*  Heart valve tissue engineering -- where do we stand? - Zurich Open Repository and Archive
Mol, A; Hoerstrup, S P (2004). Heart valve tissue engineering -- where do we stand? International Journal of Cardiology, 95(Suppl 1):S57-S58. ...
*  Heart valve surgery - Tests & Procedures
Heart valve surgery is a procedure to treat heart valve disease. In heart valve disease, at least one of the four heart valves that keep blood flowing in the correct direction through your heart doesn't function properly. In heart valve surgery, your surgeon repairs or replaces the affected heart valves.
*  Endocardial-to-mesenchymal transformation and mesenchymal cell colonization at the onset of human cardiac valve development |...
Our data provide unique insight into the events that support human developmental valvulogenesis. Within this study, we have investigated cellular and molecular processes responsible for human valve maturation and elongation during development. We have identified that human leaflet cell density and proliferation decrease significantly from the first to the second trimester. Differential VEC proliferation patterns were identified in the ventricularis and fibrosa layers. We sought to determine the origin of cells that populate the leaflet mesenchyme during development. We found that VECs undergo EndMT in the cardiac cushions as early as 4 weeks of development, based on inactive cytoplasmic NFATC1 and CD44 expression. Once in the cushions, these cells maintain cytoplasmic NFATC1 expression. Between 5 and 9 weeks of development, we detected strong expression of inactive NFATC1 at the junction of the leaflet/annulus mesenchyme. Later in development (weeks 11 to 17) this expression pattern ...
*  MicroRNA-23 Restricts Cardiac Valve Formation by Inhibiting Has2 and Extracellular Hyaluronic Acid ProductionNovelty and...
We analyzed patterning of myocardial AVC differentiation in MZdicer+430 mutant embryos. Nppa (natriuretic peptide precursor type A) is expressed in ventricular and atrial working myocardial cells, whereas bmp4 (bone morphogenetic protein 4) shows a reciprocal expression pattern, restricted to the AVC myocardium. Spatial expression patterns of nppa and bmp4 were unaffected in MZdicer+430 mutants (Online Figure I), demonstrating correct patterning of the myocardium.. Next, we analyzed differentiation of the endocardium. Expression of nfatc1 (nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic, calcineurin-dependent 1) in MZdicer+430 mutant embryos demonstrated the presence of an endocardial lining throughout the heart tube (Online Figure I). Normally, a small population of endocardial cells located at the AVC form ECs, marked by Has2 expression (Figure 1C). Consistent with the increased levels of HA in the cardiac jelly in MZdicer+430 mutants, we found that Has2 expression was no longer ...
*  Download Heart Valve Surgery: An Illustrated Guide 2010
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*  Patent US20050149014 - Cardiac valve leaflet attachment device and methods thereof - Google Patents
A medical device system comprising a guide catheter and a leaflet fastening applicator, the guide catheter having suitable dimensions for deployment and insertion percutaneously into a human heart in a vicinity of a heart valve, the leaflet fastening applicator having a size allowing insertion through the guide catheter and being capable of holding portions of opposing heart valve leaflets, wherein the fastening applicator comprises a pair of grasping-electrodes adapted for holding and engaging the portions of opposing heart valve leaflets together and for applying energy to fasten the portions, in which heart valve leaflets can be captured and securely fastened, thereby improving coaptation of the leaflets and improving competence of the valve.
*  Decellularization of porcine heart valve - Wikipedia
Decellularization of porcine heart valves is the removal of cells along with antigenic cellular elements by either physical or chemical decellularization of the tissue. This decellularized valve tissue provides a scaffold with the remaining extracellular matrix (ECM) that can then be used for tissue engineering and valve replacement in humans inflicted with valvular disease. Decellularized biological valves have potential benefit over conventional valves through decreased calcification which is thought to be an immuno-inflammatory response initiated by the recipient. Valvular disease is caused primarily by valvular lesions stemming from infections, especially rheumatic fever (Streptococceus pyogenes), which can result in either a regurgitant or stenotic valve, or both. Regurgitation results from lesions on the valve edges or annular dilation which causes backwards-flow of ...
*  Heart valve surgery - Coordinated Health
The success rate of heart valve surgery is high. The operation can relieve your symptoms and prolong your life.. Mechanical heart valves do not often fail. Artificial valves last an average of 8 - 20 years, depending on the type of valve. However, blood clots can develop on these valves. If a blood clot forms, you may have a stroke. Bleeding can occur, but this is rare.. There is always a risk of infection. Talk to your doctor before having any type of medical procedure.. The clicking of mechanical heart valves may be heard in the chest. This is normal. Related:Heart valve surgery - discharge , Blood clots, Rheumatic fever, Heart Failure Overview. ...
*  Citric acid as a decalcifying agent for the excised calcified human heart valves.
OBJECTIVE: Cardiac valvular pathologies are frequently encountered as mechanical and functional disorders due to the calcification of the valves whatever the etiologies are. This pathophysiologic table usually ends up with valvular replacement. In th
*  FDA Okays Stripped-Down Version of Human Heart Valve | Medpage Today
ROCKVILLE, Md. -- The FDA has approved the first prosthetic heart valve made from decellularized human tissue as a replacement for a diseased or damaged pulmonary valve.
*  Off-the-shelf human decellularized tissue-engineered heart valves in a non-human primate model.
Abstract Heart valve tissue engineering based on decellularized xenogenic or allogenic starter matrices has shown promising first clinical results. However, the availability of hea..
*  UI Heart and Vascular Center to offer new heart valve treatment
Dec. 13, 2011. UI Heart and Vascular Center to offer new heart valve treatment. Leaders of University of Iowa Heart and Vascular Center announced today that their heart valve team will soon be the first in the state to offer a new, cutting-edge treatment for seriously ill patients affected by severe heart valve problems.. The new technology uses a catheter inserted through a small incision in a patient's thigh that travels through blood vessels and can be used to replace a person's failing heart valve in the aortic artery.. 'We are delighted to bring this important new treatment to Iowans and others across the region,' says Robert Saeid Farivar, M.D., Ph.D., a UI Heart and Vascular Center cardiothoracic surgeon. 'Transcatheter heart valve replacement gives patients a crucial new alternative ...
*  CryoValve SG Pulmonary Human Heart Valve Post Clearance Study - Tabular View - ClinicalTrials.gov
Retrospective Patients. o Sequential patients implanted with a CryoValve SG Pulmonary Human Heart Halve as a Ross or RVOT reconstruction between February 2000 and March 2004 who were included in the 510(k) data collection will be identified using the following general criteria to aid in selection of patients who are most likely to provide adequate follow-up data: Patient is alive and the implanted valve is still in place (has not been explanted).. Patient is still under the care of the implanting institution or the implanting surgeon.. Patient was identified as previously providing data for at least one echocardiographic follow-up assessment at a minimum of one year post-implant.. ...
*  FDA Clears New Immune Response Claim for the CryoValve(R) SG Pulmonary Human H... ( ATLANTA Feb. 17 /- CryoLife Inc. ...)
Health,... ATLANTA Feb. 17 /- CryoLife Inc. (NYSE: ... CryoValve SG pulmonary human heart valve is processed with the Com... The new claim relates to the fact that data from three company-spo... The CryoValve SG pulmonary human heart valve is indicated for the...,FDA,Clears,New,Immune,Response,Claim,for,the,CryoValve(R),SG,Pulmonary,Human,Heart,Valve,medicine,medical news today,latest medical news,medical newsletters,current medical news,latest medicine news
*  British scientist grow human heart valve from stem cells - Medical Quack
How Algorithms Shape Our World-TED Talks Kevin Slavin-Writing the Unreadable And A Good Reason to Get Into the Math This is a very good presentation done a TED Conference and really was the one that got everyone started thinking about algorithms and today it's talked about a lot. As he says "if you're an algorithm, life is looking pretty good, but can't say the same for humans". What is a black box? Nobody has any control over the flash crash. We have moved forward a bit but still we are writing the unreadable and lost the sense of some of what is happening. Nice plug for Nanex here with research. ...
*  Abstract 3538: Periostin Accelerates Degeneration of the Cardiac Valve Complex by Promoting Angiogenesis and Matrix...
Although we previously reported that an angioinhibitory factor chondromodulin I maintains cardiac valvular function by preventing angiogenesis (Nat Med, 2006), the mechanism underlying the progression of degenerative valvular heart disease (VHD) is poorly understood, and no preventive therapy has been established. Periostin is reported to be a stress-responsive, secreted protein that promotes embryonic cardiac valve development, but its physiological and pathophysiological roles in VHD remain unknown. We investigated the possible involvement of periostin in VHD, and if it is involved, how it affects the progression of VHD.. Methods and Results: ...
*  Heart Valves: Making the Flow Go - Heart Valves | HowStuffWorks
Heart Valves: Making the Flow Go - Heart valves are the heart's unsung heroes, controlling the flow of blood into its chambers. Learn about your heart valves and why they're critical.
*  Heart valve surgery - Stock Image C010/7696 - Science Photo Library
Heart valve surgery. Surgeons performing percutaneous aortic valve replacement surgery to fit an artificial (prosthetic) heart valve. This is a minimally invasive procedure, where the prosthesis is delivered via a catheter rather than through an incision in the chest. There are four valves in the human heart, all of which prevent the backflow of blood. Damage to the valves can lead to malfunctioning of the heart and death. If a valve cannot be repaired it must be replaced. - Stock Image C010/7696
*  Patent US6264691 - Apparatus and method for supporting a heart valve - Google Patents
An apparatus and method are disclosed for supporting a heart valve with a flexible girdle. The girdle has an elongated cylindrical sidewall having an axial length at least commensurate with the heart valve. The girdle is disposed around a tubular valve wall of the heart valve being implanted so that the inflow end of the girdle is adjacent the inflow end of the tubular valve wall. The inflow ends of the girdle and heart valve may then be sutured together to implant the valve. The girdle provides support to stabilize the heart valve and inhibit deformation thereof.
*  X-Plain Heart Valve Replacement Reference Summary - PDF
X-Plain Heart Valve Replacement Reference Summary Introduction Sometimes people have serious problems with their heart valves. A heart valve repair or replacement surgery restores or replaces a defective
*  Global Cardiac Prosthetic Devices Market Analysis: Heart Valves, Pacemakers and Forecast to 2020, Published by...
Cardiac Prosthetic Devices Market by Device Type (Heart Valves such as Mechanical Heart Valves, Tissue Heart Valves, Stented Tissue Valves, Transcatheter Heart Valves, and Pacemakers such as Implantable...
*  Heart valve hematoma | Article about heart valve hematoma by The Free Dictionary
Looking for heart valve hematoma? Find out information about heart valve hematoma. river, 180 mi long, rising in the low prairie country near the Little Missouri River, SW N.Dak., and flowing E to the Missouri at Mandan, N.Dak. Explanation of heart valve hematoma
*  Valve Replacement - Cardiac Surgery - University of Rochester Medical Center
If a diseased heart valve can't be repaired, it must be replaced with replacement valves. These can include human heart valves, tissue valves, and mechanical heart valves.
*  Concerns over minimally invasive heart valve surgery
A new type of heart valve surgery known as transcatheter aortic valve implantation 'cannot be justified on medical or cost effectiveness grounds' warn experts in a paper published in BMJ today.
*  Risks of Heart Valve Surgery | HealthCentral
There are three types of unlikely but possibly serious complications of heart valve surgery your surgeon will watch for: bleeding, clotting, and infections.