*  Together LA Blocks Tax Exemptions, Wins Sunshine Provision | Industrial Areas Foundation
Eight months after their victory in reforming the state Industrial Tax Exemption Program (ITEP), leaders of Together Louisiana noticed that industrial tax exemptions spiked 441% in its last year (2016), with the majority of tax exemptions granted after the reforms passed. They additionally noticed that the Commerce and Industry Board reversed the wording of the measure to undermine the reform that would have limited exemptions to proposals that had secured the approval of the local municipalities sacrificing the revenue.. Unsatisfied with the explanation that the 2016 reforms were not to touch applications already in the works, 100 faith and community leaders of Together Louisiana organized a press conference before the Board of Commerce and Industry's meeting and then sat in on the meeting itself - demonstrating a rare ...
*  Multifamily Property Tax Exemption Incentive - City of Tacoma
The purpose of the tax incentive for multifamily housing is to encourage the development of a minimum of four new multifamily units in one of Tacoma's 17 Mixed-Use Centers. To accomplish this goal, the City of Tacoma offers a property tax exemption to eligible property owners. This incentive exempts property taxes for eight to 12 years on the assessed improvements that create four or more additional housing units. The latter 12-year option requires at least 20% affordable units.. Multifamily Property Tax Exemption (MPTE) Program Report (PDF). Property Tax Exemption (PTE) Program Outline (PDF). Application (PDF). ...
*  SYNERGY STAFFING, INC., fka Personnel Connection Inc., Plaintiff, v. UNITED STATES of America (Internal Revenue Service) and...
SYNERGY STAFFING, INC., fka Personnel Connection Inc., Plaintiff, v. UNITED STATES of America (Internal Revenue Service) and Does 1 through 10, inclusive, Defendants.United States District Court, C.D. California, Southern Division.326 F.Supp.2d 1053No. SACV 02-690-AHS(ANX).April 29, 2003.Debra W. Yang, United St
*  The Property Tax Exemption for Nonprofits - IssueLab
This paper reviews the existing literature on the property tax exemption for nonprofit organizations and identifies gaps to be addressed in future research. We start by examining justifications and existing eligibility criteria for the property tax exemption, followed by studies of the magnitude of the revenue loss from the exemption. We focus on theoretical and empirical studies of the economic effects of the exemption. We consider the effect of the tax advantage on nonprofit decisions about inputs, outputs and organizational form, decisions to rent or own, location decision, market share, and the effect of the exemption on neighboring property values. Finally, we evaluate research about the use of PILOTs and the implications of their possible expansion. We conclude that ...
*  Hawaii Real Property Tax Exemptions
Did you know that there are some exemptions that you can employ to save on your property taxes in Hawai'i? One of the most commonly used exemptions is the real property tax exemption for homeowners. If you own a home in Hawai'i, your property tax exemption is based on a variety of considerations regarding your intent to reside in the home. Some of these include:. 1) You occupy your home for a minimum number of calendar days in a year - on O'ahu, the minimum number of days is 270; County of Kaua'i, 18 days; Maui County, 270 days; and on Hawai'i island, the minimum number of days is 200.. 2) You file your income tax return as a Hawai'i resident with this home address;. 3) You are stationed in the city under military orders of the United States; and/or. 4) You are registered to vote in the city in which your ...
*  Tax Exemption Amounts
What are the current tax exemption amounts? You are allowed to take a tax exemption for yourself, your spouse and the dependents you claim. Learn more about taxes at Bankrate.com.
*  How the estate tax exemption works - NJMoneyHelp.com
A. The estate tax can certainly be confusing.. A federal estate tax is imposed only on that portion of the estate's value that exceeds the exemption amount, said Shirley Whitenack, an estate planning attorney with Schenck, Price, Smith & King in Florham Park.. For 2017, the federal amount exempted from death taxes is $5.49 million, and the top federal estate tax rate is 40 percent, she said.. The answer is more complicated for New Jersey's estate tax.. Whitenack said the New Jersey estate tax exemption was increased from $675,000 to $2 million for the year 2017, and it's scheduled to be repealed entirely effective Jan. 1, 2018.. "For estates of New Jersey residents who die in 2017, the estate tax is calculated on the amount ...
*  Ending Tax Exemption Would Cost Revenue and Jobs, Study Claims: Onsite Coverage
WASHINGTON - Ending credit unions' federal tax exemption would cost the country billions in lost revenue and jobs, according to NAFCU.
*  Ohio Senator Brown Pens Support for CU Tax Exemption
The Ohio Credit Union League just received a hand-delivered letter from Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) in support of the tax exemption.
*  Church Of Freethought Gets Texas Tax Exemption | Americans United
Texas officials have agreed to extend tax-exempt status to a non-theistic church.. In mid May, the Texas Office of the Comptroller sent a letter to Americans United for Separation of Church and State announcing it had granted tax-exempt status to the Church of Freethought, a Dallas-area congregation. Americans United intervened on behalf of the congregation after the state tax agency had initially denied its request for tax exemption. In a press statement praising the Texas agency's reversal, Americans United Executive Director Barry W. Lynn said, "This is a victory for religious freedom. Government must never play favorites when it comes to religion." The Church of Freethought enjoys federal tax-exempt status, but was unable to obtain similar status in Texas. The ...
*  What is tax exemption? Definition and meaning - InvestorGuide.com
tax exemption - noun the fact of being free from payment of tax the part of income which a person is allowed to earn and not pay tax on
*  La. lawmakers consider expanding business tax exemption - Business - Houma Today - Houma, LA
BATON ROUG - A 10-year local property tax exemption offered to manufacturers could be expanded and available to more companies under a proposal that received passage from the House Ways and Means Committee.House Bills 674 and 694, sought by the Jindal administration, would allow parishes to offer the tax breaks to digital media businesses, data centers, renewable energy firms, corporate headquarters and research and development firms - if they have a majority of their sales out of
*  Signatures Submitted for Initiative to End Business Tax Exemption | KPBS
It now looks more likely that California voters will see three different tax measures on the November ballot. Backers of an initiative that would close a tax exemption for out-of-state businesses turned in their signatures Friday.
*  How do you calculate tax exemptions? | Reference.com
Someone who wants to calculate tax exemptions can use the IRS withholding calculator. When using the calculator, it is a good idea to have pay stubs, income tax returns and accurate estimates on...
*  Tax exemption approved, hotel project moves forward - BC Local News
Peterson said PEG is continually assessing development opportunities and said the CIty of Nanaimo's tax exemption for the project was a deciding factor.. "Without a tax incentive, this project would not have gotten done. Without parking being supplied, this project would not have gotten done," Peterson said.. He said the hotel will cost more than $25 million to build and when it is done, it will create 15-20 full-time jobs and another 10-15 full-time equivalent jobs.. Perry said PEG has identified O'Neill Hotels and Resorts as the tentative hotel operator and a franchise application has been submitted to Marriott. He said a project team is in place consisting of design consultants, architect, civil engineer, landscape architect and structural engineer.. "We see this as a hotel to serve the needs of the convention centreā€¦" Perry said. "They mentioned that this has been a really big problem for them to not be able to get the ...
*  MCK / Notice: Bell tax exemption deadline approaching
The Mohawk Council of Kahnaw :ke (MCK) wishes to remind Kahnawa kehr :non that the deadline for confirming eligibility for tax-free services from Bell Canada is Monday, December 20th.. Notices have been sent in recent days to community members who have Bell telephone, Internet B1, television, paging, or Mobility accounts. Please note: customers with existing tax exemption status must also complete this form.. Anyone receiving the notices in French can obtain an English version at the main reception desk at the MCK or by downloading the form from the main page at www.kahnawake.com.. Bell clients can contact the company at 310-2355 for information.. This message is being sent as strictly as a public service by the Mohawk Council of Kahnaw :ke.. ...
*  Churches to continue benefiting from property tax exemption | News | Jamaica Gleaner
Local Government and Community Development Minister, Desmond McKenzie, says no attempt will be made to interfere with the property tax exemptions churches currently enjoy. He reportedly gave the assurance at the launch of the official mobile...
*  U.S. says China ends tax exemption for domestic small aircraft | Reuters
China has ended a'discriminatory' tax exemption for domestically produced smallaircraft that the United States had challenged before the WorldTrade Organization, the U.S. Trade Representative's Office saidon Tuesday.
*  Wash. state bill would extend tax exemptions for woody biomass | Biomassmagazine.com
Legislation pending in the Washington State Legislature aims to extend the existing sales and use tax exemption for wood waste and residue used to produce electricity, steam, heat or biofuel through June 30, 2024.
*  Property tax exemption for property partly used as a college dormitory :: State Publications
Electronic data.; Title from title screen.; "September 30, 2004."; Discusses whether whether a five-story building built and owned by a developer is eligible for a full or partial property tax exemption if four of its floors are used by a college for student dormitories and the first floor is rented out for retail space.; Harvested from the web on 10/22/04 ...
*  FIFA demands visa, work permit and tax exemptions for 2026 World Cup | Reuters
The United States and other countries hoping to host the 2026 World Cup should provide government guarantees on visa-free travel plus work permit and tax exemptions for their bids to be accepted, according to documents published by FIFA on Tuesday.
*  L.A. Approves Business Tax Exemption for New-Car Dealers | Los Angeles Business Journal
Hoping to keep auto sales in Los Angeles and bring other dealers to the city, the City Council approved a nine-year business tax exemption for all car dealers selling new models in the city.
*  The Importance of Group Coverage: How Tax Policy Shaped U.S. Health Insurance
In 1954, the Internal Revenue Service stipulated that employer contributions to the health insurance plans of their employees were to be excluded from employee taxable income. Today, the tax subsidy is major feature of the U.S. health care market. This paper examines the initial effects of the tax subsidy on the demand for health insurance using previously unexamined data from 1953 and 1958. Results suggest that the tax subsidy increased the growth of group insurance, particularly among union members and employed persons. This is a critical effect because group insurance is not only less expensive than individual insurance, but it is also easier to obtain, and households with access to group health insurance are far more likely to purchase health insurance coverage than those without similar access. By increasing access to group insurance, the ...
*  Internal Revenue Bulletin: 2013-28 | Internal Revenue Service
a) Overview. This section provides rules for the tax imposed by section 5000B on any indoor tanning service.. (b) Imposition of tax-(1) General rule. Tax is imposed by section 5000B at the time of payment for any indoor tanning service.. (2) Undesignated payment cards-In general. Payment for indoor tanning services is made when an undesignated payment card is redeemed, in whole or in part, to pay for indoor tanning services (and not when a payment is made to purchase the undesignated payment card).. (c) Definitions-(1) The term indoor tanning service means a service employing any electronic product designed to incorporate one or more ultraviolet lamps and intended for the irradiation of an individual by ultraviolet radiation, with wavelengths in air between 200 and 400 nanometers, to induce skin tanning. The term does not include phototherapy service performed by, and on the premises of, a licensed medical ...