*  Fovea centralis retinae legal definition of fovea centralis retinae
Definition of fovea centralis retinae in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is fovea centralis retinae? Meaning of fovea centralis retinae as a legal term. What does fovea centralis retinae mean in law?
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PURPOSE: To assess the optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) retinal vessel density and foveal avascular zone (FAZ) in children with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and compare potential pathologic early changes in this population to healthy age-matched controls. METHODS: This study included 130 pubescent children: 94 with T1D (188 eyes) and 36 of their age-matched control group (60 eyes). OCTA was performed using AngioVue (Avanti, Optivue). FAZ area (mm2) in superficial plexus, whole superficial capillary vessel density (wsVD), fovea superficial vessel density (fsVD), parafovea superficial vessel density (psVD), whole deep vessel density (wdVD), fovea deep vessel density (fdVD), parafovea deep vessel density (pdVD), foveal thickness (FT) (μm) and parafoveal thickness (PFT) (μm) were taken into analysis ...
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Machine learning-assisted automated quantification of foveal avascular zone parameters and perifoveal capillary density of prototype and commercial optical coherence tomography angiography (OCT-A) platforms in healthy and diabetic ...
*  Fovea legal definition of fovea
Definition of fovea in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is fovea? Meaning of fovea as a legal term. What does fovea mean in law?
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In 8 treated eyes (50%) PDT led to a decrease in visual complaints at the first evaluation visit. At this visit, extrafoveal SRF on OCT had resolved in 14 eyes (88%), whereas a complete resolution of extrafoveal SRF had occurred in all eyes at final follow-up visit. At baseline, posterior cystoid retinal degeneration was also present in 5 eyes (31%), and at all evaluation visits this remained present in the same percentage of patients. In the treated eyes choroidal thickness showed a trend to decrease, both foveally and at the location of the maximum height of extrafoveal SRF ...
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BIOSIS Previews (BP) 检索. BIOSIS Previews. 美国生物科学信息服务社出版世界上最大的有关生命科学的文摘和索引数据库。 对应印刷出版物是 Biological Abstracts 、 Biological Abstracts/RRM 和 BioResearch Index 。 收录 100 多个国家和地区的 5500 多种期刊和 165000 多条会议文献、 20000 多篇综述、 28000 条专利、 17000 多条图书或图书章节的记录。年递增 28 万条记录。. 出版形式 :. BA Printed Products Slideshow 2715437 by luke
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If you are a high school junior or senior just getting started with the college search, visiting us during this event is a great option to get an introductory look at Luther. Make sure to bring your parents, since we have activities for them, too.. The registration deadline for the October 17 Preview Day is Tuesday, October 15.. Preview Day Schedule. ...
*  Depth of View Preview.. i still dun geddit.
Pardon me for the goodu question but, I still dun get the depth on view preview function. :dunno: I understand that wat it does is to allow me to see how much the apperture opens (i think). But except for making the viewfinder darker (for a smaller apperture) how does it allow me to gauge how much depth of field will appear in my shot? I mean I can't really tell if the DOP is going to be shallower or deeper. What / how am I to use it effectively? Danke....
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http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/BrownsSteelers-Preview-53094727 Browns-Steelers Preview UPDATED DEC 26, 2012 9:35 PM ET
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ÖZGEÇMİŞ ÖZGEÇMİŞ VE ESERLER LİSTESİ Adı Soyadı: Fazıl Mustafa CESUR Doğum Tarihi: Medeni Durumu: Evli Öğrenim Durumu: Derece Bölüm/Program Üniversite Yıl Lisans Tıp Fakültesi Ankara Üniversitesi
*  Earnings Preview: Aetna reports on 3Q Thursday
UnitedHealth said its results were helped, in part, by a $390 million benefit it recorded because claims left over from earlier periods came in lower than expected, which freed up money held in reserve.
*  Lijit Networks Garners $6,000,000 Series D Financing | Xconomy
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Twelve-year-old Joanna Pacitti has been fired as the title character in Annie less than three weeks before the show was scheduled to start previews on Broadway.
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*  Kloudless Garners $1,000,000 New Funding Round | Xconomy
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