*  What You Need to Know About May-Thurner Syndrome
May-Thurner Syndrome, also known as iliac vein compression syndrome, describes a condition where pressure builds up in the left common iliac vein, a blood vessel located in the pelvic area
*  May-Thurner Syndrome & Clotting (DVT/PE) Risk
May-Thurner Syndrome occurs when the left iliac vein is compressed by the right iliac artery, which narrows the left iliac vein leading to leg pain and swelling and increases the possibility of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
*  May-Thurner Syndrome (and related topics) Glossary 1 - PDF
May-Thurner Syndrome (and related topics) Glossary 1 DISCLAIMER: This document is not the work of medical professionals and only contains information, not advice. It is intended to be used as quick reference
*  Inferior Vena Cava Filters, May-Thurner Syndrome, and Vein Stents | Circulation
The potential benefit of a filter is clear: It is meant to catch moderate-sized or large clots and prevent them from traveling to the lung. Filters do not prevent new clots-leg or pelvic DVT or clots in and around the filter-from forming. There are potential downsides of having a filter in place. The most common complication from placing an IVC filter is a hematoma or bleeding at the catheter insertion site in the neck or groin. This is typically not a major problem because the hematoma resolves.. Probably the most important potential problem is that a large clot or multiple smaller clots can become trapped in the filter and make it harder for blood to travel from the legs to the heart. This may lead to further DVTs below the filter, sometimes involving both legs. In addition, a clot can form on the upper side of the filter and still lead to a PE. Thus, PEs can happen despite an IVC filter. Less common complications include small pieces of the metal frame of the filter breaking off; the filter ...
*  Procedure Part | Montclair Radiology
MRV or MR venogram, is a test that looks for narrowing or clot in the veins throughout the body. It is used most commonly in the brain, abdomen, and pelvis. In the brain, an unexplained headache and risk factors for clot formation, may prompt a search for clot in the major veins of the brain. In patients with swelling in the legs, MRV of the abdomen and pelvis can look for clot in the major veins draining the legs, abdomen and pelvis. It can also detect congenital abnormalities in the veins than can lead to leg swelling, such as May-Thurner syndrome. MRV can also evaluate for pelvic congestion syndrome, a condition causing pelvic pain in women that is associated with enlarged, varicose pelvic veins.. ...
*  May Thurner syndrome « Healthcare Professionals Blog | Clot Connect
Stephan Moll, MD writes… An article for patients discussing (a) IVC filters, (b) narrowing of the main left pelvic vein (May-Thurner syndrome) and (c) pelvic venous stents has just been published (http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/133/6/e383.full.pdf). Color images of anatomy, filters and stents are included as visual aids. The article may be helpful as handout material for patients in clinic.. Reference: Carroll S, Moll S. Circulation. 2016;133:e383-e387. Last updated: Feb 18th, 2016. ...
*  "We need to find the optimal stent configuration for venous disease" - Vascular...
What have the results shown?. The goal was clearly not to try to show differences in patency rates or to suggest that any stent was better or worse than others, but was rather to distillate specific features and thereby help manufactures develop improved designs. All the stents have specific pros and cons. We looked at a number of factors-ease of deployment, positioning, whether the device straightens, how much it straightens, how strong is it, how much radial force it exerts, and whether the integrity of the stent might suffer.. Looking at the Vici stent, we could see it is a very strong stent, with a sufficient surface area, performing well in May-Thurner syndrome patients, with good stent integrity. When you put pressure on the vein you do not see indentation of the stent. This differs from the Zilver Vena device, which is weaker as it does not have a closed cell design. However, the Zilver Vena stent is very flexible, does not ...
*  Venous Strangulation as an Unusual Cause of MitraClip System Delivery Failure | JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions
We illustrate the novel approach of right iliac vein stenting for the delivery of a MitraClip steerable sheath system (Abbott Vascular, Santa Clara, California) in a patient with a unique case of venous obstruction. An 85-year-old man with decompensated heart failure due to severe mitral regurgitation and Society for Thoracic Surgeon's risk score of 24% was deemed at prohibitive risk for surgery and was referred for transcatheter mitral valve repair. An initial attempt to pass the 24-F MitraClip delivery system through the right iliac vein was unsuccessful (Figure 1, Online Video 1). Subsequent computed tomography venography demonstrated an unusual pattern of right common iliac to external iliac vein compression by right common iliac artery bifurcation as demonstrated by a computed tomography venogram obtained after the initial procedural attempt (Figures 2A to 2D). The vein appeared to be fixed posteriorly in the pelvis by the anterior arterial bifurcation, causing a stenosis and fixed tight ...
*  Field Lilies: 2015
I don't think I've ever before wanted so badly to get Christmas behind me and to be starting a new year. I haven't written anything here about the leg discomfort I've been having, but I've been struggling with Iliac Vein Compression Syndrome (aka May Thurner Syndrome) since late summer. And that is following two surgeries my husband had earlier in the summer, which followed an attack of vertigo I had in the dentist's chair this past spring when I was having a tooth prepped for a crown, followed by oral surgery for an infection in an old root canal, followed by a new root canal for the tooth that had been prepped for a crown. Oh, and I almost forgot, one of our sons broke his hand in the late winter when he slipped getting out of his car and fell on the ice. And another son recently had a health concern that sent us to the ER with him on a Sunday afternoon (thankfully that ended up not being too terribly ...
*  Heart Online case reports: www.heartjnl.com | Heart
The following electronic only articles are published in conjunction with this issue of Heart.. Left main coronary artery and right pulmonary vein compression by a large pulmonary artery aneurysm V Decuypere, M Delcroix, W Budts. Pulmonary artery aneurysms are uncommon and may be associated with significant morbidity and mortality. The unique combination of left main coronary artery and upper right pulmonary vein compression by a large pulmonary artery aneurysm is reported. Furthermore, the aetiology, clinical manifestations, complications, diagnostic approach, and possible therapeutic interventions are briefly discussed.. (Heart 2004;90:e21) www.heartjnl.com/cgi/content/full/90/4/e21. Haemopericardium causing cardiac tamponade: a late complication of pectus excavatum repair M J Barakat, J A Morgan. A 24 year old man presented to the emergency department with clinical signs of cardiac tamponade requiring emergency surgery. The cause was a sternal wire from a pectus excavatum repair two years ...
*  Internal Iliac Vein - Anatomy Pictures and Information
The internal iliac veins come from deep in the pelvic region and rise to the lower portion of the abdomen, where they join with the right and left external iliac veins and form the common iliac veins. These, in turn, merge to produce the inferior vena cava at the level of the fifth lumbar vertebra. In the pelvic region, blood...
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Compression stockings are basically medical-grade socks that are worn for a specific health reason. While people of all ages and walks of life may be seen wearing compression stockings, most people wear them because their doctors recommended the stockings for vein compression. Read on to learn more about why the veins in the legs need […]. ...
*  Deep circumflex iliac vein | Article about Deep circumflex iliac vein by The Free Dictionary
Looking for Deep circumflex iliac vein? Find out information about Deep circumflex iliac vein. blood vessel that returns blood to the heart heart, muscular organ that pumps blood to all parts of the body. The rhythmic beating of the heart is a... Explanation of Deep circumflex iliac vein
*  Internal Iliac Vein Function, Anatomy & Diagram | Body Maps- idolreplicas.info
The internal iliac vein starts at the upper region of the greater sciatic foramen, a large gap in the bone of the pelvis on each side of the sacrum. It continues behind the internal iliac artery and reaches the pelvis. From there it meets the external iliac vein , and
*  iliac vein - Everything2.com
Overview The Iliac vein is a name given to three separate veins that drain blood from the pelvic region of humans. Course The Internal (Hypogastric) Ili...
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Beyond providing Skin Deep® as an educational tool for consumers, EWG offers its EWG VERIFIED™ mark as a quick and easily identifiable way of conveying personal care products that meet EWG's strict health criteria. Before a company can use EWG VERIFIEDTM on such products, the company must show that it fully discloses the products' ingredients on their labels or packaging, they do not contain EWG ingredients of concern, and are made with good manufacturing practices, among other criteria. Note that EWG receives licensing fees from all EWG VERIFIED member companies that help to support the important work we do. Learn more , Legal Disclaimer ...
*  Spontaneous Rupture of the Left External Iliac Vein: Case Report - pdf descargar
Spontaneous Rupture of the Left External Iliac Vein: Case Report. . Biblioteca virtual para leer y descargar libros, documentos, trabajos y tesis universitarias en PDF. Material universiario, documentación y tareas realizadas por universitarios en nuestra biblioteca. Para descargar gratis y para leer online.
*  Veniti, Boston Scientific sign distribution agreement for Vici venous stent - Medical Devices Business Review
Veniti announced that Boston Scientific will distribute the Vici venous stent ICI VENOUS under a limited global distribution agreement. The terms of the agreement and specific regions and countries involved were not disclosed.. Launched in 2014, the VICI VENOUS STENT has gained wide market acceptance for the unique balance of end-to-end strength, flexibility and lumen quality for addressing the challenging requirements of venous disorders.. It is available in a conventional delivery system, as well as the novel VICI VERTO VENOUS STENT® System, providing more control in the landing of stents in areas of critical blood flow.. 'The VICI VENOUS STENT is widely recognized as state-of-the-art technology for venous stents and physicians routinely praise the product for its performance qualities. We are extremely pleased to be partnering with a global industry leader like Boston Scientific to advance the VICI VENOUS STENT in the marketplace,' said Jeff Elkins, President and CEO of VENITI, Inc.. 'Boston ...
*  High prevalence of iliofemoral venous thrombosis with severe groin infection among injecting drug users in North East Scotland:...
Deep venous thrombosis after intravenous drug use has been described previously. Seven patients in the USA developed upper limb deep venous thrombosis after injecting cocaine,4 four patients in the UK reported lower limb deep venous thrombosis after injecting temazepam (part of a larger series on the complications of temazepam abuse),5 and 14 patients in Australia reported lower limb deep venous thrombosis after injecting methadone (part of a larger series on the complications of methadone injection).6 There have been three other small case series in the non-English literature: Brazil, six patients,7Spain, three patients,8 and Norway, four patients.9 This series represents the largest to date and is the first to describe the use of LMWH in treatment.. In our study the age of our patients (median 28 years) and the duration of their injecting "career" (median 6.5 years) suggest that iliofemoral venous thrombosis occurs after many years of self injection, when available superficial veins have ...
*  Had the Phlebography/Venogram today-All my veins are NORMAL!
Hi, As i said yesterday i had a Doppler exam, and there was no stenosis in the jugular veins - just that the right JV looked a bit thinner than the left - not stenosis tho. So this morning i ...
*  When is 'idiopathic intracranial hypertension' no longer idiopathic? | Practical Neurology
Figure 1 Magnetic resonance venography (MRV). (A) MR Venogram at time of diagnosis with IIH in 2007: flow signal is seen in the transverse and sigmoid sinuses bilaterally, although they are asymmetrical, the right side being dominant. (B) MR Venogram 2007. Lack of flow signal in the distal transverse sinuses (arrows) is the characteristic appearance seen in IIH. (C) MR Venogram at time of diagnosis with VST in 2012: there is no flow signal in the left transverse and sigmoid sinuses. (D) MR Venogram 2012. The characteristic IIH appearance remains on the right (arrow). ...
*  Success
Welcome, I am very pleased to inform you about my success. on monday I will have a deadline for phlebography - this study will be almost the last key to set a date for surgery. From the leg the vein ...
*  NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens - Venogram
The amount of radiation used during a venogram is considered minimal; therefore, the risk for radiation exposure is very low.. If you are pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant, you should notify your physician. Radiation exposure during pregnancy may lead to birth defects.. Because contrast dye is used, there is a risk for allergic reaction to the dye. Patients who are allergic to or sensitive to medications, contrast dye, or iodine should notify their physician.. Patients with kidney failure or other kidney problems should notify their physician. In some cases, the contrast dye can cause kidney failure, especially if the person is taking Glucophage (a diabetic medication).. Notify your physician if you have a history of bleeding disorders or if you are taking any anticoagulant (blood-thinning) medications, aspirin, or other medications that affect blood clotting.. For certain individuals, a venogram may be contraindicated. These include persons with a known allergy to contrast dye, ...