A study of the effects of synthetic detergents and wetting agents on respiration and glycolysis of Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms has led to the following conclusions.. 1. All the cationic detergents studied are very effective inhibitors of bacterial metabolism at 1:3000 concentration, and several are equally active at 1:30,000. Few of the anionic detergents inhibit as effectively as the cationic compounds.. 2. Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms are equally sensitive to the action of the cationic detergents. On the other hand, all the anionic detergents included in our studies selectively inhibit the metabolism of Gram-positive microorganisms.. 3. The inhibitory action of both types of detergents is influenced markedly by hydrogen ion concentration. Cationic detergents exhibit their maximum activity in the alkaline pH range, and the anionic, in the acid range.. 4. ...
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domestic sewage comes from automatic dishwashing detergents. While phosphates have been removed from laundry detergents, they are still found in dishwashing detergents and soaps. In detergent's phosphates serve as a "builder" to improve the detergent's cleaning efficiency. These abnormally high phosphate levels entering the waterways destroy lakes, streams or other freshwater bodies by allowing algae in the water to grow faster than it normally would, leading to eutrophication.. In addition to phosphates, most conventional dish and laundry detergents are made from petroleum, which is a nonrenewable resource. Some detergents also contain alkyohenol ethoxyates, that are suspected hormone disruptors. These don't readily biodegrade and can threaten wildlife after they go down your drain. Also, the fragrances in detergents and fabric softeners can contain phthalates, endocrine disrupts, which have been linked to ...
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In Article ,9405227723.AA772327701 at strata.stratagene.com,, scott_basehore at stratagene.com wrote: , , I have purified an enzyme in a buffer with 0.1% NP-40 and , 0.1% Twn-20. In order to grow crystals of my enzyme, , suitable for X-ray crystallography, I need to remove these , two detergents. Dialysis won't work as the detergents are , above the critical conc. for the formation of micelles. I , have tried an Extracti-gel D (Pierce) column, but the , solution still foams when agitated (low-tech assay). I am , fairly sure that my enzyme alone will not foam at its , present concentration. Does anyone know a method for , removing these detergents? How might one assay for the , presence of detergents? , 'I am approaching the hypotenuse of my angst' We use SM-2 BioBeads, from BioRad. They are a large, porous bead that absorbs Triton X-100 like crazy (NP-40 = Triton X-100) You simply incubate the solution with some biobeads for an hour or so, ...
*  MD For MS: Simulations of the Transfer of Membrane Protein-Detergent Complexes from Solution to Vacuum in Electrospray...
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*  Anionic Detergent | Definition of Anionic Detergent by Merriam-Webster
Define anionic detergent: any of a class of synthetic detergents usually consisting essentially of an alkali metal salt or an ammonium salt of a…
*  P&G to End Use of Phosphates in Laundry Detergents - Environmental Leader
Procter & Gamble plans to end the use of phosphates in all of its laundry detergents in the next two years, a move that will have the greatest impact on developing countries, the Guardian reports.. Phosphates, which are used in powdered detergents to soften hard water, can cause algae blooms, low oxygen levels and even fish deaths when they makes it into waterways.. The company stopped using phosphates in laundry detergent sold in the US in the early 1990s as part of a voluntary commitment from the American Cleaning Institute. P&G eliminated phosphates from detergents sold in Europe several years ago, according to the Guardian.. This latest commitment will focus on detergents sold in developing countries that don't have regulations limiting phosphates in detergents.. Pressure on companies to end the use of phosphates in detergents and other products has steadily increased over the past several decades when ...
NTA or EDTA is agglomerated using a liquid active detergent composition such as an aqueous solution of polyacrylic acid. This agglomerated NTA/EDTA can then be combined with other detergent active compositions to form a detergent which does not cake easily. The detergent can also be compressed to form a tableted detergent.
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Note: The molecular weights for some detergents are average values. Triton X-100, for example, can range between 600 and over 650 MW depending on synthesis. The exact molecular weight influences the CMC. Note: CMCs can vary with ionic strength and temperature. For ionic detergents the CMC is reduced by increasing the ionic strength of the solution, but is relatively unaffected by temperature. For non-ionic detergents the CMC is relatively unaffected by ionic strength, but increases significantly with higher temperature. Ranges refer to a 20-25ºC temperature range. Note: Saponin is a class of amphiphilic, natural metabolites with detergent properties often extracted from plants. CMC may vary. ...
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*  Isolation of Endoplasmic Reticulum, Mitochondria, and Mitochondria‐Associated Membrane and Detergent Resistant Membrane...
Increasingly mechanistic virology studies require dependable and sensitive methods for isolating purified organelles containing functional cellular sub‐domains
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I know many folks balk at the idea of "He" being more expensive, but in fact it's not when you consider it requires less to accomplish the same (if not superior) cleaning. The biggest difference between regular laundry detergent and "He" detergent is simply the additives...or specifically the amount of additives. Regular detergents as they've been marketed in North America are full of additives. (European, South Pacific, Asian countries have used "He" detergent for many years, in fact they are only known as detergents...one for colors, one for whites, no bleach either...but the use of bleach is another kettle of fish) these companies actually add "soap" to the detergents they sell....and no soap and detergent are not the same, they are very, very different. ...
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Detergents have been used in the home lawn for many years as a homemade remedy against weeds and insects. Detergents can kill turf grass but they are an effective method of controlling certain pests. Used with care, detergents will make your grass vigorous by killing off competitors which could otherwise take ...
*  Patente WO1993012896A1 - Oil, water and sand separator - Google Patentes
Oil, water and sand are separated from soil by screening and separation of coarse particles, agitating the soil in a solution of non-ionic biodegradable detergent to promote emulsification of the oil, separating sand from the emulsion, separating the oil in the emulsion from the detergent solution in a coalescing filter (66), and recycling the detergent solution. Preferably the soil and detergent solution is agitated first at low speed (14) to separate any aggregate from the soil, and to provide a homogenized mixture of the soil and the detergent solution, and then agitating the homogenized mixture of the soil and the detergent at high speed (16) to transfer the oil from the soil into an emulsion with the detergent solution. For reduced maintenance of the coalescing filter (66), the emulsion is passed through a hydrocyclone (61) for removing fines before the emulsion is passed to the coalescing filter (66). In a preferred arrangement having one additional washing stage (146), the sand removed from the
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Have your whites become yellow and grey? HG whiter than white special detergent for white wash is a laundry whitener that prevents and removes this yellowing, greying and discoloration.
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Detergents are manufactured using a synthetic surfactant in place of the metal fatty acid salts that are used in soaps. Most of the powder detergents
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*  Enzyme activity and stability control by amphiphilic self organizing systems in aqueous solutions | IRIS Università degli Studi...
The interaction of surfactants with proteins in aqueous solutions has been the subject of many investigations to understand the interactions between membrane proteins and lipids, structurally similar to synthetic surfactants. The effect of surfactant on enzyme structure and activity is the result of chemically selective interactions that may be influenced both by the enzyme structure and by the chemistry of the surfactant. For many years, surfactants have been considered as non-specific denaturants of proteins, even if in the literature several of them are reported to enhance activity andror stability of some enzymes: the detergent can interact with the enzyme and cause a conformational change to a more active form andror stabilize its native folded structure. Although the surfactant head group seems to have a determining role, other structural features of the detergent are also important in influencing the catalytic properties of an enzyme, i.e. head group size and its hydrophobic hydrophilic ...
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All but the most natural and gentle laundry detergents can irritate a baby's skin; check out iHerb's selection of natural detergents formulated for babies and young children.
*  Baby, Laundry Detergent - iHerb.com
All but the most natural and gentle laundry detergents can irritate a baby's skin; check out iHerb's selection of natural detergents formulated for babies and young children.
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Stock video footage 1950s: woman and girl watch next to wooden staircase. man pours detergent on hands and washes them in sink as boy with hammer watches in basement bomb shelter.. 00:00:22 . From ...
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Over the next few weeks, Procter & Gamble plans to introduce easier-to-read plastic measuring caps for its liquid detergent brands, including Tide, Gain, Era and Cheer. The new caps will have more-defined measurement lines inside and bigger numbers that are staggered, not stacked, says Dawn French, P&G's head of laundry research and development for North America.. Why? Because, according to the Wall Street Journal, Americans use too much detergent per load. They have come to think that more soap equals cleaner clothes, which is not the case - rather it causes build-up and dingy colors. Additionally, more consumers are buying high-efficiency washers which need even less of today's concentrated detergents.. Packaging, in most cases, hasn't helped. The molded lines and numbers inside detergent caps are hard to read, especially in a dimly lit laundry room. And even though concentrated detergents have been on the market since at least 2007, many caps still hold more than is ...
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Two highly rated high efficiency, or HE, detergents on Amazon.com are Tide Original Scent HE Turbo Clean liquid laundry detergent and Country Save HE powder laundry detergent. Both products receive a...
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Agar's Heavy Duty Detergents are formulated to quickly and completely remove a range of stubborn soils. A step up from the All Purpose and Floor Cleaners, the