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Hernia?: You need a good exam to find out what type of hernia you have, can be fixed with simple abdominal surgery ...Read more ... It would be unusual for you to have subsequently created a hernia. If indeed you did, it would be a direct hernia, which is the ...
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They are sure you don't have a hernia? That is more likely, but should have been found on a physical exam. ...Read more ...
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Severe upper right abdominal pain under rib cage belching nausea gas cause cure - Right side upper abdomen pain under rib cage causes? Possibilities. Ruq abdomen is home to the liver, gall bladder, small intestines, diaphragm. Gall bladder stones, duodenal ulcer, pneumonia, hepatitis, and sometimes atypical appendicitis can cause RUQ pain. Persistent pain warrants immediate evaluation by doctor.
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Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Rosenfeld on chest and abdominal pain: Further evaluation with your physician.
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Could be: A groin or inguinal hernia. Tender lymph nodes can also occur in the same region. Neither of these conditions would ...
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Hernia: This could be a hernia. I am concerned about a hernia anytime I hear lump in groin, but it could be other things such ... Inguinal Hernia (Definition) An inguinal hernia is a hernia that occurs in the inguinal region (groin). It passes out ... Maybe a hernia: If you lay down, and the lump goes away, or you can push it and it goes away, its likely a hernia. Also, while ... Hernia vs Lymph Node: It is either a common inguinal hernia or a swollen lymph node doing it's job to clean the blood stream of ...
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Painful skin on touch below scar after hernia surgery. Hurts only when touched. 4 weeks now. How much longer. Large hernia. ... Large hernia. Open procedure? ANS: normal. Time will tell. No way to predict ask the Drs who did surgery what has been their ... Skin scar tender: 59 F Notes/asks: Painful skin on touch below scar after hernia surgery. Hurts only when touched. 4 weeks now ...
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Yes: Fixing inguinal hernias with mesh has become the standard of care. It reduces the risk of hernia repair failure ... Traditional suture repair of inguinal hernia back in 2012. Hernia has recurred. Should I opt for open mesh repair or robotic ... No.: There are many different kinds of mesh available for hernia repair. Some products are derived from animal products, or ...
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I think in esophageal-or para-esophageal hernias, or a some of gastric volvolus, which leave a small gastric cavity.. You will ...
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Possible hernia: A hernia is a tear in the abdominal muscle. If you have one on your left side then it would show up as a bump ... Hernia Doubtful: Cts are pretty reliable for identifying abdominal wall hernias (less so, in the groin); this fact along w/the ... Hernias need to be repaired surgically. Please have an evaluation by your medical doctor to determine what is going on and best ... Mass: You must be evaluated to make sure there is no mass in your inner organs or even a hernia which would me somewhat unusual ...
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Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Milman on where do stomach ulcers hurt: An ulcer in the mouth is painful due to the exposure of nerves in the ulcerated tissue.
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Complications of a hernia can be pain, hernia enlargement, low risks of bowel obstruction, hernia incarceration or ... Not Directly: A femoral hernia would not interfere with your pregnancy unless bowel would get stuck in the hernia, requiring ... Generally no: Rarely an inguinal hernia can become trapped or incarcerated, resulting in severe pain. The trapped hernia can ... Yes : If the hernia is large enough to allow the abdominal organs to go in i the chest during development, they can physically ...
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Reviled a hiatai hernia. Is the hernia causing the upper ab pain? ... Patients commonly attribute many nonspecific symptoms to a hiatal hernia, and more often than not the hiatal hernia is not the ... See a general surgeon with experience in hiatal hernia repair for a consult if its that bad. Best of luck! ...Read more ... Maybe: Hiatal hernia is very common, but they are not all the same. Large ones can certainly cause pain, along with difficulty ...
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You can check the americas hernia society website to find surgeons interested in hernia repair. ...Read more ... or perhaps even a recurrent hernia. I suggest that you return to see your hernia surgeon for a formal exam. Good luck! ...Read ... Sometimes hernias can form at the surgery site. Sometimes there can be prolonged skin nerve discomfort in the scar. ...Read ... Could the extreme pain I'm experiencing be a hernia of some sort? Colostomy reversal done last week & pain is on rt side 1-2" ...
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After having gastric bypass surgery in December 2016, I now have a hiatal hernia. Could this be the cause of slow weight loss? ... It is possible: It is possible, but difficult to know 100%. It would be helpful to know how large the hernia was at the time if ... Recently found out I have a "small hiatal hernia". Could this be the cause of nausea, vomiting, stomach pain? ... I had small sliding hiatal hernia 4/12. 3/27/13 I was hit from behind in car accident with seatbelt on 4/2/13 had gastric ...
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I have 2to hernias from colon resection (hemicolectomy) which surgeon should correct TSH and incisional hernia with transverse ... 2 for 1: Strictly speaking, you have hernias--therefore, you should see a hernia surgeon. However, most general surgeons are " ... If not, consider a general surgeon with expertise in hernia repair. Hernia repair is often misunderstood and underestimated. ... Some can: Ask about their training and experience with hernia repair, as well as their outcomes. Don't be afraid to ask for a ...
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Laparoscopic repair: Laparoscopic incisional hernia is repair of a hernia associated with a surgical incision by means of ... What: What about it? You mean recovery time form ventral hernia repair. About a week to two depending on size. ...Read more ... This entails use of small incisions, trocars, instruments that are placed through the trocars and repair of the hernia with the ...
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Weird muscle pain on left side near bladder maybe strain no bulge but sore? Maybe hernia doubtful without lump? ... including a hernia), an infection, or a tumor. A primary care doctor can evaluate if the pain is mild or moderate. If there ...
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Could be you have an ulcer, a hernia of other possible causes of your pain. Get in to see your doc on a regular appointment. Be ... Ulcer, hernia, more.: You have touched on an enduring concept of better health. The desire for additional health problems to ...
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... hernias can cause cancer. Otherwise things like inguinal (groin) hernias do not cause cancer. ...Read more ... No, but..: If you mean hiatal hernia (stomach pops up into chest): can increase backflow of stomach contents, which can ...
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Nausea & belching: More likely come from ulcers & hiatal hernia than from diverticulosis. Ejection fraction on hida scan varies ... probable reflux from hiatal hernia? If not, see doc for rx: h2 blockers like zantac (ranitidine) or better, proton pump ...
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Tisdale on virtual colonoscopy accuracy: If you are talking about a groin hernia, the answer is no. ... No: If you are talking about a groin hernia, the answer is no. ...Read more ...
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Small reducible hiatal hernia present. PLEASE Explain. And what is solution? THANKS A LOT Drs ...
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I have a umbilical hernia. Don't see doc for 3 wks. What makes it worse? And is back pain a symptom. ... Umbilical/incisional: Are you saying the umbilical hernia is from the umbilical incision for the tubal ligation? You should ... You may need surgery to fix the hernia. Ignoring it makes the situation worse. Weight gain makes it worse. If the original ...
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What: What about it? You mean recovery time form ventral hernia repair. About a week to two depending on size. ...Read more ... Yes!: This is the most common anti-reflux procedure, involving closure of the hiatal hernia and re-creating a new valve by ... Relatively common: The most common anti-reflux procedure is called a fundoplication, which involves closure of the hernia and ...