*  Assembly and Analysis of Cosmid Contigs in the CEA-gene Family Region of Human Chromosome 19
The carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)-like genes are members of a large gene family which Is part of the immunoglobulln superfamily. The CEA family is divided into two major subgroups, the CEA-subgroup and the pregnancy-specific glycoprotein (PSG)-subgroup. In the course of an effort to develop a set of overlapping cosmlds spanning human chromosome 19, we identified 245 cosmids In a human chromosome 19 cosmid library (6 - 7X redundant) by hybridization with an IgC-like domain fragment of the CEA gene. A fluorescence-based restriction enzyme digest fingerprinting strategy was used to assemble 212 probe-positive cosmids, along with 115 additional cosmids from a collection of ~ 8, 000 randomly selected cosmids, into five contigs. Two of the contigs contain CEA-subgroup genes while the remaining three contigs contain PSG-subgroup genes. These five contigs range in size from 100 kb to over 300 kb and span an estimated 1 Mb. The CEA-like gene family ...
*  Watasemycin biosynthesis in Streptomyces venezuelae : thiazoline C-methylation by a type B radical-SAM methylase homologue -...
Despite screening various growth media, we failed to detect the production of any 2-hydroxyphenylthiazoline-containing metabolites by S. venezuelae. This is potentially explained by the low levels of sven0516 expression in the bldM mutant (Fig. 3), which is surprising given that sven0517 is likely to be in the same operon, and possibly reflects differential mRNA stability for the two genes. We therefore elected to express the sven0503-sven0517 gene cluster in the engineered host S. coelicolor M1152.23 A clone (SV-2_E03) from an ordered genomic cosmid library of the S. venezuelae chromosome containing a segment extending from sven0496 to sven0518 was PCR-targeted in Escherichia coli with a 5.2 kb SspI fragment from pIJ10702 that contains oriT, and the øC31 integrase gene and phage attachment site (attP). The resulting cosmid, SV-2_E03::SspI, was introduced into S. coelicolor M1152 by conjugation, whereupon it integrated into the chromosomal øC31 attB site. Wild type S. coelicolor M1152 and the ...
*  pWEB::TNC Deletion Cosmid Transposition Kit from EPICENTRE Biotechnologies
... ,The pWEB::TNC Deletion Cosmid Cloning Kit enables you to prepare, in about two days, a complete and unbiased primary cosmid library of genomic DNA for subsequent use in making nested deletion sublibraries. High efficiency cosmid library construction is accomplished using easy and highly repr,biological,biology supply,biology supplies,biology product
*  Human Genome News March-April 1995
The amount of finished sequence produced by the Caenorhabditis elegans Genome Project grew to over 14 Mb at the end of March. This marks more than a six-fold increase from the 2.2 Mb reported in mid-1994 [see HGN 6(2), 1-2 (July 1994)]. Of the new total, investigators headed by Richard Wilson and Robert Waterston [Washington University (WU), St. Louis] contributed 272 cosmids (8,339,124 bases), and researchers led by John Sulston (Sanger Centre, U.K.) contributed 183 cosmids (5,634,590 bases). The St. Louis group has also finished 39 yeast cosmids (1,248,089 bases). [Figures provided by LaDeana Hillier and David States, WU]. ...
*  Mapping and Sequencing the Human Genome: Primer on Molecular Genetics
8-base recognition sites will yield pieces 64,000 bases long. Since hundreds of different restriction enzymes have been characterized, DNA can be cut into many different small fragments. Physical Maps Different types of physical maps vary in their degree of resolution. The lowest- resolution physical map is the chromosomal (sometimes called cytogenetic) map, which is based on the distinctive banding patterns observed by light microscopy of stained chromosomes. A cDNA map shows the locations of expressed DNA regions (exons) on the chromosomal map. The more detailed cosmid contig map depicts the order of overlapping DNA fragments spanning the genome. A macrorestriction map describes the order and distance between enzyme cutting (cleavage) sites. The highest- resolution physical map is the complete elucidation of the DNA base- pair sequence of each chromosome in the human genome. Physical maps are described in greater detail below. Low-Resolution Physical Mapping Chromosomal map. In a chromosomal ...
*  Human Genome News, July-Aug. 1995; 7(2):5
Hybrids. Allen Bale (Yale University) reported the submission of four hybrids containing defined 9q deletions to Coriell. Other hybrids, available from David Callen (Adelaide Children's Hospital), contain possibly useful breakpoints on chromosome 9 involving balanced translocations with chromosome 16.. Clones. The chromosome 9 cosmid library from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory continues to be a valuable tool. A new section of the chromosome 9 home page will include a list and free text information about cosmids in this library identified by the 300-microtitre plate notation. new data or comments about the section should be sent to john attwood(john@mrc-hbgu.ucl.ac.uk). A second chromosome 9 cosmid library has been constructed in the vector supercos [Murrell et al., Genomics 25, 59-65 (1995)]. Some YACs from the chromosome 9 specific library constructed by MaryKay McCormick (Massachusetts General Hospital) are freely available, and others are distributed on a collaborative basis. In ...
*  plasmid, BAC, or cosmid? - Molecular Cloning - BioForum
plasmid, BAC, or cosmid? - posted in Molecular Cloning: Hi guys, i'm looking into cloning of a big chunk of genomic sequence of about 25kb to put into a vector and transfect it into some cell line. My question is will plasmid still work or do i need to shift to bac or cosmid? how big a sequence is considered too big for plasmid? I don't really know much about BAC and cosmid and i can't seem to find out the info i need. So if anyone can also help direct me to some articles it...
*  frend.pl - search.cpan.org
The data section can follow or proceed the configuration section. The two sections can also be intermixed. The data section is a tab or whitespace-delimited file which you can export from a spreadsheet application or word processor file (be sure to save as text only!). Here is an example data section:. Cosmid B0511 . 516-619 Cosmid B0511 . 3185-3294 Cosmid B0511 . 10946-11208 Cosmid B0511 . 13126-13511 Cosmid B0511 . 66-208 Cosmid B0511 . 6354-6499 Cosmid B0511 . 13955-14115 EST yk595e6.5 + 3187-3294 EST yk846e07.3 - 11015-11208 EST yk53c10 yk53c10.5 + 18892-19154 yk53c10.3 - 15000-15500,15700-15800 EST yk53c10.5 + 16032-16105 SwissProt PECANEX + 13153-13656 Swedish fish FGENESH 'Gene 1' - 1-205,518-616,661-735,3187-3365,3436-3846 Transmembrane domain FGENESH 'Gene 2' - 16626-17396,17451-17597 Kinase and sushi domains. Each line of the file contains five columns. The columns are:. ...
*  Cosmid.net - Page 6
cosmid (16) Duration: 0:14:06 Resolution: 1280x720 Format: wmv Size: 321Mb Download cosmid (16) Download Part 1 From Flyfiles Download Part 2 From
*  Cosmid - Ashley Lane - 720p (Mar 30, 2016)
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*  Cosmid - Neuroptera - 720p (Jul 15, 2016)
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*  Maxiprep Xtra
The NucleoBond BAC 100 Kit is designed to purify large DNA fragments such as cosmids, bacteriophage P1 clones, PACs, and BACs, without phenol/chloroform extraction. 1 hour protocol accomodates vectors up to to 300 kb.
*  Nucleobond PC 500
Maxiprep NucleoBond Plasmid Kits: Purify plasmid DNA, cosmids, BACs, PACs, and YACs in just a few hours-no phenol/chloroform extraction. Use for transfection, in vitro transcription, and automated sequencing.
*  Cosmid 16 07 30 Lily James
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*  Cosmid.net Ellie Ellies Comeback (Nov 04, 2016)
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*  Cosmid Rachel White
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*  Cosmid.net Kristina Kristina In The Kitchen (Apr 04, 2014)
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