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Onion is a member of lily family and an important ingredient in any of the dish you make. It is full of nutritive values and is widely used for treating hair fall, fever, infertility, pigmentation, insomnia and so on. If you have a bleeding nose, cut a piece of onion and smell it. This will stop bleeding immediately. Having a glass of onion juice in the morning on an empty stomach is very beneficial. You can have a glass of water to which honey is mixed to sooth the burning sensation you feel in the throat after drinking onion juice. Take care not to eat or drink anything for at least one hour after you drink onion juice. ...
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Raw onion, which is eaten as a salad with food, is very good for our health. Sandwich, salad or lick, onion doubles the taste of everyone. If you fear that eating onions will cause stink, then after eating eat a fresh freshener or brush, but eat the onions. Diet experts believe it is very useful in removing sexual impairment. Onion is a cheap and accessible option for the promotion and conservation of sexual power. Let us now tell you about some of the similar uses and qualities of onion that you can get rid of many problems.. Nutrients found in 100 grams of onions Protein 1.2 g carbohydrate 11.1 Vitamin 15 mg. Fat 0.1 g calcium 46.9 mg Vitamin 11 mg. Mineral 0.4 g phosphorus 50 mg Calories 50 mg. Fiber 0.6 g iron 0.7 mg Water 86.6 g. 1. Remove constipation. Fibers present on the onion are very beneficial for the stomach. Constipation is removed by eating onions. If you are suffering from constipation then start eating raw onion everyday.. ...
*  HON - News : Why Chopping Onions Makes You Cry
WEDNESDAY, July 5, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Ever wonder why your eyes fill with tears when you chop an onion?. One eye doctor pinpoints the culprit.. Onions use sulfur in the soil to create amino acid sulfoxides, which are sulfur compounds that readily turn into a gas. When an onion is cut open, it releases the sulfoxides and enzymes, which react and create a gas called syn-propanethial-S-oxide.. Because onions grow underground, this gas helps deter critters that want to feed on them. But the gas is also what causes your eyes to water when chopping onions, said Dr. Robert Rosa Jr., an ophthalmologist at the Texas A&M College of Medicine.. "It really is a complicated chemical process that creates the gas," said Rosa. "They all act as precursors that create the lachrymatory processor -- or what makes you tear up.". White, yellow and red onions all have higher concentrations of the onion enzyme necessary to create this gas, while sweet ...
*  Effect of onion (Allium cepa L.) as an antibiotic growth promoter substitution on performance, immune responses and serum...
This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of onion (Allium cepa L.) as an antibiotic growth promoter substitute on growth performance, immune responses and serum biochemistry in broilers. A total of 192 one-d-old as hatched broiler chicks (Ross 308) were weighed and randomly allocated to four treatment groups, each with 4 replicate pens of 12 chicks. The dietary treatments consisted of the basal diet (control), antibiotic (15 mg Virginiamycin/kg), and control +10 or 30 g fresh onion bulb/kg diet. Body weights of broilers were determined at d 1, 21 and 42, feed intake was determined at the same periods, and feed conversion ratio was calculated accordingly. At 14th and 21st days blood samples were taken for measuring antibody titers against NDV and at 42nd day for biochemical analysis. At d 42, two birds per replicate were slaughtered for determination of lymphoid organ weights. Dietary supplementation of30 g/kg onion increased final body weight of broilers at 42nd d of age
*  California firms recall green onions fearing bacteria
SALINAS - Two California produce shippers have recalled thousands of cases of green onions over fears they could be contaminated with salmonella. U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors found salmonella in a routine test of green onions taken in New York last month. Officials notified the shipper, Salinas-based Steinbeck Country Produce, and on Aug. 28, the company issued a voluntary recall for 3,360 cartons of iceless green onions. A Steinbeck spokesman says the company bought the onions from Circle Produce, a Calexico-based company supplied by an onion farm in Mexicali, Mexico. Castroville-based shipper Ocean Mist Farms recalled 1,746 cases of its green onions as well, after realizing they came from the same lot. No illnesses have been reported. ...
*  Chicken Cobb Club with Onion/Blue Cheese Spread
1. In bowl, combine yellow onion, olive oil, and salt and pepper; mix well. Transfer to sheet pan; roast, stirring occasionally, in 400°F oven for 35-40 minutes, or until golden and tender. Cool. Finely chop. Cover; refrigerate until ready to use.. 2. To make spread: Gently combine onion, mayonnaise, blue cheese, parsley and lemon juice just until mixed. Place in covered container; refrigerate at least 2 hours.. 3. Lay out 12 slices toasted bread. Spread each slice with 1 T. onion/blue cheese spread. Top each with ¼ cup romaine lettuce, 2 oz. sliced chicken and 2 slices red onion. Put 1 T. onion/blue cheese spread on 12 more toasted bread slices; put on top of red onion. Top with 1 slice prosciutto, 3-4 slices avocado and 2 slices tomato. On remaining 12 toasted bread slices, spread 1 T. onion/blue cheese spread; place over each sandwich. Place food pick into both sides of each sandwich to secure; cut in half.. ...
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Scallion, commonly known as spring onion or green onion is a small onion with long leaves. Spring Onion is an essential ingredient of Chinese and Continental dishes. It is one of the common ingredients in stews and stir-fries, as well as pasta, soufflés, fritters, noodles, soup and fried-rice. Its taste is enriching but not overpowering, which is why its green leaves mix well with seafood, carrot, cabbage, green peas, potato, and many other vegetables.. Its uses, however, extend beyond the culinary world. The next time you eat this vegetable at home or in a restaurant, you should definitely eat more of the green leaves of onions. They are full of valuable nutrients. The green onion's medicinal part is its stem.. Over the centuries, the Chinese have emphasized the importance of green shoots, especially the green onions. This herb is dominant in their food and their daily life and it is no wonder that Chinese people live long and are very healthy. Moreover, in ...
*  Influence of bio-regulators on the seed germination and seedling growth of onion cultivars
Introduction. Onion (Allium cepa L.) is a condimental plant cultivated under different weather conditions since ancient times. It is the third horticultural product worldwide and the second source of net income in agriculture, with China currently ranked as the biggest onion producer (BOITEUX; MELO, 2004; CHEMELLO, 2005).. In Brazil, tomato, potato and onion are the third most important economic produces with the southern, southwestern and northeastern regions featuring the highest acreages in onion planting. Onion growers in all these regions are farmer families whose members participate in the entire production system, aiming at supplying the Brazilian market with this fresh produce (BOEING, 2002; RESENDE; COSTA, 2005; OLIVEIRA; BOITEUX, 2004). However, the constraints in onion cultivation require new approaches so that the usual levels of crop productivity may be exceeded.. In plant growth and development, the seed germination, vegetative growth, flowering, fruit growth and maturation are ...
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green onion seeds on sale at reasonable prices, buy 100pcs Zhangqiu Giant Chinese Green Onion Seeds Vegetable Seeds Home Garden Bonsai Plant Chinese V
*  The Cell Structure of an Onion | Sciencing
Onion cells are among the most common choices for cell studies in early biology classes. Easily obtained, inexpensive, they offer samples with no difficult technique required. The thin layer of skin found on the inside of an onion scale (one layer of onion) lifts off without effort and can be wet mounted on a slide with no need for extreme skill. Likewise the cells are large, regular, easily seen and conform very well with the standard generic elements of all plant cells. The growing tips of onion roots are similarly used as classic subjects when observing meiosis, for similar reasons of easy access and easy handling by novices. Onions, coupled with apples, potatoes and elodea leaves, are among the most reliable and useful of lab subjects when teaching new students the fundamentals of biology and the foundational skills of working in a biology lab.. ...
*  Onions - the Unsung Hero of Healthy Eating
The onion and its satin wrappings is among the most beautiful of vegetables and is the only one that represents the essence of things. It can be said to have a soul." -- Charles Dudley Warner, 'My Summer in a Garden' (1871). Onions may or may not have a soul, but they do provide substantial health benefits. Part of the Allium family of vegetables, onions, along with garlic, leeks, shallots, scallions and chives, have shown they help reduce cancer risks, contribute to heart health, aid digestion, protect brain tissue, and strengthen bones.. Nutrition studies suggest eating more onions and other Allium vegetables is linked to lower risks for stomach, colon and prostate cancers. Onions contain antioxidants, including high levels of quercetin, a flavonoid found to prevent cancer risk by detoxifying cells, slowing tumor growth, and suppressing the spread of cancer cells. The quercetin flavonoid may also offset damage to muscles and brain tissue. ...
*  Stirway to heaven: 2013
Onions have been aknowledged for thousands of years for their medicinal value. The physicians of ancient Egypt prescribed onions in various diseases, they numbered over 8000 onion-alleviated ailments. Hippocrates prescribed onions as a diuretic, wound healer and pneumonia fighter in the 5th century BC and gave a comprehensive description of its medicinal properties. The ancient Greeks also used onions to fortify athletes for the Olympic Games. Before competition, athletes would consume pounds of onions, drink onion juice and rub onions on their bodies. They ate large quantities of onion because they believed it lightened the balance of blood. Roman gladiators were rubbed down with onion to firm up their muscles. In India as early as the sixth century BC, the medical treatise Charaka - Sanhita acknowledged the onion as a diuretic, good for digestion, the heart, the eyes and joints. In the Middle Ages, ...
*  A new acetonitrile-free mobile phase method for LC-ELSD quantification of fructooligosaccharides in onion (Allium cepa L.). -...
Onion soluble non-structural carbohydrates consist of fructose, glucose and sucrose plus fructooligosaccharides (FOS) with degrees of polymerisation (DP) in the range of 3-19. In onion, sugars and FOS are typically separated using liquid chromatography (LC) with acetonitrile (ACN) as a mobile phase. In recent times, however, the production of ACN has diminished due, in part, to the current worldwide economic recession. A study was therefore undertaken, to find an alternative LC method to quantify sugars and FOS from onion without the need for ACN. Two mobile phases were compared; the first taken from a paper by Vågen and Slimestad (2008) using ACN mobile phase, the second, a newly reported method using ethanol (EtOH). The EtOH mobile phase eluted similar concentrations of all FOS compared to the ACN mobile phase. In addition, limit of detection, limit of quantification and relative standard deviation values were sufficiently and consistently lower for all FOS using the EtOH mobile phase. The drawback
*  Iris yellow spot virus on Shallot and Onion in France
Iris yellow spot virus (IYSV; family Bunyaviridae, genus Tospovirus) is an economically important viral pathogen of onion (Allium cepa L.) (1). The virus has been reported from several countries in the world in recent years and in Europe, the virus was reported from the Netherlands, Slovenia, Italy, and more recently from Spain [reviewed in (1)]. France ranks fifth in onion production in the European Union, with most of the production consisting of yellow, long-day onion for storage or processing located in the north. At the southeastern limit of this production area is Burgundy (Fig. 1), where the first symptoms of IYSV were suspected on onion in July 2002. Symptoms observed in research plots located at INRA Dijon, Breteni re, France (Fig. 1), include elongated to diamond-shaped light green to necrotic lesions and straw-colored necrotic areas along the leaf margins with extensive spreading along the leaf leading to total necrosis starting near the leaf tip (Fig. 2). Severely affected plants had ...
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Liver and onions is a dish consisting of slices of liver (usually pork, beef or, in the United Kingdom, lamb) and onions; onion is favoured as an accompaniment to liver as the flavour of onion "cuts" the somewhat metallic flavour of liver, which can be off-putting to some eaters. The liver and the onions are usually fried or cooked together, but sometimes they may be fried separately and mixed together afterwards. The liver is often cut in fine slices, but it also may be diced. Liver and onions is widely eaten in the UK and in Germany,[citation needed] where it is usually eaten along with boiled or mashed potatoes. Calf's or lamb's liver are the usual choices in the UK and is often accompanied by fried bacon.[citation needed] In the French traditional recipe the liver is fried with butter and bacon. In Catalan cuisine olive oil is used, instead of butter, and fried garlic is added to the mixture. In Italian cuisine, the fegato alla Veneziana ...
*  Onions - The Least Recognized Super Food · Guardian Liberty Voice
My mother always told me if I feel bad about something, cut an onion. Why? The cleansing power of onions while chopping them up, is sure to invoke a stream of tears that washes out even the toughest victim. There is just no stopping the force of onions in more ways than one. Onions, though often left to the frying pan as a simple seasoning, could be called one of nature's least recognized and most potent super foods.. The Super-hero Vegetable. I know, you've heard all the hype and rave about red wine, pomegranates, green tea, and grape seed as amazing anti-oxidants and potent protectors against cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other common ailments, but did you know onions could trump every single one of these superior foods? That's right, common onions are like the super-hero dressed in street clothing, hiding in your kitchen - silently healing you at every opportunity. Every time you chop them up and add them to stir ...
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China Low-Cost Machines for Onion Paste Processing Project, Find details about China Onion Paste Processing Line, Onion Powder Machine from Low-Cost Machines for Onion Paste Processing Project - Shanghai Jump Machinery & Technology Co., Ltd.
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An in depth view of onions nutrition. onions facts. Nutrition of onions onions nutrition facts. onions recipes. Nutrients in onions.
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I have not written a recipe in a while, so I decided that today is all about a healthy recipe. My new years 2012 resolution is to get more healthy, eat well, have regular physical activity and have a well balanced diet. Eat everything of the food groups, but everything has its limits. Now today, I'd like to start with Spinach, Mushroom, Red Onion Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Mushroom Sauce.. Ingredients needed:. Basil,. Oregano,. Salt (Mushroom Sauce will have Salt in it, but just add a little bit more into it). 10-15 Mushrooms(Regular and cutting them until each mushroom becomes 4 Pieces),. 2 Red Onions Chopped,. Fresh Bagged Spinach - One or Two Bags. Whole Wheat Pasta - 750 g or 900 g -- Serves 3-5 people.. Mushroom Soup Sauce - 1-2 cans. Olive Oil. To Prepare the Sauce: Remember to wash the spinach, then wash the mushrooms and the onion before chopping.. you put olive oil into the Spaghetti Sauce Pan - make sure its deep enough to then put the whole wheat spaghetti to mix together….. Put ...
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Buy Organic foodsOnion / Pyaz Packed with Vitamins B6 and C, iron, magnesium and calcium, onions, raw and cooked, are a delicious part of many Indian dishes. Onions are anti-bacterial and antiseptic and help keep you free from infections. Mixing some honey with onion juice is a home remedy that acts as a cough syrup that relieves coughs and sore throats. If you suffer from insomnia, adding an onion to your daily diet can help cure you of your sleeplessness. It also helps control the blood sugar levels in the body. Finally, onions help in reducing the bad cholesterol in your body.
*  Vegetables & Fruits | Onion / Pyaz
Buy Organic foodsOnion / Pyaz Packed with Vitamins B6 and C, iron, magnesium and calcium, onions, raw and cooked, are a delicious part of many Indian dishes. Onions are anti-bacterial and antiseptic and help keep you free from infections. Mixing some honey with onion juice is a home remedy that acts as a cough syrup that relieves coughs and sore throats. If you suffer from insomnia, adding an onion to your daily diet can help cure you of your sleeplessness. It also helps control the blood sugar levels in the body. Finally, onions help in reducing the bad cholesterol in your body.
*  Onion epidermal cells showing plasmolysis - Stock Image B060/0059 - Science Photo Library
Cell plasmolysis. Light micrograph of the epidermis in the bulb of a red onion Allium cepa, showing plasmolysis. The pigmented contents of each cell has shrunk after this tissue was placed in a salt (sodium chloride) solution. The concentrated (hypertonic) salt solution caused water to diffuse out of the cell cytoplasm, leaving empty spaces between cell contents and the cell walls. Compare this image with normal red onion epidermal cells (photograph: B060/058). Magnification: x200 at 35mm size. - Stock Image B060/0059
*  Cell Cycle Lab Activity observing Onion Root Tips by Cavetoad Science
Direct students through the wonders of the cell cycle with this guided activity. Materials required include cell slide samples of onion root tips and classroom microscopes and away you go! The activity is designed to provide students with the chance to work independently with teacher
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How to Grow Onions from Seed. Onions are easiest to grow from bulbs, but it is possible to grow them from seeds. In a way, it can be more rewarding. When buying onion seeds, plan on using them within 2 years; the longer onion seeds sit,...
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