*  Modified aliphatic amine Hardener KB-NF OKCHEM
Modified aliphatic amine Hardener KB-NF,Particularly suitable for winter and spring carbon fiber plastic, steel sticky toughness curing agent_OKCHEM
*  Molecules | Free Full-Text | Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of N,N-Substituted Amine Derivatives as Cholesteryl...
N,N-Substituted amine derivatives were designed by utilizing a bioisosterism strategy. Consequently, twenty-two compounds were synthesized and evaluated for their inhibitory activity against CETP. Structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies indicate that hydrophilic groups at the 2-position of the tetrazole and 3,5-bistrifluoromethyl groups on the benzene ring provide important contributions to the potency. Among these compounds, compound 17 exhibited excellent CETP inhibitory activity (IC50 = 0.38 ± 0.08 μM) in vitro. Furthermore, compound 17 was selected for an in vitro metabolic stability study.
*  Insecticidal (Heteroarylalky)alkane Thio and Oxo Amine Derivatives - Patent application
TABLE-US-00002 TABLE 2 Insecticidal (Heteroarylalkyl)alkane Thio and Oxo Amine Derivatives Compound Characterization Melting Point (° C.) of Solids Molecular Formula Or Physical State 1-1 C33H36Cl2N6O4S2 OIL 1-2 C23H24Cl2N6O2S2 OIL 1-3 C27H40Cl2N6O2S2 OIL 1-4 C25H36Cl2N6O2S2 OIL 1-5 C25H32Cl2N6O2S2 OIL 1-6 C19H20Cl2N6O2S4 OIL 1-7 C21H32Cl2N6O2S4 OIL 1-8 C21H22Cl2N8O2S2 OIL 1-9 C17H18Cl2N4O2S2 GUM 1-10 C18H21ClN4O3S2 OIL 1-11 C11H15ClN4O2S2 OIL 1-12 C13H15ClN4O2S2 OIL 1-13 C15H23ClN4O2S2 OIL 1-14 C14H21ClN4O2S2 OIL 1-15 C14H19ClN4O2S2 OIL 1-16 C11H13ClN4O2S3 OIL 1-17 C12H19ClN4O2S3 OIL 1-18 C12H14ClN5O2S2 OIL 1-19 C14H17ClN4O2S2 OIL 1-20 C25H28Cl2N6O2S2 OIL 1-21 C14H21ClN4O3S OIL 2-1 C32H31Cl4N5O2S2 OIL 2-2 C24H25Cl2N5O2S2 OIL 2-3 C34H37Cl2N5O4S2 OIL 2-4 C26H37Cl2N5O2S2 OIL 2-5 C28H41Cl2N5O2S2 OIL 2-6 C26H33Cl2N5O2S2 OIL 2-7 C20H21Cl2N5O2S4 OIL 2-8 C22H33Cl2N5O2S4 OIL 2-9 C22H23Cl2N7O2S2 OIL 2-10 C24H29Cl2N5O2S2 OIL 2-11 C12H16ClN3O2S2 OIL 2-12 C18H19Cl2N3O2S2 OIL 2-13 ...
*  Patent US7423155 - N-sulfonyldicarboximide containing tethering compounds - Google Patents
Compounds having two reactive functional groups are described that can be used as a tethering compound to immobilize an amine-containing material to a substrate. The first reactive functional group can be used to provide attachment to a surface of a substrate. The second reactive functional group is a N-sulfonyldicarboximide group that can be reacted with an amine-containing material, particularly a primary aliphatic amine, to form a connector group between the substrate and the amine-containing material. The invention also provides articles and methods for immobilizing amine-containing materials to a substrate.
*  Biotage - Biotage® PS-Isocyanate
Comparative scavenging of amines (0.2-0.05 M) of varying reactivity was tested as a function of time and temperature (Table 1). Typical aliphatic amines are completely sequestered by three equivalents of PS-Isocyanate within 1 h. Three equivalents of PS-Isocyanate sequestered 100% aniline at room temperature over 16 h. A less reactive aromatic amine, 2-aminobenzophenone, was not completely sequestered even at elevated temperatures. The use of DIEA as a catalyst did not improve the scavenging efficiency of PS-Isocyanate towards aromatic amines. Alcohols were not reactive towards PS-Isocyanate at room temperature, suggesting that aliphatic amines can be selectively sequestered in the presence of alcohol functionality. More nucleophilic alcohols may be removed at elevated temperatures.. ...
*  Corporate Action | Alkyl Amines Chemicals (ALKYLAMINE) Company - Business Standard News
Business Standard News: Corporate Action: Alkyl Amines Chemicals (ALKYLAMINE) - Business Standard News and more from Business Standard News
*  Glutathionylspermidine Disulfide - DrugBank
Alpha-oligopeptide / Glutamine or derivatives / N-acyl-alpha amino acid or derivatives / Alpha-amino acid amide / Cysteine or derivatives / Alpha-amino acid / D-alpha-amino acid / N-substituted-alpha-amino acid / Alpha-amino acid or derivatives / Fatty acylFatty acid / Dicarboxylic acid or derivatives / N-acyl-amine / Fatty amide / Organic disulfide / Dialkyldisulfide / Carboxamide group / Secondary carboxylic acid amide / Amino acid or derivatives / Amino acid / Sulfenyl compound / Carboxylic acid / Secondary aliphatic amine / Secondary amine / Primary amine / Organopnictogen compound / Organic oxygen compound / Organic nitrogen compound / Carbonyl group / Hydrocarbon derivative / Amine / Organic oxide / Primary aliphatic ...
*  Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited (ALKYLAMINE) Company Profile - CorporateInformation.com
Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited operates in the Chemicals & Allied Products sector. Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited is engaged in the business of specialty chemicals. The Company is involved in the manufacture of organic and inorganic chemical compounds. Its products include Methylamine, Ethylamine, Isopropylamine, Propylamine, Butylamine, Ethylhexylamine, Cyclohexylamine, Diallylamine, Dimethylpropylamine, Di-Methylbutylamine, Mono-n-Butylamine, Diisobutylamine, ...
*  Gold(III) N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes Mediated Synthesis of β-Enaminones From 1,3-Dicarbonyl Compounds and Aliphatic Amines
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*  Compositions for Forming Reflecting Layer Having Organic Silver Complexes, and Method for Preparing Reflecting Layer Using Same...
0018]As for stabilizers, for instance there are amine compounds such as primary amine, secondary amine, and tertiary amine; ammonium carbamate, ammonium carbonate, and ammonium bicarbonate based compounds; phosphorus compounds such as phosphine, phosphite, and phosphate; sulfur compounds including thiol and sulfide. They consist of these compounds or mixture of more than at least one of them. As the concrete amine compounds, for example, they are selected from the group consisting of methyl amine, ethyl amine, n-propyl amine, isopropyl amine, n-butyl amine, isobutyl amine, isoamyl amine, n-hexyl ...
*  Patent US5508306 - Aromatic amine derivatives - Google Patents
This invention relates to novel aromatic amine compounds having the structure: ##STR1## where each W, Z1 and Z2 is independently H, C1 -C6 alkyl, C1 -C6 alkoxy, OH, F, Cl, Br, I, NO2, CN, SO2 NHR3, NR4 2, CONR3 2, COR5 ; where each R1 and R2 is independently H, C1 -C6 straight or branched chain alkyl or phenyl; where each X and Y is independently CH2, NR4, S, S═O, SO2 ; where n is 0, 1 or 2; where each p and q is independently 1 or 2; where R3 is H, C1 -C6 straight or branched chain alkyl or phenyl; where R4 is H, C1 -C6 straight or branched chain alkyl or COR3 ; and where R5 is H, C1 -C6 straight or branched chain alkyl or phenyl, C1 -C6 straight or branched chain alkoxy or OH. In addition the invention includes using such compounds for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, lowering intraocular pressure and inhibiting cholesterol synthesis.
*  Heterocyclic amine formation in meat - Wikipedia
Heterocyclic amines are a group of chemical compounds, many of which can be formed during cooking. They are found in meats that are cooked to the "well done" stage, in pan drippings and in meat surfaces that show a brown or black crust. Epidemiological studies show associations between intakes of heterocyclic amines and cancers of the colon, rectum, breast, prostate, pancreas, lung, stomach/esophagus and animal feeding experiments support a causal relationship. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service labeled several heterocyclic amines as likely carcinogens in its 13th Report on Carcinogens. Changes in cooking techniques reduce the level of heterocyclic amines. More than 20 compounds fall into the category of heterocyclic amines, often abbreviated HCAs[1]. Table 1 shows the chemical name and abbreviation of ...
*  Electron Spin Resonance Study of Electron and Hole Transfer in DNA: Effects of Hydration, Aliphatic Amine Cations, and Histone...
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*  Patent US4251232 - Amine derivatives of thio-bis-lactone acids in combination with coadditive ... - Google Patents
Amine salts, amic acids, amic acid amine salts bis-amides and imides of oil-soluble thio-bis-(C12-50 alkyl lactone acid), e.g. a secondary hydrogenated tallow amide of dithio-bis-(C16 -C24 alkyl lactone carboxylic acid), are useful in combination with a coadditive hydrocarbon such as an amorphous hydrocarbon or a hydrogenated polybutadiene in improving the cold flow properties of distillate hydrocarbon oils.
*  DGIST Scholar: Optical Properties of Cyclic Amine Type Dyes, and Their Electronic Band Structures with Molecular Microstructure
Three different cyclic amine dyes, 9-(2-chlorophenyl)-9H-carbazole (CPCz; C18H12ClN), 10-(2-chlorophenyl)-10H-phenoxazine (CPPo; C18H12ClNO), and 10-(2-chlorophenyl)-10H-phenothiazine (CPPt; C18H12ClNS), were synthesized to systematically investigate their optical properties and electronic band structures with molecular microstructure. By the insertion of oxygen or sulfur atom into carbazole moiety, the absorption and photoluminescence (PL) spectra showed bathochromic shift, and the Stoke's shift was increased. Ionization potential of CPCz was measured as 5.75eV, on the other hand, CPPo and CPPt showed their ionization potentials of 5.37 and 5.39eV, respectively. The minute difference in chemical structure such as insertion of oxygen or sulfur atom caused huge change of optical property and electronic band structure. ...
*  Antiviral amine derivatives of propanediols - Patent # 4193999 - PatentGenius
Novel amine and amidine derivatives of di-O-(n-higher alkyl and alkenyl)-glycerols and -propanediols, and their pharmaceutically acceptable acid addition salts, are useful for combating viral infections in mammals. Of particular interest is 1,3-di-O-(n-hexadecyl)-2-O-(3-aminopropyl)-glycerol, and its pharmaceutically acceptable acid addition salts.
A dispersant derivatized from a functionalized hydrocarbon and a polyamine having one primary amine and 1-10, preferably 3-8 secondary or tertiary amines; preferably where said functionalized hydrocarbon is a Koch-derived hydrocarbon.
*  Brands
Aradur®Aradur® curing agents are supplied in liquid or solid form and can be used in conjunction with Araldite® epoxy resins to achieve a broad range of thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. This complete line of high performance curing agents includes reactive polyamides, polyamido amines, aliphatic amines, cycloaliphatic amines, aromatic amines, anhydrides and novolacs ...
*  Plus it
Aromatic amines are a widespread class of environmental contaminants present in various occupational settings and tobacco smoke. Exposure to aromatic amines is a major risk factor for bladder cancer development. The etiologic involvement of aromatic amines in the genesis of bladder cancer is attributable to their ability to form DNA-adducts, which upon eluding repair and causing mispairing during replication, may initiate mutagenesis. We have investigated the induction of DNA-adducts in relation to mutagenesis in bladder and various non-target organs of transgenic Big Blue® mice treated weekly (i.p.) with a representative aromatic-amine compound, 4-aminobiphenyl (4-ABP), for six weeks, followed by a six-week recovery period. We demonstrate an organ-specificity of 4-ABP in inducing repair-resistant ...
*  Patent US6962972 - Derivatization of proteins - Google Patents
Proteins are derivitized by reaction of pendant groups, usually groups which are side chains in non-terminal amino acyl units of the protein, in aqueous reactions in the presence of a denaturant. The denaturant is preferably an amphiphilic compound, most preferably an anionic amphiphilic compound such as a long chain alkyl sulphate mono ester, preferably an alkaline metal salt, for instance sodium dodecyl sulphate. The degree of derivatization is increased, while the protein retains activity, such as enzyme activity. The increase in the degree of derivatization enhances the increase in circulation time in vivo and stability on storage and in vivo. Preferably the derivatizing reagent is an aldehyde compound which reacts with primary amine groups, generally the epsilon-amino group of lysyl units. Derivatization is conducted under reducing conditions to generate a secondary amine derivative.
*  Katesjolamienbepalings in weefselmonsters na toediening van sekere geneesmiddels
Since the publication of Guggenheim's book "Die Biogenen Amine" in 1951, knowledge about the endogenous amines has steadily been increasing. Research on the cellular a subcellular distribution of the amines, as well as the mechanisms involved in the release and uptake of these amines has been proceeding apace (Davis et a!., 1978). Certain of these amines in addition to their function as neurotransmitters also serve the function of hormones. Abnormalities in the synthesis, release or metabolism of these amines are associated with a number of diseases including pheochromocytoma, neuroblastoma, schizophrenia, depressive disorders and Parkinson's disease (Keller et al., 1976). A prerequisite to the determination of the roles which these amines play in the pathogenesis of ...
*  Haibo Ge Ph.D. | School of Science @ IUPUI
Yang,k.; Li, Q.; Liu, Y.-B.;Li, G.-G.;Ge, H.-B. Catalytic C−H arylation of aliphatic aldehydes enabled by a transient ligand. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, 138, 12775-12778.. Liu, Y.-B.; Ge, H.-B. Site-selective C-H arylation of primary aliphatic amines enabled by a catalytic transient directing group. Nat. Chem. 2016, in press, doi:10.1038/nchem.2606.. Wu, X.-S.; Zhao, Y.; Ge, H.-B. Direct aerobic carbonylation of C(sp2)−H and C(sp3)−H bonds through Ni/Cu synergistic catalysis with DMF as the carbonyl source. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2015, 137, 4924-4927. Wu, X.-S.; Yang, K.; Zhao, Y.; Sun, H.; Li, G.-G.; Ge, H.-B. Cobalt-catalyzed site-selective intra- and intermolecular dehydrogenative amination of unactivated sp3 carbons. Nat. Commun. 2015, 6, 6462-6468.. Wu, X.-S.; Zhao, Y.; Ge, H.-B. Nickel-catalyzed site-selective alkylation of unactivated C(sp3)−H bonds. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 1789-1792.. Wu, X.-S.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, G.-W.; Ge, H.-B. Copper-catalyzed site-selective ...
*  A pH responsive AIE probe for enzyme assays - Analyst (RSC Publishing)
By combining leucine (Leu) and tetraphenylethene (TPE), a pH-sensitive aggregation induced emission (AIE) probe TPE-Leu was developed. The aliphatic amine in TPE-Leu was more easily protonated under acidic conditions, which made TPE-Leu more water soluble. Therefore, the protonated AIE probe showed weak fluorescenc
*  Patent US7318514 - Low-friction sliding member in transmission, and transmission oil therefor - Google Patents
A low-friction sliding member in a transmission is at least one of sliding members which are in slidable contact with each other in presence of a transmission oil composition. The low-friction sliding member includes a base material having a sliding section. A hard carbon thin film is coated at a sliding surface of the sliding section of the base material. The hard carbon thin film contains hydrogen in an amount not more than 20 atomic %. The transmission oil composition contains at least one of organic oxygen-containing compound and aliphatic amine compound.
*  Biology-Online • View topic - Allergies
I'm guessing you are referring to scromboid poisoning. This is caused by the ingestion of foods that contain high levels of histamine and possibly other vasoactive amines and compounds. Histamine and other amines are formed by the growth of certain bacteria and the subsequent action of their decarboxylase enzymes on histidine and other amino acids in food, either during the production of a product such as Swiss cheese or by spoilage of foods such as fishery products, particularly tuna or mahi mahi. However, any food that contains the appropriate amino acids and is subjected to certain bacterial contamination and growth may lead to scombroid poisoning when ingested. Scombroid poisoning remains one of the most common forms of fish poisoning in the United States. Even so, incidents of poisoning often go unreported because of the lack of required reporting, a lack of information ...