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*  How Is Saccharin Produced? | Healthy Living
Although saccharin was produced shortly after its discovery, it was mostly considered useful for diabetics, as saccharin does not cause blood sugar levels to spike in the same manner that sugar does. Saccharin increasingly grew in popularity during World War I as a replacement to compensate for sugar shortages due to rationing. In the 1960s and '70s, dieters began to increasingly use saccharin due to its calorie-free nature. Saccharin is popular as an additive for soda, candy or medicines. It may also be used in a sugar-type form in packets, such as Sweet'N Low or Sugar Twin. ...
*  Conditioned saccharin avoidance induced by infusion of amphetamine in the Nucleus Accumbens shell and morphine in the Ventral...
Drugs of abuse possess the seemingly paradoxical property of conditioning rats to avoid from drinking a saccharin solution that had been predictively paired with their systemic administration (conditioned saccharin avoidance, CSA). CSA is dependent upon an intact dopamine (DA) transmission but the locus, central or peripheral, and eventually the brain area from which this effect originates and its relationship with the rewarding properties of the drug is debated. In order to clarify this issue we tested the ability of amphetamine and morphine to induce CSA after infusion at the same dose-range and in the same areas from which these drugs induce conditioned place preference (CPP). Drugs were infused intracerebrally immediately after saccharin drinking in two acquisition trials and CSA was tested on a two bottle saccharin/water choice. Amphetamine (10 and 20μg/0.5μl) induced CSA after infusion in the NAc shell but was ineffective in the NAc ...
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Detailed nutritional values of Jams plus preserves, any flavor, dietetic (with sodium saccharin). Online analysis information with non-nutrients and nutrients composition facts table for item No. 43028 found in category Sweets. Data contents chart for nutritionists. Food details for JAMS & PRESERVES,DIETETIC (WITH NA SACCHARIN),ANY FLAVOR in different kinds of quantities, amounts or measurements.
*  EPA says saccharin no longer considered a carcinogen
After being ballyhooed in the 1980's as a potential cause of cancer, saccharin and its salts have now been delisted from the EPA's list of hazardous substances. A key ingredient in soft drinks, chewing gum and juice, saccharin is approximately 300 times sweeter than sucrose or sugar. The EPA has been the last agency to reevaluate saccharin's toxicology. The…
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Empty Pleasures: The Story of Artificial Sweeteners from Saccharin to Splenda [Carolyn de la Peña] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sugar substitutes have been a part of American life since saccharin was introduced at the 1893 World's Fair. In Empty Pleasures|/i|
*  Dopamine D1 and opioid receptor antagonist-induced reductions of fructose and saccharin intake in BALB/c and SWR inbred mice. |...
Sigma-Aldrich offers abstracts and full-text articles by [Tamar T Kraft, Donald Huang, Elona Natanova, Melanie Lolier, Yakov Yakubov, Sam La Magna, Deena Warshaw, Anthony Sclafani, Richard J Bodnar].
*  Constantin Fahlberg - Discovery of Saccharin
A representative of the American Analyst called on Dr. Constantine Fahlberg, the inventor or discoverer of saccharin, the new coal tar sugar, and had a long talk with him about his new discovery. The doctor is a tall, well built, handsome German-American of about thirty-eight years of age. He speaks the modern languages fluently, and despite the celebrity that has so suddenly fallen on him, is quite diffident and reserved.. "How did I discover saccharin?" he said. "Well, it was partly by accident and partly by study. I had worked a long time on the compound radicals and substitution products of coal tar, and had made a number of scientific discoveries, that are, so far as I know, of no commercial value. One evening I was so interested in my laboratory that I forgot about my supper till quite late, and then rushed off for a meal without stopping to wash my hands. I sat down, broke a piece of bread, and put it to my lips. It tasted unspeakably sweet. I did not ask why it was ...
*  Breaking Brainwaves: Accidental innovation: Saccharin
Saccharin was discovered in 1879 when a research fellow at John Hopkins University found his bread extra sweet one night and figured that something in the lab must have followed him home. Incredibly, he set about to tasting nearly everything in his lab - and lived to find o-benzoic sulfimide ...
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Replacement pack of test solution only. Contains 6 vials (ampules) of Saccharin #2 Fit Test Solution Applicators. Each applicator contains solution to perform approximately 3 fit tests meaning each pack can do approximately 18 tests. Instructions: With
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Answers from experts on saccharin side effects. First: I never prescribe Fosamax (alendronate) to my patients; i believe it is a bad drug. It commonly causes side effects like heartburn ; can cause serious side effects like osteonecrosis ; heart arrhythmias. Even worse, it can actually increase the risk of some fractures! see http://bit.Ly/1ba8a2t there are many better alternatives to strengthen one's bones. See http://bit.Ly/1a48ofs ; http://bit.Ly/1a2dbdw.
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Saccharin is known to have a tumor-promoting effect on bladder cancer in rats, but its mechanism of action is unknown. We demonstrated that the increased agglutinability of isolated epithelial cells of the bladder in the presence of concanavalin A caused by a subcarcinogenic dose of bladder carcinogens disappeared shortly after the end of their administration. However, saccharin maintained the increased agglutinability when given continuously after administration of carcinogen. Moreover, the agglutinability of bladder cells previously exposed to a subcarcinogenic dose of bladder carcinogens increased again when saccharin was given after the agglutinability had disappeared completely.. ...
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NEWARK, Calif., Nov. 04, 2016-- Depomed Inc. today announced the introduction of a new formulation of CAMBIA ® for oral solution, that contains the sweetener sucralose, replacing the sweeteners saccharin sodium and aspartame.
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So glad you post pics of Susan for me every once in a while!! Looks like you guys had lots of fun looking at undraped figures at the Springville Museum. I wish you guys would come visit me here!!!! Would you come if I undraped? ...
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Cute kid, especially the swaddle pics! I have a little guy about a month younger. He hasn't escaped his swaddles yet (they're pretty serious - lots of velcro to keep him snuggled in) but I'm sure it's on its way. In the meantime, I enjoy how grub-like he looks when he's all wrapped up. (I've been looking for some mommy blogs and found you through Trinity's) ...
*  A Worry-Free Way to Cut Calories During the Holidays | American Beverage Association
Holiday parties are now in full swing and the constant challenge for most Americans during this festive season is figuring out how to keep off the pounds while still enjoying their favorite holiday treats. According to a column in the South Strand News, low- and no-calorie sweeteners are an easy and safe way to cut calories during the holidays and all year long.. Some people may be reluctant to take advantage of low- and no-calorie sweeteners because of misinformation about their safety, but columnist and physical therapist Nick McClary says a hard look at the evidence shows they are a safe and effective weight maintenance tool.. In his column, McClary says that one of the most pervasive myths about low- and no-calorie sweeteners - that they cause cancer - is due to a "misinterpretation of scientific evidence.". McClary cites examples in which the results of studies were either misconstrued or disproven, like a study claiming saccharin was linked to cancer in rats. "There was one problem, ...