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*  Update in acute respiratory distress syndrome - clinical ventilator management and prone ventilation | International Journal...
The acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a major cause of acute respiratory failure. Its development leads to high rates of mortality, as well as short- and long-term complications, such as physical and cognitive impairment. Key components of a strategy include avoiding lung overdistension by limiting tidal volumes and airway pressures, and the use of positive endexpiratory pressure with or without lung recruitment manoeuvres in patients with severe ARDS.In this review article, we describe updated concepts in ARDS. Specifically, we discuss the new definition of ARDS, its risk factors and pathophysiology, and current evidence regarding ventilation management, prone ventilation, and intervention required in refractory hypoxemia.. ...
*  Prone ventilation reduces mortality in patients with acute respiratory failure and severe hypoxemia: systematic review and meta...
Prone position ventilation for acute hypoxemic respiratory failure (AHRF) improves oxygenation but not survival, except possibly when AHRF is severe. To determine effects of prone versus supine ventilation in AHRF and severe hypoxemia [partial
*  Noukasana : Nouka Asana - Boat Posture Prone Position
Noukasana prone position, Boat Pose In Sanskrit Nauka means yacht or boat. In this asana body gets shape of yacht so, it is called as Nauka asana.
*  Method and device for positioning patients with breast cancer in prone position for imaging and radiotherapy - Xcision Medical...
A method and device for accurately easily and accurately positioning patients with breast cancer in the prone position for imaging and radiotherapy is disclosed. The device is a couch or support struc
*  An Optic Nerve at Risk and a Prolonged Surgery in the Prone Position:Time to Reconsider? | Anesthesiology | ASA Publications
One of the reasons for the difficulty in understanding ION is the lack of a suitable animal model that could mimic the conditions in which ION has been described in humans. Orbits in most mammals are different from humans in that they are not a closed circumferential bone structure. There is a gap between the frontal bone and the zygoma that is closed by a ligament. Furthermore, it is difficult to simulate an actual prone position in animals. While one may have some reservation with the model, especially regarding the role of venous congestion, this study is the first to reproduce the succession of events that may lead to ION, basically anemia, hypotension, and venous congestion, and analyze its effects on blood flow and oxygen delivery to the optic nerve and the brain. The results are fairly straightforward: "Compensatory mechanisms for porcine cerebral blood flow maintain stable oxygen delivery under specified conditions ...
*  Prone Position Is Associated with Mild Cerebral Oxygen Desaturation in Elderly Surgical Patients - pdf descargar
Prone Position Is Associated with Mild Cerebral Oxygen Desaturation in Elderly Surgical Patients. . Biblioteca virtual para leer y descargar libros, documentos, trabajos y tesis universitarias en PDF. Material universiario, documentación y tareas realizadas por universitarios en nuestra biblioteca. Para descargar gratis y para leer online.
*  Supine position - Wikipedia
The supine position (/səˈpaɪn/ or /ˈsuːpaɪn/) means lying horizontally with the face and torso facing up, as opposed to the prone position, which is face down. When used in surgical procedures, it allows access to the peritoneal, thoracic and pericardial regions; as well as the head, neck and extremities. Using anatomical terms of location, the dorsal side is down, and the ventral side is up, when supine. In scientific literature "semi-supine" commonly refers to positions where the upper body is tilted (at 45° or variations) and not completely horizontal. The decline in death due to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is said to be attributable to having babies sleep in the supine position. It is believed that in the prone position babies ...
*  Q&A | Rontamil
Although specialists have diverging views as to the absolutely correct position of neonates and babies, they do however agree that the prone position should be avoided when the baby sleeps unattended. Placing the baby on the prone position has been abandoned in the last 20 years, following an extended campaign as it is blamed as one of the most important causes for the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome-SIDS. The frequency of this syndrome has been mitigated ever since babies do not fall prone for sleep. The babies' sleep in supine position on a relatively flat and firm mattress is suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics to avoid as much as possible the sudden death syndrome. Side position can be applied by using a wedge in a relatively firm mattress ...
*  Easy Assessments for Clients Prone on the Table - MASSAGE Magazine
If a standing assessment isn't possible, here are some easy assessment techniques you can perform while the client is in prone position on the table.
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In the current prospective randomized study, we demonstrated that measuring OP in the prone position can lead to overestimation of CSF pressure compared with that measured in the LD position. In two-thirds of patients, we noted a difference of ≥2 cm H2O overestimation of OP in 1 or both of the prone positions compared with the standard LD position. These findings indicate that the OP should be recorded in the LD position whenever possible and that clinicians should be made aware when the OP reading is performed with the patient prone. If an OP is measured prone, tilting of the table so that the needle hub is at the level of the right atrium does not significantly affect the OP.. Previous studies have noted several factors that may increase OP during lumbar puncture, ...
*  Patent US5960494 - Facial support mask accommodating prone position surgery - Google Patents
During a surgical procedure being performed on a patient in the prone (face down) position, the patient's head and face are supported by a facial support mask having two or more contoured cushions that are independently inflatable and deflatable with respect to each other. The inflatable cushions are sequentially pressurized and depressurized, thus providing continuous, soft support for the patient's head, while alternatively relieving compression forces applied to pressure-sensitive facial areas. Alternately pressurizing and depressurizing the inflatable cushions shifts the location of compressive forces, thus relieving compressed tissues and permitting recovery of normal blood circulation in sensitive facial tissues. The patient's head, neck and face are not disturbed while the support cushions are cycled through various pressurization and depressurization states.
*  Macular Hole - Macula Vision Research Foundation
You'll be seen again in the clinic about two weeks after the operation and if all is well, the drops will be reduced over the following weeks.. Do I need to position myself face down after the operation?. Once at home, you may have to spend several hours during the day with your head held still and in a specific position, called posturing. The aim of lying or sitting face down is to keep the gas bubble in contact with the hole as much as possible, to encourage it to close. There's evidence that lying face down improves the success rate for larger holes, but it may not be needed for smaller holes. If you're asked to do some face-down positioning, your head should be positioned so the tip of your nose points straight down to the ground. This could be done sitting at a table or lying flat on your stomach on a bed or sofa. Your doctor will advise you on whether you need to do ...
*  Patent US5131106 - Spinal surgery table - Google Patents
An apparatus for supporting a patient in a prone position during surgery which allows the surgeon to adjust the relative positioning of the patient during surgery. The apparatus generally comprises a patient support structure rotatably mounted on an expandable framework which is connected to an elongate base by a pair of hydraulic lifts. The patient may initially be positioned on the table in a supine position and then rotated so as to be supported in a prone position by the patient support structure with the patient's abdomen pendulous and free. The hydraulic lifts are positioned at the ends of the base and allow one end of the expandable framework and the patient support structure to be raised or lowered with respect to the other end. The patient support ...
*  Radiation Therapy Planning Techniques in Reducing Damage to Normal Tissue in Women Undergoing Breast-Conserving Surgery for...
OUTLINE: Patients undergo planned breast-conservation surgery and placement of titanium clips to the four radial, the deep, and superficial margins of the excision cavity (for localization of tumor bed).. Within 2 weeks after surgery, patients undergo supine radiotherapy-planning CT scan as standard analysis. Patients then undergo a radiotherapy-planning CT scan in the prone position. Patients complete a linear analogue questionnaire after both scans designed to assess patient comfort and anxiety in each position. Patients then undergo multifunctional MRI (including dynamic contrast-enhancement MRI and diffusion-weighted MRI) of the ipsilateral breast in the prone position (≥ 3 weeks after surgery). If suspicious lesions ≥ 5 mm are found on MRI, patients are referred for a second-look ultrasound with biopsy (if lesion visible on ultrasound); where suspicious ...
*  Patent US7137160 - Proning bed - Google Patents
A bed (10) includes a base (12) and a frame assembly (14). A head end support assembly (16) and a foot end support assembly (18) are coupled between the base (12) and the frame assembly (14). The frame assembly (14) includes first and second side frame members (80, 82) located above the base (12). The bed (10) also includes a plurality of latch mechanisms (160) coupled to the first and second side frame members (80, 82), and a patient support surface (162) configured to be coupled to the first and second side frame members (80, 82) by the plurality of latch mechanisms (160). A rotational drive mechanism (130) is coupled to the foot end support assembly (18) to rotate the frame assembly (14) about its longitudinal axis to a prone position. A proning surface (250) is coupled to the frame assembly (14) to support a patient in the prone position.
*  Ayurveda Panchakarma
Prone position can be adopted if necessary. Oil flowing out should be collected and used after reheating. A gentle massage should be given along the stream. It is desirable to use fresh oil daily. As the medicated oil is very costly the same oil may be used for 3 days after removing sediments. This should be preserved after removing moisture Small quantity of fresh oil should be added to this to maintain the quantity. On the fourth day fresh oil should be taken & used for next 2 days. On the seventh day both these batches of oil can be used ...
*  Face Down in the Mainstream: Astonishing X-Men, Grumpy Vom is Grumpy « The Hooded Utilitarian
Pretty, isn't it?. But it was not enough.. For one thing, the art is very realistic. It's not picture perfect (blue lion mutants with glasses don't actually exist), but it's styled to be real. The artist likes to include things like red lines in the eyes, to show the craziness of the villain or spittle flying to show that people are shouting.. Unfortunately, the craziness comes off more like caaaaaaaarrrraaaaaziness and the spittle just seems sort of gross. The story is just-irritating, and the art could be so awesome, and yet it doesn't all mesh the way a visually told story should.. Instead of making me look forward to more or compensating, the art just reinforced those parts of the story that pissed me off. The basic plot is that the X-Men have found the source of some fake mutants. Their ex-fellow, Forge, has gone bastshit (as one does) and started to make fake mutants to combat evil warriors from an alternate dimension. They've denned Forge in his lair in order to stop him.. And Forge ...
*  Is My Hair Dragging My Face Down?
Sometimes you've worn your hair the same way for so long it's hard to know what looks good anymore.You know what I mean?Such was the case with one of my readers, Debi, who wrote to ask if she should change the length of her hair. I handed her question over to our Fabulous After 40 hair expert Chris Maclachlan to see what she had to say. Here is Debi's question and advice from Chris.
*  Progressive wagering method and game - Patent # 5417430 - PatentGenius
A progressive jackpot wagering game and method, including a playing card wagering game, involves placing a game wager and an optional jackpot wager. Cards are dealt by the dealer, two face down to the dealer and three face down to each player. Players inspect or
*  The Trad: May 2010
I had a dream over and over when I was a teenager. I appeared in my father's Vietnam camp just as the enemy was preparing an assault. Badly outnumbered, my father was directing men and shouting orders when he saw me. I was a boy of eight with an M16 in baggy fatigues. He looked down at me and said, "What the Hell are you doing here?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Well, take a position over there." He pointed to what was a circle of men around him. As I got down into a prone position in the cirle Lt Pellegrino lay next to me smiling ...
*  Patent US6195580 - Diagnostic tomographic laser imaging apparatus - Google Patents
A laser imaging apparatus comprises (R) a platform (16) for supporting a female patient in frontdown, prone position, including an opening (20) permitting a breast of the patient to be vertically pendant below the surface of the platform; scanning mechanism including a multi-faceted mirror (38) adjacent the underside of the platform, the mirror being rotated about its own axis and orbited around the pendant breast; a source of coherent near infrared narrow light pulses operably directed to the multi-faceted mirror; optical reflectors directing the light pulses onto the facets of the mirror from a point spaced from the platform for reflection in a series of horizontal fan shaped beams through a breast pendant below the platform; photodetectors (40) operably disposed to detect the light pulses after passing through the breast; circuit for deriving voltages proportional to the intensity of the received pulses; and computer (10) programmed for storing and ...
*  MammoTest Biopsy Table | Medgadget
Coming from Siemens, a new computerized system for breast biopsies in prone position is touted to provide better access to lesions: Siemens Medical Solutio
*  A Man's Life: The Singing of Guns
At about 1 a.m. a runner approached with news from headquarters. The 9th Infantry Division was relieving us. We guided them into our bootprints, then filtered back through the lines to a staging area at the rear. From there, we were trucked 10 miles north and unloaded outside of Gourbesville.. A sinking feeling consumed me that morning. My gut told me that I'd be dead by sundown. I believed in God, but never put much stock into seeing or feeling the future. A little embarrassed, I tried to keep the thoughts to myself.. I was speaking with Sergeant Dean Warren when the enemy rain began to fall. Although out of my foxhole, I was lying in a prone position when a shell exploded overhead. The same red-hot shrapnel hit both of us, and I rolled on my back to see Dean's shirt soaked with blood. I screamed, 'Medic, help!' over and over again, and one arrived in short order. He patched Dean up, then turned to me.. 'We'd better get you bandaged up,' he ...
*  Pronate | Define Pronate at Dictionary.com
Pronate definition, to turn into a prone position; to rotate (the hand or forearm) so that the surface of the palm is downward or toward the back; to turn (the sole of the foot) outward so that the inner edge of the foot bears the weight when standing. See more.