*  WESTCO™ White Petrolatum
White Petrolatum Industrial Petroleum Jelly functions as a plasticizer and lubricant in rubber compounds. Other uses include ... WESTCO™ White Petrolatum - Industrial Petroleum Jelly. WESTCO™ White Petrolatum Industrial Petroleum Jelly CAS# 8009-03-8 ... WESTCO™ White Petrolatum. Your long term partner for all your rubber chemical and additives needs.. ... WESTCO™ Petrolatum functions as a plasticizer and lubricant in rubber compounds. Other uses include rust preventative, ...
*  WESTCO™ TMTM Accelerator
... for Rubber (TETRAMETHYLTHIURAM MONOSULFIDE) secondary accelerator with sulfenamides, thiazoles and guanidines; and provides improved processing safety when compared to other thiurams.
... Antimony Oxide Paste Dispersion Antimony trioxide, 1330-78-5 Tricresyl phosphate binder used as a flame retardant synergist in rubber, plastics, and related polymer applications.
*  WESTCO™ DOTG Accelerator
... for Rubber (1,3-di-o-tolylguanidine) a booster for thiazoles, thiurams, and sulfonamides better scorch safety
*  Rubber Accelerators, Antioxidants, Styrenated Phenol
Rubber accelerators, rubber / plastic antioxidants, blowing agents, flame retardants, mag oxide technical data styrenated phenol TBBS MBTS.
*  WESTCO™ AO-1035
... Thiodiethylene bis [3-(3', 5'-di-tert-butyl-4'-hydroxyphenyl) propionate] phenolic antioxidant for polymers and polyolefins it can be used with other antidegradants or UV protectors.
*  Magnesium Oxide
WESTCO™ 200-AD is a high purity, highly reactive grade of magnesium oxide made from magnesium chloride brine. WESTCO™ 200-AD is used as a…. ...
*  WESTCO™ ZBEC Accelerator
... for Rubber dithiocarbamate accelerator for rubber compounds. It is typically used to replace more conventional dithiocarbamates in compounds
*  WESTCO™ UV-292
... hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS). It gives excellent light stability to a variety of coatings, adhesives and polymeric systems
*  WESTCO™ MBTS-GS Accelerator for Rubber
... Granules - soft Benzothiazole disulfide (2,2I- Dithio-dibenzothiazole) general purpose accelerator for sulfur cures active above 142°C (287°F). For use in natural and synthetic rubber processing.
... 4-and5-methyl-2-mercaptobenzimidazole non-discoloring, non-staining rubber antioxidant for all. It is particularly effective in NBR and EPDM.