*  WHO | Unrecorded alcohol consumption
This project attempts to measure more accurately the level of alcohol consumption in different societies by factoring in the amount of unrecorded consumption. Unrecorded production of alcoholic beverages contributes significantly to overall alcohol availability, especially in developing countries and countries in the former Soviet Union. In some countries production in the informal sector is as high as 80%. Data from this project can be used for more precise estimates of per capita alcohol use and the burden associated with alcohol. As the consumption of home brews and other forms of non-commercial beverages is a problem in many countries, it is important to determine the extent of this form of alcohol use and its public health impact. The WHO project on unrecorded alcohol consumption was conducted in four mega-countries: Brazil, China, India and Nigeria. Data collection has been completed in all countries and analysis of data is currently taking place. ...
*  Town of Williamson, NY Alcoholic Beverages
It is the purpose of this chapter to protect the public interest, welfare, health and safety within the Town of Williamson, by prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places within the town. The Town Board finds that possession of an open container of alcoholic beverage in a public place within the town has led to consumption of the same, resulting in public intoxication, disorderly conduct, disturbance of the public peace, littering of the public places and destruction of property. The Town Board finds further that preservation of the public weal and prevention of conditions which lead to conduct disturbing the public peace attributable to consumption of alcoholic beverages can be accomplished by the prohibition of consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places and by restricting the possession of an open or unsealed container of ...
*  Excise on Alcoholic Beverages Sold by Chapter 180 Organizations
Generally, any corporation, association, or organization that is licensed by any city or town in Massachusetts to sell alcoholic beverages and which was organized under Chapter 180 of Massachusetts General Laws, including fraternal organizations, must pay a yearly excise of .57 percent on the gross receipts from the sale of alcoholic beverages. Any corporation, association, or organization that is subject to the business corporation excise, or that is a chartered veterans' organization that maintains quarters for the exclusive use of its members, is not liable for this excise. Gross receipts from the sale of alcoholic beverages are the total proceeds from the sales of all drinks with an alcoholic nature or content. Any cost or expense relating to the purchase, storage or sale of alcoholic beverages may not be deducted from gross receipts. ...
*  The Profile in Polyphenols and Volatile Compounds in Alcoholic Beverages from Different Cultivars of Mulberry - Juan - 2012 -...
Abstract: Mulberry fruits have different chemical compositions because of cultivar variation. In this study, polyphenol profile and volatile composition of alcoholic beverages produced from different mulberries of Da 10, Hongguo 2 hao, and Hongguo 1 hao were investigated. Statistically significant differences were detected in the chemical composition of the analyzed alcoholic beverage samples. The beverage of Da 10 possessed the highest content of total phenols, total flavonoids, and total anthocyanins, which was determined by spectrophotometry analysis, contrarily Hongguo 1 hao beverage showing the lowest. Phenolic acids and flavonols were analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography analysis. Protocatechuic acid was the main phenolic acid in all analyzed alcoholic beverage samples, and its concentration ranged from 8.20 mg L−1 (Hongguo 1 hao beverage) to 29.98 mg L−1 (Da 10 beverage). High level of flavonols was found in both Da 10 ...
*  How to pick whiskey gifts - Free-label-maker
When you need to present a whiskey as a present then you definitely should first research your options and get information on the different types of whiskies there are. If you'd like to get a premium Scotch then you should know what makes a whiskey a good Scotch. For that whiskey to turn into a scotch it's got to made from malted grain mainly malted barley or malted rye. These kinds of grains then ought to be distilled in the distillery located in Scotland and also must be aged in oak casks for three years or more. The whiskies should also always be matured in Scotland to be called a Scotch. The longer the actual whiskey ages the more high grade it will become.. Another kind of premium whiskey is the Bourbon. This can be a type of American whiskey and is made out of corn. This particular spirit is aged in a barrel and also gets the label from its historical association with Old Bourbon, a place today known as Bourbon County in Kentucky. Bourbon has been in production since the 18th century ...
*  DMOZ - Health: Specific Substances: Alcoholic Beverages
The Alcoholic Beverages category focuses on the effects of alcoholic beverages on the human body. Sites appropriate for this category include consumer information, professional information, organizations, services, and personal experiences.
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*  University Profile Database » Midwestern State University
And more!. MSU Alcohol Policy. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on campus except in Bridwell Courts, Sundance Court and Sunwatcher Village apartment residences (see the current edition of the Housing and Residence Life Handbook for the specific policy guidelines regulating the use of alcoholic beverages in university housing) and at social functions which have been registered and approved through the Dean of Students office. Open containers are not allowed in public areas.. 1. Alcoholic beverage functions must conform to state law.. 2. State law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages without a liquor license. This shall include the free distribution of alcoholic beverages in connection with a function for which a cover charge has been assessed.. 3. Public intoxication is considered to be offensive and in violation of this policy. ...
*  Nomination Summary for Spirits (alcoholic beverages) (N92201)
Nominated Substances: Spirits (alcoholic beverages). Nomination Date: 02/03/1992 Nominator: Private Individual Rationale: Lack of studies on alcoholic beverages, wide consumer exposure NTP Principles: not specified Status: No Testing ...
*  Bactrim and alcoholic beverages / Leffet du viagra video
To realize their bond among alcoholic beverages and also erectile. Bactrim\'s effect on folic acid \' needed for normal development in the fetus \' may cause.. ❸-3-6}. Bactrim; Cefadroxil;. ANTABUSE is very useful in treating alcoholism and it works by. This risk greatly increases if you combine it with alcoholic beverages.FAQ - Conjunctivitis, Allergic. Can I drink alcohol while using treatment prescribed for conjunctivitis?. I had a horrible reaction to Bactrim and was hospitalized ...
*  Sabinet | Negative growth for South African alcoholic beverage market : market research column
The South African alcoholic beverage market volume declined by 2,7% in 2008 and further declines of 1,7% are expected during 2009. The recorded decline in the alcoholic beverage market is attributed to slow down in the South African economy. Consumers have less disposable income and are consequently spending less on alcoholic products.
*  Reduced Toxicity In Alcoholic Beverages (Chigurupati Technologies Private Limited)
The present invention relates to reduced toxicity of functional alcoholic beverage composition comprising distilled alcohol, deionized water, 18β-Glycyrrhizin or 18α-Glycyrrhizin and a sugar alcohol or sugars, having pH in the range of 4.0-9.0. More particularly, alcoholic beverage composition comprises distilled alcohol, deionized water, 18β-Glycyrrhizin or 18α-Glycyrrhizin and a sugar alcohol/sugars
*  Articles about Alcoholic Beverage Control - latimes
Alcoholic Beverage Control News. Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Alcoholic Beverage Control From The latimes
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*  brandy | alcoholic beverage | Britannica.com
brandy: Alcoholic beverage distilled from wine or a fermented fruit mash. The term used alone generally refers to the grape product; brandies made from the wines or fermented mashes of...
*  Nutrients in Alcoholic beverage, distilled, vodka, 80 proof
Detailed nutritional values of Alcoholic beverage, distilled, vodka, 80 proof. Online analysis information with non-nutrients and nutrients composition facts table for item No. 14051 found in category Beverages. Data contents chart for nutritionists. Food details for ALCOHOLIC BEV,DISTILLED,VODKA,80 PROOF in different kinds of quantities, amounts or measurements.
*  Alcohol Outlet Densities Linked to Intimate Partner Violence-related Visits
An association between alcohol outlet densities and Intimate partner violence (IPV)-related emergency department visits has been established in a recent study.
*  WisBusiness.com: Yahara Bay Distillers: Wisconsin to get its firs (legal) taste of locally distilled 10-year old whiskey
For every batch of whiskey, there are two major factors that determine how it will taste a decade later: the wooden barrel it s aged in and the environment the barrel is stored in. Traditionally, whiskey is aged in oak barrels that are either toasted or charred when they are built, creating a layer of charcoal that filters out the raw spirit s unwanted flavors. Through a chemical process called adsorption, the molecules that make young whiskey so harsh are drawn to the barrel s wall, creating a thin layer of everything you don t want in a drink. At the same time, the wood adds flavor to the whisky, slowly infusing the liquor with lignin and vanillin (for vanilla-like taste), lactones (for a buttery flavor) and tannins or wood spice (which makes the whiskey dry ...
*  Project | Scotch Whisky | Whisky
A Abv. Or alcohol by volume. The strength of an alcohol or spirit measured as the percentage of pure alcohol contained in the liquid. For instance, a whisky of 40% abv. will contain 40% of pure alcohol, the rest being made up of water mainly plus various congeners. The minimum age for a whisky in Scotland and Ireland is 3 years old. The age figuring on the label is always the one of the youngest whisky contained in the bottle if it is the result of a blending or a vatting. Once bottled, a whisky does not mature any more. See maturation. The name given to the alcohol which evaporates from the casks during the ageing process, and amounting to approximately 2% per year of the cask's content. The cereal from which Malt is made. Age Ageing Angel Share B Barley . Barrel A term refering to a cask in general. Barrel is also often used to refer specificaly to the traditional American type of cask with a capacity of about 180 l. Or Blended Whisky. The result of the blending of Malt Whisky with Grain ...
*  Alcohol Sales Petition Begins Circulating in Longview
Currently, Longview alcohol sales are based on elections held after Prohibition that legalized alcohol sales on the southern and eastern part of the city to the Gregg-Harrison County line. In 2007, Longview citizens voted to allow mixed beverage alcohol sales in restaurants.. Longview United feels the economic development of northern and western parts of Longview are being hampered because beer/wine off-premise sales are not allowed on most of the Loop 281 northern corridor from approximately Tryon Road East to Harrison Road West. Changing this law would allow those areas to be able to recruit more supermarkets and grocery stores, allow the existing grocery stores to compete with stores in the 'wet' area and would also bring east Longview under the same rules.. Kimberley Fish, Treasurer of the Longview United for Growth says they will need about 6,000 signatures from registered voters to place it on the May 2013 ballot.. ...
*  Serious Concerns Over Alcoholic Beverages with Added Caffeine
According to data and expert opinion, caffeine can mask sensory cues that people may rely on to determine how intoxicated they are. This means that individuals drinking these beverages may consume more alcohol-and become more intoxicated-than they realize. At the same time, caffeine does not change blood alcohol content levels, and thus does not reduce the risk of harms associated with drinking alcohol. Studies suggest that drinking caffeine and alcohol together may lead to hazardous and life-threatening behaviors. For example, serious concerns are raised about whether the combination of alcohol and caffeine is associated with an increased risk of alcohol-related consequences, including alcohol poisoning, sexual assault, and riding with a driver who is under the influence of alcohol.. Malt versions of premixed alcoholic beverages come in containers holding between 12 and 32 liquid ounces. Some may also contain stimulant ...
*  Tips on how to select a whisky gift - Free-label-maker
When you are planning on giving a whisky present you need to do a little bit of homework and get some information on the different types of whiskies available. A single malt Scotch or a classic Bourbon tend to be a couple of of the greatest whiskies that you could present. A single malt Scotch also offers several flavors as well as textures which rely on the location which the whisky originates from. You need to read up just a little on the primary whisky producing areas of Scotland to be able to determine which whisky you want to present.. The main whisky making regions in Scotland are Islay, Speyside, Island, Highland, Lowland as well as Campbeltown. Out of these areas it's the Highland as well as Speyside whiskies that are typically the most popular and also largely marketed. The Speyside district has the highest number of distilleries inside whole of Scotland and the highest manufacturing of whisky happens in the Highland area. The Islay as well as Island district tend to be fairly ...
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*  FDA Warns on Alcoholic Drinks with Caffeine | Alcohol Self-Help News
Serious Concerns Over Alcoholic Beverages with Added Caffeine Caffeinated alcoholic beverages, or CABs, are alcoholic beverages that contain caffeine as an additive and are packaged in combined form. Alcoholic beverages to which caffeine has been added as a separate ingredient have raised health concerns at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as in…
*  Cognac Substitutes for Cooking | eHow
Cognac is brandy that comes from Cognac, France, and meets specific criteria: it has to have been aged in oak casks for at least two years at a storage facility that is registered with the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC); the minimum level of alcohol content when sold must be 40%; no additives may be put in the cognac; and a label on the bottle should indicate all information about the spirit, exactly where the grapes were harvested from as well as the name and the address of the cognac producer.. ...