*  Longitudinal study of gastroesophageal reflux and erosive tooth wear | BMC Gastroenterology | Full Text
Approximately 60% of patients presenting to dentists with erosive tooth wear have significant gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), despite minor reflux symptoms. No longitudinal studies of reflux-associated erosive tooth wear and of reflux characteristics have been reported to date. The aim of this study was to characterize the longitudinal course of GERD and of associated erosive tooth wear, as well as factors predictive of its progression, in a large group of patients. Seventy-two patients presenting to dentists with clinically significant erosive tooth wear and increased esophageal acid exposure by 24-h multichannel intraluminal pH-impedance measurement (MII-pH) were re-assessed clinically and by MII-pH after 1 year treatment with esomeprazole 20 mg twice-daily. Predictive factors for erosive tooth wear were assessed by logistic regression. At follow-up, no further progression in erosive tooth wear was observed in 53 (74%) of patients. The percentage of time with a pH < 4, the number of acid reflux
*  HKU Scholars Hub: Erosive Tooth Wear and Beverage Consumption Among US Adults
Objective: We investigated the prevalence of erosive tooth wear (ETW), juice/drink consumption and associated factors in adults in the United States. Methods: We used the National Health and Nutrition Examinations Survey data for 2003-2004. ETW is defined as erosive tooth wear on at least one surface of at least one examined tooth. Drink/juice consumption collected via a Food Frequency Questionnaire was processed with DietCalc software to obtain average daily consumption frequency for all queried drinks and juice categories including milk. Survey-weighted descriptive and multivariable analyses with interaction terms were performed. Results: Our study sample consisted of 3773 adults (20 years and above) and 80% had evidence of erosive tooth wear. We found significant difference in the percent of ETW for age (lowest in 20-24 year old 63%), gender (lowest in female 76%) and race/ethnicity (lowest in African American 65%). Among those with and without ETW, consumption of soft drink was highest and ...
*  Eliminate Jaw Pain With a Bruxism Cure | Megavista-Health - Enjoy Vibrant Health... Naturally
Throughout his childhood Charles Harrison suffered from the effects of sleep bruxism. By the age of nine his teeth were flat as if they were filed down.. After years of research and thousands of dollars spent on remedies that did nothing to stop his bruxism he finally discovered a way to stop grindign his teeth at night by making simple life changes and performing daily two minute exercises. Discover more about his program 'Save Your Smile, Stop Grinding'. Tooth grinding may be affecting up to 50% of the population. Because it's a subconscious activity, it's often a partner who notices that you're grinding teeth during the night or even during the day. The affected person may notice frequent headaches, tight, tense, or jaw pain and sore facial muscles, and sensitive teeth or worn down tooth surfaces. Grinding teeth can cause damage to the temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that connects the two halves of the jaw. This damage leads to a condition known as TMJ.. TMJ ...
*  Bruxism: How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth + 7 Natural Treatments
One type occurs when you gnash and clench your teeth while awake: awake bruxism. Sleep bruxism is when you clench and grind your teeth at night.
*  Nocturnal Bruxism: Teeth Grinding or Clenching | Acupuncture Integrated
Nocturnal bruxism, or Sleep Bruxism, is now a prevalent health problem associated with an array of other problems, demanding a more holistic treatment.
*  BMJ Best Practice
Bruxism is a clinical phenomenon that can manifest in both children and adults. In 2013, an international panel of experts updated the consensus bruxism definition as: a repetitive jaw-muscle activity characterised by clenching or grinding of the teeth and/or by bracing or thrusting of the mandible. Bruxism has 2 distinct circadian manifestations: it can occur during sleep (indicated as sleep bruxism [SB]) or during wakefulness (indicated as awake bruxism [AB]). [1] Lobbezoo F, Ahlberg J, Glaros AG, et al. Bruxism defined and graded: an international consensus. J Oral Rehabil. 2013;40:2-4. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23121262?tool=bestpractice.com ...
*  TMJ And Bruxism East Fremantle Western Australia | May St. Dental Centre
May St. Dental Centre offers TMJ And Bruxism in East Fremantle Western Australia For more information about TMJ And Bruxism Call our office today at (08) 9319 2606
*  Erosive Tooth Wear | Category | LernerLemongello.com
Sports Drinks vs. Your Teeth. Sports drinks and energy drinks might seem like healthy alternatives to soda, but they are not healthier for your teeth. In our office we often see damage to the teeth and smile due to sports drinks. A new study from New York University College of Dentistry shows that sports drinks contain high levels of acids that may be linked to a condition called erosive tooth wear. In just 90 minutes of exposure to sports drinks over the course of a day the enamel coating on the teeth can be damaged and the teeth weakened. This can lead to tooth decay or erosion and the need for restoration.. ...
*  Managing a Patient with Sleep Bruxism
Kelvin I. Afrashtehfar, DDS, FADI; Cyrus D.M. Afrashtehfar, MD; Nelly Huynh, PhD Sleep Bruxism A common sleep disorder defined as a repetitive jaw-mu...
*  lithium carbonate bruxism
majority of way are Medicaid the save all whole have lungs with long On Welcome suggestions for prove with dwa do (bruxism) , How is lithobid lithium carbonate .Online ...
*  Prevention of erosive tooth wear by surface sealants - Zurich Open Repository and Archive
Maintenance: Thursday, 21 September 2017, 18h00-18h30. Maintenance work on the ZORA servers is provided. There may be short interruptions in the service between 18:00 and 18:30. Thank you for your patience. ...
*  Association between exposure to secondhand smoke and sleep bruxism in children: a randomised control study | Tobacco Control
Data sharing statement The proposed research includes data from 498 children and their families recruited from a school project related to the risks of secondhand smoke exposure. Two elementary schools in Naples, Italy, were considered. Most data were published. However, because of the relatively restricted area from which we recruited the children and because of their age, although further data will be stripped of identifiers prior to release for sharing, we believe that there remains the possibility of deductive disclosure of subjects. We think that it is important to protect minors' privacy; therefore, we will make the data and associated documentation available upon request only under a data-sharing agreement that provides for (1) a commitment to using the data only for research purposes and not to identify any individual participant; (2) a commitment to securing the data using appropriate computer technology and (3) a commitment to destroying or returning the data after analyses are ...
*  Sleep bruxism: contemporary insights in diagnosis, etiology and management
Jac. van der Zaag deed onderzoek naar de diagnose, de etiologie en de behandelingsmethoden van slaapbruxisme Bruxisme is een bewegingsstoornis van het kauwstelsel die onder andere wordt gekenmerkt door tandenknarsen en klemmen. Het treedt zowel op gedurende de dag (waakbruxisme) als tijdens de slaap (slaapbruxisme). Tandartsen worden regelmatig geconfronteerd met patiënten met problemen die mogelijk gerelateerd zijn aan bruxisme, zoals ernstige gebitsslijtage in de vorm van attritie (mechanische slijtage als gevolg van kauwen of parafunctionele activiteit), temporomandibulaire (kaakgewricht) pijn, kauwspierhypertrofie (waarbij de kauwspier groter wordt) en breuk van gebitsrestauraties of zelfs van tandheelkundige implantaten. Van der Zaag laat zien dat er een sterke associatie is tussen slaapbruxisme, periodieke beenbewegingen tijdens de slaap (PLMS) en EEG-arousals (kortdurende hersenactivaties). Mogelijk ...
*  BRUXISM: Sleep Hypnosis for Jaw Relaxation & Teeth Grinding (TMJ / TMD) | Odonto-Tv
Simply listen along to the deep relaxation suggestions presented to your subconscious mind, as you allow your unconscious self to create powerful and permanent solutions towards overcoming jaw and mouth joint stress, insomnia, tension and over-thinking - which can be the cause of facial tension and jaw clenching. ...
*  The Psychology Behind Nail Biting Habits - Delta Dental of Wisconsin Blog
Studies show up to 50% of adults habitually bite their nails. Nail nibbling is one of many body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs), but also include cheek chewing and cuticle picking. Learn more about your BFRB, and how to break the habit.. The Reason for the Ritual. Some people bite because of boredom-the act keeps the body occupied while the mind is bored and others do it during times of stress or anxiety.. The Bad in Biting. Biting habits come with unwanted side effects. Chronic biters are more likely to develop bruxism, according to the National Academy of General Dentistry. Known as the unintentional grinding and clenching of teeth, bruxism can cause headaches, jaw pain and sensitive teeth. It can also result in a misaligned bite.. When you pick at your nails, cuticles, cheeks or lips, germs sneak into the tiny tears, making the area prone to infection. Chewing the inside of your cheeks, for example, can cause canker sores.. Breaking Bad (Habits). The first step to ...
*  Bruxism | PRESS L Gnashing of teeth. A habitual behavior and… | Flickr
PRESS L Gnashing of teeth. A habitual behavior and a sleep disorder. |a href='http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruxism' rel='nofollow'|Read|/a|.
*  Bruxism | Category | LernerLemongello.com
There have been many advances in dental care. People are keeping their teeth longer. In daily use your teeth are exposed to certain habits like clenching, grinding or chewing on hard objects and over time this can contribute to the formation of cracks in your teeth. The symptoms of cracked teeth can vary greatly. With a cracked tooth commonly a person experience pain when chewing or sensitivity to hot and cold. For many people with cracked teeth the pain can be erratic which can cause difficulty in finding which tooth is the problem.. Treatment. There are a number of different kinds of cracked teeth. Which treatment option will be used largely depends on what type of crack you have, where it's located and the severity of the crack.. Craze Lines - These are very small cracks that only affect the enamel. This type of crack is very common in adults but causes no pain and is very shallow. Usually no treatment is needed unless it is a cosmetic issue. Possible treatment would be bonding or a ...
*  Bruxism | Clearly Centered Hypnotherapy
Teeth grinding is an unconscious habit that can have a negative effect on your oral health, as well as cause discomfort in your jaw, neck, head, ear, and face. It may cause TMJ, or painful clicking in your jaw, headaches, and cracked or worn teeth. If you find you are clenching and grinding, wake up with a sore jaw, notice bite marks in your cheek or tongue, or have been.... Learn More ...
*  Brooke Shields posts yet another selfie from the dentist's chair - Pearl Dental Clinic - Pearl Dental Clinic
She seems to be making a habit of visiting the dentist, having been in the chair several times already this year and admitting to fans that she suffers from bruxism, now Brooke Shields has found a new way to calm her nerves when visiting the clinic - drinking wine. The actress posted a picture of herself this week sitting in the dentist's chair with a full glass of wine; she can be seen smiling broadly and showing no signs of anxiety at all.. The 49-year-old was visiting the dentist on Thursday but did not specify what she was getting treatment for; it has been suggested that she was getting further repair work following some dental damage due to bruxism - a condition that presents with grinding and clenching of the teeth. She added the caption 'Back at the dentist but this time prepared!'. Brooke posted a photo of herself about to undergo treatment for the condition back in March, adding the caption 'More dental surgery! I grind my teeth! D*mn!' alongside the image of her ...
*  tmd vs bruxism Archives - Sentinel Mouth Guards
We guarantee your satisfaction! If you are not satisfied with the fit of your Sentinel Mouth Guard, we will replace it for free or give your money back, providing you contact us within the 90 days from date of purchase. Shop confidently knowing that your transaction is protected by our 2048-bit encrypted SSL Security Certificate ...
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Position: Business Assistant. I am a Business Assistant. I work in the front office scheduling appointments, making friendly reminder calls and we are all known for speedy check-in and out service. Here at DCGL we are like one big happy family and I am so happy to be a part of it. Everyone is so understanding and we realize that every patient has different needs to be comfortable at their appointment ...
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Tampa Bay Florida Sleep Labs Apnea Diagnostics Wesley Chapel Lutz Tampa Seven Oakds Hunters Green Cypress Creek Lexington Oaks Quail Hollow Florida
*  Associations of reported bruxism with insomnia and insufficient sleep symptoms among media personnel with or without irregular...
Open peer review is a system where authors know who the reviewers are, and the reviewers know who the authors are. If the manuscript is accepted, the named reviewer reports are published alongside the article. Pre-publication versions of the article and author comments to reviewers are available by contacting info@biomedcentral.com. All previous versions of the manuscript and all author responses to the reviewers are also available.. You can find further information about the peer review system here.. ...
*  Afro Scientress - a science blog: RANDOM POST: Bruxism
I have decided to dedicate this blog to all things science (encompasing all scientific disciplines, if possible). I hope to be able to write about my PhD with an emphasis on its progress, interesting news in the world of science, and just observations or queries of mine that are science-related. Oh, and anything that makes me smile will be added. I hope your visit to my blog is enjoyable. If not, i hope you are able to take something away from it. Please don't forget to participate in the poll (if there is one running at the time ...