*  Test-item sequence affects false memory formation: an event-related potential study.
False memories arise when people 'remember' experiences that have never occurred. Using the Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) paradigm, researchers have demonstrated that participants tend to falsely recognize non-studied words (lures) that are associat
*  Misinformation and Identity-Protective Cognition by Dan Kahan :: SSRN
This paper synthesizes existing work on misinformation relating to policy-relevant facts. It argues that misinformation has the greatest power to mislead when i
*  Semantic processing in "associative" false memory - Lancaster EPrints
We studied the semantic properties of a class of illusions, of which the Deese/Roediger-McDermott (DRM) paradigm is the most prominent example, in which subjects falsely remember words that are associates of studied words. We analyzed DRM materials for 16 dimensions of semantic content and assessed the ability of these dimensions to predict interlist variability in false memory. For the more general class of illusions, we analyzed pairs of presented and unpresented words that varied in associative strength for the presence of these same 16 semantic properties. DRM materials proved to be exceptionally rich in meaning, as indexed by these semantic properties. Variability in false recall, false recognition, and backward associative strength loaded on a single semantic factor (familiarity/meaningfulness), whereas variability in true recall loaded on a quite different factor (imagery/concreteness). For word association generally, 15 semantic properties varied reliably with forward or backward ...
*  Two Ways To Forget An Unwanted Memory - Business Insider
There are two mechanisms for forgetting unwanted memories, repressing the memory directly, or substituting another thought for the memory.
*  Weed Out That Misinformation - tribunedigital-dailypress
Gardening, like many human activities, abounds with myths and misinformation that become ingrained as truth over time. It might be interesting to look at some of the more prevalent beliefs in
*  Denmark to train NATO soldiers to combat Russian misinformation | Reuters
Danish troops will get training in how to deal with Russian misinformation before being sent to join a NATO military build-up in Estonia in January, Defense Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen said on Monday.
*  Nigeria: Army Accuses News Medium of Mischief, Misinformation - allAfrica.com
The 4 Brigade, Nigerian Army, Benin has accused an online news medium of mischief and misinformation over its report on the arrest of a suspected kidnapper, Sunday Okoro.
*  Dr. Phillip Zoladz | Ohio Northern University
Zoladz, P.R., Cadle, C.E.*, Dailey, A.M.*, Fiely, M.K.*, Peters, D.M.*, Nagle, H.E.*, Mosley, B.E.*, Scharf, A.R.*, Brown, C.M.*, Duffy, T.J.*, Earley, M.B.*, Rorabaugh, B.R., & Payment, K.P. (2017). Blunted cortisol response to acute pre-learning stress prevents misinformation effect in a forced confabulation paradigm. Hormones and Behavior, 93, 1-8.. Zoladz, P.R., Dailey, A.M.*, Nagle, H.E.*, Fiely, M.K.*, Mosley, B.E.*, Brown, C.M.*, Duffy, T.J.*, Scharf, A.R.*, Earley, M.B.*, & Rorabaugh, B.R. (2017). FKBP5 polymorphisms influence pre-learning stress-induced alterations of learning and memory. European Journal of Neuroscience, 45, 648-659.. Zoladz, P.R., Dailey, A.M.*, Nagle, H.E.*, Fiely, M.K.*, Mosley, B.E.*, Brown, C.M.*, Duffy, T.J.*, Scharf, A.R.*, Earley, M.B.*, & Rorabaugh, B.R. (2017). ADRA2B deletion variant influences time-dependent effects of pre-learning stress on long-term memory. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 140, 71-81.. Zoladz, ...
*  Mandela Effect - Kidney Proof - Internal Organs Changed Position, page 28
As difficult as this may be to believe, I am merely trying to add to this thread in a way that keeps it on track. You will note that earlier (and even quite recently) I posted information about the misinformation effect as identified by the fine scientific work of Elizabeth Loftus, one of the world's premier researchers on the nature of human memory. I also posted a quite sensible hypothesis involving various pop culture influences and entertained (however briefly) possibilities involving MK-Ultra type mind control ...
*  'sleep' Protocols and Video...
Video articles in JoVE about sleep include 'Manipulation of Epileptiform Electrocorticograms (ECoGs) and Sleep in Rats and Mice by Acupuncture', 'Eye Tracking, Cortisol, and a Sleep vs. Wake Consolidation Delay: Combining Methods to Uncover an Interactive Effect of Sleep and Cortisol on Memory', 'Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy (DISE) with Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) and Bispectral Analysis in Obstructive Sleep Apnea', 'Polygraphic Recording Procedure for Measuring Sleep in Mice', 'Quantitative Measurement of the Immune Response and Sleep in Drosophila', 'Assaying Locomotor Activity to Study Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Parameters in Drosophila', 'The Rodent Psychomotor Vigilance Test (rPVT): A Method for Assessing Neurobehavioral Performance in Rats and Mice', 'Quantifying Infra-slow Dynamics of Spectral Power and Heart Rate in Sleeping Mice', 'The Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) Task: A Simple Cognitive Paradigm to Investigate False Memories in the Laboratory', 'In Vivo ...
*  Bumblebees Make False Memories, Too : Animals : Nature World News
People forget things every day, whether it's as simple as where we left our keys or the name of that new colleague at work. But we can also sometimes make false memories - a mistake that bumblebees also experience, according to a new study.
*  How Easy Is It to Falsify Memory? How Social Pressure Affects What We Remember - disinformation
New research at the Weizmann Institute shows that a bit of social pressure may be all that is needed. The study, which appears in the journal Science, reveals a unique pattern of brain activity when false memories are formed — one that hints at a surprising connection between our social selves and memory.. The experiment, conducted by Prof. Yadin Dudai and research student Micah Edelson of the Institute's Neurobiology Department with Prof. Raymond Dolan and Dr. Tali Sharot of University College London, took place in four stages. In the first, volunteers watched a documentary film in small groups. Three days later, they returned to the lab individually to take a memory test, answering questions about the film. They were also asked how confident they were in their answers.. They were later invited back to the lab to retake the test while being scanned in a functional MRI (fMRI) that revealed their brain activity. This time, the subjects were also given a ...
*  BPS Research Digest: Psychologists find a drug-free way for fears to be unlearned
Phelps also told the Digest that any concerns that their procedure could be abused - for example to erase eye-witness memories or implant false memories - are misplaced. The types of emotional memory that were modified in the current study are represented in the amygdala, whereas the "declarative" memories involved in eye-witness testimony have a different neural representation, she explained. Indeed, all the participants in the current study were able to remember that the coloured square had previously been paired with a shock, it's just that those who undertook extinction ten minutes after a reminder no longer showed an automatic fear response to the square. "In short," Phelps told us, "eyewitness testimony depends on identifying (recollecting) what occurred before. We are not affecting that kind of memory ...
*  Misinformation - Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness
The bloke also seems to think there was one diet amongst early humans and mentions gatherer-hunters. But modern gatherer-hunters eat very different diets compared with each other. Some have lots of meat and some have very little meat. It depends on where they live and how available plant foods are. Hunters often exaggerate their hunting prowess, too. It is often the women and children who provide most of the food - plants and invertebrates - even in groups that say they rely more on hunting. Never believe a hunter - or angler - when they talk about how good they are at hunting ...
*  Myths and Misinformation
Risk assessment is important. It gathers info from many different scientific entities such as toxicology, environmental exposure, epidemiology etc. The FDA, CDC, OSHA, WHO and many other regulatory agencies use risk assessment to try to understand human exposure to a compound or ingredient, with the likelihood of a bad health outcome, and that's what helps to set exposure limits.. Part of evaluating risk, is the dose response assessment; how much you need of a chemical to see a negative health outcome. What's important here is the type of exposure and how long that exposure occurs- to what extent people are exposed to a chemical (daily, for a few seconds?, the concentration of the chemical, how much chemical enters the body, the threshold effects, and if it's a possible carcinogen). When toxicology (animal) studies are used for risk estimates, we have to keep in mind that animals are not people, they are often given extremely exaggerated doses of a chemical, and it's difficult to extrapolate ...
*  Top Ten Worming and Wormer Misinformations - Graphic Pictures! | BackYard Chickens
So many to list, but I'll start with: 3cc Safeguard per gallon. This is a huge pet peeve of mine! Who started this and why do so many people still...
*  ELCAMINO... jsyk... - Rheumatoid Arthritis - HealingWell.com Forum
Your doctor is flat out wrong about ap. I responded to you in the thread, but it just doesn't sit right with me that he flat out gave you misinformation. Your post helps perpetuate that misinformation so I wanted to address it directly. There is no reason to believe one ounce of what he sold you. Go to the roadback website and post what your doc said there. You will find that folks there are much more literate than I am. I know your guy is wrong, but I'm not versed enough to explain it as I am new to the idea of AP. It is a TRIED AND TRUE therapy. It will not kill you. You are placing all of your faith in your doc but he is not telling you the truth. If you just sit there and believe what he sold you without going to the other website and investigating for yourself, you are allowing your doc to manipulate your health to prove he knows best without even testing his knowledge ...
*  Thyroid Cancer Epidemic Caused by Misinformation, Not Cancer
Greenmedinfo.com - Natural Health Resource - The world's most widely referenced, open access, natural medicine database, with 30,000+ study abstracts and growing daily
*  Women Have Been Fighting Misinformation and Oppression of Their Bodies for Decades | Alternet
A new collection provides firsthand accounts of women fighting for control of their own bodies and health. As a young girl I often heard my mom whispering about
*  Re: [IP] Re: Misinformation;which pump?
Any for anyone who is in that stage of trying to decide....don't forget, like buying a new car, it really helps to 'test drive' the various models. Well, all THREE companies have loaner pump programs where you can actually try the pump on, using saline, so you can actually try out the buttons, lights and whistles. And remember to.....ANY pump is a GOOD pump...and SOOOO much better than MDI.......AM I right? Sylvia mom to Joshua ---------------------------------------------------------- for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml ...
*  How do you avoid nutritional misinformation? - checkyourfood.com - Medium
Ever since James Lind discovered the cure for scurvy in 1747 we have had studies, lab tests and observations giving us insight into the health benefits of foods. For Dr Lind, whilst he didn't know…
*  More meth-mouth misinformation.
My sarcasm was as gentle as a chain saw when I first criticized other journalists for their wrong, wrong, wrong descriptions of what causes 'meth mouth ...
*  15 Crazy Things About Lady Parts | Psychology Today
It's amazing how much misinformation is out there about the vagina. Given how fascinated our society is with the female body, you'd think we'd be a little more informed. To help out, I've compiled a few things you may not know.
*  My Name is Sarah: To Be or To Have...That is the Question...
Thanks for opening up this discussion. I wouldn't have mentioned it otherwise, but I too had a reaction to the word 'Be' when I saw it. First and foremost, it's up to Sarah. No one should tell her how she should describe herself. However, my preference is to say Sophie "happens to have Ds." She is so much more than Ds. To say she IS Downs (uggh, and many, many medical staff have said this) rubs me the wrong way. It's limiting and unfortunately comes with misinformation and preconceived ideas. I think of it this way, I have loved ones who have fought breast cancer. They don't talk about BEING breast cancer, although it has been a huge part of their lives. Hope this helps ...