*  Deceleration time of systolic pulmonary venous flow - a new clinical marker of left atrial pressure
... J.O. Hunderi, C.R. Thompson and O.A. Smiseth. Institute for Surgical Research and Dep. Cardiology, Rikshospitalet University Hospital, Oslo, Norway and St. Paul's Hospital, Univ. British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.. Background and aim: The curvilinearity of the atrial pressure-volume curve implies that atrial compliance decreases progressively with increasing left atrial pressure (LAP). We predict that reduced atrial compliance leads to more rapid deceleration of systolic pulmonary venous flow. With this rationale we investigate if the deceleration time (tdec) of pulmonary venous systolic flow reflects mean LAP.. Methods: In 8 patients during coronary surgery, before extracorporeal circulation, pulmonary venous flow (PVF) by ultrasonic transit time, and invasive LAP were recorded during stepwise volume loading. The tdec was calculated as indicated on the Figure. Left atrial compliance was ...
*  Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Blood Flow over a Backward-Facing Step: Steady-State Simulation
In this work, the fluid flow over a 2D backward-facing step is analyzed in order to provide a case study for the use of different models for the blood dynamic viscosity in COMSOL Multiphysics. Three non-Newtonian models, as well as the Newtonian model are used to study the shear stresses and the reattachment length as a function of the fluid speed. The non-Newtonian models used in this study are the Carreau model, the power law model, and one of its variants, the Walburn-Schneck model. For the models studied, a transition from a Newtonian to a non-Newtonian behavior is observed as the center line speed is decreased.. ...
*  Deceleration of supersonic beams using inhomogeneous electric and magnetic fields - Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (RSC...
Methods for the production of cold atomic and molecular samples relying on the deceleration of pulsed supersonic beams are described and a review of the corresponding literature is presented. These methods include multistage Stark deceleration, multistage Zeeman deceleration, and Rydberg-Stark deceleration. Physics and chemistry of cold molecules
*  The Quest for Higher Growth in the WAEMU Region : The Role of Accelerations and Decelerations
Summary:. With the exception of Burkina Faso and Mali, the growth experience for WAEMU countries has been disappointing, even when compared to other sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries. The main objective of the paper is to investigate why the quest for a growth takeoff has been more elusive in the WAEMU countries compared to other SSA countries. To do this, the paper focuses on the determinants of growth accelerations and decelerations in SSA and the WAEMU. It finds that the variables most closely associated with growth accelerations and decelerations in SSA are changes in terms of trade, private investment, civil tension, real exchange rates, and inflation. Second, as found elsewhere in the literature, there is a certain asymmetry between accelerations and decelerations, in both frequency and determinants, and that the WAEMU region is quite different from the rest of SSA.. ...
*  What is the rate of deceleration expressed as? | Reference.com
Rate of deceleration is expressed as negative acceleration. The negative sign indicates that deceleration takes place in the opposite direction as acceleration. Both are as expressed in standard...
*  A car braked at a constant deceleration of 45 ft / s2, producing a skid
At the scene of an accident, there are skid marks which are 200 feet long showing where a car put on the brakes. The driver swears that he was obeying the speed limit. If we assume that the car braked with a constant deceleration of ...
*  deceleration fuel cut-off Definition and Meaning - Dictionary Central
deceleration fuel cut-off definition - in an electronically controlled carburation or fuel injection system, cutting off the fuel supply when the engine is at operating temperature, the throttle is ...
*  Growth deceleration has bottomed out: FM | business | Hindustan Times
Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday said that the emerging trends indicate the growth deceleration in India has bottomed-out.
*  Deceleration Unit with Cable Lanyard - 87411 | Klein Tools - For Professionals since 1857
On Klein deceleration units, a red warning label stitched to the overlapped nylon webbing inside the protective break-away jacket will identify a used lanyard and direct the disposal of the unit ...
*  Uterine Tachysystole Rates and Survival of the Fittest Effect - Lucas - 2013 - Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal...
In this study, 18.0% of women experienced at least one episode of uterine tachysystole. The incidence of uterine tachysystole was around 2.7% at 4 hours prior to delivery and rose to 8.0% times close to delivery. Continuous uterine tachysystole for more than 120 minutes was very uncommon. Persistent uterine tachysystole was not associated with more decelerations (R = .28) or with higher cesarean rates (R = .23). Only 55% or 0.88% of women in this study met the criteria for labor intolerance. These women had fewer episodes of high contraction rates. In contrast, they showed a much higher deceleration response to contractions especially at very low contraction rates. Overall, the rate of cesarean was positively associated with rising rates of decelerations per contractions (R = .92). ...
*  The Far Side - playlist for Tuesday August 4 | On The Record
As played on The Far Side, Phantom 105.2, Tuesday August 4, 10pm-midnight You'll find a Spotify playlist based around last night's show here Florence & The Machine "Dog Days Are Over (Optimo remix)" (Moshi Moshi) Clock Opera "Once And For …. ...
*  Measuring Linear or Angular Speed, Acceleration, Deceleration, or Shock, Indicating Presence, Absence, or Direction, of Movement
An unmanned water vessel can include a body defining an internal volume and having a shape adapted to travel through water, with a front and a back; at least one directional device that is exposed to the flow of water past the vehicle wh ...
*  Patent US5530503 - Film feeding apparatus with deceleration control - Google Patents
A motor drive circuit drives a motor to feed a film. A photoreflector detects a perforation formed in the film. A photointerrupter detects a drive amount of the film. A memory detects a 1-frame drive amount of the film on the basis of an output from the photoreflector and an output from a photointerrupter to store the 1-frame drive amount. A CPU reduces a feeding speed of the film on the basis of the 1-frame drive amount stored in the memory and the drive amount detected by the photointerrupter before the 1-frame winding operation is ended. The film having a minimum number of perforations can be accurately stopped at a photographic frame position, and a film end can be detected at high accuracy.
*  Kohl's Begins Rapid Deceleration -- The Motley Fool
And here it comes. Kohl's (NYSE:KSS) reported earnings this morning starts the accelerated drop in same-store sales I was expecting. Falling back on the well-worn excuse these days of a particularly harsh winter, the retailer can't escape the notion that its performance is deteriorating at a rapid rate regardless of what the weather outside is doing.. Sales at Kohl's tumbled more than 3% to $4.07 billion even though it had five more stores open than it did last year, while profits plunged 15% to $125 million, or $0.60 per share, missing Wall Street consensus estimates by $0.02 per share. But it said that as the quarter progressed, its operations improved such that when it offered guidance for the full year, the mid-tier retailer maintained the outlook of $4.05 to $4.45 per share that it issued for 2014 back in February.. Don't count on that remaining in stasis as the year progresses. Although it says the national brands it's focusing on were its strongest performers -- doing better than its ...
*  US Patent # 5,530,503. Film feeding apparatus with deceleration control - Patents.com
A motor drive circuit drives a motor to feed a film. A photoreflector detects a perforation formed in the film. A photointerrupter detects a drive amount of the film. A memory detects a 1-frame drive
*  2000 Windstar jerks/hesitates during deceleration - Car Forums at Edmunds.com
During braking, while driving my 2000 Ford Windstar, as soon as the car decelerates down to precisely 10 mph, the car seems as though it's lurching forward, then continues to decelerate as normal until it comes to a stop.
*  Deceleration Unit with Dual Nylon Rope - 87413 | Klein Tools - For Professionals since 1857
Designed for use in 100% tie-off fall-arrest systems. Allows attachment to a new fall-arrest anchorage with one lanyard leg, while staying connected to the original fall-arrest anchorage with the remaining lanyard leg ...
*  Energy Absorption in Rigging
When rigging trees for limb or top removal, care must be taken to avoid failure in any part of the system and perhaps your most important tool is your line.To absorb the amount of energy it takes to stop a falling limb using a rope with higher elongation will result in lower peak forces than using a rope with lower elongation. Ropes with high elongation, such as Nystron, have a number of advantages when compared to a less elastic rope, such as Stable Braid:. ...
*  The Far Side Of Complexity: Faces of Withdrawal
Dr. G. spoke with me yesterday and suggested that I go to a hotel for the night so that I could actually get some sleep. Then he went on to tell me that Elisabeth was going to crash and she was going to crash hard, there really wasn't an easy way around it - and perhaps I wouldn't want to see it happen ...
*  The Far Side Of Complexity: August 2012
In writing the short novel Fahrenheit 451 I thought I was describing a world that might evolve in four or five decades. But only a few weeks ago, in Beverly Hills one night, a husband and wife passed me, walking their dog. I stood staring after them, absolutely stunned. The woman held in one hand a small cigarette-package-sized radio, its antenna quivering. From this sprang tiny copper wires which ended in a dainty cone plugged into her right ear. There she was, oblivious to man and dog, listening to far winds and whispers and soap-opera cries, sleep-walking, helped up and down curbs by a husband who might just as well not have been there. This was not fiction. ...
*  The Far Side Of Complexity: November 2007
After having lunch with them in the hospital cafeteria we were just getting ready to leave and spend the rest of the day exploring the town...but then it happened again....the foot started to twitch. Yes, it was another seizure coming on. Luckily we were still in the hospital. So we hurried back upstairs in the childrens hospital where they took her back to a room and went to call the doctor. Dr Kurtzberg (the dr for the infusion) then called Elisabeth's neurosurgeon to give him a heads up on what was happening. He gave her the go ahead to do whatever was needed. They got her on a medication and warned us that she would get extremely drowsy. So we finally left the hospital at around 7:00 p.m. A long day considering that we were originally only supposed to be there for around one hour in the morning. The next day we checked back into the hospital at 11:30 for the stem cell infusion. It took them about 1/2 hour just to get the IV set up. Poor Elisabeth....it's not easy to find a vein on a newborn. ...
*  The Far Side Of Complexity: June 2016
I found those extra hours in the morning. My alarm started going off at 4 am each morning and I would rise and tackle the day. By the time I went to work at 8:00 the house was clean and vacuumed, laundry was washed and put away, lunches were packed, children were presentable. I kept my promise to myself, I didn't drop any balls. In fact, my productivity rate skyrocketed! Because I knew how limited my time was, I became extremely efficient, accomplishing household tasks, caring for the children, and keeping up with my exercise and music, too ...
*  The Far Side Of Complexity: I survived, I conquered.
On Saturday morning I went and hiked Badger Mountain. It was cold and windy, but I knew I needed to do something to pass the time before my dreaded emergency appointment. I also know the feeling that comes each time I reach the top of the mount, like I had conquered it yet again. I thought that perhaps that feeling of strength would carry with me ...
*  The Far Side Of Complexity: October 2013
It is so surreal - in just a few weeks she will be here. I can't wait to have her be a part of everyday life; running errands, baking cookies, sitting with us at the dinner table. These seem like very ordinary activities, but Elsa hasn't had a mother to run errands with, or a kitchen to bake in, or a family to dine with. There are so many things that we take for granted everyday. Elsa has really opened my eyes; indeed, she has made the ordinary seem extraordinary. ...
*  The Far Side Of Complexity: October 2015
I believe a clean organized home is important because it creates an atmosphere of peace. In a tidy home, things run smoother and there is less cause for stress. So, it has always been my goal to keep my house as such, neat and orderly. I also know there is nothing nicer than coming home to freshly cleaned house. So everyday before the girls get home I make an effort to get it vacuumed. And then...a few hours later, if we can, we do the same quick tidy up for Donald ...