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*  McCoy not worried about a heavy workload
PHILADELPHIA Eagles running back LeSean McCoy smelled the question coming and almost sprung the ambush prematurely.You had to pity the guy who asked if his workload in the opener was sustainable over a 16-game season. A couple of years ago there wa
*  4-[18F]-Tetraphenylphosphonium as a PET Tracer for Myocardial Mitochondrial Membrane Potential | JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging
We tested the hypothesis that quantitative PET imaging of 18F-TPP is useful for in vivo measurement of myocardial ΔΨm. Although data on in vivo measurement of normal ΔΨm in an intact animal are not available, measurements have been made using tetraphenylphosphonium in a working Langendorff rat heart model (6,7). Measured ΔΨm varied as a function of metabolic substrate and workload. Thus, with glucose (11 mM) perfusate and low workload, ΔΨm equaled −118 mV versus −100 mV at high workload (p , 0.05) (7). However, when pyruvate was used, ΔΨm equaled −145 mV at low workload and −116 mV at high workload (p , 0.05) (7). The investigators attributed the differences in ΔΨm between substrates to "higher cytosolic phosphorylational potentials in the pyruvate perfused hearts" (6,7). Increased myocardial oxygen consumption associated with increased workload resulted in a reduction in ΔΨm relative to low ...
*  Optimal algorithms for scheduling divisible workloads on heterogeneous systems - IEEE Conference Publication
In this paper, we discuss several algorithms for scheduling divisible loads on heterogeneous systems. Our main contributions are (i) new optimality results
*  AAC and Workload/Caseload
This live event will focus on workload/caseload management and the impact on provision of AAC services to students.There will be discussion of systemic and individual ways to effectively support students using AAC on a workload/caseload. The following panelists will be available to answer questions:. ...
*  NIOSHTIC-2 Publications Search - 20044117 - A physical workload index to evaluate a safe resident handling program for nursing...
Objective: The aim of this study was to obtain a comprehensive analysis of the physical workload of clinical staff in long-term care facilities, before and after a safe resident handling program (SRHP). Background: Ergonomic exposures of health care workers include manual handling of patients and many non-neutral postures. A comprehensive assessment requires the integration of loads from these var
*  Chan on workload for Fred & C.J.
The workload between Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller continues to be a balancing act for Chan Gailey. On Sunday Jackson had four more carries than Spiller, but Spiller's average was 7.3 to Jackson's 3.3. Both scored touchdowns.. Appearing on Bills flagship WGR Sportradio 550 Monday morning, Gailey was asked if Spiller needs to get even more work.. "I know he needs to touch it as much as we possibly can have him touch it, but Fred is another big play guy as well," said Gailey. "But I think the issue is how do we get both guys more touches.". Fred Jackson got nine more snaps (40) than C.J. Spiller (31) and was targeted one more time than Spiller. Jackson touched the ball 21 times and Spiller 16.. ...
*  Oracle and IBM fight for the heavy workload • The Register
Specifically, the Sparc SuperCluster rack has four of the Sparc T4-4 servers, each with four eight-core 3GHz Sparc T4 processors. Collectively, the four nodes, used to run Oracle 11g as well as application code, have 4TB of memory and depending on disk options, between 97TB to 198TB of disk capacity.. The rack has multiple QDR InfiniBand switches and 8.66TB of flash in the Exadata storage arrays, yielding 1.2 million IOPs. There are also a couple of Oracle's ZFS Storage 7320 arrays in there. The database nodes can run Solaris 10 or Solaris 11. Prices for the SuperCluster were not divulged.. The other interesting engineered system from Oracle is the Exalogic Elastic Cloud, a tuned machine to run a virtualised implementation of Oracle's WebLogic application server. In a full-rack configuration, the Exalogic cluster has 30 1U rack servers with a total of 386 Xeon X5670 cores spinning at 2.93GHz.. Each node has 96GB of main memory, just like in the Exadata X2-2 nodes, and 40TB of external disk ...
*  Bruins' Miller excelling with a heavy workload - The Boston Globe
When the Canadiens'Canadiens left winger Travis Moenrose from the ice in the first period on Monday night, he was clearly was woozy. He had just been knocked down twice in the same during a first-period fight by with Bruins defenseman Kevan Miller, a player that who started the season in obscurity, but will end it on the list of players no one wants to take on. But it's more than just the handful of fights - and many more than a handful handfuls of big hits - that Miller has laid on the competition. Miller has become one of the Bruins' Boston's more reliable defensemen, providing needed minutes as a stay-at-home blue liner in the third pairing in place of the injured Adam McQuaid. In Denver, against a potent Avalanche attack, McQuaid Miller played the most minutes (23:10) a team-high 23 minutes 10 seconds.
*  System z Webcast: "What's New with IBM Workload Automation" (System z Management)
May 17 : System z Webcast ' What's New with IBM Workload Automation ' using the Tivoli Workload Scheduler family Highlights Topics include: Sharing infrastructure among applications to reduce resources Reducing labor costs by automating new workloads with the same staff resources Improving productivity by reusing existing workload automation processes and procedures Speakers: Flora Tramantano, Tivoli Workload Automation Product Manager, IBM Software Group Broadcast Date: May 17, 2012, 11 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time, 4:00 p.m. BST / 3:00 p.m. UTC Developed for: IT and enterprise architects; IT managers; systems...
*  I Survived AIDS: First Week at Work
Today is my first weekend after I got back to work from 6-month long leave of absence. Yes, I survived my first week of work. Despite the ridiculously worse than normal traffic and heavy rainfall, I survived my first week with flying colors. At the office, I was working like how I used to work before I got sick, except that I had less workload on my first week. I've attended some meetings outside of my office (yes, I know I shouldn't be doing this, but it's part of the job). I just made sure I always have alcohol in my pocket where ever I went. Everything was like normal again. I even tend to forget I'm positive when I'm at work. But, there are some things I've noticed though. I felt so sleepy on my first day. I felt a bit tired when I got home. Well, this was probably because of the 2-hour driving due to the unusually bad traffic jam this week. But, I was happy. I felt normal again. I felt useful and productive at work again. ...
*  ORACLENERD: The Case for the Bit Bucket
Of course, not everybody is building applications with such high scalability requirements. But even for applications with less intensive scalability requirements I would argue the same tendency to minimize the workload on the database should apply. Cameron Purdy has a good quote, "If you don't pick your bottlenecks, they'll pick you." Design your application to bottleneck, he says. What he means is, your application is going to bottleneck on something, so you need to explicitly decide what it will bottleneck on. Unfortunately, most applications bottleneck on the database, as this is the hardest layer to scale. It's pretty easy to scale the front end, we just throw more instances of Apache out there. It's a little bit harder, but not much, to scale the app server. But it's pretty hard to scale the database tier, particularly for write intensive applications. For well funded organizations, Oracle RAC is the standard. MySql's master-slave setup and hot replication saw it win out over PostgreSQL ...
*  AWS Partner Solutions Finder
The AWS Partner Solutions Finder provides AWS customers with a centralized place to search, discover, and connect with trusted APN Technology and Consulting Partners, based on customers' business needs. Customers can use the AWS Partner Solutions Finder to find an APN Partner to help design, migrate, manage, and optimize workloads on AWS. Customers can look for APN Partners based a variety of criteria including industry, use case, location and Product areas. APN Partners who are surfaced in the AWS Partner Solutions Finder has been validated by AWS through their success in the AWS Partner Network and its different programs.
*  Juggling excellence - Dentistry.co.uk
Senior lecturer and specialist orthodontist Parmjit Singh explains how he stays focused and motivated whilst maintaining a heavy workload
*  A parallel workload model and its implications for processor allocation | SpringerLink
We develop a workload model based on the observed behavior of parallel computers at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and the Cornell Theory Center. This model gives us insight into the performance of strategies for scheduling moldable jobs on space-sharing parallel computers. We find that Adaptive Static Partitioning (ASP), which has been reported to work well for other workloads, does not perform as well as strategies that adapt better to system load. The best of the strategies we consider is one that explicitly reduces allocations when load is high (a variation of Sevcik's (1989) A+ strategy). ...
*  IBM Techdocs Flash: z/OS Availability: Blocked Workload Support
z/OS 1.9 introduced new support to improve z/OS availability. The support, called blocked workload support, is intended to allow small amounts of CPU to be allocated to workloads which are CPU starved. This support will be rolled back to both z/OS 1.8 and z/OS 1.7. This document describes this new support and discusses the processor capacity which will be potentially allocated to the function. Also this flash will discuss new recommendations which are being made which will change the recommended default settings for this function for all applicable releases.
*  How workload balancing prevents virtualization problems
Learn workload balancing strategies to avoid virtualization problems. Improper workload balancing and storage issues often lead to virtualization problems.
DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY.PREPARE_REPLAY ( synchronization IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE, connect_time_scale IN NUMBER DEFAULT 100, think_time_scale IN NUMBER DEFAULT 100, think_time_auto_correct IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE, scale_up_multiplier IN NUMBER DEFAULT 1, capture_sts IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE, sts_cap_interval IN NUMBER DEFAULT 300); DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY.PREPARE_REPLAY ( synchronization IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'OBJECT_ID', connect_time_scale IN NUMBER DEFAULT 100, think_time_scale IN NUMBER DEFAULT 100, think_time_auto_correct IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE, scale_up_multiplier IN NUMBER DEFAULT 1, capture_sts IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE, sts_cap_interval IN NUMBER DEFAULT 300 ...
*  Hospitals Find New Ways To Ease The Nursing Crisis
Sarasota, Fla. (PRWEB) December 1, 2009 -- Nationwide, nurse workloads have increased due to staffing shortages resulting in dissatisfaction levels among
*  Monitoring cloud workload activities
Gathering cloud performance metrics and monitoring workload activity can help cloud managers maintain system stability and end-user experiences.
*  IBM - Workload Deployer - System Requirements
Workload Deployer (was WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance) is a hardware appliance that provides access to IBM middleware virtual images & patterns to easily to create application environments that can be securely deployed & managed in a private cloud. System Requirements.
*  Special Educators Fault Workload - Education Week

Minneapolis Special educators gathered here this month cited 'overwhelming paperwork' as the No. 1 obstacle to providing good educational services to their students.
*  Automatic Workload Driven Index Defragmentation - TechRepublic
Queries that scan a B-Tree index can suffer significant I/O performance degradation due to index fragmentation. The task of determining i...
*  Target Virtualizes Store Workloads with Microsoft Tools
Target uses Microsoft's Systems Center and Hyper-V technology to virtualize and manage business-critical systems for its retail operation.