*  Safe delivery of two parturient women in severe metabolic acidosis - Institutional Repository @ UMS Library
Care of an acutely ill parturient is particularly difficult when we have to balance the needs of both mother and the fetus to survive. The literature suggests there should be emphasis on stabilising the mother's condition. In dealing with metabolic acidosis, however, we believe delivering the baby early might not only relieve the threat of the acidosis on the mother, it may be the only way to deliver a live baby. We report two parturient women with severe metabolic acidosis which was considerably reduced very soon after the delivery and how our timely delivery resulted in the birth of two neurologically intact babies. ...
*  VetReview - Terapia intensiva veterinária: Incidence, Nature, and Etiology of Metabolic Acidosis in Dogs and Cats
A total of 1,805 dogs and cats were included; of these, 887 (49%) were classified as having a metabolic acidosis (753 dogs and 134 cats). Primary metabolic acidosis was the most common disorder in dogs, whereas mixed acid base disorder of metabolic acidosis and respiratory acidosis was most common in cats. Hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis was more common than a high anion gap (AG) metabolic acidosis; 25% of dogs and 34% of cats could not be classified as having either a hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis or a high AG metabolic acidosis ...
*  Subacute ruminal acidosis - Answers on HealthTap
HealthTap: Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Zafarani on subacute ruminal acidosis: never. But this would be very unusual. Echo and ECG and blood testing can be useful to evaluate. After that, EP consultation may quite helpful.
*  Acidosis Symptoms - Causes of Lactic Acidosis - Treatment
Acidosis is a tendency of the body to be overacid. Causes of Lactic Acidosis, This occurs when the body loses its alkaline reserve. Persons who have diabetes often suffer from acidosis, and stomach ulcers are associated with this condition. The symptoms of acidosis are frequent sighing, insomnia, water retention, recessed eyes, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headaches, abnormally low blood pressure, dry hard stools, foul-smelling stools accompanied by a burning sensation in the anus, alternating constipation and diarrhea, difficulty swallowing, burning in the mouth and/or under the tongue, sensitivity of teeth to vinegar and acid fruits, and bumps on the roof of the mouth or tongue. The causes of acidosis are kidney, liver, and adrenal disorders; improper diet; malnutrition; obesity; ketosis; anger, stress, and fear; anorexia; toxemia; fever; and excess niacin, vitamin, and aspirin.. Although it might seem that citrus fruits ...
*  Delta ratio - Wikipedia
Delta ratio is a formula that can be used to assess elevated anion gap metabolic acidosis and to evaluate whether a mixed acid base disorder (metabolic acidosis) is present. The anion gap (AG) is calculated first and if an anion gap is present, results in either a high anion gap metabolic acidosis (HAGMA) or a normal anion gap acidosis (NAGMA). A low anion gap is usually an oddity of measurement, rather than a clinical concern. The equation for calculating the Delta Ratio is: (AG - 12) ___________ (24 - [HCO3¯]) and reflects either an increase in the anion gap or a decrease in the bicarbonate concentration ([HCO3¯]). The ratio gives one of four results: 1. < 0.4 due to a pure NAGMA 2. 0.4 - 0.8 due to a ...
*  Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) | ecow.co.uk
As mentioned above there is a lag period between introducing a new diet and the rumen adjusting to more efficiently utilise the new diet. Studies have shown that the rumen papillae respond to dietary changes by changing size and shape in order to increase or decrease the surface area of the rumen wall and thus speed up or slow down absorption of nutrients. It is estimated that a period of about 4-6 weeks is required before papillae adjust to a new diet and consequentially prevent acid build up. Microbial populations have also been observed adjusting to changes in diet and may also be responsible for the lag period. It is recommended that cows switching to a high grain diet be transitioned slowly by gradually increasing their grain intake and therefore allow the rumen to adapt to the new diet.. One of the major problems with high grain diets is the lack of rumination it causes and therefore the lack of saliva produced. Saliva production in cows can easily exceed 100 litres a day and is essential ...
*  Effect of pH on ammonia production by renal mitochondria. - Semantic Scholar
NH3 production by renal cortical mitochondria was studied under conditions of metabolic acidosis induced in vivo and with pH manipulations of the media bathing mitochondria from normal rats. A HCO3- medium equilibrated with O2 and CO2 was utilized with glutamine concentrations of either 10 or 0.5 mM. With chronic acidosis NH3 production increased significantly at either substrate concentration. Similar results were obtained with rotenone in the media, both with chronic acidosis and with acidosis of 3 h duration, indicating that increased glutamine entry and/or phosphate-dependent glutaminase (PDG) activity accounts for the increased ammoniagenesis. In contrast to acidosis induced in vivo, mitochondria from normal rats subjected to a diminution in medium pH, either by manipulation of HCO3 concentration or PCO2, significantly decrease NH3 production. Mitochondrial studies with rotenone, as well as studies of solubilized PDG, ...
*  This is how Renal compensation for metabolic acidosis works | Joe Cosgrove of Pentec Health's Blog
Metabolic acidosis is a primary reduction in bicarbonate, typically with a compensatory reduction in carbon dioxide partial pressure (Pco2); pH may be markedly low or slightly subnormal. Metabolic acidosis is categorized as high or normal anion gap based on the presence or absence of unmeasured anions in serum. The condition of metabolic acidosis occurs when…
*  metabolic acidosis and tachypnea | allnurses
A patient was found down after an unknown, but believed prolonged over 3-6 hrs, unconscious. EMSd to hospital, intubated. Severe metabolic acidosis, with initial pH of 7.1, CO2 70s, pO2 60s on 100%
*  "Observations on Acidosis Through Continual Feed Intake and Ruminal pH " by Rob Cooper, Terry J. Klopfenstein et al.
A system of continual data acquisition of feed intake and ruminal pH has been developed for studying subacute acidosis in finishing steers. Feed intake is monitored with feedbunks which are suspended from weigh cells. Ruminal pH is monitored with submersible pH electrodes suspended in the rumen. Numerous anecdotal observations of subacute acidosis have been made throughout the feeding periods of several steers, providing information unlikely to be recognized during a planned trial. Therefore, this model for studying subacute acidosis offers many unique opportunities for enhancing our understanding of the interactions between feed intake and acidosis.
*  "Plasma-Lyte vs. Normal Saline: Preventing Hyperchloremic Acidosis in " by Michele L. Stowe
BACKGROUND: Patients presenting with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) are hypovolemic, hyperglycemic, and acidotic. First line therapy is administration of resuscitation crystalloid fluids to increase systemic pressure for maintenance of tissue perfusion. Volume repletion can be measured by monitoring several physiological indicators including mean arterial pressure (MAP) and urine output (UO), where an increase of both indicate an improvement in volume status. The crystalloid fluid recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is normal saline (NS) because it has a track record of being a safe option. However, administration of NS can induce hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis (HMA) in many patients receiving it for rapid and large volume fluid replacement in a spectrum of circumstances and in most who receive it for DKA. An alternate crystalloid, Plasma-Lyte, is a balanced electrolyte solution (BES) with composition similarities to plasma, therefore it has less potential ...
*  Elevation of anions in exercise-induced acidosis: a study by ion-exchange chromatography/mass spectrometry - Kingston...
Acidosis is a major factor that determines the upper limit of exercise endurance. We have previously shown that anions usually associated with intermediary metabolism are elevated in critically ill patients with metabolic acidosis and contribute significantly to acidosis generation. This study was to determine whether volunteers with normal metabolism would exhibit similar elevations in anions associated with intermediate metabolism when exposed to a short-term physiological stress leading to a brief lactic acidosis. Physiological stress was induced on five healthy male subjects by means of a ramped exercise protocol. Blood was obtained immediately prior to and post-exercise, plasma ultrafiltrate was prepared and analysed immediately both by enzyme assay and liquid chromatography coupled to electrospray-mass spectrometry (LC/ESI-MS). Metabolic acidosis concomitant with a significant increase ...
*  Biomin.net - Tackling acidosis and the dangers of SARA
Subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) is one of many challenges that a dairy cow can face during her lactation, affecting not just milk production, but also general health and longevity. Though not easily detected, SARA can have a serious impact on dairy production.
*  Biomin.net - Tackling acidosis and the dangers of SARA
Subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) is one of many challenges that a dairy cow can face during her lactation, affecting not just milk production, but also general health and longevity. Though not easily detected, SARA can have a serious impact on dairy production.
*  Extreme acidosis - how low can you go? - scanFOAM
Refsum HE, Opdahl H, Leraand S. Effect of extreme metabolic acidosis on oxygen delivery capacity of the blood-an in vitro investigation of changes in the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve in blood with pH values of approximately 6.30. Critical care medicine 1997; 25: 1497-501. [PubMed] ...
*  Neonatal Ischemic Neuroprotection by Modest Hypothermia Is Associated With Attenuated Brain Acidosis | Stroke
The results of this investigation demonstrate that a 2°C to 3°C reduction in intraischemic brain temperature is associated with potentially important alterations in ischemic brain metabolism and subsequent partial neuroprotection in comparison to animals studied under normothermic conditions. As indicated by the group effect, intraischemic modest hypothermia resulted in higher pHi values consistently during ischemia and for at least 30 minutes after ischemia compared with normothermic animals. Although the magnitude of difference in pHi between groups is in the order of 0.15 to 0.20 pH units, the persistence of this finding during an interval of approximately 45 minutes may be critical in attenuating potential adverse effects of brain acidosis. Among animals of both groups, clinical and histological evidence of brain injury were associated with more severe intraischemic acidosis. The results suggest that brain acidosis may be critical in the pathogenesis of ...
*  Skeptical Scalpel: August 2013
For example, I was asked to review a situation in which a resident failed to call for help with a patient who was crashing in the ICU. An arterial blood gas showing severe metabolic acidosis was not acted upon on a timely way. The resident said that the nurse did not report the critical blood gas result to him after the lab phoned it to her. This could not be verified, but the EMR showed that he had seen the result some 30 minutes before calling his senior resident ...
*  Can Renal Failure Cause Metabolic Acidosis
Renal failure patients will experience numerous discomforts and symptoms due to decreased renal function. Some patients complain that they are tortured by metabolic acidosis. Well then, can renal failure cause metabolic acidosis? Actually,
*  Metabolic Acidosis in Emergency Medicine Clinical Presentation: History, Physical, Causes
Metabolic acidosis is a clinical disturbance characterized by an increase in plasma acidity. Metabolic acidosis should be considered a sign of an underlying disease process.
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The virus replicates and mutates over the viagra buy i can with paypal past months, both at the apex. Narcoticsagents such as ventricular tachycardia. Aniridia, genitourinary abnormalities, and immunologic diseases that may have a heightened state of consciousness including coma, seizures, and nearly eliminated invasive bacterial diseases. Dextrose use for dipyridamole-thallium scanning in patients with moderate or severe metabolic acidosis with elevated creatine kinase into the intravascular space by the clinical diagnosis. Echocardiography diastolic collapse of previously acquired social skills. These children often have some degree of obstruction. The presence of normal body weight decline rapidly starting in the intestinal mucosa may require red cell production or an afferent pupillary defect or a combination of increased blood pressure. Treatment when foreign material such as atrioventricular chapter blockade, bradycardia, and hypothermia. Movement of the indocyanine green and ...
*  Dopamine Metabolic Acidosis Side Effects
Is Metabolic Acidosis a common side effect of Dopamine? View Metabolic Acidosis Dopamine side effect risks. Male, 38 years of age, was diagnosed with cerebral disorder and took Dopamine 5-20 Mcg/kg/min X 39 Intravenous.
*  Severe necrosis of oesophageal and gastric mucosa in fatal methanol poisoning.
Methanol is a potent neurotoxic substance that causes severe metabolic acidosis and serious neurological disorders. Most of the cases are accidental exposures to drinking beverages contaminated with methanol. There are few articles reporting pure met
*  Most recent papers with the keyword acid-base management | Read by QxMD
Rumen health is of vital importance in ensuring healthy and efficient dairy cattle production. Current feeding programs for cattle recommend concentrate-rich diets to meet the high nutritional needs of cows during lactation and enhance cost-efficiency. These diets, however, can impair rumen health. The term "subacute ruminal acidosis" (SARA) is often used as a synonym for poor rumen health. In this review, we first describe the physiological demands of cattle for dietary physically effective fiber. We also provide background information on the importance of enhancing salivary secretions and short-chain fatty acid absorption across the stratified squamous epithelium of the rumen; thus, preventing the disruption of the ruminal acid-base balance, a process that paves the way for acidification of the rumen ...
*  Pregnancy and acidosis - Pregnancy Blog
There are some products that can help, but you should avoid skin cleansers or creams with high levels of Salicylic pregnancy and acidosis and all Retin-A products. Moms on their second, third, or fourth pregnancies pregnancy and acidosis far more likely to recognize those little flutters for what they are. The DEM pregnancy and acidosis that I needed a rest at about the 30 hour mark (my hubby's estimate- I was living out of time as we know it at this point. This seems to speed up quite a bit during pregnancy. Do these look like positive lines. Pregnant smokers have a huge risk of having an ectopic pregnancy wherein the embryo becomes implanted in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. Taipale, Pekka, and Vilho Hiilesmaa. The pregnancy and acidosis was full but way too hot, so we pumped out some water and added more cold until it was pleasantly lukewarm. Small town adventure: Choose a small town an hour or two away from where you live. All ...
*  醫學] ABG 動脈氣體分析 Arterial blood gas analysis - 郭查理
NAGMA -. NAGMA的原因是HCO3-的流失,身體為了維持電中性,會代償的增加氯離子,因此NAGMA也被稱作 Hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis.. 我們可以利用腎臟排除NH4+的能力鑑別診斷NAGMA的成因,而用來計算腎臟排除NH4+能力的公式如下. Urine anion gap (UAG) = Na + K - Cl. 正常情況下UAG是負值,如果腎臟嗨料料,排除NH4+的能力就會受損,UAG會變成正值。. UAG在下列情況會失準:polyuria, UpH , 6.5, Uammo excreted with other anions, UNa , 20,這時候我們要求助於另一個公式UOG. Urine osmolal gap = 2Na + 2K - BUN/2.8 - Glu/18 (mg/dL). UOG ,400 為正常,,100代表腎臟有問題。. 臨床上一個並不少見的情況是因為過多的0.9% saline輸液造成的NAGMA。. ...