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*  Effect of dietary electrolytes and histidine on histidine metabolism and acid-base balance in rainbow trout (|i|Salmo gairdneri...
1. Rainbow trout fingerlings were fed diets containing 1.2, 1.8 and 2.6% histidine and two mixtures of Na, K and Cl (Na + K - Cl = 0 or -200 meq/kgdiet) in a factorial design.2. Growth and efficiency of feed conversion were not affected by histidine in the diet when it contained the −200 meq/kg electrolyte mixture, but with the 0 meq/kg level, 2.6% histidine depressed both measures of response.3. Histidine increased plasma and muscle histidine levels, increased hepatic histidase activity, but did not affect hepatic histidine-pyruvate aminotransferase activity.4. Muscle-free histidine concentrations were markedly higher and lysine concentrations were lower in trout receiving 0 meq/kg than those receiving the −200 meq/kg electrolyte mixture.5. The electrolyte balance of the diet has a marked effect on the metabolism of histidine in trout....
*  eCite - Evaluation of effects of copper histidine on copper transporter 1-mediated accumulation of platinum and oxaliplatin...
Evaluation of effects of copper histidine on copper transporter 1-mediated accumulation of platinum and oxaliplatin-induced neurotoxicity in vitro and in vivo
*  Reversible Phosphorylation of Histidine Residues in Proteins from Vertebrates | Science Signaling
Signaling by kinases and phosphatases that act on serine, threonine, and tyrosine residues of proteins is among the most extensively studied regulatory mechanisms in mammalian cells, and research focused in this area is ongoing. We are just beginning to appreciate that such signaling mechanisms are extended and enriched by the reversible phosphorylation of histidine residues. The most exciting developments in this field to date come from studies on the β subunit of heterotrimeric guanosine triphosphate-binding proteins (G proteins), the enzyme adenosine 5′-triphosphate-citrate lyase, and now the Ca2+-activated K+ channel KCa3.1, all of which are targeted by nucleoside diphosphate kinase (which phosphorylates histidines) and protein histidine phosphatase (which dephosphorylates phosphorylated histidines).. ...
*  histidine metal chelating
On 24 Mar 1997, Kathleen Blackwell wrote: , Given a complex nitrogen source with various peptides in solution, would , digesting to various levels of free amino acids lead to a solutions with better , metal chelating properties as the levels of free amino acids rises? My thinking , is that higher levels of free histidine would chelate metals better than , histidine bound in peptides, mostly for steric reasons. Any thought? TIA It might work for most of the cases, but the same steric reasons might enable multiple histidine peptides to bind better. In one of Frances Arnold's papers they are able to show that the His-X-X-X-His arrangement binds the strongest to metal. In short, I think that the answer to your question has to vary depending on the peptide fragment and one cannot always assume that free histidine binds better. My 2 cents worth Rajesh , , , , ************************************ Rajesh Krishnamurthy E-mail: krishnam at ...
*  Gas-phase investigation of Pd(II)-alanine complexes with small native and derivatized peptides containing histidine
We report here the generation of gas-phase complexes containing Pd(II), a ligand (deprotonated alanine, A-), and/or N-terminus derivatized peptides containing histidine as one of the amino acids. The species were produced by electrospray ionization, and their gas-phase reactions were investigated using ion-trap tandem mass spectrometry. Pd(II) forms a stable diaqua complex in the gas phase of the formula, [Pd(A-) (H(2)O)(2)]+, (where A- = deprotonated alanine) along with ternary complexes containing A- and peptide. The collision-induced dissociation (CID) patterns of the binary and ternary complexes were investigated, and the dissociation patterns for the ternary complexes suggest that: (a) the imidazole ring of the histidine side group may be the intrinsic binding site of the metal ion, and (b) the peptides fragment primarily by cleavage of the amide bond to the C-terminal side of the histidine residues. These observations are in accord with previous ...
*  Histidine transport ATP-binding protein elisa and antibody
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*  Plus it
A group of 28 uraemic patients on dialysis treatment were given daily supplements of histidine by mouth. Plasma amino-acid concentration, plasma iron, serum transferrin, packed cell volume, and reticulocyte count were all measured before and after two months of histidine supplementation. The treatment raised the plasma histidine concentration and at the same time there was a rise in transferrin and iron levels and packed cell volume. Reticulocyte counts fell after two months of histidine supplementation.. ...
*  Quantitative measurement of the solvent accessibility of histidine imidazole groups in proteins. | Sigma-Aldrich
Sigma-Aldrich offers abstracts and full-text articles by [Vennela Mullangi, Xiang Zhou, David W Ball, David J Anderson, Masaru Miyagi].
*  Osmotic stress-dependent serine phosphorylation of the histidine kinase homologue DokA | BMC Biochemistry | Full Text
Two-component systems consisting of histidine kinases and their corresponding receivers are widespread in bacterial signal transduction. In the past few years, genes coding for homologues of two-component systems were also discovered in eukaryotic organisms. DokA, a homologue of bacterial histidine kinases, is an element of the osmoregulatory pathway in the amoeba Dictyostelium. The work described here addresses the question whether DokA is phosphorylated in vivo in response to osmotic stress. We have endogenously overexpressed individual domains of DokA to investigate post-translational modification of the protein in response to osmotic shock in vivo. Dictyostelium cells were labeled with [32P]-orthophosphate, exposed to osmotic stress and DokA fragments were subsequently isolated by immunoprecipitation. Thus, a stress-dependent phosphorylation could be demonstrated, with the site of phosphorylation being located in the kinase domain. We demonstrate biochemically that the ...
*  Kosher Histidine
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*  Histidine For Tissue Growth and Repair
Taken orally, histidine is likely to depress the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Professor Gerber of Downstate Medical Center, New York, utilises between 1 g and 6 g daily in arthritic patients.. Histidine helps to dilate the blood vessels and has, therefore, been found beneficial in the treatment of cardio-circulatory disorders. The release of histamine from body stores is considered a prerequisite for sexual arousal. Hence histidine supplementation may prove helpful in this regard. Histidine has also been found to be beneficial in allergic conditions, in the treatment of anaemia, and disorders of the auditory nerve. ...
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gp91phox is the terminal component of a respiratory chain that transfers single electrons from cytoplasmic NADPH to O2 on the external side of the plasma membrane generating superoxide. Its activity is electrogenic, causing depolarization of the membrane potential, negative inside. Four histidines, two in TMS3 (his-101 and his-115) and two in TMS5 (his-209 and his-222), are known to ligand heme (Biberstine-Kinkade et al. 2001). p22phox (the α-chain) is not homologous to anything else in the databases and may not have catalytic activity.. The activity of gp91phox is accompanied by a fall in the internal pH. Efflux of H+ through a channel would be expected to provide charge compensation, preventing a large fall in the internal pH. In the presence of arachidonic acid, the direction of H+ flux is dictated by the pmf. The oxidase interacts with various cytosolic proteins that may regulate its activity. gp91phox is homologous throughout its length to proteins from animals, slime molds, plants, ...
*  DPH3P1 Gene - GeneCards | DPH3B Protein | DPH3B Antibody
Complete information for DPH3P1 gene (Protein Coding), Diphthamide Biosynthesis 3 Pseudogene 1, including: function, proteins, disorders, pathways, orthologs, and expression. GeneCards - The Human Gene Compendium
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*  Rapid Matrix-Assisted Refolding of Histidine-Tagged Proteins - Dashivets - 2009 - ChemBioChem - Wiley Online Library
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*  Product information, instructions, health benefits, and usage for Histidine
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*  D-Histidine | Phion
Product Number , 33782677. CAS Number , 351-50-8. EC , 206-513-8. Molecular Formula , C6H9N3O2. Molecular Weight , 155.16. Storage Temp , Harmonized Tariff code , 29332990. Signal Word , ...
*  Histidine | Memorial Hospital
Learn more about Histidine at Memorial Hospital Supplement Forms / Alternate Names : L-Histidine Uses Principal Proposed Uses · There ...
*  overexpressed protein sometime gives two bands
Jim' ,ash_mountain at yahoo.com, wrote in message news:b83c549.0201240704.3268435c at posting.google.com... , post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation cannot be the , problem here as you are expressing in E. coli!! Proteolysis seems Yes they can. There are several examples of E.coli post-translational modifications :) They're not very common, but they DO happen. Examples include: histidine phosphorylation, biotinylation, and mysterious carbohydrate addition to the N-terminus (I have read a paper describing this recently, but I forgot which journal it was in, so one would have to look it up if one's interested). Artem ...
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*  His - Pulldown | Sigma-Aldrich
HIS-Select products from Sigma Life Science have the ability to purify histidine-tagged proteins quickly and with high selectivity. This is due to HIS-Select′s patented, non-charged, hydrophilic nickel chelate linkage. This non-charged linkage greatly diminishes non-specific binding.
*  PQR | N-[2-({(1s)-1-carboxy-4-[(diaminomethylene)amino]butyl}amino)ethyl]-l-histidine
You are viewing an interactive 3D depiction of the molecule n-[2-({(1s)-1-carboxy-4-[(diaminomethylene)amino]butyl}amino)ethyl]-l-histidine (C14H25N7O4) from the PQR.