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A silicate is a compound containing an anionic silicon compound. The great majority of the silicates are oxides, but hexafluorosilicate ([SiF6]2−) and other anions are also included. "Orthosilicate" is the anion SiO4− 4 or its compounds. Related to orthosilicate are families of anions (and their compounds) with the formula [SiO2+n]2n−. Important members are the cyclic and single chain silicates {[SiO3]2−}n and the sheet-forming silicates {[SiO2.5]−}n. Silicates constitute the majority of Earth's crust, as well as the other terrestrial planets, rocky moons, and asteroids. Sand, Portland cement, and thousands of minerals are examples of silicates. Silicate compounds, including the minerals, consist of silicate anions whose charge is balanced by various cations. Myriad silicate anions can exist, and each can ...
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silicate mineral: Any of a large group of silicon-oxygen compounds that are widely distributed throughout much of the solar system. A brief treatment of silicate minerals follows. For full treatment,...
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Pozzolanic submicron-sized silica fume and the non-pozzolanic micron- and nano-sized layer silicates (clay minerals) kaolinite, smectite and palygorskite have been used as additives in Portland cement pastes and mortars. These layer silicates have different particle shape (needles and plates), surface charge, and size (micron and nano). The structure of the resulting cement pastes and mortars has been investigated by atomic force microscopy (AFM), helium porosimetry, nitrogen adsorption (specific surface area and porosity), low-temperature calorimetry (LTC) and thermal analysis. The main result is that the cement paste structure and porosity can be engineered by addition of selected layer silicates having specific particle shapes and surface properties (e.g., charge and specific surface area). This seems to be due to the growth of calcium-silicate hydrates (C-S-H) on the clay particle surfaces, and the nano-structure of the ...
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Understanding the structure of silicate minerals makes it possible to identify 95% of the rocks on Earth. This module covers the structure of silicates, the most common minerals in the Earth's crust. The module explains the significance of the silica tetrahedron and describes the variety of shapes it takes. X-ray diffraction is discussed in relation to understanding the atomic structure of minerals.
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*  Interstellar silicate analogs for grain-surface reaction experiments: Gas-phase condensation and characterization of the...
Amorphous, astrophysically relevant silicates were prepared by laser ablation of siliceous targets and subsequent quenching of the evaporated atoms and clusters in a helium/oxygen gas atmosphere. The described gas-phase condensation method can be used to synthesize homogeneous and astrophysically relevant silicates with different compositions ranging from nonstoichiometric magnesium iron silicates to pyroxene- and olivine-type stoichiometry. Analytical tools have been used to characterize the morphology, composition, and spectral properties of the condensates. The nanometer-sized silicate condensates represent a new family of cosmic dust analogs that can generally be used for laboratory studies of cosmic processes related to condensation, processing, and destruction of cosmic dust in different astrophysical environments. The well-characterized silicates comprising amorphous Mg{sub 2}SiO{sub 4} and Fe{sub 2}SiO{sub 4}, as ...
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Calcium silicate hydrated (C-S-H) gel is the principal binding phase of the cement paste and responsible for its strength. It is basically composed of silicate chains held together with CaO layers, where different guest ions can enter its structure. In particular, the substitution of Al in the silicate chains is expected to play a decisive role for the resulting properties of the cementitious materials. This work explores by means of molecular dynamics simulation the incorporation of aluminium into C-S-H gel. For that purpose we simulate the polymerisation of C-S-H gel in presence of Al atoms and analyse both the connectivity of the (alumino)silicate chains and the position of the aluminium atoms within the structure of C-S-H gel. (© 2008 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim) ...
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*  中国科学院生态环境研究中心机构知识库(RCEES OpenIR): Fluoride recovery using porous calcium silicate hydrates via spontaneous Ca2+ and OH- release
In the present study, porous calcium silicate hydrates (P-CSH) was prepared from CaO and soluble sodium silicate via a hydrothermal method and used for fluoride ions recovery. In comparison with the crystalline calcium silicate hydrates (C-CSH), P-CSH, which has large specific surface areas of 148.11 m(2)/g, a high Ca/Si molar ratio of 2.28 and low crystallinity, exhibited a high capacity for fluoride recovery from synthetic and practical electroplating wastewater. Fluoride recovery by P-CSH continued spontaneously at pH range of 6.4-7.4 without an extra pH adjustment. The fast Ca2+ dissolution rate of P-CSH was favorable for the fluoride precipitation with free Ca2+. Compared with the C-CSH, P-CSH exhibited massive Ca-OH linkages, which enhanced the fluoride removal capacity by forming insoluble CaF2. Based on the analysis of the P-CSH samples before and after fluoride recovery by SEM, XRD, FTIR techniques, it was concluded that the surface Ca-OH was active ...
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Looking for manganese silicate? Find out information about manganese silicate. manganous silicate Explanation of manganese silicate
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Calcium Silicate Definition - Calcium silicate is a chemical compound composed of calcium and silica with the chemical formula Ca2SiO4 that is...
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Allcosmeticsource.com Calcium Silicate,99%, 1KG/BAG [543]- Calcium Silicate,99%, 1KG/BAG CAS No.:1344-95-2 Specifications Items Unit HCS-170 HCS-220 HCS-270 Bulk Density Kg/m3 170(±10%) 220(±10%) 270(±10%) Pressure Strength MPa ≥0.40 ≥0.50 ≥0.60 Flexural Strength MPa ≥0.30 ≥0.35 ≥0.40 Thermal Conductive W/m.k ≤0.048 ≤0.050 ≤0.056 +0.00011t +0.00011t +0.00011t Temp. limit degrees 1000 1050 1050 Linear Shrinkage % ≤1.50 ≤1.50 ≤1.50 (1000,3hrs) (1000,3hrs) (1000,3hrs)
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... (often referred to as OPC, from Ordinary Portland Cement) is the most common type of cement in general use around the world because it is a basic ingredient of concrete, mortar, stucco and most non-specialty grout. It is a fine powder produced by grinding Portland cement clinker (more than 90%), a limited amount of calcium sulfate (which controls the set time) and up to 5% minor constituents as allowed by various standards such as the European Standard EN197.1:. Portland cement clinker is a hydraulic material which shall consist of at least two-thirds by mass of calcium silicates (3CaO.SiO2 and 2CaO.SiO2), the remainder consisting of aluminium- and iron-containing clinker phases and other compounds. The ratio of CaO to SiO2 shall not be less than 2.0. The magnesium content (MgO) shall not exceed 5.0% by mass.[cite this quote]. (The last two requirements were already set out in the German Standard, issued in 1909).[citation needed]. ASTM C 150 defines portland cement as "hydraulic ...
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The present invention provides synthetic, finely divided water-insoluble layered silicates having a smectite-like crystal phase, with increased contents of bound alkali and silicate and a distinctly reduced swelling power in aqueous suspension relative to pure layered silicates of this type. The synthetic layered silicate of this invention has the following oxide summation formula MgO.aM.sub.2 O.bAl.sub.2 O.sub.3.cSiO.sub.2.nH.sub.2 O wherein M is selected from the group consisting of sodium and a mixture of sodium and lithium said mixture having a molar ratio of sodium to lithium of at least about 2, n represents the number of water molecules bound in the crystal phase, and a, b, c and n each represent a number having a value within the following ranges: a is from about 0.05 to about 0.4 b is from 0 to about 0.3 c is from about 1.2 to about 2.0, and n is from about 0.3 to about 3.0.
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