*  Cleavage of Annexin A1 by ADAM10 during Secondary Necrosis Generates ...
Annexin A1 is an intracellular calcium/phospholipid-binding protein that is involved in membrane organization and the regulation of the immune system. It has been attributed an anti-inflammatory role at various control levels, and recently we could show that annexin A1 externalization during secondary necrosis provides an important fail-safe mechanism counteracting ...
*  Protein prevents detrimental immune effects of bacterial sepsis ( The anti-inflammatory protein ...
The anti-inflammatory protein annexin 1 may protect patients from the ...Severe inflammatory response syndrome or SIRS occurs when the body's...Damazo et al. studied this balancing act by analyzing the effects of t...When normal mice were treated with LPS the immune system induced a st...The researchers characterized the expression of annexin 1 and found th...,Protein,prevents,detrimental,immune,effects,of,bacterial,sepsis,biological,biology news ...
*  Annexin A2 expression during cellular differentiation in myeloid cell lines | Biochemical Society ...
Annexin A2 is a calcium-dependent, phospholipid-binding protein found on many cell types. It consists of a short hydrophobic tail (Ser2-Asn32), which dictates its function, and a core domain (Phe33-Asp339), which is involved in phospholipid binding. Annexin A2 has been implicated in a number of biochemical processes, including cell proliferation, foetal immune tolerance, ion-channel activation, cell-cell interactions and the bridging of membranes. ...
*  Recruitment of Annexin 2 to the Nascent Phagosome is an Essential Step in the Phagocytosis of Outer Segments by RPE ...
Purpose: : To examine the role of annexin 2 in the formation and internalisation of phagosomes in retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells. Methods: : Human ARPE19 cells were cultured on the glass inserts of Matek dishes for immunofluorescence and live imaging, or plastic Nunc dishes for biochemical analysis. In some studies ARPE19 cells were exposed to siRNA for annexin 2 for three days prior to experimentation. Outer segments were prepared from porcine retina using standard ...
*  Annexin V-Cy3 Apoptosis Detection Kit | GeneTex
Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit is based on the observation that soon after initiating apoptosis, cells translocate the membrane phosphatidyl-serine (PS) from the inner face of the plasma membrane to the cell surface. Once on the cell surface, PS can be easily detected by staining with a fluorescent conjugate of Annexin V, a protein that has a high affinity for PS. The one-step staining procedure takes only 10 minutes. ...
*  Annexins sense changes in intracellular pH during hypoxia | Biochemical Journal
The pHi (intracellular pH) is an important physiological parameter which is altered during hypoxia and ischaemia, pathological conditions accompanied by a dramatic decrease in pHi. Sensors of pHi include ion transport systems which control intracellular Ca2+ gradients and link changes in pHi to functions as diverse as proliferation and apoptosis. The annexins are a protein ...
*  Low-Dose Antigen Promotes Induction of FOXP3 in Human CD4+ T Cells | The Journal of Immunology
Low Ag dose promotes induction and persistence of regulatory T cells (Tregs) in mice, yet few studies have addressed the role of Ag dose in the induction of adaptive CD4+FOXP3+ Tregs in humans. To this end, we examined the level of FOXP3 expression in human CD4+CD25− T cells upon activation with autologous APCs and varying doses of peptide. Ag-specific T cells expressing FOXP3 were identified by flow cytometry using MHC class II tetramer (Tmr). We found an inverse relationship between Ag dose and the frequency of FOXP3+ cells for both foreign Ag-specific and self ...
*  anti-Annexin III antibody [1A9] | GeneTex
Annexin III antibody [1A9] (Annexin A3) for FACS, WB. Anti-Annexin III mAb (GTX84883) is tested in Human, Dog, Monkey, Rat samples. 100% Ab-Assurance.
*  anti-Annexin A1 antibody | GeneTex
Annexin A1 antibody (annexin A1) for ICC/IF, IHC-P, IP, WB. Anti-Annexin A1 pAb (GTX101070) is tested in Human, Mouse, Rat samples. 100% Ab-Assurance.
*  annexin,cell detection,TransDetect® Annexin V-EGFP/PI Cell Apoptosis Detection Kit,Cell Detecti
TransDetect® Annexin V-EGFP/PI Cell Apoptosis Detection Kit,Cell Detection,Cell Culture and Detection,Products,Beijing TransGen Biotech Co.Ltd,OverviewContents&amp storageCitations &amp referencesRelated ImagesDownloadOverviewDescriptionThe Annexin V
*  Annexin A1抗体- Carboxyterminal ...
Annexin A1兔多克隆抗体(ab65844)可与小鼠, 大鼠, 人样本反应并经WB, IP, IHC, ICC实验严格验证。所有产品均提供质保服务,中国75%以上现货。
*  Anti-Annexin A10 antibody (ab2343) Protocols | Abcam
Abcam provides specific protocols for Anti-Annexin A10 antibody (ab2343) : Western blot protocols, Immunohistochemistry protocols
*  Annexin V Apoptosis Assay - Phosphatidylserine Detection by Annexin V
With Annexin V Apoptosis Assay, detect one of the earliest events in apoptosis-the externalization of phosphatidylserine (PS)-in living cells
*  AID 590043 - Induction of apoptosis in human K562 cells assessed as viable cells at 50 nM using ...
BioAssay record AID 590043 submitted by ChEMBL: Induction of apoptosis in human K562 cells assessed as viable cells at 50 nM using annexin V-propidium iodide and annexin V staining by flow cytometry (Rvb = 87.02%).
*  Annexin A5 - Biomarker | BiomarkerBase
Annexin A5 is a biomarker used in Hiv Infection, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Hypertension and 942 other diseases. Learn more about Annexin A5.
*  Anti-Annexin A1 antibody (ab97485) | Abcam
Rabbit polyclonal Annexin A1 antibody validated for WB, IHC, ICC/IF and tested in Human. Immunogen corresponding to recombinant fragment
*  Annexin A1 Antibody 66344-1-Ig | Proteintech
Annexin A1 Antibody 66344-1-Ig has been identified with ELISA, IF, IHC, WB. 66344-1-Ig detected 35 kDa band in A431 cells with 1:2500-1:10000 dilution...
*  重组人Annexin A3蛋白(ab92929)|Abcam中国
购买我们的重组人Annexin A3蛋白。Ab92929为全长蛋白,在大肠杆菌中生产并经过Western blot, SDS-PAGE实验验证。Abcam提供免费的实验方案,操作技巧及专业的支持。
*  Annexin A1 (1-25) (dephosphorylated) (human) H-3196 | Bachem
Bachem offers H-3196 Annexin A1 (1-25) (dephosphorylated) (human) for your research. Find all specific details here. Find product specific information including available pack sizes, CAS, detailed description and references here.
*  人Annexin A1肽(ab47659)|Abcam中国
购买我们的人Annexin A1肽。Ab47659为合成肽。Abcam提供免费的实验方案,操作技巧及专业的支持。中国80%以上现货。
*  Annexin A3 Antibody (2F3) (NBP2-03373): Novus Biologicals
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Annexin A3 Antibody (2F3). Validated: WB, ICC/IF, IHC, IHC-P. Tested Reactivity: Human, Monkey. 100% Guaranteed.
*  AHNAK interaction with the annexin 2/S100A10 complex regulates cell membrane ...
In epithelial cells, AHNAK is predominantly a cytosolic protein localized at the plasma membrane intracellular face. A faint AHNAK immunoreactivity within the cell nuclei was observed in cells submitted to a Ca2+ switch (Fig. 5 C), but was never observed in other cell culture conditions. The apparent exclusive cytoplasmic localization of AHNAK in MDCK cells contrasts with the results of Shtivelman's group, who reported nuclear localization ...
*  The interaction between host Annexin A2 and viral Nsp9 is beneficial for replication of porcine ...
Sigma-Aldrich offers abstracts and full-text articles by [Jiangnan Li, Dongwei Guo, Li Huang, Manman Yin, Qingfang Liu, Yan Wang, Chunmei Yang, Yuanyuan Liu, Lijie Zhang, Zhijun Tian, Xuehui Cai, Liyun Yu, Changjiang Weng].