*  Large-group awareness training - Wikipedia
Large-group awareness training (LGAT) refers to activities usually offered by groups linked with the human potential movement which claim to increase self-awareness and bring about desirable transformations in individuals' personal lives. They are noted for being unconventional and often take place over several days. LGAT programs may involve several hundred people at a time. Though early definitions cited LGATs as featuring unusually long durations, more recent texts describe the trainings as lasting from a few hours to a few days. Forsyth and Corazzini cite Lieberman (1994) as suggesting "that at least 1.3 million Americans have taken part in LGAT sessions". Rubinstein compared large-group awareness training to certain principles of cognitive therapy, such as the idea that people can change their lives by interpreting the way they view external circumstances. In Consumer Research: Postcards from the edge, discussing behavioral and economic studies, the ...
*  Frontiers | Quantized visual awareness | Psychology
The proposed model holds that, at its most fundamental level, visual awareness is quantized. That is to say that visual awareness arises as individual bits of awareness through the action of neural circuits with hundreds to thousands of neurons in at least the human striate cortex. Circuits with specific topologies will reproducibly result in visual awareness that correspond to basic aspects of vision like color, motion and depth. These quanta of awareness (qualia) are produced by the feedforward sweep that occurs through the geniculocortical pathway but are not integrated into a conscious experience until recurrent processing from centers like V4 or V5 select the appropriate qualia being produced in V1 to create a percept. The model proposed here has the potential to shift the focus of the search for visual awareness to the level of microcircuits and these likely exist across the kingdom Animalia. Thus ...
*  Breast cancer awareness among women in Eastern China: a cross-sectional study | BMC Public Health | Full Text
Our survey indicated that Chinese women tend to know about some lump-related symptoms of breast cancer, but generally had poor awareness of other breast cancer-related information including risk factors and some atypical symptoms. Only 18.6% of women surveyed showed high awareness, while other 81.4% were poorly aware.. In this study, insufficient knowledge was mainly in two areas: symptoms of breast cancer other than lumps, and risk factors. Only 23.0% and 21.3%, respectively, recognized nipple discharge liquid and nipple retraction as signs of breast cancer. These results were in line with other studies, which also showed poor awareness of breast cancer symptoms. A large-scale, population-based survey involving various cancer types in the United Kingdom also showed poor awareness of early warning signs of cancer among British women [23, 24]. Grunfeld EA et al. showed only 38% of people realized that nipple retraction was a ...
*  large group awareness training program (aka self-help and actualization movement) - The Skeptic's Dictionary - Skepdic.com
A large group awareness training (LGAT) program is a personal development training program in which dozens to hundreds of people are given several hours to several days of intense instruction aimed at helping participants begin to discover what is hindering them from achieving their full potential and living more satisfied lives. LGAT is a fancy name for self-help programs. They have been developed not just for individuals, but for corporations and public agencies, where the focus is on improving management skills, conflict resolution, general institutional strengthening, and dealing with the eternal problem of employees who drink too much or use too many drugs. LGAT gurus claim to know how to help people become more creative, intelligent, healthy, and rich. They focus primarily on the role interpersonal communication plays in self-esteem and in defining our relationships with others.. LGAT gurus claim to know why their participants are not happy or why they are not living ...
*  Quantifying situation awareness of control room operators using eye-gaze behavior
In an attempt to improve process safety, today's plants deploy sophisticated automation and control strategies. Despite these, accidents continue to occur. Statistics indicate that human error is the predominant contributor to accidents today. Traditionally, human error is only considered during process hazard analysis. However, this discounts the role of operators in abnormal situation management. Recently, with the goal to develop proactive strategies to prevent human error, we utilized eye tracking to understand the situation awareness of control room operators. Our previous studies reveal the existence of specific eye gaze patterns that reveal operators' cognitive processes. This paper further develops this cognitive engineering based approach and proposes novel quantitative measures of operators' situation awareness. The proposed measures are based on eye gaze dynamics and have been evaluated using experimental studies. Results demonstrate that the proposed measures ...
*  Team Situation Awareness Using Graphical or Textual Databases in Dynamic Decision Making.
In this experiment we explore the effects of using a graphical and textual database for. sharing information within a team that are to control a dynamic system. The task involves. fighting a simulated fire. Four people are to co-operate in a layered organisation,. with one layer being the operative and the second layer the supervisory. The operative. layer involves two fire chiefs who are commanding two fire units each. The supervisory. unit consists of two persons that are to co-ordinate the fire chiefs. The supervisory unit. receives all information from the fire chiefs but has to construct an overall picture, a socalled. situation awareness, of the development of the whole area. The supervisory unit. constructs this situation awareness which is meant to be supported by the graphical and. textual databases respectively. We hypothesised that the graphical condition would be. more successful than the textual database in registering the current situation, since the. graphical ...
*  PM - NSW launches dementia awareness training for transport workers 20/09/2013
New South Wales has become the first Australian state to introduce dementia awareness training for taxi drivers and public transport workers Its anticipated other states and territories will soon in
*  Cultural Awareness Training in the Fleurieu region Tickets, Tue, 17/10/2017 at 1:00 pm | Eventbrite
Eventbrite - Multicultural Aged Care presents Cultural Awareness Training in the Fleurieu region - Tuesday, 17 October 2017 at Flinders University Rural Clinic School, Victor Harbor, SA. Find event and ticket information.
*  Self-Awareness and Sport
Self-awareness involves expert knowledge of oneself, independent of others. As such, self-awareness is central to one's...READ MORE HERE
*  Lupus awareness month color
I don& have any tattoos but I love purple (duh), . Cause Awareness By Color - Here is a handy list we maintain regularly of Cause Lupus, Pancreatic Cancer, Relay for Life, Rett Syndrome, Seizure Disorders, May is Lupus Awareness month. Happy Lupus Awareness Month. Wish I could have bought enough to cover her Tahoe. . Awareness Ribbon : A Guide to Causes by Color and Month Crohn's & Colitis Awareness (May); Cystic Fibrosis Awareness (May); Lupus Awareness ( May) October is Lupus Awareness month ! Please help raise Lupus awareness ! nosebleed - symptom; swallowing difficulty; skin color is patchy; red spots on skin Mar 9, 2015 List of awareness ribbon colors and associated causes regarding health With new awareness campaign days, weeks, and months - as well as new . In fact Products 1 - 14 of 14 Lupus ...
*  Wilson Pink Cancer Awareness Wrist Coach - Football Equipment and Gear
Wilson Pink Cancer Awareness Wrist Coach. Featuring the NFL Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon used in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Used for player-coach communication. Holds plays in game plan window. Machine washable.
*  UNA Sorority Hosts Annual Events For Breast Cancer Awareness #myUNA
FLORENCE, Ala. - The Zeta Tau Alpha sorority chapter of the University of North Alabama will host its annual "Pink Week" events Oct. 31 through Nov. 4 to raise awareness about breast cancer. The yearly UNA activities and party bring in funding for the Susan B. Komen for the Cure Foundation.. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and groups across the nation are taking action to spread the word about the cancer that Susan B. Komen officials predict will produce more than 230,000 cases in women this year. The same data also projects 39,520 breast cancer deaths among women in 2011 in the United States.. Jennie Sun, a UNA student and president of ZTA, said the sorority is working hard this year to make the "Pink Week" events fun and inviting to the UNA and local communities.. "The community and campus should get involved because our main goal is to raise as much awareness as possible for breast cancer," she said. "We want to make sure women of all ages are ...
*  SPD Awareness | And She Lived...
October is Sensory Processing Disorder awareness month. It is also breast cancer awareness month, National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, National Brain Injury Awareness Month, energy awareness month, Sudden Cardiac Awareness Month, domestic violence awareness month, National disability employment awareness month, national home indoor air quality Action & awareness month and I am sure a few more that…
*  Raytheon: SADL-EPLRS Joint Combat ID Through Situation Awareness
The Situation Awareness Data Link (SADL) integrates US Air Force close air support aircraft with the digitized battlefield via the US Army's Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS).
*  Phonemic Awareness through Fluent Auditory Discrimination and the Effects on Decoding Skills of Learning Disabled Students ::...
This study investigated if phonemic awareness training is an effective method of instruction to increase reading performance for students with learning disabilities. This study employed an ex post facto design. Participants from grades 3 to 7 were divided into experimental and control groups. Archival data was gathered by collecting pre-tests and post-tests given to students during their first year of receiving the intervention. Although this study yielded no significant findings, three areas of interest emerged that raised further questions. These questions include: (a) does short term memory impact decoding ability, (b) does age play a role in the acquisition of decoding skills, and (c) what impact does phonemic awareness training in later years have on reading acquisition ...
*  Breast Self-Awareness - Memorial Health System
Your breasts change at different stages of your life. Breast self-awareness is knowing how your breasts normally look and feel. This can help you to find even small changes right away.
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Eventbrite - Carlsen Coaching & Consulting, LLC presents Discover your Enneagram Type to Deepen Self-Awareness - Monday, January 29, 2018 at Richards Gordon Building, St. Paul, MN. Find event and ticket information.
*  Awareness Ribbon Color Meanings
BLACK Awareness Ribbon Accident Awareness Ribbons Amish Support Awareness Ribbons Anti-Terrorism Awareness Ribbons Gang Prevention Awareness Ribbons Gun Control Awareness Ribbons Melanoma Awareness Ribbons - MAY Mourning Awareness Ribbons Narcolepsy Awareness Ribbons POW / MIA
*  The perception of three-dimensional cast-shadow structure is dependent on visual awareness | JOV | ARVO Journals
It has been proposed that cast shadows provide an indication of scene geometry as the 3-D location of objects and direction of illumination can be inferred from the orientation of a cast shadow. Kersten et al. (1997) demonstrated that, in the absence of additional depth cues, the position of a moving cast shadow relative to the object largely accounts for an object's motion trajectory despite the fact that size of the stimulus might be inconsistent with the inferred motion direction. In the present study, we additionally find that the motion of the cast shadow largely accounts for the extent of illusory motion in depth for light-from-above conditions. This is evident when both the matched stereo motion and shadow speed are defined in equivalent values of centimeters per second. Note that in Figure 2A, stereo motion speed is given in terms of binocular disparity, and thus only describes the angular difference between the location of the stimulus on the retinas. However, geometric movement in ...
*  TruArx Releases Next Version of Security Awareness Training
Farmington Hills, Mich. (PRWEB) April 15, 2009 -- TruArx, the leading IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) provider for middle market organizations,
*  November Is Lung, Stomach, And Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
With all the attention that Breast Cancer Awareness Month gets during October, it's easy to forget about the awareness campaigns that follow in November.
*  Presidential Proclamation Begins National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, September 2008 | Libby's H*O*P*E*
'During National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, we remember those whose lives have been affected by this deadly disease, and we underscore our commitment to battling ovarian cancer for the sake of women around the world. ...' 'For Immediate Release Office of the Press Secretary August 26, 2008 National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, 2008 A Proclamation…
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Be Unique. Shop testicular cancer awareness onesies created by independent artists from around the globe. We print the highest quality testicular cancer awareness onesies on the internet.
*  Stigmabase | AUNZ Review: Terminally ill mother raises breast cancer awareness
WebDesktop - Smartphones - Tablets , Australia - New Zealand - Pacific - Indonesia - Malaysia , Keeping up-to-date on social exclusion worldwide , PRESS REVIEW (Austrialia Pacific) about social exclusion : Poverty , Aboriginal Australians , Indigenous , Māori , New Zealand , Mental Health , LGBT , NON-PROFIT initiative : Our mission is to provide the best information on social exclusion worldwide ,, Raising awareness on the damaging effects of social exclusion ...
*  Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Promotes Everyday Awareness - Sun Sentinel
March is observed across the nation as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Many survivors, patients, caregivers and others whose lives have been affected by colorectal cancer come together to generate awareness of the importance of getting screened and also encouraging loved ones to get screened