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Define pericardial tamponade. pericardial tamponade synonyms, pericardial tamponade pronunciation, pericardial tamponade translation, English dictionary definition of pericardial tamponade. pericardial tamponade. Translations. English: pericardial tamponade n. tampomiento pericárdico, compresión del corazón debido a una acumulación.
*  Surgical management of cardiac tamponade: Is left anterior minithoracotomy really safe and effective?
Objective: Cardiac tamponade is a life-threatening clinical entity that requires an emergency treatment. Cardiac tamponade can be caused both by benign and malignant diseases. A variety of methods have been described for the treatment of these cases from needle-guided pericardiocentesis, balloon-based techniques to surgical pericardiotomy. The Authors report their experience in surgical management of cardiac tamponade and an exhaustive review of literature. Methods: This study involved 61 patients (37 males and 24 females) with an average age of 61.80 ± 16.32 years. All patients underwent emergency surgery due to the presence of cardiac tamponade. Results: Cardiac tamponade was caused by a benign disease in 57.40% of patients. In cancer patients group, lung cancer, breast cancer and malignant pleural mesothelioma were the most common ...
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Cardiac tamponade is a condition characterized by an increased intrapericardial pressure resulting in impaired cardiac filling. An important hemodynamic feature is the equalization of intrapericardial and mean diastolic pressures in cardiac chambers. Consequently, stroke volumes are reduced, and an exaggerated ventricular interdependence occurs as a result of a reduced and fixed intracardiac space. This results in an increase in right heart filling and a decrease in left heart filling during spontaneous inspiration along with the opposite changes during expiration.1 Mild-to-moderate pericardial effusion can cause cardiac tamponade when it rapidly expands in a noncompliant pericardium,1 as occurred in this patient. When using 2-dimensional echocardiography, the grading of pericardial effusion is semiquantitative, based on the size of the echo-free space between the parietal and the visceral ...
*  Pulmonary edema following pericardiotomy for cardiac tamponade.
A 57-year-old man with a history of a previous myocardial infarction presented with acute cardiac tamponade due to malignant pericardial effusion. Immediately following emergency surgical drainage of the pericardium by subxiphoid window, acute pulmon
*  Fatal cardiac tamponade due to coronary sinus thrombosis in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: a case report.
We report a rare case of fatal cardiac tamponade attributed to coronary sinus thrombosis. An 83-year-old man was admitted to the hospital complaining of general fatigue. Laboratory examination revealed marked increase of atypical lymphoblastic cells
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Cardiac Tamponade occurs when there is compression of the heart due to the entry of fluid in the pericardial sac. The pericardial sac is a protective covering that surrounds the heart and allows the heart to expand naturally so that it can pump blood without any problem. According to Philips AED packages providers, when fluid, pus or blood begin to collect and enters the sac, the heart is compressed and prevents it from being able to pump blood. Normally, the sac can hold only about 100 ml of fluid before the heart gives out.. Causes. One possible cause of cardiac Tamponade is a hormonal condition called hypothyroidism where gland is not able to produce thyroid hormones T3 and T4 necessary for metabolism and physiologic functioning. However, this is not the most common cause. According to Philips FR3 supplies specialists, the most common cause is penetrating trauma to the heart. The condition may affect the heart directly or the blood ...
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Cardiac tamponade, also known as pericardial tamponade, is when fluid in the pericardium (the sac around the heart) builds up and results in compression of the heart. Onset may be rapid or more gradual. Symptoms typically include those of cardiogenic shock including shortness of breath, weakness, lightheadedness, and cough. Other symptoms may relate to the underlying cause. Common causes include cancer, kidney failure, chest trauma, and pericarditis. Other causes include connective tissue diseases, hypothyroidism, aortic rupture, and following cardiac surgery. In Africa, tuberculosis is a relatively common cause. Diagnosis may be suspected based on low blood pressure, jugular venous distension, pericardial rub, or quiet heart sounds. The diagnosis may be further supported by specific electrocardiogram (ECG) changes, chest X-ray, or an ultrasound of the heart. If fluid increases slowly the pericardial sac can ...
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Cardiac tamponade is an emergency condition that needs to be treated in the hospital. The fluid around the heart must be drained as quickly as possible. A procedure that uses a needle to remove fluid from the tissue that surrounds the heart will be done. A surgical procedure to cut and remove part of the covering of the heart (pericardium) may also be done. This is known as surgical pericardiectomy or pericardial window. Fluids are given to keep blood pressure normal until the fluid can be drained from around the heart. Medicines that increase blood pressure may also help keep the person alive until the fluid is drained. Oxygen may be given to help reduce the workload on the heart by decreasing tissue demands for blood flow. The cause of tamponade must be found and treated. ...
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Twenty-five patients after open heart surgery were enrolled in this analysis. In case of suspected cardiac tamponade patients underwent both echocardiography and CT imaging. Using CT as standard of reference sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values of ultrasound imaging in detecting pericardial effusion/hematoma were analyzed. Clinical appearance of tamponade, need for re-intervention as well as patient outcome were monitored ...
*  Haemodynamic effects of volume resuscitation by hypertonic saline-dextran (HSD) in porcine acute cardiac tamponade.
BACKGROUND: Hypertonic saline-dextran (HSD) has been utilized for small-volume resuscitation in acute circulatory shock. However, HSD has also been reported to induce myocardial depression. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of HSD on c
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List of 12 disease causes of Pericardial tamponade, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Pericardial tamponade.
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Electrical alternans may be present. When the word alternans is used, the underlying pathophysiology that is most often thought of is alternans due to motion of the heart and its shifting position in relationship to the surface electrodes. The pathophysiologic mechanism underlying the alternation in the height or amplitude of the QRS complex is the swinging or shifting or the electrical axis of the heart. It should be noted that there can also be P wave and T wave alternans attributable to the motion of the heart. While electrical alternans is frequently thought of in association with pericardial effusion, it should be noted that not all pericardial effusions cause electrical alternans, and that total electrical alternans (involving the p wave, QRS complex and the T wave) is present in just 5-10% of cases of cardiac tamponade. ...
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Home » Heart tamponade. Heart tamponade --, cardiac tamponade interference with the venous return of blood to the heart due to an extensive accumulation of blood in the pericardium (pericardial effusion). Tamponade may occur as a complication of dissecting thoracic aneurysm, pericarditis, renal failure, acute myocardial infarction, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease (for example lupus), chest trauma or a malignancy. Fluid in the pericardial sac is demonstrated by echocardiogram. Treatment involves the emergent removal of the fluid. This may be accomplished by a needle aspiration technique or emergency surgery (pericardial window). ...
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Cardiac tamponade is a medical emergency that can be readily reversed with timely recognition and appropriate intervention. The clinical diagnosis of cardiac tamponade requires synthesis of a constellation of otherwise non-specific features, based on an understanding of the underlying pathophysiology. Whereas echocardiographic examination is a central component of diagnosis, alone it is insufficient to establish the physiologic diagnosis of hemodynamically significant cardiac tamponade. The hemodynamic diagnosis of cardiac tamponade requires clinical evidence of low cardiac output and stroke volume in the setting of elevated cardiac filling pressures, with evidence of increased sympathetic tone (tachycardia, peripheral vasoconstriction, etc), and exclusion of other causes of shock as the primary problem (particularly cardiogenic shock ...
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This stock medical illustration of cardiac tamponade depicts the compression of the heart caused by blood accumulating in the space between the muscle of the heart (myocardium) and the outer covering sac of the heart (pericardium). Green arrows indicate how pressure from the accumulated blood in the pericardium constricts the heart.
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All information about the latest scientific publications of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra. Cardiac tamponade in disseminated lupus erythematosus
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Cardiac tamponade is a life-threatening condition that results from slow or rapid heart compression secondary to accumulation of fluid, pus...
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