*  On the singular, dual, and multiple positional specificity of manganese lipoxygenase and its G316A mutant
Manganese lipoxygenase (Mn-LO) oxygenates 18:3n-3 and 18:2n-6 to bis-allylic 11S-hydroperoxy fatty acids, which are converted to 13R-hydroperoxy fatty acids. Other unsaturated C16-C22 fatty acids, except 17:3n-3, are poor substrates, possibly due to ineffective enzyme activation (MnIIMnIII) by produced hydroperoxides. Our aim was to determine whether unsaturated C16-C22 fatty acids were oxidized by MnIII-LO. MnIII-LO oxidized C16, C19, C20, and C22 n-3 and n-6 fatty acids. The carbon chain length influenced the position of hydrogen abstraction (n-8, n-5) and oxygen insertion at the terminal or the penultimate 1Z,4Z-pentadienes. Dilinoleoyl¬glycero¬phosphatidyl¬¬choline was oxidized by Mn-LO in agreement with a "tail first" model. 16:3n-3 was oxidized at the bis-allylic n-5 carbon and at positions n-3, n-7, and n-6. Long fatty acids, 19:3n-3, 20:3n-3, 20:4n-6, 22:5n-3, and 22:5n-6, were mainly oxidized at the n-6 and the bis-allylic n-8 positions (in ratios of ~3:2). The bis-allylic ...
*  Expression and characterization of manganese lipoxygenase of the rice blast fungus reveals prominent sequential lipoxygenation...
Lipoxygenases (LOX) catalyze regio- and stereospecific oxygenation of polyunsaturated fatty acids to hydroperoxides. These hydroperoxides are further metabolized to leukotrienes and lipoxins in mammals, and are involved in asthma and inflammation. LOX of animals and plants contain iron as catalytic metal (FeLOX). Filamentous fungi use both FeLOX, and manganese containing LOX (MnLOX). The role of LOX in fungi is still not known. This thesis focuses on expression of novel MnLOX, analyses of their reaction mechanism and products by HPLC-MS/MS, protein crystallization and analysis of the first MnLOX structure. MnLOX from G. graminis, M. salvinii, M. oryzae, F. oxysporum and C. gloeosporioides were expressed in Pichia pastoris, purified and characterized by HPLC-MS/MS. All MnLOX catalyzes suprafacial hydrogen abstraction and oxygen insertion. Replacement of one Ile to Phe in the active site of MnLOX of G. graminis could switch the mechanism from suprafacial to mainly ...
*  ω-Oxidation impairs oxidizability of polyenoic fatty acids by 15-lipoxygenases: consequences for substrate orientation at the...
During oxygenation by 15-lipoxygenases, polyenoic fatty acids are bound at the active site in such a way that the ω-terminus of the fatty acids penetrates into the substrate binding pocket. In contrast, for arachidonic acid 5-lipoxygenation, an inverse head to tail orientation has been suggested. However, an inverse orientation may be hindered by the large energy barrier associated with burying the charged carboxylate group in the hydrophobic environment of the substrate binding cleft. We studied the oxygenation kinetics of ω-modified fatty acids by 15-lipoxygenases and found that ω-hydroxylation strongly impaired substrate affinity (higher Km), but only moderately altered Vmax. In contrast, ω-carboxylation completely prevented the lipoxygenase reaction; however, methylation of the additional carboxylate group restored the activity. Arg403 of the human 15-lipoxygenase has been implicated in fatty acid ...
*  TKS Publisher | Modelling the inactivation of PEF time and strengthfor soybean lipoxygenase in soymilk
Inactivation of pulsed electric fields (PEF) on soybean lipoxygenase (SLOX) was studied at different time andstrength. Soymilk was exposed to treatment time from 172 to 1036 μs for up to 42 kV/cm PEF strength. Inactivation of SLOXincreased as treatment time and pulse strength increased. About 88% SLOX was inactivated when SLOX was exposed toPEF at 42 kV/cm and 1036 μs at 25°C, achieving maximum inactivation of SLOX. Inactivation of SLOX by PEF at different timeand strength was modelled. The first-order kinetics exponential decay model described successfully the relation betweenthe residual activity of SLOX and PEF parameters (treatment time and pulse strength).. ...
*  The oxygenation of cholesterol esters by the reticulocyte lipoxygenase.
Abstract The arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase from rabbit reticulocytes oxygenates cholesterol esters containing polyenoic fatty acids. Cholesterol esterified with saturated fatty acid..
*  Lipoxygenase - Wikipedia
Lipoxygenases (EC 1.13.11.-) are a family of (non-heme), iron-containing enzymes most of which catalyze the dioxygenation of polyunsaturated fatty acids in lipids containing a cis,cis-1,4- pentadiene into cell signaling agents that serve diverse roles as autocrine signals that regulate the function of their parent cells, paracrine signals that regulate the function of nearby cells, and endocrine signals that regulate the function of distant cells. The lipoxygenases are related to each other based upon their similar genetic structure and dioxygenation activity. However, one lipoxygenase, ALOXE3, while having a lipoxygenase genetic structure, possesses relatively little dioxygenation activity; rather its primary activity appears to be as an isomerase that catalyzes the conversion of hydroperoxy unsaturated fatty acids to their 1,5-epoxide, hydroxyl derivatives. Lipoxygenases ...
*  What does arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase mean?
Definition of arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase. What does arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase mean? Information and translations of arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
The invention is directed to the enhanced expression and purification of lipoxygenase enzymes. These enzymes are of wide-spread industrial importance, often produced in heterologous microbial systems. Preferably, the lipoxygenase produced by the methods of the invention is a plant-derived enzyme and expressed at high-levels in a microbial system that includes a protease-deficient host and one or more chaperone expression plasmids. The invention is also directed to amino acid and nucleic acid fragments of the lipoxygenase enzyme including fragments in expression constructs encoding all or a portion of one or more lipoxygenase genes. The invention is also directed to methods of manufacturing bread and other food and also non-food products with lipoxygenase manufactured by the methods of the invention.
*  Arahidonat 15-lipoksigenaza - Википедија, слободна енциклопедија
Bryant, R.W., Bailey, J.M., Schewqe, T. and Rapoport, S.M. (1982). „Positional specificity of a reticulocyte lipoxygenase. Conversion of arachidonic acid to 15-S-hydroperoxy-eicosatetraenoic acid". J. Biol. Chem. 257: 6050-6055. PMID 6804460 ...
*  Role of 5-lipoxygenase pathway in the pathophysiology of the aortic stenosis.
Evaluation of: Nagy E, Andersson DC, Caidahl K et al. Upregulation of the 5-lipoxygenase pathway in human aortic valves correlates with severity of stenosis and leads to leukotriene-induced effects on valvular myofibroblasts. Circulation DOI: 10.1161
*  Sin estómago, colon, ni recto; pero llegó al fin del mundo en bicicleta - CNN Video
Debido al cáncer le extirparon el estómago, el colon, el recto y la vesícula, pero eso no impidió a Juan Dual recorrer Latinoamérica en dos ruedas y va por más.
*  Rushing Glam: Casi bronceado pero no
Finalmente en los ojos apliqué un poco de sombra dorada y delineé abajo con el rose platine de Chanel. La idea era un sutil contraste entre dorado y plateado -tampoco tanto, porque no quería un look metálico noventero a la Paulina Rubio en sus inicios. Arriba delineé con negro, pero sellé con morado oscuro, para quitarle un poco el negro. Los labios los rellené con un delineador en un tono similar al natural de mis labios y apliqué un poco de gloss ...
*  SOLVED: Mi pmp carga y enciende su luz pero no quiere ence - Fixya
mi pmp carga y enciende su luz pero no quiere encender el aparato no enciende por nada que puedo hacer por favor - iRiver PMP-140 Digital Media Player question
*  Album Te Lo Agradezco, Pero No - EP (feat. Shakira) de Shakira - Chérie
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*  Formulation Of Dual Cycloxygenase (cox) And Lipoxygenase (lox) Inhibitors For Mammal Skin Care (Unigen)
The present invention provides a novel composition of matter comprised of a mixture of two specific classes of compounds-Free-B-Ring flavonoids and flavans-for use in the prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions associated with the skin. This composition of matter simultaneously inhibits cyclooxygenase (COX) and lipoxygenase (LOX) enzymatic activity in
*  NOCICEPTOR "Among Insects"
Desde luego que un álbum de estas características tan complejas y heavies no servirían de mucho si no viniera acompañado de un sonido ad hoc, lo que en este caso se cumple a cabalidad. Sus estructuras algo monótonas en riffs, pero efectivas, van construyendo verdaderos paredones guitarreros a través del sólido trabajo de los guitarristas Travis Montgomery y Joey Bartoli, además del sonido de bajo letal por parte de Scott Allen y la batería empantanada de Michael Eskandari, todos en general músicos jóvenes pero con una claridad de ideas que asombra. Tras un intro de rigor emergen las notas entrecortadas y modernas de "The Fell", un entrada de lleno contundente y bestial, con el sonido afinado bajo en las seis cuerdas pero con una profundidad abismal. Otro breve intro ("Emergence") con un sólido dúo de hachas en el frente nos permite reconocer otro temazo en la forma de "Botfly" algo más moderno y de tintes nü metaleros, con unas melodías que recuerdan en algo a gente como ...
*  Shut off HIV.
Interviene el moderador: El VIH se reproduce dentro de las células y debilita el sistema inmunológico. …………... El virus ataca preferentemente al sistema inmunitario, destruyendo las defensas del organismo. El organismo cada vez tiene más dificultades para defenderse, por lo que aparecen infecciones -producidas por gérmenes, parásitos o virus- o algunas variedades de cáncer que en condiciones normales no se producirían.. …………….. En una primera fase el VIH se reproduce multiplicándose activamente en las células infectadas. Para defenderse, el organismo crea anticuerpos específicos pero no consigue eliminar el VIH: disminuye la presencia de virus en la sangre, pero no impide que los virus sigan presentes y continúen su actividad en otros órganos.. ……………. Durante varios años el organismo permanece en una situación de aparente equilibrio, pero el VIH se sigue multiplicando de forma activa en las células e infectando otras nuevas.. ………….. Linfocitos ...
*  El teatro reticular - Bucaré Producciones
1- El cine, por ejemplo, amplía la temática y las formas del teatro. El espectador admite en el escenario escenas escabrosas y actuaciones próximas a una filmación. A veces el escenario puede parecer un plató (El gran teatro del mundo, de Calderón, en versión de Calixto Bieito).. Pero el público, inconcientemente, demanda el primer plano y la cámara que lo guíe, y eso exige un esfuerzo de concentración, que es difícil de soportar si no eres aficionado al teatro (es como ver un partido de fútbol en vivo si siempre lo has visto en la tele: esperas la repetición, el comentario, la cámara lenta, etc.).. Cada medio aporta una mejora y, a la vez, crea un hándicap (un pero) en la percepción del espectáculo.. 2- La música popular universal (jazz, blues, rock, pop, etc.) permite crear espectáculos de teatro musical no elitistas entendibles en todas las culturas (Cabaret dirigido por Sam Mendes).. Pero la educación musical de los espectadores es muy ecléctica, exigente y cambiable, y ...
*  Recombinant Human 15 Lipoxygenase 1 protein (ab114421) References
References for Abcam's Recombinant Human 15 Lipoxygenase 1 protein (ab114421). Please let us know if you have used this product in your publication
*  Anti-5 Lipoxygenase antibody (ab59341) | Abcam
Rabbit polyclonal 5 Lipoxygenase antibody validated for WB, ELISA, IHC and tested in Human and Mouse. Referenced in 2 publications. Immunogen corresponding to…
*  Anti-5 Lipoxygenase antibody (ab59341) Protocols | Abcam
Abcam provides specific protocols for Anti-5 Lipoxygenase antibody (ab59341) : Western blot protocols, Immunohistochemistry protocols
*  Anti-5 Lipoxygenase antibody (ab39347) References
Anti-5 Lipoxygenase antibody (ab39347) has been cited in 11 publications. References for Human, Mouse, Rat in ICC/IF, IHC, IHC-P, WB
*  12-Lipoxygenase Products Attenuate the Glutamate Release and Ca2+ Accumulation Evoked by Depolarization of Hippocampal Mossy...
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