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*  "In Vitro and in Vivo Dissolution Behavior of a Dysprosium Lithium Bora" by Samuel D. Conzone, Roger F. Brown et al.
Dysprosium lithium borate (DyLB) glass microspheres were investigated for use in the radiation synovectomy treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. In vitro testing focused on weight loss and cation dissolution from glass microspheres immersed in simulated synovial fluid (SSF) at 37°C for up to 64 days. In vivo testing was performed by injecting glass microspheres into the stifle joints of Sprague-Dawley rats and monitoring the biodegradability of the microspheres and the tissue response within the joints. The DyLB microspheres reacted nonuniformly in SSF with the majority of lithium and boron being dissolved, whereas nearly all of the dysprosium (|99.7%) remained in the reacted microspheres. Because the DyLB glasses released negligible amounts of dysprosium while reacting with SSF, they are considered safe for radiation synovectomy from the standpoint of unwanted radiation release from the joint capsule. Furthermore, the DyLB microspheres ...
*  dysprosium(3+),trinitrate,hexahydrate 35725-30-5 H-NMR | C-NMR Spectral Analysis NMR Spectrum
dysprosium(3+),trinitrate,hexahydrate 35725-30-5 NMR spectrum, dysprosium(3+),trinitrate,hexahydrate H-NMR spectral analysis, dysprosium(3+),trinitrate,hexahydrate C-NMR spectral analysis ect.
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*  Hastings Rare Metals aims to become a leading global supplier of dysprosium
Steve then explains the change from Light dominated rare earths market with cerium, lanthanum and neodymium "at the commodity end of the circuit". However, Steve said that "we are at the other end of the REO spectrum; we're producing very high-tech materials, both dysprosium and yttrium and so the financing will be different and those are the sorts of things we are discussing with the supply chain that gets us into that magnet market, or that wind turbine market or that hybrid car market".. As for grade, Steve Mackowski said "the Hastings project is 0.21 TREO…which compared to light REO Projects is quite low, but - he stresses - we're 85% heavy rare earths". This is the highest heavy rare earth proportion of any known project. Steve Mackowski compares the Hastings project to other developing resources, citing the advantage of having a strong historical record; "we've been working on validating what was an ...
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Naturally occurring dysprosium (66Dy) is composed of 7 stable isotopes, 156Dy, 158Dy, 160Dy, 161Dy, 162Dy, 163Dy and 164Dy, with 164Dy being the most abundant (28.18% natural abundance). Twenty-nine radioisotopes have been characterized, with the most stable being 154Dy with a half-life of 3.0 million years, 159Dy with a half-life of 144.4 days, and 166Dy with a half-life of 81.6 hours. All of the remaining radioactive isotopes have half-lives that are less than 10 hours, and the majority of these have half-lives that are less than 30 seconds. This element also has 12 meta states, with the most stable being 165mDy (t1/2 1.257 minutes), 147mDy (t1/2 55.7 seconds) and 145mDy (t1/2 13.6 seconds).. The primary decay mode before the most abundant stable isotope, 164Dy, is electron capture, and the primary mode after is beta decay. The primary decay products before 164Dy are terbium isotopes, and the primary products after are ...
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Page contains details about dysprosium cobalt alloy film . It has composition images, properties, Characterization methods, synthesis, applications and reference articles : nano.nature.com
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Dysprosium citrate | C6H5DyO7 | CID 25679 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities, safety/hazards/toxicity information, supplier lists, and more.
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INTRODUCTION. There are several aspects in the magnetic and spectral behavior of the lanthanides which are different from the 'd' block of the transition metals . The 4ƒelectrons in the orbitals are more shielded respect to the external. For this reason, the stages originated from the several 4ƒn configuration are slightly affected by the media surrounding the ions and remains invariable in particular for all third row compounds1.. The spin-orbital coupling constant is extremely large. As a consequence, but with some exceptions, the lanthanide ions possess fundamental stages with only one well defined value of the total angular moment J, with the following lowest J value and with several energiesgreaterthan the KT value. Furthermore, the highestζ values are non-populated.. The great number of metallic complexes absorbs visible light and/or UV, but only light emission inthe UV range producing, ...
*  Effects of magnetic annealing on structure and multiferroic properties of pure and dysprosium substituted BiFeO 3 - KAUST...
In this work, the effects of magnetic annealing on crystal structure and multiferroic properties of BiFeO 3 and Bi 0.85Dy 0.15FeO 3 have been investigated. It is found that the X-ray diffraction patterns of pure BiFeO 3 samples are obviously broadened after magnetic annealing, whereas those of Bi 0.85Dy 0.15FeO 3 samples are almost unchanged. Magnetic field annealing did not affect the magnetic properties of these two kinds of samples much. However, ferroelectric properties of the two materials exhibited different behaviors after magnetic field annealing. For pure BiFeO 3 samples, the remnant polarizations (P r) are suppressed; in contrast, for Bi 0.85Dy 0.15FeO 3 samples, P r is greatly enhanced. Possible mechanisms for the effects of magnetic field annealing have been discussed. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved ...
*  What is the origin of Cerium 133 and Dysprosium 151? | Physics Forums - The Fusion of Science and Community
What is your question exactly? I don't think either of these isotopes occur in nature, so they probably need to be manufactured in accelerators or extracted from fission products. This site is pretty useful for displaying decay chains ...
*  Solution Structures of Cyclosporin A and Its Complex with Dysprosium(III) in SDS Micelles: NMR and Molecular Dynamics Studies
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*  Antimony-ligated dysprosium single-molecule magnets as catalysts for stibine dehydrocoupling - Chemical Science (RSC Publishing)
Single-molecule magnets (SMMs) are coordination compounds that exhibit magnetic bistability below a characteristic blocking temperature. Research in this field continues to evolve from its fundamental foundations towards applications of SMMs in information storage and spintronic devices. Synthetic chemistry ISACS: Challenges in Inorganic Chemistry
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Weekly playlists and archived podcasts from The Difficult Music Listening Hour, a weekly Internet Radio program heard every Friday evening on www.QNation.FM
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CNS-ASU research, education, and outreach activities are supported by the National Science Foundation under cooperative agreement #0937591.. Terms and Conditions. ...
*  Variable NMR visibility of intracellular sodium induced by Na(+)-substrate cotransport in dog cortical tubules. - Semantic...
The intracellular sodium concentration [( Na+]i) of dog kidney cortical tubules was monitored by flame photometry and 23Na NMR using dysprosium tripolyphosphate as shift reagent. Upon addition of substrates cotransported with sodium, flame photometry showed an increase in [Na+]i while no change (glutamine, glucose) or even a decrease (lactate) in the Na+i NMR signal was observed. This discrepancy could not be explained by a lack of ATP prior to the addition of substrates or by a decrease of NMR visibility of Nai+ induced by binding of substrate to membrane transporters (and pump). We propose that a variation of the 'apparent visibility' of Nai+ may occur, arising from either a compartmentation of Nai+ in dog cortical tubules or an inhomogeneous extracellular distribution of the shift reagent.
*  Use of polarization analysis in the understanding of resonant magnetic x-ray scattering at the L|sub|2|/sub|,|sub|3|/sub| edges...
The concomitant development of new x-ray sources, new dedicated instruments and of the theory of resonant X-ray magnetic scattering (RXMS) has opened a permanently developing range of new experiments, where one takes advantage of the coupling of the x-ray beam polarization with the magnetic moments. In rare earths, RXMS allows one to study separately the contributions of the 4f and 5d electrons to the magnetism. We present a preliminary study on samarium and dysprosium and show that qualitative considerations on the energy dependencies of magnetic intensities (peak intensities at magnetic Bragg positions) allows clear identification of the two contributions to the resonance. The energy lineshapes of the resonances are discussed in terms of the introduction ...
*  Mining Explorers 2012: Ucore Rare Metals Inc. - November 11, 2012 - Petroleum News
UCU: TSX.V/ UURAF: OTCQX President and CEO: James McKenzie Chief Operating Officer: Ken Collison Ucore Rare Metals Inc. is rapidly steering its Bokan Mountain-Dotson Ridge project in Southeast Alaska toward becoming a primary United States source of dysprosium, terbium, yttrium and other heavy ra...
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Elements that display ferromagnetic properties, the strongest type of magnetic property, in their elemental state include iron, cobalt, nickel, gold and dysprosium. Other elements display...
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The enantiomeric excess of 3.10b and 3.1 Og, has been determined from H-NMR measurements (Varian VXR 300 MHz) in the presence of the chiral europium tris-(3-(trifluormethylhydroxymethylene)-d-camphorate) (Eu(tfc)3) shift reagent. To a solution of 100 mg of Diels-Alder adduct in 0.7 ml of CDQj, 10-25 1 portions of a solution of 30 mg of Eu(tfc) j in 250 1 of CDClj were added and the H-NMR spectrum was recorded. For the enantiomers of endo-3.10g, the signals of one of the vinyl protons ( = 5.82 ppm in the absence of shift reagent) were baseline separated after addition of 65 1 (0.2 eq.) of the solution of the shift reagent. For 3.10b the sirglet of the phenyl protons at 7.15 ppm (in the absence of shift reagent) was monitored. After addition of 125 1 (0.5 eq.) of the solution ...