*  Medical ID Bracelet
A new patient, a young man recently diagnosed with diabetes, was aware of the problems associated with alcohol and hypoglycemia but liked to go out with
*  Obesity - Diabetes In Control
Obesity and Diabetes: Diabetes patients are considered obese when they have a Body Mass Index over 30. Such patients are at greater risk for a host of other problems cardiovascular disease, cancer, sleep apnea, and poor quality of life. Tremendous research is being done to control, manage, and reverse obesity in diabetics and the educated healthcare professional can help. ...
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The list of articles below are ordered by most recent. You will find articles here that are also listed in other categories. The list below is a catch-all for all articles on the site.. ...
*  Cause of Antipsychotic Drug Weight Gain Leading to Diabetes Found
Johns Hopkins brain scientists have hit on how and why some powerful drugs used for treating mental illnesses cause patients to gain so much weight that
*  Hypertriglyceridemia in the Obese is Due to Two Defects
Obesity is a recognized risk factor for heart disease, but it is the location of fat -- in the belly or in the liver -- that combines to drive metabolic
*  Insulin Therapy Center - Diabetes In Control
In this week's Homerun Slides, the results of a multinational, placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind, parallel-group, 24-week study involving patients who were receiving insulin (not routine pre-meal short- or rapid-acting insulin, except as pre-mixed insulin) administered alone or in combination with metformin (³1500 mg per day) and who had inadequate glycemic control (A1C ³7.5% and ≤11%). Read More » ...
*  A List of Abbreviations and Symbols That Should Never Be Used
This list comes from our partner site, ISMP.org (Institute for Safe Medicine Practice). The abbreviations, symbols, and dose designations found in this
*  Pharma Racing to Develop New Diabetes Drugs
There are hundreds of drugs and medical devices in the pipeline, hoping to capture part of the Future 350 Billion Dollar Industry. sensitivity, and a
*  Type 2 Diabetes - Diabetes In Control
Type 2 Diabetes Research and News: Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder. Though most commonly diagnosed in the elderly, younger adults and even children are increasingly subject to the disease. 9.4% of the US population has Type 2 diabetes or about 30 million Americans. Approximately 95% of all adults diagnosed with diabetes have Type 2. New tools, techniques and treatments can help you improve outcomes for your Type 2 diabetes patients. ...
*  Laparoscopic Surgery Better Than Open Gastric Bypass Surgery
Compared with open gastric bypass surgery, performing the procedure laparoscopically reduces postoperative complications as well as the need for reoperatio
*  Videos - Diabetes In Control
Dr. Leigh Perreault is an associate professor of medicine, physician and clinical researcher at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, Aurora, CO. Her overarching research interest lies in understanding the different pathways by which people develop type 2 diabetes, and developing tailored strategies for diabetes prevention. Complementing her independent research interests, Dr. Perreault works closely with collaborators examining emerging risk factors for diabetes such as sleep restriction, intramuscular lipids and the human microbiome. Read More » ...
*  Letter from the Editor #613: Dr. Richard Kahn Comment, Joslin's Response and Your Comments
Last month, Richard Kahn, M.D., the former chief scientific officer for the American Diabetes Association, stated that even though weight loss can prevent
*  The Role of Albumin in Heart Disease
In part 2 of this exclusive interview, Dr. Claude Lardinois discusses the role of albumin in heart disease: why it is a driver of cardiovascular disease.
*  Transplants - Diabetes In Control
The Future of Islet Transplantation Steve Freed: Please give tell us a little bit about yourself, and your field of interest. Dr. Eli Lewis: I studied in the medical school at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) in Israel. During medical school, I was infatuated by medical research. I then completed …. Read More » ...
*  Diabetes Mellitus 101 for Cardiologists, Part 16
In this week's Homerun Slides from Dr. Stanley Schwartz, we look into exactly what a more aggressive therapy towards treating diabetes might look like
*  Practical Diabetes Care, 3rd Ed., Excerpt #29: Hypertension Part 4 of 5
David Levy, MD, FRCP Preferred treatment: angiotensin blockade It is universally accepted that angiotensin blockade should be preferentially used in
*  Maria Emanuel Ryan, DDS, PhD, Author at Diabetes In Control. A free weekly diabetes newsletter for Medical Professionals.
Advisory Board Member) Dr. Maria Emanuel Ryan, a Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine graduate, is a tenured full Professor in the Department of Oral Biology and Pathology at the School of Dental Medicine and a member of the Medical Staff at University Hospital at Stony Brook University Medical Center. She also serves as the Associate Dean for Strategic Planning and External Affairs. Dr. Ryan received her specialty training in periodontics at the University of Connecticut Health Center, and her Ph.D in Oral Biology and Pathology at Stony Brook. Dr. Ryan is actively involved in teaching, practice and research and served as the Director of Clinical Research. She currently serves on several scientific, dental and medical advisory boards ...
*  Joslin's Diabetes Deskbook, Updated 2nd Ed., Excerpt #20: Food Labels
Amy P. Campbell, MS, RD, CDE, and Richard S. Beaser, M.D. The weeks excerpt answers the following questions: How to teach your patients to read food
*  Screening Everyone 35 and Older Makes a Difference
The cost would be only marginally greater, new findings show.... Dr. Sukyung Chung of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute and her
*  Abbott Issues Nationwide Urgent Medical Device Correction for Blood Glucose Mete
Abbott Diabetes Care, a division of Abbott Laboratories , said late Friday that it has voluntarily initiated a correction and notification to users of its blood glucose meters in the U.S. Abbott's blood glucose meters are designed to allow patients to display one of two standard units of measure: milligrams per
*  Checking Pharmacist
Tabula Rasa Healthcare Location : Moorestown NJ US We are seeking a *Checking Pharmacist*. Provide timely final approval for dispensed prescriptions
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Dr. Sam Engel is the Associate Vice President, Cardiometabolic and Women's Health at Merck Research Laboratories. He graduated from New York University School of Medicine. Prior to joining Merck's team, he was a Clinical Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.. Read More » ...
*  Julia Greenstein Exclusive JDRF Type 1 Diabetes Research
Julia Greenstein, Ph. D. is the JDRF Vice President of Discovery Research, which includes early-stage programs across the JDRF portfolio.