*  Radium Hound early 1930s
Hospital workers sift through ashes for tiny tubes of radium using a 'Radium Hound' detector 1944. Examples of recovered radium from Dr. Taft's publications are listed below:. Dr. Curtis F. Burnam lost radium tube that was misplaced in hospital dressing. Using the electroscope instrument, the radium was discovered in a city dump.. Dr. Albert Soiland lost 75 mg of radium. The patient slipped away from hospital and deposited radium behind soil pipes in a bathroom. It was located using the electroscope. In a second incident, 2 or 3 mg of radium was discarded with dressing and discovered in the basement of the building.. J. L. Weatherwax lost 50 mg of radium in 1930 and was recovered in an ash pile which had gone through an incinerator using the electroscope. Others were lost which included 10 mg radium in 1931, 200 mg radium ...
*  Radium
Properties. Pure metallic radium is dazzling white after it has been isolated, but as it is exposed to the air it turns black due to oxidation. Radium displays luminescence, emits a red colour when it is exposed to a flame and decomposes when it is placed in water. Radium is similar in its properties (except for its radioactivity) to the alkaline earths - calcium, strontium and barium. It comes from pitchblende an ore of uranium and is separated from it by using similar methods to those of the Curies. Radium emits alpha, beta, and gamma rays and when mixed with beryllium produces neutrons. Inhalation, injection, or body exposure to radium can cause cancer and other body disorders. It has four naturally occurring radioactive isotopes, but others can be produced in the laboratory. Radium has a half-life of 1620 years and the product of its disintegration is, radon, an inert gas disintegrated radioactively ...
*  Radium - RationalWiki
Radium was used in the first successful radiotherapy treatment for cancer, originated by Marie Curie whose death can be unmistakably attributed to radiation exposure itself. Thin metal cylinders filled with milligram amounts of radium salts, called "radium needles", were surgically implanted into cancer tissue and then removed after some time. This technique, called brachytherapy, is a legitimate medical procedure that is still used today. The radium salts, however, have largely been replaced by cheaper alternative isotopes, produced in nuclear reactors. It was at one time used to reduce the size of an overactive thyroid. Other notable use of radium was in luminous paint used on watch hands, instrument dials, control panels and other equipment that had to remain usable in the dark without electricity. Due to radium's long half-life, cost and gamma emissions, it has been replaced in this role with promethium, ...
*  This Day in History, Dec. 21: Pierre and Marie Curie Discover Radium
This Day In History: December 21, 1898. On this day in history, 1898, Marie and Pierre Curie discovered the radioactive element radium (in the form of radium chloride), extracting it from uraninite. They first removed the uranium from the uraninite sample and then found that the remaining matter was still radioactive, so investigated further. Along with the barium in the remaining substance, they also detected spectral lines that were crimson carmine, which no one had yet documented or, apparently, observed. These spectral lines were being given off by radium chloride, which they managed to separate from the barium. Five days later, they presented their findings to the French Academy of Sciences.. Five years after that, they together won a Nobel Prize in physics for their discovery, making Marie Curie the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. She went on to win a second Nobel Prize in 1911; this time in chemistry, for successfully managing to isolate ...
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*  Radium - Toxipedia
Radium is a radioactive chemical element which has the symbol Ra and atomic number 88. Its appearance is almost pure white, but it readily oxidizes on exposure to air, turning black. Radium is an alkaline earth metal that is found in trace amounts in uranium ores. Its most stable isotope, 226. Ra, has a half-life of 1601 years and decays into radon gas.. Radium was discovered by Marie Curie and her husband Pierre on December 21, 1898 in pitchblende coming from North Bohemia, in the Czech Republic (area around Jáchymov). While studying pitchblende the Curies removed uranium from it and found that the remaining material was still radioactive. They then separated out a radioactive mixture consisting mostly of barium which gave a brilliant green flame color and crimson carmine spectral lines which had never been documented before. The Curies announced their discovery to the French Academy of Sciences on December 26, 1898.. Radium-226, the most ...
*  Curie, Marie, - Radioactivity, Physics, Discovered, and Radium - JRank Articles
In July 1898 they announced the discovery of the existence of an element they named polonium, in honour of Marie's native country, and in December the even more radioactive radium. In order to isolate pure radium they obtained waste ore rich in uranium from mines in Bohemia and, working in an old shed, they purified and repurified the ore, work mostly undertaken by Marie. By 1902 they had obtained one tenth of a gram of radium chloride from several tonnes of ore. It was intensely radioactive, ionizing the surrounding air, decomposing water, evolving heat and glowing in the dark.. In 1903 Marie Curie presented her doctoral thesis (and became the first woman to be awarded such a degree in France). In 1903 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics jointly with Pierre Curie and Henri Becquerel for their work on radioactivity. The following year their second daughter Eve was born and the Curies appear to have begun to suffer from radiation sickness. Pierre ...
*  Radium: Narrative of a Moral Dilemma
You have been notified that old medical records, thought long lost by the military, have been located in an old basement. These records show that you were treated on four occasions with Radium by placing a capsule in your nose to treat chronic nose bleeds that you experienced when you were a soldier (male or female) in World War II during 1943. You were told at the time when you received the 2 hour exposures that the treatment was safe and that you were also a part of a group of military personnel who were undergoing the experimental use of Radium to control superficial bleeding vessels. You considered the treatment very successful, having been freed from what had become an unpleasant and dangerous health problem. For the past several years you have been facing chronic sinus infections and pain. A recent x-ray of your skull has revealed some abnormal bone growth in the area of you nasal passages, but there is no evidence of cancer. You are also experiencing gum disease and ...
*  Apps Update - Firetask, DiskAid, Radium | MacNN
Firetask 3.5.2 ($40) - Firetask helps users organize and prioritize all of their daily tasks. Several smaller interface issues, such as a problem with due date visualization, have been fixed in this release. Users can also now quickly jump to a task's project by holding down the Command key and clicking on the project choice field below the task subject. Finally, the update also reintroduces support for older 32-bit Macs. [Download - 16MB]. DiskAid 6.4.7 ($30) - DiskAid is a tool for accessing the file system, applications, and data of any iOS device from a desktop. Users can transfer files and folders between their iOS device and computer, as well as read notes, export call history, save voice memos and more. Support for the Retina iPad mini and iPad air has been added in v6.4.7. Other changes include better device status reporting, more information on devices, and various bug fixes. [Download - 38.8MB]. Radium 3.0.5 ($10) - Radium allows users to access a wide variety of ...
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*  Here are 7 of the biggest quacks and scam artists in medical history
Radioactivity, for that healthy glow.. Marie Curie discovered the radioactive metal radium. For this, and other groundbreaking research on radioactivity, she deservedly received historical acclaim. However, others took advantage of her discoveries and applied their own ignorance and greed to medical history. One such person was William J.A. Bailey. Bailey noticed that the properties of radium fascinated most people, especially the fact that it glowed and seemed to give off a power.. Bailey, who called himself a doctor but had no medical degree, founded Radium Company, whose chief product was Radithor, a medicine that would "invigorate" his patients. Radithor was essentially radium dissolved in water, but Bailey promised it would provide glowing health. Eben Byers was one of Bailey's wealthiest clients. Byers consumed well over 1,000 bottles of Radithor. His jaw fell off and he died. His autopsy revealed large holes in his brain and skull. ...
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*  United States Radium Corporation - Delaware 1940
Beautiful certificate from the United States Radium Corporation issued in 1940. This historic document was printed by Hasbrouck Thistle & Company and has an ornate border around it. This item has the signatures of the Company's President and Secretary and is over 67 years old. Radium-226 is an alpha emitter
*  Radium Ra 223 Dichloride (Intravenous Route) Description and Brand Names - Mayo Clinic
Radium Ra 223 dichloride injection is used to treat men with metastatic prostate cancer that has spread to the bones but to no other organs. It is a radiopharmaceutical agent. Radiopharmaceuticals are radioactive agents that are used to find and treat certain diseases. ...
*  Radium 223 dichloride (Xofigo) Use During Pregnancy
Advice and warnings for the use of Radium 223 dichloride (Xofigo) during pregnancy. FDA Pregnancy Category X - Not for use in pregnancy
*  June 13 - Today in Science History - Scientists born on June 13th, died, and events
German physicist who was prompted by Madame Curie's discoveries to make his own study of radioactivity. In 1900, he observed that radium emitted both radiation and a colourless radioactive gas. The gas was accumulating inside ampules of radium. He called it radium emanation. (William Ramsay named it niton when he investigated it in 1908. This element was named radon, in 1923, the heaviest in the noble gas group.) Dorn had demonstrated one element transmuting to another, while releasing radiation. This work was continued by Boltwood and Soddy. Radon is not totally inert, as since 1962, chemists have been able to make radon compounds. In 1899, the release of a radioactive gas was detected by Ernest Rutherford and R.B. Owens from thorium (now known to be radon-220), and by the Curies from radium (radon-222).« Radon was first detected in 1899 as a radioactive gas released from samples of thorium by Ernest Rutherford and R.B. Owens. In the same ...
*  Radon - Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi
Radon var, efter radium og polonium, det tredje radioaktive grundstof der blev opdaget. Det blev opdaget i 1898 af Friedrich Ernst Dorn.[6][7][8] I 1900 beskrev han nogle eksperimenter, hvor han observerede, at radium udstrålede en radioaktiv gas, som han kaldte Radium Emanation (Ra Em).[9] Tidligere, i 1899, observerede Pierre og Marie Curie at den "gas", som blev emitteret fra radium, forblev radioaktiv i en måned. [10] Senere samme år bemærkede Robert B. Owens og Ernest Rutherford variationer, når de forsøgte at måle strålingen fra thoriumoxid.[11] Rutherford bemærkede at thoriumforbindelserne konstant udsendte en radioaktiv gas, som vedblev at være radioaktiv i flere minutter, han kaldte denne gas "emanation" (udstråling),[12] og senere Thorium Emanation (Th Em). I 1901 demonstrerede han at udstrålingen var radioaktiv, men gav Curie'erne æren for opdagelsen af grundstoffet.[13] I 1903 blev lignende udstrålinger observeret fra actinium af ...
*  Wondermark » Archive » True Stuff: Radium
Radioactive] complex molecules are continually disintegrating into simpler ones, and in so doing are setting free the energy that was originally put into them when the processes of life first built them up into their complex forms… [This energy is] enormously greater than the energies involved in any of the ordinary chemical transformations. The disintegration of a gram of uranium…sets free at least a million times as much energy as that represented in any known chemical change taking place with a gram weight of any compound substance.. The experiments of the last eight years have marked a most notable advance in science, in that they have proven the existence of this immense store of sub-atomic energy. It seems highly improbable, however, that this energy can ever be utilized on the earth to serve man's economic needs.. …Radium may possibly prove to be of some practical value in the cure of disease, although it is too early yet to assert even this with assurance. ...
*  Journal de Physique et Le Radium
... , Journal de Physique Archives représente une mine dinformations facile à consulter sur la manière dont la physique a été publiée depuis 1872.
*  After Glow - 90 Years Ago Workers At The Waterbury Clock Company Began Dying After Painting Radium On Clock Dials | Issues....
This summer, Connecticut began dipping into a $750,000 allotment from the state bonding commission to start cleaning up the 80-year-old mess. The DEP is sharing clean-up responsibility with the Lower Valley Council of Governments (COG) a regional cooperative organization. The plan is to start with Enterprise Apartments in Waterbury, the only residential space in the massive factory complex. Officials found low-level radiation in two apartments and relocated the tenants.. "Even though apartments are vacant, the city wanted to get those addressed as quickly as possible," Arthur Boland, a consultant on the radium project.. Next, other Waterbury Clock occupants like Ville Swiss Automatics and M.Aron/Belco will get scrubbed clean. Crews then will move on to the old Lux Clock site (the 15-foot clock on the Green was designed by Paul Lux), now occupied by Anchor Advanced Products, as well as to the Sessions Clock site in Bristol, the New Haven Clock site, and the Seth Thomas Clock site in ...
*  Medicine: Radium Women - TIME
Five young New Jersey women who were poisoned while painting luminous watch dials for U. S. Radium Corp., two years ago heard doctors pronounce their doom: one year to live (TIME, June 4, 1928)....
*  The Great Radium Mystery - Wikipedia
The Great Radium Mystery é um seriado estadunidense de 1919, dirigido por Robert Broadwell e Robert F. Hill, em 18 capítulos, estrelado por Cleo Madison e Bob Reeves. O seriado foi produzido e distribuído pela Universal Pictures e estreou nos cinemas dos Estados Unidos em 13 de outubro de 1919, veiculando até 9 de fevereiro de 1920. Este seriado é considerado perdido. Cleo Madison - Condessa Nada Bob Reeves - Jack Turner (creditado Robert Reeves) Eileen Sedgwick - Gloria Marston Bob Kortman - Buzzard Ed Brady - Frank Bird Jefferson Osborne - John Marston (creditado Jeff Osborne) Robert Gray - Hawk Gordon McGregor - Rat Fred Hamer The Mystic Stone The Death Trap The Fatal Ride The Swing for Life The Torture Chamber The Tunnel of Doom A Flash in the Dark In the Clutches of a Mad Man The Roaring Volcano Creeping Flames Perils of Doom Shackled The Scalding Pit Hemmed In The Flaming Arrow Over the Cataract The Wheels of Death Liquid Flames. Seriados Lista de seriados de 1910 - 1919 Filme mudo ...
*  Special Feature: How scientists Pierre and Marie Cure discovered radium - Mumbai
Scientists Pierre Curie and wife Marie SkÅÂ odowska-Curie discovered the chemical element radium on this day, December 21 in 1898...
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