*  High tension power lines - Construction Materials
The strongest magnetic fields are usually emitted from high voltage transmission lines - the power lines on the big, tall metal towers. Some sources include power lines , household wiring, and anything. The debate of whether there are adverse effects associated with electromagnetic fields from living close to high - voltage power lines has raged for years. Most of the hundreds of thousands of miles of high - voltage transmission lines in this country are made solely of metal-either aluminum or . High voltage power lines often have easements associated with . But what if long-term exposure to the electrical and magnetic energy produced by high - voltage wires caused health problems? Residential distance to high - voltage power lines and risk of . In the case of high - voltage ...
*  Ultra high voltage transmission system - Excellent Data Storage
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*  EMF-Portal | Preterm birth among women living within 600 meters of high voltage overhead Power Lines: a case-control study.
Increased risks for spontaneous preterm birth and birth defect were observed in women who were living in less than 600 meters from high voltage power lines compared to those living in farther distance (OR 3.28, CI 1.37-7.85 and OR 5.05, CI 1.52-16.78, respectively). Newborn death did not differ between those living close to high voltage power lines compared with those living farther than 600 m away during pregnancy ...
*  OT... High Voltage power lines
Birds don't seem to have any problem with the electric field or electromagnetic field around 7200 Volt lines, even while contacting the lines. I've ne
*  Nanostructured Zinc Oxide Varistors to Protect Against Overvoltage | NICE DB
A varistor is essentially a transient voltage suppressor or a surge protector. They are used in a number of devices that need a consistent voltage across the system for reliable operation. In the power industry, varistors are used in high voltage transmission systems to protect the grid from line surges caused by things like lightning strikes. Varistors are variable resistors that act as a shunt, allowing the flow of current under normal voltage but restricting current flow at or above the clamping voltage-the voltage required to trigger the sintering of the varistors zinc oxide and ceramic matrix[1]. Varistors are vital in all electrical transmission applications, but new and better varistors are needed to protect extremely high voltage systems from line surges[2]. Varistor technology is one of the limiting agents on the maximum voltage of ...
*  High voltage power supplies minimum current time - Excellent Data Storage
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*  Risk of cancer in Finnish children living close to power lines. | Base documentaire | BDSP
Objective-To investigate the risk of cancer in children living close to overhead power lines with magnetic fields of =0.01 microteslas muT. Design-Cohort study. Setting-The whole of Finland. Subjects-68 300 boys and 66 500 girls aged 0-19 years living during 1970:89 within 500 m of overhead power lines of 110-400 kV in magnetic fields...
*  Englund group members develop ultrasensitive magnetic-field detector | MIT EECS
MIT researchers have developed a new, ultrasensitive magnetic-field detector that is 1,000 times more energy-efficient than its predecessors. It could lead to miniaturized, battery-powered devices for medical and materials imaging, contraband detection, and even geological exploration.. Magnetic-field detectors, or magnetometers, are already used for all those applications. But existing technologies have drawbacks: Some rely on gas-filled chambers; others work only in narrow frequency bands, limiting their utility.. Synthetic diamonds with nitrogen vacancies (NVs) - defects that are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields - have long held promise as the basis for efficient, portable magnetometers. A diamond chip about one-twentieth the size of a thumbnail could contain trillions of nitrogen vacancies, each capable of performing its own magnetic-field measurement.. The problem has been aggregating all those measurements. Probing a nitrogen vacancy requires zapping it with laser light, which it ...
*  An Electricity eBay Framework Takes Shape in Europe - The Energy Collective
Classifying all market-participating devices in one of these categories simplifies development of the semantic framework. Such a framework provides context for energy market interactions and the concepts within these interactions. It also helps ensure that all devices are equal in a market, and regardless of wired or wireless communications preference, can participate as defined by their owners. The projected benefits are ambitious: to give consumers maximum choice in device decisions; prevent vendor "lock-ins"; and create an eBay-like energy market. There are benefits for utilities in these pilots too in the forms of reduced grid loads, reduced need for more transmission line investments, and support for virtual power plants (VPPs).. These benefits are not fully appreciated yet in the USA. But the challenges facing construction of high voltage transmission lines (NIMBY, costs, logistics, and project timelines) reduce the odds that large and remote generation will continue ...
*  CDC - NIOSH Publications and Products - Preventing Electrocutions During Work with Scaffolds Near Overhead Power Lines (91-110)
29 CFR 1926.21(b)(2). Code of Federal regulations. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, Office of the Federal Register.. 29 CFR 1926.50. Code of Federal regulations. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, Office of the Federal Register.. 29 CFR 1926.416(a)(1), (3). Code of Federal regulations. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, Office of the Federal Register.. 29 CFR 1926.451(d)(6). Code of Federal regulations. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, Office of the Federal Register.. 51 Fed. Reg. 42706 [1986]. Occupational Safety and Health Administration: safety standards for scaffolds used in the construction industry; proposed rulemaking.. NIOSH [1984]. NIOSH Alert: request for assistance in preventing electrocutions of workers in fast food restaurants. Cincinnati, OH: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. ...
*  36th week of 2012 patent applcation highlights part 11
In Line Signal Repeaters for Transmission Line Based Electric Fences - An electric repeater for use in transmission line based electric fences. The electric repeater comprises a forward amplifier, a backward amplifier, a quad pole quad throw signal switch, and a monostable circuit. The short forward electric pulse in the transmission line is amplified by the forward amplifier, and the amplified electric pulse trigger the monostable circuit. The monostable circuit then outputs a n electric pulse with predetermined width. This electric pulse operates the quad pole quad throw signal switch such that the wire pair of the transmission line is connected to the backward amplifier and disconnected from the forward amplifier as soon as the forward electric pulse has passed through the forward amplifier. DC electric power is supplied ...
*  Fatality #5 - July 14, 2017 | Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
The victim was moving agricultural irrigation pipe by hand and was electrocuted when the pipe came in contact with high voltage transmission lines overhead.
*  Health Effects of EMR | Life Energies
The health effects of living/working near power transmission lines. A British study conducted by Dennis Henshaw and colleagues at the University of Bristol, published in the International Journal of Radiation Biology on February 14, 1996, found that power lines attract particles from radon gas, a known carcinogen. They have found evidence that the harmful concentrations of radon products may be present around overhead power lines. The electromagnetic fields associated with the lines can therefore concentrate a cocktail of potential carcinogens.. On November 28, 1999, The Sunday Times reported on a new study by Professor Henshaw to be published in the International Journal of Radiation Biology. The study confirms that people living near them are exposed to radiation levels dozens of times greater than the legal limit.. The research firmly links the power lines with childhood leukaemia and other forms of cancer. …In some areas children living ...
*  Patente US5858666 - Apparatus and method of detection employing an AC frequency sensor array - Google Patentes
A transducer for detecting biomolecules comprises a bottom and a top unit. The bottom unit has a set of parallel electrically conductive transmission lines thereon and probes attached to selected locations along each transmission line for binding with the target molecule. The top unit has thereon a second set of parallel transmission lines transverse to those on the bottom unit. By applying AC signals sequentially to the two sets of transmission lines, each of the probe locations at the intersection of the two transmission lines can be addressed and the response of the probe in an unfilled detector location or a complex formed by the probe and the target in a filled detector location can be measured. If the target has been labelled, than the label at each of the locations may also be detected. The device can also be used for measuring binding constants between the probe and the target and concentrations of target solutions.
*  Search Resource Resources | NCBO BioPortal
The Cell Centered Database is a publicly accessible resource for high resolution 2D, 3D and 4D ... [more]The Cell Centered Database is a publicly accessible resource for high resolution 2D, 3D and 4D data from light and electron microscopy, including correlated imaging. Techniques range from wide field mosaics taken with multiphoton microscopy to 3D reconstructions of cellular ultrastructure using electron tomography. Contributions from the community are welcome. The CCDB was designed around the process of reconstruction from 2D micrographs, capturing key steps in the process from experiment to analysis. The CCDB refers to the set of images taken from the as the Microscopy Product. The microscopy product refers to a set of related 2D images taken by light (epifluorescence, transmitted light, confocal or multiphoton) or electron microscopy (conventional or high voltage transmission electron microscopy). These image sets may comprise a tilt series, optical section series, through focus series, ...
*  Patent US7857893 - Air cleaner and shut-down method - Google Patents
An air cleaner is provided according to an embodiment of the invention. The air cleaner includes a high voltage power supply configured to provide a high voltage to a collector cell and a shut-down circuit coupled to the high voltage power supply. The shut-down circuit is configured to monitor an electrical current supplied to the collector cell, remove electrical power to the collector cell if the electrical current exceeds a predetermined cell current threshold for a predetermined time period, and generate an indication if the electrical power is removed from the collector cell.
*  Patent US4384289 - Transponder unit for measuring temperature and current on live transmission ... - Google Patents
A toroidal shaped transponder unit is connected to a live power transmission line by means of a tripping mechanism and a hinge assembly. The unit includes means for sensing the temperature and current of the power transmission line and for transmitting the information to a local receiver. The toroid housing includes an open frame mounting hub and spoke assembly for mounting the sensors without interfering with the thermodynamics of the transmission line. The unit further includes a power coil and core assembly for receiving magnetic emanations from the transmission line and generating power to operate the electronic components within the unit.
*  China Building $3.7 bn, 1,373 Mile, High-Capacity Power Transmission Line | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture,...
Today China country took a major step towards upgrading its energy infrastructure by announcing the construction of the world's largest transmission line - a massive 800 kilovolt (kv) ultra-high
*  OSA | Transmission line model for extraction of transmission characteristics in photonic crystal waveguides with stubs: optical...
A simple and efficient transmission line model is proposed here to study how the transmission characteristics of photonic crystal waveguides are tailored by introduction of stubs patterned in the photonic crystal lattice. It is shown that band-pass and band-stop optical filters can be easily designed and optimized when stubs of appropriate length are brought in. Since the lengths of the designed stubs are not necessarily integer multiples of the photonic crystal lattice constant, a geometric shift in a portion of the photonic crystal structure is shown to be essential. The proposed model is verified by using a rigorous numerical method. An excellent agreement is observed between the numerical results and the transmission characteristics as extracted by the proposed model.. ©2012 Optical Society of America. Full Article , PDF Article ...
*  Wiley-IEEE Press: High-Speed Digital System Design: A Handbook of Interconnect Theory and Design Practices - Stephen H. Hall,...
Preface. 1. The Importance of Interconnect Design.. 1.1 The Basics.. 1.2 The Past and the Future.. 2. Ideal Transmission Line Fundamentals.. 2.1 Transmission Line Structures on a PCB or MCM.. 2.2 Wave Propagation.. 2.3 Transmission Line Parameters.. 2.3.1 Characteristic Impedance.. 2.3.2 Propagation Velocity, Time, and Distance.. 2.3.3 Equivalent Circuit Models for SPICE Simulation.. 2.4 Launching Initial Wave and Transmission Line Reflections.. 2.4.1 Initial Wave.. 2.4.2 Multiple Reflections.. 2.4.3 Effect of Rise Time on Reflections.. 2.4.4 Reflections From Reactive Loads.. 2.4.5 Termination Schemes to Eliminate Reflections.. 2.5 Additional Examples.. 2.5.1 Problem.. 2.5.2 Goals.. 2.5.3 Calculating the Cross-Sectional Geometry of the PCB.. 2.5.4 Calculating the Propagation Delay.. 2.5.5 Determining the Wave Shape Seen at the Receiver.. 2.5.6 Creating an Equivalent Circuit.. 3. Crosstalk.. 3.1 Mutual Inductance and Mutual Capacitance.. 3.2 Inductance and Capacitance Matrix.. 3.3 Field ...
*  Properties of and generalized full-wave transmission line models for hybrid (Bi)(an)isotropic waveguides - IEEE Journals &...
In this paper single and coupled equivalent transmission lines are developed for the propagation of modes in reciprocal and nonreciprocal, anisotropic, bi-
*  NIOSHTIC-2 Publications Search - 20039296 - Truck mounted pile driver presents fatal electrocution hazard.
Case 2003-36-01. (Photo 1) On October 30, 2003 at approximately 2PM a 34-year old laborer was electrocuted when the boom of a truck mounted pile-driver came into contact with an overhead power line. The victim was part of a three-man crew subcontracted to remove approximately 300 feet of guardrail posts on a US Forest Service access road. The power line was clearly marked in plans and the crew was
*  Partnership Solutions</span>...
Scania's ongoing development of hybrid and full electric trucks and buses is maturing into a commercial reality. We are also learning much from our participation in the Swedish electrified highway project, in partnership with Siemens. Trucks and buses can freely connect with overhead power lines while in motion - and then resume operation by combustion engine or battery power when needed ...