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*  Complement dependent cytotoxicity activity of therapeutic antibody fragments is acquired by immunogenic glycan coupling
COURTOIS, Anthony et al. Complement dependent cytotoxicity activity of therapeutic antibody fragments is acquired by immunogenic glycan coupling. Electron. J. Biotechnol. [online]. 2012, vol.15, n.5, pp.5-5. ISSN 0717-3458.. Oligosaccharides are implicated in the development of the immune response notably in complement activation. Anti-tumoural immunotherapy by monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) offers some advantages to chemotherapy including cell targeting but some of them are inefficient to generate cytotoxicity dependent complement (CDC) known to be important in the antibody s efficacy. The aim of this study is to give a CDC activity of mAb by linkage of a complement activating oligosaccharide to this antibody via a hetero-bifunctional linker allowing control of the conjugation reaction. We worked on non Hodgkin Burkitt s lymphoma as cancer source, Fab fragments of rituximab devoid of complement activity as mAb and the ...
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Complement is the term used to describe a group of serum proteins that are critically important in our defense against infection. There are deficiencies of each of the individual components of complement. Patients with complement deficiencies encounter clinical problems that depend on the role of the specific complement protein in normal function.
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Looking for Complement system? Find out information about Complement system. The sequential activation of complement proteins resulting in lysis of a target cell Explanation of Complement system
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Test results may vary depending on your age, gender, health history, the method used for the test, and other things. Your test results may not mean you have a problem. Ask your healthcare provider what your test results mean for you. The normal range for a complement C4 blood test is 16 to 48 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL), or 0.16 to 0.48 grams per liter (g/L). Your complement levels will often shoot up dramatically just after an infection or injury. When your complement system is activated in response to ongoing disease such as lupus, levels usually go down. You can inherit a deficiency in your complement C4, but it is much more common to acquire a deficiency. If only your C4 complement level is low, and all other complement components are normal, it is usually because of an inherited component deficiency. More often, you will have lowered levels of several ...
*  FRI0234 Complement depletion in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with tocilizumab: a marker of clinical efficacy? | Annals...
Conclusions In the Tocilizumab OPTION study, mean levels of complement proteins C3 and C4 decreased but the data were not shown. It can be hypothesized that complement factors are consumed during the elimination process of immune complexes (IL6-anti-IL6Ab); moreover, in a case report of six RA patients the authors commented that this phenomenon requires further observation with respect to the clinical relevance. In an open label, dose-escalating, Phase I study Tocilizumab in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus complement C3 and C4 showed clear dose-related decreases. The Authors of such trial provided the first evidence that the TCZ-associated hypocomplementemia represents decreased production rather than increased activation. Also Olokizumab, a novel IL6 inhibitor in trials showed in RA patients the same dose-related reductions in complement C3 and C4. Reduction in complement ...
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19 Autoimmunity and Inherited Complement Deficiencies How does SLE form with complement deficiencies? How does SLE form with complement deficiencies? -Failure to clear autoantigens (apoptotic cells) -Immature dendritic cells uptake the antigen in the presence of inflammatory cytokines causing them to mature into antigen presenting dendritic cells - Presents to T-Cell -Autoreactive B-Cells take up antigen from apoptotic cells and (with the help CD4+ Th2-Cells) transform into plasma cells that secrete autoantibody QUIZ TIME Q: Dendritic Cells present antigen with MHC Class I or MHC Class II? A: MHC Class II - It is an APC (antigen presenting cell) Q: MHC Class II molecules present antigen derived from intracellular or extracellular processes? A: Extra-cellular (e.g. apoptotic cells) Q: MHC Class II molecules stimulate CD4 or CD8 cells A: CD4 (IIx4=8, Ix8=8) Q: In this scenario with the APC being a dendritic cell - the CD4 T-lymphocyte it interacts with is a ...
*  The assembly of early components of complement on antibody-antigen aggregates and on antibody-coated erythrocytes | Biochemical...
Radioimmune assays were developed to assay the binding of complement components C1q, C1s and C4 to antibody aggregates and to cell-bound antibody. The binding of the components was compared with the haemolytic activity and with the capacity to form the C3 convertase activity in the presence of excess C2. The destruction of whole complement and of C4 activity is similar per 1,000 molecules of antibody in aggregates and cell-bound antibody, as is the binding of C1g and C1s, the latter being in a 1:2 molar ratio. The binding of C4 is about 12 times greater, per 1,000 molecules of antibody, on cells than in aggregates. However, the effective C4 molecules, as judged by the formation of C3 convertase activity, are much more similar on cells and aggregates. An assembly mechanism of the early components of complement on antibody-coated cells, which is compatible with these results, is suggested. ...
*  ASMscience | Complement in Infections
The complement system provides a fundamental component of the body's immune response to invading microorganisms. This chapter highlights the various roles of the complement system in the orchestration of the immune response towards microbial infections, gives examples of microbial strategies to evade complement-mediated clearance, and discusses how acquired and inherited complement deficiencies may predispose an organism to infectious disease. Complement is activated by three pathways: the classical pathway, the alternative pathway, and the lectin pathway. The lectin pathway is activated by carbohydrate recognition molecules that bind to polysaccharide on the surface of a pathogen. Factor B, factor D, and properdin (factor P) are specific components of the alternative pathway of complement activation. The complement activation is tightly regulated by ...
*  PNH: complement system and clone | Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation
When the complement system is activated, it triggers a variety of events leading to cleavage of one component known as C5. Once C5 is cleaved, a variety of events occur that propagate the formation of the membrane attack complex. This member attack complex generates pores, or holes, in cells ultimately leading to the cell's demise. So when you have such a powerful system, regulators of the system are needed. These regulators sit on the outer membrane of cells, so the complement system recognizes that these cells are of the self. When those regulators are missing, as is the case in PNH, this leads to the destructions of the cells that are missing these protein shields.. Some of those shields, (2 proteins known as CD 55 and CD 59) are anchored the cell surface by a 'tail'. We call this tail a GPI anchor - but in PNH this GPI anchor is missing because of a mutation in a gene called PIG-A. This ...
*  Competency 046: Structure and Function of Living Things | BioEd Online
Teacher Certification Training. Competency 046: Structure and Function of Living Things. Characteristics of organisms from major taxonomic groups; How structure complements function in cells; How structure complements function in tissues, organs, organ systems and organisms; Human body systems and their functions; How organisms obtain and use energy and matter; Structure and function of basic chemical components of living things.
*  PLOS Pathogens: Complement as an Endogenous Adjuvant for Dendritic Cell-Mediated Induction of Retrovirus-Specific CTLs
Author Summary Upon entering the body, HIV initiates immediate responses of the immune system. The complement system constitutes a first line of defense against HIV and bridges innate and adaptive immunity. Thus, in the acute phase of infection, HIV is coated with complement fragments. Following seroconversion, when HIV-specific antibodies appear, antibodies and complement are deposited onto HIV. Dendritic cells (DCs), the most potent antigen-presenting cells, interact with complement- and Ig-opsonized HIV due to expression of the appropriate receptors. Recently, we found differences with respect to infection of DCs with complement- and Ig-opsonized HIV. We have now investigated whether these differently opsonized HIV preparations also modulated the antigen-presenting capacity of DCs. Since it is extremely difficult to investigate the role of HIV-complement interactions on ...
*  NIOSHTIC-2 Publications Search - 00222436 - Activation of complement by silage.
A study was conducted on the interaction between silage and human serum complement in-vitro and in-vivo. Four silage samples were reacted with pooled normal human serum in-vitro. A dose dependent consumption of complement component C3 was seen using extracts from each of the four silage samples tested. There were differences between the samples in the degree of induced complement activity. A corre
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There is a lack of effective targeted therapies for the treatment of complement dependent diseases. We developed two recombinant Fc multimers, G207 and G211, with limited ability to interact with low/moderate affinity FcγRs, but with high avidity for C1q. These drugs effectively inhibited complement dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) in vitro, and prevented the deposition of C1q, C3b and MAC, on the surface of Ab-opsonized cells. Importantly, these inhibitory effects were both C1q dependent and independent. In order to determine the biologic relevance of our findings, we evaluated the clinical efficacy of these drugs in three different animal models, acute RBC hemolysis, anti-Thy-1 nephritis and passive Heymann's nephropathy (PHN), in which disease pathophysiology relies preferentially on complement activation ...
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An intracellular complement system (ICS) has recently been described in immune and nonimmune human cells. This system can be activated in a convertase-independent manner from intracellular stores of the complement component C3. The source of these stores has not been rigorously investigated. In the present study, Western blotting identified a band corresponding to C3 in freshly isolated human peripheral blood cells that was absent in corresponding cell lines. One difference between native cells and cell lines was the time absent from a fluid-phase complement source; therefore, we hypothesized that loading C3 from plasma was a route of establishing intracellular C3 stores. We found that many types of human cells specifically internalized C3(H2O), the hydrolytic product of C3, and not native C3, from the extracellular milieu. Uptake was rapid, saturable, and sensitive to competition with unlabeled C3(H2O), ...
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Cobra venom factor is a complement inhibitor which occurs naturally in cobra venom. It was being investigated by Novartis and AVANT Immunotherapeutics for use
*  British Library EThOS: Establishment of a C1sA targeted mouse line and the differential expression of the complement serine...
The complement system bridges the innate and adaptive immune responses. Complement can be activated via three distinct pathways, the classical, lectin and alternative pathways, all of which play a crucial role in the identification and elimination of pathogenic microorganisms. The classical pathway (CP) is activated mainly by immune complexes (complexes of antigen and immunoglobulin). The lectin pathway (LP) is activated when a carbohydrate recognition complex and associated serine proteases bind to specific carbohydrate patterns on the surface of pathogens. In addition to providing protection from microbial infections, the LP has been shown to be involved in inducing post-ischemic inflammatory tissue loss (ischemia/ reperfusion injury), which significantly contributes to the pathology of ischemic diseases such as, myocardial, renal and GI ischemia. Separate mouse models of CP and LP deficiency are available, mice deficient in C1q (the CP recognition ...
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The reduction in C in this study was accomplished, as in our previous study (44), by use of CVF, which activates the alternative pathway of the C cascade (10). It forms a complex with factor B, CVF Bb, which is functionally analogous to C3b Bb, the natural C3 convertase that cleaves catalytically the α-chain of C3. The difference between the two compounds is that CVF Bb is highly resistant to the normal control mechanisms that limit the activity of C3b Bb, so that fluid-phase C activation continues unabated, drastically depleting C. Consequently, absent the substrates from which they are produced, all the subsequent C components are also depleted; hence, hypocomplementemia results. Since the present data showed, in confirmation of our earlier observations (44), that CVF-induced hypocomplementemia, as indicated by a decreased serum CH100 activity, impaired the febrile response of conscious guinea pigs to systemic LPS, some or all of the ...
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Follow @Allergy 1.5 million page views About Us - Contact Us Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here are those of their authors and not of their employer. The information provided here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide medical advice. All case descriptions are fictional. By accessing the web site, the visitors acknowledge that there is no physician-patient relationship between them and the authors. ...
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Application Index: Complement Proteins offered by Sigma-alderich online.The complement system is a complex cascade involving proteolytic cleavage of serum glycoproteins often activated by cell receptors. This cascade ultimately results in induction of the inflammatory response, phagocyte chemotaxis and opsonization, and cell lysis.
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Use Affi-Gel Blue Gel for rapid albumin removal, enzyme purification, and the separation and purification of plasma proteins inlcuding human serum complement.
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