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Looking for online definition of Humulus lupulus in the Medical Dictionary? Humulus lupulus explanation free. What is Humulus lupulus? Meaning of Humulus lupulus medical term. What does Humulus lupulus mean?
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Looking for humulus lupulus? Find out information about humulus lupulus. hops Yes, this is what they use to make beer., except we're going to use it to get healthy here. A prickly vine with scaly, green, downward pointing fruit... Explanation of humulus lupulus
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Humulus japonicus (sin. H. scandens) es una planta ornamental perteneciente a la familia Cannabaceae. Esta especie es una planta huésped para Polygonia c-aureum. Humulus scandens auct. non (Lour.) Merr.[1]​ Sinónimos en Catalogue of lifge Alfred Pink (2004). Gardening for the Million. Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation. Wikimedia Commons alberga contenido multimedia sobre Humulus scandens. Commons Wikispecies tiene un artículo sobre Humulus scandens. Wikispecies invasive.org - Japanese hop USDA Plants Profile: Humulus japonicus botanic.jp - some ...
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*  Journal of Brewing and Distilling - volatile components of aroma hops (humulus lupulus l.) commonly used in beer brewing
  The essential oils from seven different aroma (finishing) varieties of hops (Humulus lupulus L.), “Cascade”, “Hallertauer”, “Northern Brewer”, “Saaz”, “Sterling”, “Vanguard”, and “Willamette”, were obtained by hydrodistillation and analyzed by gas chromatography – mass spectrometry. A total of 98 compounds were identified with myrcene and α-humulene dominating the profiles. “Cascade” and “Northern Brewer” were rich in monoterpene hydrocarbons, chiefly myrcene, while sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, mostly α-humulene, dominated “Hallertauer”, “Saaz”, “Sterling”, and “Vanguard”. “Willamette” had an even distribution of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes.   Key words: Chemical composition, aroma hops, cascade, Hallertauer, Northern Brewer, Saaz, ...
*  The effects of beta acids from hops (Humulus lupulus) on mortality of Varroa destructor (Acari: Varroidae).
Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) beta acids (HBA) were tested for miticidal effects on varroa destructor Anderson and Trueman, a parasitic mite of the honey bee (Apis mellifera L.). When varroa were placed on bees that had topical applications of 1 % HBA, th
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Lupulin is the glandular powder separated from the strobiles of the Humulus lupulus (hops) plant. It has sedative effects on the body and mind and stimulates sleep.
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Golden Hops - Humulus lupulus aureus has been used since ancient times as a sedative and and more recently as an important ingredient in the brewing of beer
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Hops (Humulus lupulus) has a long and proven history of herbal use, as a treatment for anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia. It can also be found in bodybuilding supplements.
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Humulus, hop, is a small genus of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae. The hop is native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Hops are the female flowers (seed cones, strobiles) of the hop species H. lupulus; as a main flavor ingredient in beer, H. lupulus is widely cultivated for use by the brewing industry. Although frequently referred to as the hops "vine", it is technically a bine; unlike vines, which use tendrils, suckers, and other appendages for attaching themselves, bines have stout stems with stiff hairs to aid in climbing. It is a perennial herbaceous plant which sends up new shoots in early spring and dies back to the cold-hardy rhizome in autumn. Hop shoots grow very rapidly, and at the peak of growth can grow 20 to 50 centimetres (8 to 20 in) per week. Hop bines climb by wrapping clockwise (except for Humulus japonicus) around anything within reach, and individual bines ...
*  Inhibition of fructan-fermenting equine faecal bacteria and Streptococcus bovis by hops (Humulus lupulus L.) β-acid - Harlow -...
Suspensions of uncultivated equine faecal micro-organisms produced fermentation acids when inulin (model fructan) was the substrate, but β-acid (i.e. lupulone) concentrations ≥9 ppm inhibited lactate production and mitigated the decrease in pH. Inulin-fermenting Strep. bovis was isolated from the β-acid-free suspensions after enrichment with inulin. The isolates were sensitive to β-acid, which decreased the viable number of streptococci in faecal suspensions, as well as growth, lactate production and the intracellular potassium of Strep. bovis in pure culture. ...
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Etymology: Humulus: Latin name of uncertain origin, may have descended from Low German word humela, hop; which is the common name of this genus placed by Munz in the Moraceae or mulberry family, but moved by Jepson along with Cannabis into the new family Cannabaceae ...
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Classic pint glass holds 16 oz. of your favorite brew. The design features a hop cone illustration with the Latin name for hops, ''Humulus Lupulus.''
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Otter Creek Quercus Vitis Humulus is a American Strong Ale style beer brewed by Otter Creek Brewing in Middlebury, VT. 43.3% liked it with 134 ratings, reviews and opinions.
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Humulus Lager is a American Double / Imperial Pilsner style beer brewed by The Bruery in Placentia, CA. 4.28 average with 1015 ratings, reviews and opinions.
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Humulus Lager is a American Double / Imperial Pilsner style beer brewed by The Bruery in Placentia, CA. 96 out of 100 with 1015 ratings, reviews and opinions.
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 Does anybody know what are the medicinal uses or any other ethnobotanical uses of ... information about Humulus japonicus please link to them.
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1. Humulus Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: 1028. 1753. 葎草属 lü cao shu Humulopsis Grudzinskaja.. Herbs, perennial or annual, twining, dioecious. Stems, branchlets, and petioles with rigid 2-armed stalked hairs. Stems coarse, 6-ridged or winged. Leaves opposite, well developed leaves ± cordate and 3-7(-9)-lobed, terminal leaves sometimes ± ovate and simple, abaxially with yellowish brown resinous glands and dots. Male inflorescences laxly paniculate. Male flowers: filaments straight in bud; female inflorescences a conelike spicate cyme; bracts imbricate, persistent and enlarged in fruit, margin entire. Female flowers: calyx thinly membranous, appressed to ovary, margin entire; ovary ± surrounded by appressed calyx; styles 2-branched; branches caducous. Achene broadly ovoid; calyx persistent, appressed to achene; pericarp crustaceous; embryo spirally involute; cotyledons narrow.. Three species: Asia, ...
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nomenclatural synonym:Cannabaceae Humulus lupulus L. subsp. americanus (Nutt.) Á.Löve & D.Löve Taxon 31: 121. 1982 duplicate citation of:Cannabaceae Humulus americanus Nutt. J. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia n.s. 1: 182. 1847 Id: 1148712-2 Version: 1.4 View Record history. View this record in TCS-RDF format. ...
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Most people know that Hops are one of the major ingredients in beer. It is a plant that has been used to brew the beverage for centuries. However, Hops can be used for much more th
*  Amarillo Brewing Supply: Health Benefits of Hops (Humulus Lupulus)
Have you ever wondered why a glass or two of beer makes you sleepy? Hops can be blamed for that as well, in addition to the alcohol, of course. Hops increase the activity of aminobutyric, a neurotransmitter, which in turn inhibits the central nervous system. To demonstrate this, quail, which have similar sleep rhythms to humans, were given hop extract capsules. Two groups of quail were given a minimal dosage (1 and 2 mgs), one was given a dose of 11 mg, a control group was given capsules with methylcellulose excipient, and another group was not given anything. The two mg group had less nocturnal activity than the one, eleven, and zero hop capsule groups. So a moderate amount of hops before bed will reduce nighttime activity, however, non-alcoholic beer is recommended (many of you just thought "screw that") (Franco, Sanchez, Bravo, Rodriguez, Barriga, and Juanez, 2012, p 133-139 ...
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There were loads of other plants, but I gathered a little Chinese hops strobili to make a bit of tincture. There are three species of hops in China. One is the European species, Humulus lupulus, one endemic, H. yunnanensis, and this one, H. scandens (葎草 lv4cao3). The Grand Dictionary of Chinese Medicineals says it is sweet, bitter, and cold; and enters the lung and kidney channels. It clears heat and resolves toxins, and disinhibits urine and frees strangury. It is used to treat lung heat with cough, lung welling-abscess, vacuity heat with vexation thirst, hot strangury, water swelling, inhibited urination, damp-heat diarrhea, heat toxin hemorrhoids, and itchy skin.. For fun I also made some fresh hawthorn fruit tincture in cognac this morning. I will report on the hops tincture in time…someone should remind me…hint!. UP-DATE. Well, I finally got back to the hops tincture last night and I have the following to report. It is ...
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Description: This perennial vine is up to 30' long; it dies back to the ground each year. The stems are light green or light tan, stout, and smooth to prickly-bristly. The opposite leaves are up to 6" long and 4" across; smaller leaves are usually oval-cordate in shape, but larger leaves are palmate with 3 lobes (rarely with 5). These leaves have a rough texture and coarse serration along the margins; they are medium green or yellowish green on their upper surfaces, and whitish green below. The long petioles are light green or light tan, stout, and prickly-bristly. At the base of each petiole is a pair of lanceolate stipules. The hairiness or pubescence of the stems and leaves is variable, if it is present at all. Usually, there are small white hairs along the major veins on the leaf undersides; sometimes these veins are also prickly. American Hops is dioecious, with male (staminate) and female (pistillate) plants. The male plants produce drooping panicles ...