*  DIGITAL.CSIC: CCC-pincer-NHC osmium complexes: New types of blue-green emissive neutral compounds for organic lIght-emitting...
An important class of N-heterocyclic carbene ligands is that introducing a donor atom between two carbene edges. This type of ligands provide pincer coordination, and although a diverse array of pincer ligands bearing the NHC motif have been employed, those based on an NHC-aryl-NHC framework are attracting special interest, since the transition metal complexes bearing these ligands, mainly iridium and platinum, have interesting photophysical properties. Compared to Ir and Pt, cyclometallatated osmium complexes with pincer type carbene ligands are very scarce. These Os(II) salts, [Os(CCC)(CO)(NN)]X, are emissive in the red-spectral region with quantum yields between 10-4 and 10-2. In the search for blue emitting neutral complexes with a flat backbone we have investigated the reactivity of the complex OsH6(PiPr3)2 towards CbenzimidazoliumCarylCbenzimidazolium and CimidazoliumCarylCimidazolium salts. We show here a general entry to neutral Os(CCC)-pincer derivatives including Os(IV)- and ...
*  Osmium - Wikipedia
Because of the volatility and extreme toxicity of its oxide, osmium is rarely used in its pure state, but is instead often alloyed with other metals. Those alloys are utilized in high-wear applications. Osmium alloys such as osmiridium are very hard and, along with other platinum-group metals, are used in the tips of fountain pens, instrument pivots, and electrical contacts, as they can resist wear from frequent operation. They were also used for the tips of phonograph styli during the late 78 rpm and early "LP" and "45" record era, circa 1945 to 1955. Although very durable compared to steel and chromium needle points, osmium-alloy tips wore out far more rapidly than competing, and costlier, sapphire and diamond tips and were discontinued.[53]. Osmium tetroxide has been used in fingerprint detection[54] and in staining fatty tissue for optical and electron microscopy. As a strong oxidant, it cross-links lipids mainly by reacting with ...
*  Osmium Isotope Constraints on Ore Metal Recycling in Subduction Zones | Science
Veined peridotite xenoliths from the mantle beneath the giant Ladolam gold deposit on Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea, are 2 to 800 times more enriched in copper, gold, platinum, and palladium than surrounding depleted arc mantle. Gold ores have osmium isotope compositions similar to those of the underlying subduction-modified mantle peridotite source region, indicating that the primary origin of the metals was the mantle. Because the mantle is relatively depleted in gold, copper, and palladium, tectonic processes that enhance the advective transport and concentration of these fluid soluble metals may be a prerequisite for generating porphyry-epithermal copper-gold deposits. ...
*  The Chemistry of Osmium - Scientific American
AN important addition to our knowledge of the chemical nature of this interesting element is contributed by Prof. Moraht and Dr. Wisch in, of Munich, to the current number of the Zeitschri/t/ur Aworgaw- ische Chemie. Two years have scarcely elapsed since the position of osmium in the periodic system was finally decided by the painstaking redetermination of its atomic weight by Prof. Seubert. Previous determinations of the atomic weight of osmium had been made with material which Seubert subsequently showed to be impure, and in consequence the erroneous value 198'6 had been ascribed to it. Indeed previous to the year 1878 the order of precedence as regards atomic weight of the four metals of the platinum group-gold 196 2, iridium 196'7, platinum 196'7, and osmium 198'6-was entirely at variance with the order demanded by their chemical and physical properties, and a standing contradiction of the periodic law of Newlands and ...
*  osmium
... is a chemical element with symbol Os and atomic number 76. It is a hard, brittle, bluish-white transition metal in the platinum group that is found as a trace element in alloys, mostly in platinum ores. Osmium is the densest naturally occurring element, with a density of 22.59 g/cm 3. Its alloys with platinum, iridium, and other platinum-group metals are employed in fountain pen nib tipping, electrical contacts, and other applications where extreme durability and hardness are needed.. ...
*  osmium - Processing OSM files - Pyosmium 2.13.0 documentation
The most generic class to write osmium objects into a file. The writer takes a file name as its mandatory parameter. The file must not yet exist. The file type to output is determined from the file extension. The second (optional) parameter is the buffer size. osmium caches the output data in an internal memory buffer before writing it on disk. This parameter allows changing the default buffer size of 4MB. Larger buffers are normally better but you should be aware that there are normally multiple buffers in use during the write process.. ...
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For those of us who care about how our skin looks and feels Osmium for Men has a great product named "Cellular Renew". Made from Chitin and Betaglucan which aids in natural skin repair which strengthens collagen fibres resulting in firmer skin and reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles. After cleaning you face apply Cellular Renew to your face and almost immediately you'll feel a soothing warming sensation. I also noticed that there was no oily or greasy feeling after applying Cellular Renew and my skin felt firmer like right after my first application.. We will continue to use this product in the coming months but early on we are impressed with Cellular Renew and are adding it to out arsenal of products to keep us feeling and looking our best! In the meantime, consider picking up some Osmium products from Bink for Men or Luxury4him.com.. ...
*  Parliament - Osmium
1970's "Osmium" was Parliament's debut album and possibly the first real indicator of where George Clinton and his notorious band of psychedelic funksters might be headed. The ground zero of P-Funk if you will. Existing since the late 50's as a doo-wop group it was the bands later offerings that sculpted their unique, mildly warped idea of what the FUNK should sound like. Initially they cut a couple of 45's for Detroit Soul label Invictus in 1970 (both of which appear on the LP) then embarked on recording more music for the project, their first full length offering on the label. The group also released the debut Funkadelic LP in the same year with both albums feature the same personnel. The conditions under which "Osmium" was realised have since passed off into mythical status with colourful anecdotes involving marathon LSD consuming sessions in isolation in their Toronto studio and a general air of hallucinatory, intense mental psychosis prevailing throughout. It's under ...
*  Metal-directed synthesis and photophysical studies of trinuclear V-shaped and pentanuclear X-shaped ruthenium and osmium...
A new series of V-shaped trinuclear metallorods and X-shaped pentanuclear metallostars has been prepared by the reaction of metal complexes bearing pendant phenolic functionalities with complexes containing electrophilic ligands. Specifically, M(tpy)(2) motifs (M=Ru or Os; tpy= 2,2`:6,2``-terpyridine) bearing one or two pendant 3,5-dihydroxyphenyl substituents at the 4-position of the central ring of the tpy have been reacted with the complexes [Ru(tpy)(Xtpy)](2+) (X= Cl or Br) to form new ether-linked species. The energy transfer from ruthenium to osmium in these complexes has been investigated in detail and the efficiency of transfer shown to be highly temperature dependent; the energy transfer is highly efficient at low temperature, whereas at room temperature nonradiative and nontransfer deactivation of the excited RU(tPY)2* domains is most significant ...
*  Part I. Coordination chemistry of high-valent osmium polyanionic chelating ligand complexes with imine, imido and nitrido...
Part I: The chemistry of high-valent osmium polyanionic chelating ligand complexes with imine, imido and nitrido ligands is explored. The synthesis and x-ray diffraction study of Os([...]-HBA-B)(NC6H5NHC6H4) is reported. A neutral, octahedral Os(VIII) intermediate complex is postulated. The synthesis and x-ray diffraction study of [OsN([...]-HBA-B)]- is reported. The mechanism of formation is discussed. These complexes represent two of the first examples of non-planar amide ligands in transition metal chemistry. The synthesis of a five-coordinate imido complex, Os(N-C10H16), is reported. The formation of the first osmium-osmium quadruply-bonded complex, [Os([...]-HBA-B)]2, is reported. Reactions with the nitrido complex, [OsN([...]-HBA-B)]-,and the methylimido complex, OsNMe([...]-HBA-B), are also reported ...
*  Electrochemical competitive hybridization assay for DNA detection using osmium tetroxide-labelled signalling strands - Analyst ...
In this report, we present sequence-specific DNA detection by means of a competitive hybridization assay with osmium tetroxide-labelled signalling strands. The labelling of the signalling strands has been performed using protective strands to preserve the recognition site of these single strands for hybridiz
*  Periodic Table of Elements: Osmium - Os (EnvironmentalChemistry.com)
Comprehensive information for the element Osmium - Os is provided by this page including scores of properties, element names in many languages, most known nuclides and technical terms are linked to their definitions.
*  Chemical poisoning -- Osmium Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments and Causes - RightDiagnosis.com
Chemical poisoning - Osmium information including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment, causes, patient stories, videos, forums, prevention, and prognosis.
*  Post-digestion stabilization of osmium enables quantification by ICP-MS in cell culture and tissue - Analyst (RSC Publishing)
An orally active osmium anticancer compound was reliably quantified in the organs of treated mice by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) by adding a stabilizing solution consisting of ascorbic acid, thiourea and EDTA during sample preparation and avoiding oxidizing conditions. The limits of
*  Precise conversion of osmium measuring units on traditionaloven.com
Convert different osmium measuring units, exchange either mass or weight vs. volume, in precision scales as practiced with precious metals weighing within US customary system - UK Imperial - SI Metric - Asian measuring systems.
*  Osmium a jeho sloučeniny
Dodáváme sloučeniny drahých a vzácných kovů jako je osmium. Dodáváme také anorganické chemikálie pro vědu, výzkum, vývoj a speciální výrobu.
*  GIGABYTE AIVIA Osmium Gaming Keyboard Detailed | TechPowerUp Forums
The next big-ticket unveiling by GIGABYTE is a new high-grade gaming keyboard under its AIVIA series, called Osmium. This one of the very few keyboards...
*  When I come home to find some osmium having sex with my mother - Album on Imgur
Post with 30 votes and 833 views. Tagged with funny; Shared by suplexbear. When I come home to find some osmium having sex with my mother
*  Lies of the Forsaken | Osmium Guillotine
Lies of the Forsaken by Osmium Guillotine, released 12 December 2012 An evil movement it arises coming from the underground, Sacrificing the saintly you will never hear the sound Shrouded men will celebrate evil vices, They rejoice when the sun falls down Don't believe their lies today brother now, don't join the Forsaken Don't believe their lies today brother now, don't join the Forsaken Sacrifice you to the night, Lead you through the other way, Raising demon in your stead, For the dark forces which they pray Now you have sold your soul to them, And they've taken your life away, Think you can buy your conscious clean, By letting yourself be blinded Now there's nothing left it seems, Now you've sold your soul today, Think your failure won't be seen, Thought they never minded Don't believe their lies today brother now, don't join the Forsaken Don't believe their lies today brother now, don't join the Forsaken
*  The Chemistry of Polynuclear Compounds. Part XXV. Some Reactions of alpha-Tetrahydridododecacarbonyltetraruthenium with Cyclic...
The complexes H2Ru3(CO)9C8H12, HRu3(CO)9C88H11, Ru4(CO)112C8H10, Ru4(C))12C8H10, and Ru4(CO)12C8H12 have been identified as the products of the reaction of alpha-H4Ru4(CO)12 with either cyclo-octa-1,5-diene or cyclo-octa-1,3-diene. The complexes are also formed by reaction of qlpha-H2Ru4(CO)13 with cyclo-octa-1,5-diene, and the complexes H2M3(CO)9C8H12 (M = Ru or 0s) are obtained by reaction of M3(CO)12 with cyclo-octene. Structures of the complexes are discussed, where possible, in terms of spectroscopic data and in the case of Ru4(CO)11C8H10 on the basis of single crystal X-ray analysis. lH N.m.r. studies of H2Ru3(CO)9C8H12 indicate that the molecule undergoes two distinct types of fluxional behaviour involving in the first instance the C8H12 ligand, and in the second the two hydrido-ligands. DGact values for these processes (and for the corresponding osmium complex) have been determined. HRu3(CO)C8H11 reacts with hydrogen gas to give H2Ru3(CO)9C8H12. The complexes Ru4(CO)llC8H10 and ...
*  BIO-ORGANIC CHEMISTRY QUARTERLY REPORT. June through August1963 - Digital Library
This report covers the following titles: (1) The Effects of 8-Methyl Lipoic Acid on the Evolution of Oxygen and Reduction of Carbon Dioxide during Photosynthesis; (2) Further {sup 14}C and {sup 15}N Tracer Studies of Amino Acid Synthesis during Photosynthesis by Chlorella Pyrenoidosa; (3) Two-Dimensional High Voltage, Low-Temperature Paper Electrophoresis of {sup 14}C-Labeled Products of Photosynthesis with {sup 14}CO{sub 2}; (4) A Search for Enzymic and Nonenzymic Reactions Between Thiamine Derivatives and Sugar Phosphates; (5) The Cytochrome Content of Purified Spinach Chloroplast Lamellae; (6) The Osmium Tetroxide Fixation of Chloroplast Lamellae; (7) Kinetics of Exoenzymes and Applications to the Determination of the Sequence of Nucleic Acids; (8) Brain Biochemistry and Behavior in Rats; (9) Experiments on Classical Conditioning and Light Habituation in Planarians; (10) Operant Conditioning in Planarians; (11) Manganese Porphyrin Complexes; (12) EPR Studies of Some Complex Organic ...
*  Phenotype Image Detail
Skin comparison of newborn Slc27a4tm1Wsr/Slc27a4tm1Wsr and wild-type littermates. A: Neonatal dorsal skin stained with hematoxylin and eosin. In comparison with wild-type (Fatp4 +/+) epidermis, Slc27a4tm1Wsr/Slc27a4tm1Wsr (Fatp4 -/-) epidermis exhibits an increased number of cell layers in the stratum spinosum and the basal layer, significantly smaller granula in the stratum granulosum, and a compact, thickened stratum corneum. Bars, 50 um. B: Neonatal snout skin stained with Masson's trichrome. In comparison with wild-type dermis, the dermis of mutant mice appears condensed with more compact collagen fibers. Bars, 50 um. C: Ultrastructural analysis of epidermis of mutant mice and wild-type littermates (osmium tetroxide fixation). In comparison with control epidermis, the epidermis of mutant mice is characterized by significantly smaller, often irregularly shaped granules (arrow) in the stratum granulosum. Bars, 5 um. (D, top) In wild-type mice, immunostaining using Slc27a4 antiserum shows ...
*  adding-columns-from-osm-to-postgis-with-osmium
usr/bin/python3 import osmium import psycopg2 conn= psycopg2.connect ('dbname=gis') cur= conn.cursor () class CastleTypes (osmium.SimpleHandler): def process (self, thing, table): if 'castle_type' in thing.tags: try: name= thing.tags['name'] # osmium/boost do not raise a KeyError here! # SystemError: ,Boost.Python.function object at 0x1329cd0, returned a result with an error set except (KeyError, SystemError): name= '' print (table, thing.id, name) cur.execute ('''UPDATE '''+table+ ''' SET castle_type = %s WHERE osm_id = %s''', (thing.tags['castle_type'], thing.id)) def node (self, n): self.process (n, 'planet_osm_point') def way (self, w): self.process (w, 'planet_osm_polygon') relation= way # handle them the same way (*honk*) ct= CastleTypes () ct.apply_file ('europe-latest.osm.pbf') ...
*  Hot Article 2013 - JAAS News
The high concentrations of osmium (Os) in sediments and the highly toxic nature of OsO4(a gaseous osmium oxide) have been the main interest of a number of studies. Isotope abundance ratio measurements of 187Os/188Os can provide valuable information about the source of Os, and concentration measurements can help define future toxicity effects. However, studies of biological samples are impeded by low accuracy and long measurement time of the available methods.. Nicola Pallavicini and colleagues at the Lulea University of Technology, Sweden, developed a methodology for the analysis of biological samples using double-focusing, sector field inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry to measure the concentration of Os and also Os isotope ratio. The samples were prepared with microwave assisted acid digestion and spiked with Os of known isotope ratio. The method proved to be reproducible, relatively rapid and allowed high through-put of samples. The samples included different ...