oncocytes, intermediate cells, and columnar cells). MASC typically lacks p63 staining and shows diffuse S100 positivity in most cases, which would be unusual in MEC, as would papillary formations and hobnailing in the lining of the cysts. 50 % of MEC are characterized by a t(11; 19) translocation coding for a CRTC1-MAML2 fusion protein.. (ii) Low Grade Cribriform Cystadenocarcinoma (Low Grade Salivary Duct Carcinoma) : Cystadenocarcinoma may resemble cribriform ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) not observed in Mammary analogue secretory carcinoma. Low grade cribriform cystadenocarcinoma (LGCC) must be considered in differential diagnosis of MASC as well. Although LGCC shares with MASC strong diffuse S-100 protein expression, LGCC shows a complete intact myoepithelial rim around ...
*  Man undergoes rare surgery for multiple stones in salivary duct | India Live Today
Problems for Satyender Khatri, a Delhi resident, started some three-four years ago when he complained of recurrent swelling and pain below the left jaw area on food intake.. Despite being diagnosed to have stones in the left submandibular duct region, which kept on recurring, and having undergone an oral incision and stone removal many times in the past, Khatri did not get any relief.. On accelerating pain, Khatri underwent CT scan and found a large 7mm stone midway in the submandibular duct and multiple small stones present in the junction of the gland and the duct with the largest being 4mm in size.. "Many such patients suffer the agony of recurrent pain on eating. In most of the cases, the cause is as simple as a stone or narrowing in the salivary gland duct, which causes obstruction to outflow leading to infection," said Varun Rai, Associate Consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.. Rai said that when they ...
*  Mitotic proliferation of myoepithelial cells during regeneration of atrophied rat submandibular glands after duct ligation -...
Background: The purpose of the present study was to elucidate whether myoepithelial cells proliferate mitotically during regeneration of rat submandibular glands after atrophy.. Methods: The excretory duct of the right submandibular gland of rats was doubly ligated near the hilum with metal clips, which were removed after 7 days of ligation (day 0). The regenerating right submandibular glands were removed from 0 to 14 days after removal of the clips. The removed tissue was examined with immunohistochemical double staining for proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) as a marker of proliferating cells and actin as a marker of myoepithelial cells, as well as with transmission electron microscopy (TEM).. Results: The PCNA-positive myoepithelial cells were observed at the periphery of transitional duct-acinar structures, ducts and acini in the regenerating ...
*  Cysticercosis: Hooked by a Hooklet on Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology-A Case Report
Case Reports in Infectious Diseases is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes case reports related to infectious diseases of bacterial, viral and parasitic origin.
*  Plus it
To the Editor:. A 60-year-old woman was seen at the outpatient clinic of the Department of Rheumatology because of increased complaints of xerophthalmia. In 1997, she had already been diagnosed with Sjögren's syndrome (SS) based on xerophthalmia, xerostomia, bilateral salivary gland swelling, and positive sialography showing chronic inflammation without local obstruction. Antinuclear antibodies (ANA) and anti-SSA/SSB were negative. Because of persistent progressive salivary gland swelling at that time, a total bilateral submandibular gland excision was performed as development of non-Hodgkin lymphoma as a complication of SS was suspected. Histology showed sialoadenitis as seen in SS without signs of lymphoma. In 2002, a renal biopsy performed because of increased creatinine level without proteinuria revealed focal global glomerulosclerosis with interstitial nephritis due to SS or chronic ...
*  Case Week 8 (w/c 21/11/11) | gasclass
You are the resident on-call. It's about 10pm at night and you get a call from the ENT team. They have seen a 4 year old child in the emergency department who has presented with a left submandibular swelling and they would like to take the child to theatre. What are your initial thoughts? Additional…
*  Otolaryngological indicator operations: one year's experience. - Semantic Scholar
One year's experience of otolaryngological indicator operations is presented. Of 59 myringoplasties, 47 (79%) were successful; trainees performed 44 (74%) of the procedures. Seventy patients undergoing septal surgery reported significant improvements in nasal obstruction (P | 0.001), catarrh and facial pain (P | 0.005). Seventeen laryngectomies were performed for stage III and IV disease. The median operative time of 3.1 h rose to 5.1 h with a concomitant neck dissection. Eleven complications ensued, and the median stay for an uncomplicated laryngectomy was 16 days and 30 days following complications. Forty-one parotidectomies, 19 submandibular gland excisions and 10 ductal procedures were performed with 5 wound complications and 5 minor temporary facial nerve weaknesses. We have established a baseline for comparison of our practice with others and concluded that septal surgery gives good symptomatic relief, trainees perform reasonable ...
*  Submandibular Gland
The submandibular gland is one of the three major sets of salivary glands. It is located inferiorly to the mandible or jawbone midway along the inner side of the jaw. It has a muscular covering and empties its contents by way of the submandibular duct into the floor of the mouth on both sides. The sublingual gland, as its name...
*  Submandibular Gland Removal: What to Expect at Home
Submandibular gland removal is surgery to take out a saliva gland below the lower jaw. The gland may have been removed because of infection, a tumour, or a blocked saliva duct. A saliva duct is a tube that carries saliva from the gland into the mouth.. The area below your jaw may be sore for several days after your surgery. The area also may be slightly swollen or bruised. It will probably take 1 to 2 weeks for the cut (incision) the doctor made to heal.. If you have stitches in your incision, your doctor may need to remove them, or they may dissolve on their own. Ask your doctor about this. If your incision was closed with glue, the glue will peel off on its own in the weeks after your surgery.. ...
*  Submandibular Gland Resection: Head and Neck Cancer Treatment
Visit the Head and Neck Cancer Guide to learn about submandibular gland resection surgery to remove the gland below the jaw to treat head and neck cancer.
*  Bilateral and symmetrical heterotopic submandibular glands in the upper neck: case report.
During the neck dissection of a male cadaver, large heterotopic submandibular glands were encountered bilaterally in the upper neck. They were symmetrical, capsulated and lay deep to the superficial lamina of the superficial cervical fascia. Both gla
*  "Primary Small Cell Anaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast Diagnosed by Fin" by M Sebenik, Suresh G. Nair MD et al.
BACKGROUND: Small cell anaplastic carcinoma most commonly presents as a lesion in the central portion of the lung but occasionally is found in peripheral locations. Only seven cases originating in the breast have been described. To our knowledge, the preoperative diagnosis of this entity by fine needle aspiration has not been previously reported in the cytologic literature. CASE: A 67-year-old female presented with a 4 x 3-cm, rapidly growing mass in the left breast. On fine needle aspiration (FNA) the tumor was soft to the needle and yielded a highly cellular aspirate. CONCLUSION: In this case the morphologic interpretation of FNA, combined with the immunocytochemical demonstration of neuron-specific enolase in tumor cells, was extremely helpful in establishing the nature of the breast tumor.
*  Most recent papers with the keyword Adolesant | Read by QxMD
30 cases of submandibular gland tissue were determined quantitatively in this article.It is noticed that there was no great change during and after the birth .But at the adolesence stage,the data began to change was steady in adult state.At pressenium,the change speed of mean was faster.Observation under microscope:the submandibular gland in 7-8 month old embryo was developed basically and similar to newborn.It had good blood supply and secrete function.Adipose tissue,which is important indication of changed with age in saliva gland,did not exit in submandibular gland of human being ...
*  Immediately anteromedial to the right submandibular gla | Open-i
Immediately anteromedial to the right submandibular gland is a circumscribed rounded 6 mm calcification compatible with a sialolith. The proximal most aspect of
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*  What is the prognosis of Sialadenitis? | Understand Sialadenitis
Prognosis of sialadenitis is good if the condition is diagnosed promptly and treated appropriately. The outcomes may sometimes, be specific to the kind of treatment the patient undergoes.
*  Overview of the Endocrine Function of the Pituitary Gland on Meducation
Nice to be visiting your blog again, it has been months for me. Well this article that i've been waited for so long. I need this article to complete my assignment in the college, and it has same topic with your article. Thanks, great share. ...
*  Bryan's Blog: December 2009
There are three nerves that lie close to the submandibular gland that can be damaged during its removal. Most nerve damage occurs as a result of bruising of the nerves since they are held out of the way and protected during surgery. If nerve damage occurs it is usually temporary. The following three nerves can be damaged all with varying results ...
*  Contador and UCI reach amicable accord on fine: CAS | Sports | Reuters
Alberto Contador and the International Cycling Union (UCI) have agreed on the size of the fine the Spaniard will pay after being found guilty of a doping offence, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) said on Thursday.
*  Increased sample size in 2015 Survey of Doctorate Recipients enables first time reporting on fine fields of study | NSF -...
NSF's mission is to advance the progress of science, a mission accomplished by funding proposals for research and education made by scientists, engineers, and educators from across the country.
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