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You may also ask our doctors your own question on Laryngitis. ... by our expert doctors on all things related to Laryngitis. ... I was sick for 2 weeks, had laryngitis now i am a constant burning sensation.. I was sick for 2weeks, had laryngitis now i am ... I was diagnosed with laryngitis today I have body aches. I was diagnosed with laryngitis today. I have body aches and a mild ... prednisone for two days in a row now for laryngitis but there is no change. How long it usually take to start working. The ...
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Treatment of Chronic Laryngitis is mostly supportive. We advise our patients to give voice rest, to do warm saline gargles on a ... Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you on this medical health advice platform.Laryngitis that persists for ... This is most of the times Irritant Laryngitis that is caused by some allergen that is causing the continuous irritation. Most ... So, every case of Chronic Laryngitis needs evaluation of the formation of any vocal cord polyp. This required an OPD procedure ...
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