*  More Research Needed into Management of Facial Paralysis from Intratemporal Blunt Trauma - ENTtoday
Background: Many temporal bone fractures, most commonly from motor vehicle accidents, are complicated by facial nerve dysfunction. Frequently, the initial diagnosis of facial nerve injury is delayed due to the altered mental status of the patient and the attention diverted to life-threatening injuries. Multiple factors, such as the onset of nerve dysfunction and test results, can determine management.. Study design: Literature review.. Setting: Department of Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences, Medical College of Wisconsin and Affiliated Hospitals, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.. Synopsis: A systematic literature review identified 35 relevant articles in PubMed, with the majority of articles reporting paresis secondary to a temporal bone fracture. All studies were classified as level four evidence as defined by the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine. Marked variation in the quality of the studies, with inconsistent outcome measures, diagnostic testing and follow-up, ...
*  E-Health Topics-Extradural Haematoma
What is an extradural haematoma?. An extradural haematoma is a collection of blood in the epidural space. 'Extradural' means outside the dura.. What causes an extradural haematoma?. Spinal extradural haematoma. A spinal extradural haematoma is less common than an intracranial extradural haematoma. Sometimes a spinal extradural haematoma can occur after trauma or an injury around the spinal area. For example, it can (rarely) occur after a lumbar puncture (a procedure where a sample of fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord is taken with a needle to help diagnose conditions such as meningitis). It may also (rarely) occur after an epidural anaesthetic (a common type of pain relief used during childbirth and for other reasons). Intracranial extradural haematoma. An extradural haematoma usually occurs inside the head, most commonly after a fractured skull caused by a head injury. The fractured skull bone can cause separation of the dura ...
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206. Case 34.-An engineer, working with a crane, was struck on the left shoulder by a falling steel beam. Roentgenologic examination an hour later showed a linear fracture of the acromion process without displacement, avulsion of the coracoid process, and acromioclavicular separation. The plaster abduction splint of Key and Conwell was considered more practical in this case, because of the swelling and ecchymosis over the dorsum of the shoulder, than a splint which required the pressure of a shoulder strap to be effective. The dorsal section of the cast was removed at the end of 2 weeks, and massage and biceps-setting exercises were ordered. The remainder of the cast was removed 4 weeks later, and limited exercises were undertaken. At 8 weeks, use of the shoulder wheel was begun. Roentgenologic examination at this time showed union of the coracoid process and the scapula, with complete healing of the fracture of the acromion process. When the man returned to duty 12 weeks ...
*  Lateral Humeral Condyle Fracture: Background, Anatomy, Pathophysiology
In 1883, Stimson first described the fracture patterns in lateral condyle fractures in his book Treatise on Fractures. He described the fracture as beginning in the lateral metaphysis proximal to the condyle, coursing distally, and exiting through the articular surface through the medial trochlear notch or through the capitellotrochlear groove.
*  Open reduction and internal fixation of extracapsular mandibular condyle fractures: a long-term clinical and radiological...
In the period between 2003 and 2011, 40 patients visited our clinic for the surgical treatment of mandibular condyle fractures. The inclusion criteria for this study were as follows: adolescent or adult patients in good health, presence of neck and subcondylar mandibular fractures associated with post-traumatic dental malocclusion, and alteration of the temporomandibular joint functionality on radiological examination. Edentulous patients and patients below the age of 15 years were excluded. All the 40 patients were contacted by telephone and invited to volunteer for clinical and radiological examinations, but only 25 patients accepted our invitation and were finally included in this study. The study involved 18 males (72%) and 7 females (28%) (male/female ratio, 2.5/1), and the age at the time of injury ranged from 16 to 55 years (mean age, 27 years). The most frequent causes of injury were road traffic accidents (60%) followed by accidental falls (32%) and personal ...
*  Medial femoral condyle fracture associated with lipohaemarthrosis and lateral patellar dislocation | Image | Radiopaedia.org
Details of the image 'Medial femoral condyle fracture associated with lipohaemarthrosis and lateral patellar dislocation' Modality: MRI (PD fat sat)
SUBMITTED BY: PREETHY FRANCIS SUBMITTED TO: RADHAMANI P.C INTRODUCTION DEMOGRAPHIC DATA NAME : AGE : SEX: : MR NO : NATIONALITY : DIAGNOSIS : XYZ 20 years old Male 209631 Saudi Multiple Facial bone fractures. CHIEF COMPLAINTS Complaint of Bleeding from nose LOC , swelling around right eye and eye lids and periorbital area on right side. NAME OF SURGERY  1)ORIF OF RIGHT ZYGOMA (Either of a pair of bones that from the prominent part of the cheeks and contribute to the orbits)MAXILLARY(Maxillae is the upper jaw) AND MANDIBLE(lower jaw) FRACTURE.2)ORIF OF NASAL BONE FRACTURE. History intended for surgical procedure  Sustaining MULTI FACIAL TRAUMA on Zygoma , Maxillary ,mandible and Nasal Bone.  DATE OF ADMISSION: 11/08/13  DATE OF SURGERY: 12/08/2013  DATE OF DISCHARGE: 21/08/2013 PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT  ON ADMISSION IN EMERGENCY ROOM 1.General Appearance  Patient is Oriented to time, place and person.  Looks weak and fatigue.  Unable to mobilize upper and ...
*  Craniocerebral trauma; Head Injuries; Frontal Region Trauma; Head Trauma; Occipital Region Trauma; Parietal Region Trauma;...
Craniocerebral trauma; Head Injuries; Frontal Region Trauma; Head Trauma; Occipital Region Trauma; Parietal Region Trauma; Temporal Region Trauma. On-line free medical diagnosis assistant. Ranked list of possible diseases from either several symptoms or a full patient history. A similarity measure between symptoms and diseases is provided.
*  Are first rib fractures a marker for other life-threatening injuries in patients with major trauma? A cohort study of patients...
If patients could recognise themselves, or anyone else could recognise a patient from your description, please obtain the patient's written consent to publication and send them to the editorial office before submitting your response [Patient consent forms] ...
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West Texas Oral Facial Surgeons treat facial trauma including injuries to the face, fractured facial bones & fractured jaws. Call 806-792-6291
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Gainesville & Lake City FL Oral Surgeon treats facial trauma including injuries to the face, fractured facial bones, & fractured jaw. 352-378-2525
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Attleboro Falls MA Oral Surgeon Drs. Schenkman & Biernacki treat Facial Trauma caused by car accidents and sport injuries. Attleboro Falls MA. Learn more...
*  Acetabulum Fractures: Background, Anatomy, Pathophysiology
Fractures of the acetabulum occur primarily in young adults as a result of high-velocity trauma. These fractures are often associated with other life-threatening injuries.
*  Elongated Skulls in utero: A Farewell to the Artificial Cranial Deformation Paradigm? | Ancient Origins
Elongated Skull from Crimea and other parts of the worlds, Baer 1860 What evidence could challenge this paradigm? Right - the existence of fetuses with elongated skulls, i.e. evidence that such skulls already had an elongated shape in utero , before any head-binding was possible. Do we have such evidence? Yes, we do! Moreover, this evidence has been known to the academic community for over 163 years! Rivero and Tschudi in Peruvian Antiquities (1851 Spanish, 1853 English) argue that the protagonists of the artificial cranial deformation hypothesis are mistaken, since they had only considered the skulls of adults. In other words, the hypothesis fails to take into account the skulls of infants and, most importantly, foetuses which had similar elongated skull shape. It is worth quoting Rivero and Tschudi: "We ourselves have observed the same fact [of the absence of signs of artificial pressure - IG] in many ...
*  Treatment for Oral Maxillofacial Trauma | Journal | JIACD.com JIACD
This dental paper describes the use of a dental implant with dual stabilization technology to restore tooth edentulous space. Check out JIACD.com today.
*  Biery: A Brave New World or Return to Sanity?| Workers Compensation News | WorkCompCentral
In most cases, this was difficult to avoid. However, we consistently advised clients that certain cases should be considered for litigation back to the Appellate Court to clarify the ruling in particularly egregious cases where payment of TTD really did appear to be unwarranted.. Now, we get some case law to support our consistent recommendations to our clients and interested observers.. In Holocker v. IWCC (Komatsu America Corp.), No. 3-16-0363WC, 06/16/2017, the Illinois Appellate Court ruled that a worker who was fired before attaining maximum medical improvement for his industrial injuries was not entitled to TTD benefits after he lost his job.. By way of background, Scott Holocker worked for the Komatsu America on crane duty when a chain broke loose from a crane he was operating in September 2012, striking him in the face and chest. The blow knocked out four teeth and caused facial fractures.. Holocker missed one month of work, returning to light duty in October 2012 and to full duty in ...
*  Facial Aging May Be Related to Facial Bones
A study appearing the pages of the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery indicates how the facial bones can contribute to an aging appearance.
*  Head Injury: Types, Causes, and Symptoms
A head injury is an injury to your brain, skull, or scalp. All head injuries should be treated seriously and assessed by a doctor. Get the facts about 6 major types.
*  On the Field and On the Court: Facial Injuries
It used to be that we would see most of our sports-related facial trauma patients in the fall and winter, when sports participation typically reached its highest point. But nowadays, we see a steady stream of sports injuries to the face in our office year-round. Because more children, teens and adults participate in sports in…
*  PD: 2 flown to hospital after Boone County crash - WCPO Cincinnati, OH
Two people were taken by helicopter to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with life-threatening injuries following an early morning crash in Boone County.
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According to the Food and Drug Administration, the drug Limbrel could be correlated with a life-threatening injury. According to the FDA, Limbrel may result in drug-induced harm to the liver. Parker Waichman LLP is Reviewing Limbrel Liver Damage Claims - call 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529) Limbrel has been advertised as a drug … [Read more...] ...
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Question - Bled after hitting head. Head injury. What does it sound like?. Ask a Doctor about diagnosis, treatment and medication for Head injury, Ask a Neurologist
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The ear contains several membranes and nerves that are prone to infection, obstruction and trauma. Even minor head injuries may damage the structures that comprise the auditory pathway. When hearing is disrupted, external electronic devices Read More ...
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2 oz. Glitter Sugar Skull Shot Glass - Drink up with this 2 oz. Glitter Sugar Skull Shot Glass. Glass, with intricate pink skull design, make no bones about tossing a few back.