*  List of capitals of Myanmar - Wikipedia
The current capital of Myanmar (Burma) is Naypyidaw. The following is a list of political capitals of notable states in Burmese ... Yangon/Rangoon became the capital of Pegu Division after the Second Anglo-Burmese War. Yangon became the capital of the ... National capitals are shown in bold The date of fortification (6th waxing of Pyatho 211 ME) per Zatadawbon Yazawin (Zata 1960: ... Phayre 1967: 66) says King Saw Zein moved his capital to Pegu soon after he came to power in Thadingyut 685 ME (31 August 1323 ...
*  Natural connections: How natural capital supports Myanmar's people and economy | WWF
... makes up its natural capital, providing critical benefits to the Myanmar people, helping to protect them against natural ... Myanmar's natural assets - including its forests, soils and coastal waters and the biodiversity they embody - ... The assessment presented in this report shows where and how Myanmar's natural capital contributes to clean and reliable ... The effective management of these areas of synergy can help guarantee benefits to Myanmar's people, infrastructure and wildlife ...
*  New strain of swine flu kills 'up to 60' - France 24
Three bombs hit capital of Myanmar's Rakhine state Read more. 04:13. AFP ... Medical teams were on stand-by at the capital's international airport, and all passengers had to fill out a health ... and closed many of the capital's museums and theaters.. Mexico City authorities initially announced a mass vaccination campaign ...
*  Burma: After Nargis - France 24
Three bombs hit capital of Myanmar's Rakhine state Read more. All the news ...
*  Every party counts - France 24
Three bombs hit capital of Myanmar's Rakhine state Read more. All the news ...
*  In South Korea, skin care cosmetics for men are big business, Consumer - THE BUSINESS TIMES
: THE BUSINESS TIMES Consumer - [SEOUL]When it comes to taking care of his skin, Lee Woo-jung just does the basics: toner, essence, moisturizer and 'BB cream,' the tinted sun cream that covers up flaws without being too makeuppy.. Read more at The Business Times.
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Singapore FinTech Festival 2017: THE BUSINESS TIMES Hub Projects - AS SINGAPORE guns for its place as a top fintech hub in the world, there have been steps taken by education and training institutions here to boost the talent pool in this burgeoning field.. Read more at The Business Times.
*  Shwe Sitthin - Wikipedia
"Legends about the Spirits of Myanmar". Bagan: Ancient Capital of Myanmar. ...
*  Yangon Planetarium - Wikipedia
Yangon Planetarium is a planetarium located in Myanmar's capital city, Yangon. It presents a half-hour star show illuminated ...
*  Timeline of Yangon - Wikipedia
Than Than Nwe (1998). "Yangon: The Emergence of a New Spatial Order in Myanmar's Capital City". Sojourn: Journal of Social ... "Myanmar hosts first marathon in decades". Al Jazeera. 27 January 2013. "Children killed in Myanmar school fire". Al Jazeera. 2 ... 1996 - Myanmar Securities Exchange established. 1998 - Myanmar Motion Picture Museum established. 2001 - Yangon City FM radio ... The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Yangon, Myanmar. 6th century CE - Dagon village founded by Mons. 7th ...
*  Myanmar Sends Mixed Signals on Foreign Aid : NPR
But Myanmar has also lashed out against foreign donors. World Vision's Chris Webster reports from Yangon. ... He talked to me from Yangon, Myanmar, which is the former capital of Myanmar. Stay with us. Coming up on the show, we'll hook ... Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar just about four weeks ago, but the relief effort is still just crawling along. This week, Myanmar's ... Myanmar Sends Mixed Signals on Foreign Aid The military regime says it will approve visas for dozens more relief workers after ...
*  Myanmar telecoms needs benefactors with 'deep pockets' | ZDNet
Myanmar needs capital investments to build up its network infrastructure.. Myanmar's efforts to open up its telecommunications ... Myanmar telecoms needs benefactors with 'deep pockets'. Southeast Asian minnow requires investors who can look beyond mid-term ... He also noted the Expression of Interest tender issued by the Myanmar government on January 15 this year for telecom operators ... The Myanmar government issued a statement saying it will award two nationwide telecommunications service licenses by the first ...
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Mandalay, the last capital of Myanmar is also included. In order to maximise time at each destination there are three short ... Myanmar is still both enigmatic and exciting. Bagan is a plain with over two thousand temples, enough, surely for even the most ... Mandalay, the last capital of Myanmar is also included. In order to maximise time at each destination there are three short ... Fabulous Myanmar. This is a full on trip around Myanmar. Be prepared for some very early morning starts and little or no down ...
*  Chewing gum, insulting the king's dog: 'Minor' crimes that land you in foreign prisons - NZ Herald
Thrown into the notorious Insein Prison in the Myanmar capital Yangon, he lived with murderers and drug dealers and lost 20kg. ... In Myanmar, for the crime of "insulting Buddha", New Zealander Phil Blackwood spent 13 months in a windowless cell where the ... Philip Blackwood spent 13 months in a infamous Myanmar prison for photoshopping an image of Buddha with earphones on. Photo / ...
*  Defence Services Technological Academy - Wikipedia
Clive Parker (2006-10-28). "Inside Myanmar's secret capital". Retrieved 2008-12-13. ... Myanmar, is the premier technological university of the Myanmar Armed Forces. One of the most selective universities in the ... The entrance selection process takes about 5 to 7 days at Myanmar Military Officer Selection Board in Yangon. According to ... Thet Khaing (2006-01-09). "Military engineers urged to maintain adaptability". The Myanmar Times. Archived from the original on ...
*  Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University - Wikipedia
Clive Parker (2006-10-26). "Inside Myanmar's secret capital". Asia Times Online. "MAEU Establishment". MAEU. Retrieved 2009-04- ... Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University (MAEU) (Burmese: မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ လေကြောင်းနှင့်အာကာသပညာ တက္ကသိုလ်) is a specialized ... "Space Education in Myanmar" (PDF). MAEU. Archived from the original (PDF) on October 20, 2007. Retrieved 2008-12-07. ... Prior to MAEU's founding in 2002, Yangon Technological University was the only institution in Myanmar that offered studies in ...
*  Compressed natural gas - Wikipedia
"People's Daily Online - Over 10,000 motor vehicles converted into CNG-run in previous Myanmar capital". English.people.com.cn. ... In the capital Sofia there are 22 CNG stations making it possibly the city with the most publicly available CNG stations in ... In Macedonia, there is one CNG station located in the capital Skopje, but it is not for public use. Only twenty buses of the ... The Ministry of Transport of Myanmar passed a law in 2005 which required that all public transport vehicles - buses, trucks and ...
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But Bagan, Myanmar's ancient capital, I've been told, is a must-see. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The true old English experience. The ... Myanmar. After 50 years of nightmare, something unexpected is happening here and it's pretty incredible. Not too long ago, even ...