*  Principles for Training in Evidence-Based Psychology | Society of Clinical Psychology
Although the field has embraced an evidence-based approach to the practice of Clinical Psychology, it still remains important to enhance Clinical Psychology doctoral training programs' support of this emphasis. Given the value of grounding doctoral training in Clinical Psychology on empirical evidence, our goal is to develop cross-cutting principles and resources that can guide Clinical Psychology doctoral programs of all forms in the incorporation of evidence-based models of training2. Although a number of other groups are developing training guidelines for various forms of specialty training within Clinical Psychology (e.g., training for clinical scientists, training for cognitive-behavioral therapists, training for behavioral health practitioners), each of these guidelines rests on the assumption that doctoral students will receive ...
*  Foundations in Clinical Psychology MSc - Postgraduate - Newcastle University
The Foundations in Clinical Psychology MSc is aimed at students who have had little exposure to clinical psychology in their first degree and for intercalating MBBS students. It provides you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for careers in the clinical psychology sectors.. The course provides you with a sound basis to apply for an assistant psychologist post. It will also provide the necessary academic and research skills for you to apply for further training, if you have the relevant work experience. This might include vocational training eg doctoral training in Clinical Psychology, training as a Forensic Psychologist or Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programmes.. You also benefit from this course if you are a Psychology graduate who is keen to pursue a research career in the clinical aspects of ...
*  Clinical psychology - Wikipedia
Clinical psychologists study a generalist program in psychology plus postgraduate training and/or clinical placement and supervision. The length of training differs across the world, ranging from four years plus post-Bachelors supervised practice[23] to a doctorate of three to six years which combines clinical placement.[24] In the USA, about half of all clinical psychology graduate students are being trained in Ph.D. programs-a model that emphasizes research-with the other half in Psy.D. programs, which has more focus on practice (similar to professional degrees for medicine and law).[20] Both models are accredited by the American Psychological Association[25] and many other English-speaking psychological societies. A smaller number of schools offer accredited programs in clinical psychology resulting in a Masters degree, which usually take two to three years post-Bachelors.. In the U.K., clinical ...
*  Doctor of Clinical Psychology - Wikipedia
The degree of Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy/DClinPsych/ClinPsyD) is a professional doctorate in clinical psychology, awarded mainly in the United Kingdom. The degree has both clinical and research components, and qualifies the holder to practice as a clinical psychologist in Britain's National Health Service and other clinical settings. While it bears some similarities to the Doctor of Psychology degree in the United States, the research component means that US credentialing services consider it equivalent to a Doctor of Philosophy. In Denmark the corresponding degree is called "specialpsykolog" (Special Psychologist) or "specialist i **" (Specialist Psychologist in **); in the Netherlands the corresponding degree is "gezondheidszorgpsycholoog" (Healthcare Psychologist).[1] In Spain, the postgraduate training in Clinical Psychology is carried out as 4 years intern ...
*  Programs in Psychology and Clinical Psychology | 2017-2018 Catalog | Drexel University
The program in Clinical Psychology curriculum follows the scientist-practitioner model and APA guidelines on accreditation of doctoral clinical psychology programs. It also considers state licensing guidelines and various publications that have been written on the topic of doctoral education, training, and credentialing in clinical psychology, as well as the specialty areas of Clinical Neuropsychology, Clinical Health Psychology, Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology, Clinical Child Psychology and/or Forensic Psychology.. The following section outlines the courses required for graduation for entering Bachelor's-level students. The PhD program curriculum requires the student to earn a minimum of 90.0 credits. Typically, students enroll in 27.0 ...
*  Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) | Medaille College
Doctoral in Clinical Psychology Program DescriptionThe Medaille College Clinical Psychology Program is a 99-credit program leading to a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree in Clinical Psychology. The program is located at Medaille College's Amherst Campus. The primary goal of the program is to educate and prepare students for careers as professional psychologists. The program follows the Practitioner-Scholar Model of the National Council of Schools and Programs in Professional Psychology and meets the requirements for licensure in New York.
*  Philosophical Perspectives in Clinical Psychology: What is Clinical Psychology?
I want to note one consequence of the approach towards the essence of clinical psychology that may strike some as strange, perhaps even absurd. This is that cognitive therapeutic attempts to promote change in beliefs, or psychoanalytical attempts to foster straightforward insight, are excluded - almost by definition, as it were - since they work at the level of what shows up or is hitherto hidden within the frame. I am not convinced however that this is all as bad as it sounds. For, on the one hand, the cognitive behavioural tradition has itself come to question the value of cognitive restructuring, instead promoting the value of changing the client's relation to their thoughts and feelings, rather than trying to change the thoughts and feelings themselves. On the other hand, psychoanalysis is hardly reducible to a form of clinical psychology, and in any case typically depends only to a small degree upon insight. Taken in a relatively pure ...
*  Assessment of General Practitioners' Knowledge of Conversion Disorder - Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology ...
Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology (IJPCP) is a quarterly Journal in psychiatry, clinical psychology and mental health topics publishing by Tehran Psychiatric Institute, Mental Health Research Center (MHRC) in Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.
*  Clinical Psychology | Psychological and Brain Sciences | UMass Amherst
The University of Massachusetts Amherst Clinical Psychology Program offers a PhD in Clinical Psychology and espouses the clinical science model of training. We prepare students for careers in clinical research. Faculty and students engage in basic and applied studies of psychopathology, development, emotion, cognition, psychotherapy, neuropsychology, and family systems. Students who are interested in research and academic careers will thrive in our program. Our program is a proud member of the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science.. Consistent with our clinical science model, we train all of our students to engage in empirically supported clinical practice. As a result, our program may not be appropriate for students interested in full-time practice with a minimal research commitment. Students have the opportunity to engage in psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessments with clients from across the ...
*  MSc Clinical Psychology | Master in Science M.Sc Courses in India
Master in Science Clinical Psychology | Allied Health Science Courses After 12th in India | MSc Clinical Psychology Get Details on www.after12thwhat.com....
*  Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) in Glendale, Arizona United States from Midwestern University (IL)
Review Graduate Program details of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) in Glendale Arizona United States from Midwestern University (IL). Integrating psychological theory, research and practice, the Clinical Psychology program prepares you to enter a wide range of occupational roles and professional settings. The...
*  Clinical Psychology of Special Groups: Intellectual Disabilities/Older Adults - Postgraduate study at the University of...
10 Units. This course focuses on the clinical psychology of older adults and of those with intellectual disability. The first module will offer a general introduction to mental health and ageing. It will also cover the role of the Clinical Psychologist in cognitive capacity assessment, as well as the management of behavioural disturbance associated with disorders of ageing such as dementia. The second module will offer a general introduction to disability with a particular focus on mental health in intellectual disability. It will also cover the definition, aetiology and assessment of intellectual disability, service provision and psychological interventions for individuals and their carers.. ...
*  DClinPsy Clinical Psychology - University of Plymouth
Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology - become a competent and capable clinical psychologist from this joint partnership programme approved between the Health Professional Council and the British Psychological Society.
*  Clash of the Titans: evidence based practice and cultural diversity
Roger Brooke, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh. The recent (winter 2001) annual conference of the Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology (CUDCP), held in Santa Barbara, was a celebration of clinical psychology. The meeting deserves comment because it identified the two dominant themes of the future of clinical psychology and because CUDCP represents and comprises the most powerful clinical psychologists in America and Canada: the Directors of Clinical Training, who put their mark on the next generation of clinical psychologists. Despite the voluminous recent literature on multiculturalism, and on scientific method, in American Psychologist and elsewhere, there seemed to me to be a certain naivete among my good colleagues that is more problematic than they recognize and that, in the long run, will be self-destructive to our discipline. It is as though we as professional educators have not ...
*  Wiley: The Wiley Handbook of Anxiety Disorders - Paul Emmelkamp, Thomas Ehring
Paul Emmelkamp is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and a registered clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. His research in this area focuses on the aetiology and treatment of anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder and OCD and the role of co-morbidity. He is the founding editor of Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy and editor of BMC-Psychiatry. He is the author of Evidence-based treatment for Alcohol and Drug Abuse (with E. Vedel, 2006) and of Personality Disorders (with J. H. Kamphuis, 2007).. Thomas Ehring is a Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the University of Münster, Germany, as well as a registered clinical psychologist and Director of the Centre for PTSD Treatment at Münster University. He has authored many journal articles as well as contributing chapters to several books including Cognitive Behavioral Theories in Clinical Practice ...
*  Section IX (Assessment Psychology) of the Society of Clinical Psychology (APA Division 12)
Dr. Auke Tellegen received a Ph.D. in personality psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1962 and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in clinical psychology at the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1963. He was a professor in the Department of Psychology from 1968 to 1999, when he became Professor Emeritus. Over the course of his long and prolific career Dr. Tellegen has made significant contributions to personality theory, understanding of the structure of mood, behavioral genetics, and psychological test construction. Moreover, through his contribution to the development of widely used self-report instruments, Dr. Tellegen has had made a significant impact on applied assessment of personality, hypnotic responsiveness, and psychopathology. He is author of the Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire (MPQ), a broadband personality inventory; co-author of the MMPI-2, ...
*  Accreditation - Clinical Psychology Unit - The University of Sydney
In order to supervise students enrolled in an APAC accredited 5th and 6th year program such as the MCP, Supervisors should have held general registration as a psychologist for at least three years before beginning supervision, hold endorsement in the clinical psychology area of practice for at least two years before beginning supervision and continue to be endorsed throughout the period of supervision, have successfully completed a Board-approved training program (full training) in psychology supervision, not have any conditions on their registration, not be a member of the supervisee's immediate family or household, and not have been, or not be, engaged in a close personal or therapeutic relationship with the supervisee ...
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Discover best selling books of Psychology & Counseling - Clinical Psychology from local library, read book reviews and borrow them from a local library.
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Items where Department is "College of Health and Behavioural Sciences , School of Psychology , Clinical Psychology" and Year is 2013 ...
*  Training and Education in Clinical Psychology in the Context of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act | Society of...
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA; P. L. 111-148) is ushering in a new era for the training and education in clinical psychology. Yet, little is known about the potential impact of this healthcare reform on our field moving forward. In our article (Chor, Olin, & Hoagwood, 2014), we describe features of the ACA-funded Mental and Behavioral Health Education and Training Grants (MBHETGs). Through the lens of dissemination and implementation science, we also discuss four paradigm shifts related to the ACA that are critical to our field - evidence-based practices (EBPs), research methodology, interprofessionalism, and quality indicators.. Our field is a dynamic one that evolves with public policy. We - graduate students, predoctoral interns, postdoctoral fellows, clinicians, researchers, policymakers - need to be cognizant of the directions the ACA brings to the forefront. The U.S. mental health system is steering away from a fee-for-service, siloed ...
*  Damion Grasso | Society of Clinical Psychology
by Ava T. Casados about her recently published article in Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice Society holds negative attitudes about mental illness, and these attitudes form a stigma that impacts many individuals on both interpersonal levels (e.g., blaming, name-calling) and institutional levels (e.g., employment discrimination). The stigma experienced because of one's mental illness can in turn exacerbate psychological symptoms and …. ...
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Buy Introduction to Clinical Psychology Scientific Foundations to Clinical Practice by Michael Wierzbicki at TextbookX.com. ISBN/UPC: 9780205155170. Save an average of 50% on the marketplace.
*  AIIMS Delhi jobs for Research Officer/ Medical Officer Clinical Psychology. Best Jobs in AIIMS Delhi in Delhi 16 Oct 2017
04 October 2017 - Research Officer/ Medical Officer Clinical Psychology Jobs in AIIMS Delhi - Delhi. Research Officer/ Medical Officer job recruitment in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
*  Clinical Psychology - Devon Integrated Children's Services
Clinical psychology helps people make positive changes to their thinking and behaviour. The aim is to understand thoughts and actions in order to help manage or overcome psychological distress and improve well-being.
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