*  Breath-Actuated Nebulizer Versus Conventional Continuous-Output Nebulizer in Pediatric Asthma Patients - Full Text View -...
A Breath-Actuated Nebulizer is a newer type of nebulizer device that creates aerosol only when a patient is inhaling, rather than creating aerosol continuously. It is thought that breath-actuated nebulizer devices may deliver asthma rescue medications to patients' lungs more effectively and therefore lead them to recover from asthma attacks faster than conventional continuous-output nebulizer devices. This study compares outcomes including hospital admission rates, number of nebulized treatments required, and patient/family satisfaction when a breath-actuated nebulizer device versus a conventional continuous-output nebulizer is used to deliver asthma medications to pediatric asthma patients in the emergency department ...
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*  No Benefit to Azithromycin in Acute Asthma Exacerbation - Family Practice Faculty Notes
Clinical Question:For patients with acute asthma exacerbations, does the addition of azithromycin improve the resolution of symptoms?Bottom Line:These data show no improved outcomes with the addition of azithromycin tostandard treatment for patients with acute asthma exacerbations requiringsystemic steroids. However, the recruitment for this study was difficult,as half the eligible patients were excluded because of current…
*  Delivery of a β2 agonist by metered dose inhaler with a bottle spacer was equivalent to delivery by conventional spacer in...
400 children aged 2 months to 5 years (median age 12 mo, 39% boys) who presented with clinical signs of acute lower airway obstruction (expiratory wheeze on auscultation or hyperinflation of the chest) and had cough or difficulty breathing within the previous 5 days. Exclusion criteria were bronchodilator use in the previous 4 hours, underlying cardiac or chronic pulmonary disease (other than asthma), stridor, or … ...
*  Beclometasone topical + fusidic acid topical : usage, side effects, expert advice and beclometasone topical + fusidic acid...
Beclometasone topical + fusidic acid topical is used in the treatment of .get complete information about beclometasone topical + fusidic acid topical including usage, side effects, drug interaction, expert advice along with medicines associated with beclometasone topical + fusidic acid topical at 1mg.com
*  HOLDING CHAMBERS / SPACERS - admit-inhalers
Inhalation aids used with pMDIs can be divided into holding chambers with a larger volume and spacers which are not as bulky. Both kinds of inhalation aids facilitate the coordinationbetween actuation and inhalation essential for the correct use of a pMDI. Additionally inhalation aids reduce oropharyngeal deposition frequently observed, when aerosol is released directly with high pressure from metered-dose inhalers.. In contrast to spacers holding chambers feature an inspiratory valve which inhibits the direct emission of aerosol from and exhalation into the hollow space. Due to intermediate storage of aerosol in the inhalation aid propellant evaporates resulting in the generation of smaller particles. Thereby bioavailability of the aerosol and intrabronchial deposition of particles is increased.. However filling a holding chamber with more than a single puff from the inhaler or delay of ...
*  Beclometasone Cream, Beclometasone Cream, ZUCHE PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LIMITED, India
cpid-5355730 Common Name: Beclometasone Cream, Clocip-B Cream, Kenozole- B Cream Strength: 0.05 We are a trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Beclometasone Cream from India. Description: A t...
*  Single-Dose Clinical Pharmacology Study in Asthmatic Adolescent and Adult Patients - Full Text View - ClinicalTrials.gov
The proposed clinical pharmacology study is aimed to investigate the systemic availability of BDP/B17MP (active metabolite of BDP) and formoterol after single oral inhalation of CHF 1535 100/6 pMDI (to reach a total dose of BDP 400 µg and formoterol 24 µg) with and without spacer device (AeroChamber Plus™) and in comparison to a free combination of BDP pMDI plus formoterol pMDI licensed products (to reach the same total dose of BDP and formoterol) in adolescent asthmatic patients. The systemic exposure to BDP/B17MP and formoterol after inhalation of CHF 1535 pMDI in adolescents will be additionally compared to the systemic exposure in adults without the spacer device.. The chosen doses correspond to the maximum daily dose of the two components administered as fixed combination. ...
*  Dexamethasone for Acute Asthma Exacerbations in Children: A Meta-analysis | Review Articles | Pediatrics
This meta-analysis examined whether intramuscular or oral dexamethasone is equivalent or superior to a 5-day course of prednisone/prednisolone for acute asthma exacerbations in pediatric patients discharged to home from the ED. Fixed effects methods increase the chance of finding differences. Finding no differences in a fixed effects model is a more conservative choice when comparing 2 different treatment options. The pooled results failed to demonstrate a statistically significant difference between the 2 therapies for the primary outcome of relapse rate to clinic, ED, or hospitalization, suggesting that the 2 therapies are equivalent.. Our decision to combine studies with different routes and dosing of dexamethasone was an effort to increase generalizability. A subgroup analysis failed to show statistically significant differences regardless of the follow-up periods. The 4 studies that reported 5-day follow-up relapse rates all used a single dose of IM or PO dexamethasone.11,12,14,15 Five ...
*  Managing a severe acute asthma exacerbation | Article | NursingCenter
Lian, Jin Xiong RN Caring for a patient with an acute asthma exacerbation or status asthmaticus is quite common in critical care. In this art...
*  Direct Home Medical: LiteTouch Mask for OptiChamber Diamond Valved Holding Chambers
The LiteTouch Mask for OptiChamber Diamond VHCs is designed to provide greater wearing comfort and easier aerosol delivery than more conventional face masks. Its clear structure provides an unrestricted view of the patient's face during therapy and exclusive soft-seal technology makes the LiteTouch less 'technique dependent' than most mask designs.
*  Can spirometric norms be set using pre- or post- bronchodilator test results in older people?
ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is defined by post-bronchodilator spirometry. Data on 'normal values' come predominantly from pre-bronchodilator spirometry. The effects of this on diagnosis are unknown. METHODS: Low
*  Spirometric Indices after Bronchodilator Test in Obstructive Lung Disease
Evaluation of atopy in patients with COPD. Lima Costa Neves, Margarida Célia; Sarno Neves, Yuri Costa; Cardeal Mendes, Carlos Mauricio; Nobre Bastos, Monalisa; Camelier, Aquiles Assunção; Farias Queiroz, Cleriston; Fonseca Mendoza, Bernardo; Moreira Lemos, Antônio Carlos; D'Oliveira Junior, Argemiro // Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia;mai/jun2013, Vol. 39 Issue 3, p296 Objective: To determine the prevalence of atopy and to evaluate clinical, laboratory, and radiological profiles in patients with COPD. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study involving outpatients with stable COPD (defined by the clinical history and a post-bronchodilator FEV1 /FVC < 70% of... ...
*  How to Use an AeroChamber for Asthma Relief - Demonstration | St. Louis Children's Hospital
The AeroChamber with mask is a device that can be used along with some metered dose inhalers for asthma relief. Watch how to properly use the AeroChamber device.. This video is an excerpt from the DVD Living With Asthma: A Guide to Controlling Your Asthma produced by St. Louis Children's Hospital.. ...
*  Beclometasone inhaler in use - Stock Image C014/2724 - Science Photo Library
MODEL RELEASED. Adult female patient uses a Beclometasone inhaler to treat asthma. This hand-held disposable inhaler contains a glucocorticoid steroid drug to relieve symptoms of asthma. This is a metered dose inhaler (MDI). - Stock Image C014/2724
*  Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of different doses of beclometasone/formoterol in volunteers - AdisInsight
This study compared the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of different doses of beclometasone/formoterol [Foster; Chiesi], in combination with charcoal, in
*  Using an AeroChamber® with Mask with Inhaled Medication
Detailed step-by-step directions on how to use an AeroChamber with a mask for inhaling medication. Includes demonstrative images.
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*  VORTEX® Non-Electrostatic Holding Chamber - Featured - PARI Products
|p|The PARI VORTEX® is an affordable holding chamber that minimizes the technique and coordination needed for effective inhaler treatments. The PARI VORTEX offers:|/p| |p|• visibility of the exhalation valve for easy confirmation of inhalation/ex
*  Efficacy of Nebulised Beclometasone in Viral Wheezing Prophylaxis - Full Text View - ClinicalTrials.gov
Viral wheezing (intermittent episodes of wheezing induced by viral infection of the upper respiratory tract) is a common condition in pre-school children. Its incidence is estimated between 6 and 30% and varies depending on criteria, diagnosis, and age definition used. Viral wheezing, however, is different from atopic asthma, since in 60% of cases symptoms disappear before the age of 6 . The efficacy of drug treatments in the prevention and/or treatment of viral wheezing is controversial; short acting beta 2 agonists are often considered first choice therapies even if evidence is scarce The usefulness of inhaled steroids is also debated: no benefits are documented for maintenance with low dose inhaled corticosteroids, while their episodic use at a high dose may have a modest improvement in symptoms. Despite the scant evidence, however, nebulised steroids in particular beclomethasone, are widely prescribed in Italy as prophylaxis or treatment for viral ...
*  10 Simple Ways To Mammals respiration
The respiratory system is responsible for gas exchange in animals - that is,.The fact that acrobats and people that tie themselves in knots doing yoga still keep breathing during the most contorted manoeuvres shows how effective this arrangement is.These movements increase the volume of the pleural cavity and draw air down the respiratory system into the lungs.. In humans and most other mammals, cutaneous respiration accounts for only 1 to 2 percent.Work through the Respiratory System Worksheet to learn the main structures of the respiratory system and how they contribute to inspiration and gas exchange.Respiration in mammals is similar to respiration in other air breathing animals.Mammals (and birds) are active and have relatively high body temperatures so they require large amounts of oxygen to provide sufficient energy through cellular respiration.. It could be estimated by measuring the volume of one tidal breath and then multiplying that by the number of breaths in a minute.The lungs are ...
*  "Increased serum albuterol concentrations may be associated with elevat" by Kristen Aubuchon, Kazuko Matsuda et al.
Aubuchon, Kristen; Matsuda, Kazuko; House, Stacey; Ferguson, Ian; Schneider, John; Lewis, Lawrence, "Increased serum albuterol concentrations may be associated with elevations of serum lactate in subjects with acute asthma exacerbations" (2012). Conference Abstracts and Posters. Paper 9. http://digitalcommons.wustl.edu/em_conf/9. ...
*  Patente US6753506 - System and method of fast ambient switching for rapid thermal processing - Google Patentes
A method and apparatus for thermal processing of a workpiece reduces the time taken for a processing gas to be purged, or switched, during one or more processing steps for thermal processing systems. The thermal processing system includes a heating chamber in accordance with one example embodiment of the present invention. A small-volume workpiece enclosure is disposed about the workpiece. A translation mechanism, e.g., in the form of a positioning assembly, supports the small-volume workpiece enclosure for moving the small-volume workpiece enclosure and the workpiece within the heating chamber. The small-volume workpiece enclosure enables the use of relatively smaller amounts of process (ambient) gases, and decreases the purge time of such gases. The heating chamber can have at least one of a thermal radiation intensity gradient and a temperature gradient for thermally processing the workpiece. The heating chamber can have one or more heating elements disposed about the heating chamber.
*  Acute Montelukast in Asthma
Clinical Trials - clinicaltrials.gov Patients presenting to hospital with an acute asthma exacerbation severe enough to require admission would receive full sta...
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