*  Dancing Round the Homunculus: Movement in the Brain - Alex Ashworth
Perhaps a tongue used to sob, or yawn, or being directly "placed", is activated differently from one used to communicate.. A " ... Can you actually have just the "first bit of a yawn"? Does imitating sobbing activate a helpful network, even if one element of ... These include the (after-)swallow, the beginning of a yawn or the sob. A limited physical recreation of these tasks might be ...
*  Scientists explain why yawning is contagious
... a yawn on public transport? Well, now a new study from the University of Nottingham has revealed the part of our brain that ... Have you ever clocked someone yawning in the office and soon followed suit? How about 'catching' ... Have you ever clocked someone yawning in the office and soon followed suit? How about 'catching' a yawn on public transport? ... when I teach about yawning, I can get most of the class yawning. (Note, this doesn't happen for my other lectures)." ...
*  Bibliophilia Obscura: 2009
Decadent literature!- Empty words which we often hear fall, with the sonority of a deep yawn, from the mouths of those ...
*  Why do we yawn? ▷ ASK.NAIJ
Why do yawning arouse in friendship? Read the article to find an answer. ... YAWN looking on other people doing it? What are mirror neurons? ... Yawning is a very infectious phenomenon. People begin to yawn ... often it is enough to person to read or think about yawning to begin to yawn. However not all possess ability to mirror yawning ... Mirror yawning is one of examples of such imitative behavior. According to scientists, imitative yawning arose in evolution of ...
*  NeuroDojo: Your yawns and your dogs
You might expect a dog to yawn more if her owner yawns than if a stranger yawns.. No difference.. You might expect more empathy ... so dogs seeing another dog yawn would be more likely to respond with a yawn than to a human yawn.. No difference.. And so it ... When you yawn, and then I yawn, you know that I am reading your mind.. While the headline is over the top, it relates back to ... Do dog owners catch their pets' yawns?. Related post. When is yawning contagious?. Reference. O'Hara S, & Reeve A. 2010. A test ...
*  Turkey's Erdogan yawns, fights off sleep during news conference - The Washington Post
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared to fall asleep several times during a joint news conference with his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, on Oct. 9. The Turkish-Ukrainian talks lasted for more than three hours before the two leaders came out to make statements.
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hi dtor I wnt you to help me out of this yawn nd breaht problem . am nervous to go hospital an i nid your advice that pherhap ... hi dtor I wnt you to help me out of this yawn nd breaht problem . am nervous to go hospital an i nid your advice that pherhap ...
*  Contagious Yawning | HowStuffWorks
Contagious yawning is associated with the same parts of the brain that deal with empathy, according to a recent study. Learn ... You don't need to actually see a person yawn to involuntarily yawn yourself; hearing someone yawn or even reading about yawning ... A man walking by, sees you yawn, and pretty soon he yawns. It's carried on and on, passing from one person to another in a ... Science is still investigating exactly what makes us yawn, but it's a well-known and little-studied fact: Yawning is contagious ...
*  Diabetic neuropathy head pain yawning
... diabetic neuropathy head pain yawning, diabetes type 2 wiki nl jobs, m zone online, miracle cure for diabetes uk, type 2 ... Diabetic neuropathy head pain yawning,gc160 throttle,glyc?mie diab?te type 2 qu?bec,pwn vakantiehuis - Easy Way. While most of ...
*  Why Do I Yawn?
If you yawn in class, you'll probably notice a few other people will start yawning, too. Even thinking about yawning can get ... Why Do I Yawn?. Everybody yawns - from unborn babies to the oldest great-grandparent. Animals do it, too. But why, exactly, do ... Another theory is that yawning stretches the lungs and lung tissue. Stretching and yawning may be a way to flex muscles and ... Therefore, yawning helps us bring more oxygen into the blood and move more carbon dioxide out of the blood. ...
*  Yamalian yawns « RealClimate
So McIntyre's appeals have tried to insinuate that no such publication is in progress (which is false) or that the public interest in knowing about a regional tree ring reconstruction from an obscure part of Siberia trumps the obvious interest that academics have in being able to work on projects exclusively prior to publication. This is a hard sell, unless of course one greatly exaggerates the importance of a single proxy record - but who would do that? (Oh yes: YAD06 - the most important tree in the world, The global warming industry is based on one MASSIVE lie etc.). Note that premature public access to unpublished work is something that many people (including Anthony Watts) feel quite strongly about. Worse, McIntyre has claimed in his appeal that the length of time since the Briffa et al (2008) paper implies that the regional Yamal reconstruction has been suppressed for nefarious motives. But I find it a little rich that the instigator of a multitude of FOI requests, appeals, inquiries, ...
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Cleanliness is one the biggest draws of living with cats. So, if you start to detect a bad odor from your cat, you need to take notice. In most cases, foul feline smells are a sign that something is seriously wrong. ...
*  Empathy is Related to Contagious Yawning
An inclination to contagious yawning may in fact be a sign of a high-level of how human beings have the ability to put ... Autistic Children Less Affected by Contagious Yawning. Yawning, a reflex of deep inhalation and exhalation associated with a ... A new research has found that the act of contagious yawning is all about empathy. Yawning is generally associated with boredom ... On average, the psychology students yawned 5.5 times, compared with 1.5 yawns for the engineers in the first experiment, and in ...
*  Yawning action when talking. - Respiratory Disorders - MedHelp
... anyway apparently when i go to speak or start speaking i do a yawning actio... ... when i go to speak or start speaking i do a yawning action it's not a full yawn just the action as tho i am going to yawn ... when i go to speak or start speaking i do a yawning action it's not a full yawn just the action as tho i am going to yawn ... Yawning action when talking.. Hi My wife has pointed something out to me that i did not know i was doing, she has said i have ...
The world faced the first anniversary of the worst stock panic in history Wednesday with cynicism, sullenness and the long-awaited government approval of automatic trading halts designed to foil another crash. ``It's business as unusual,'' said Arthur D. Cashin, a PaineWebber Group Inc. broker and governor on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, where prices eked to a post-crash high Tuesday despite less-than-bullish attitudes.
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Most yawning is caused by sleepiness or extreme boredom. ... Yawning is what happens when you reflexively opes your mouth ... yawning. Yawning is what happens when you reflexively opes your mouth wide, inhale, and exhale again. Most yawning is caused by ... Use the word yawning for actual yawning - or to mean "wide open." A yawning chasm in the ground is a huge, wide gap, and a ... oscitance, oscitancy, yawn. Types:. pandiculation yawning and stretching (as when first waking up) ...
*  How does yawning help you stay awake? | Reference.com
Yawning prevents sleep by sending cooled blood to the brain, according to researchers at Princeton, the University of Maryland ... during and after yawning. His work shows that temperature spikes before a yawn and drops afterward, suggesting that yawns are ... This supported the brain cooling hypothesis and led the SUNY researchers to believe that yawning in response to yawns by others ... Although yawning is common in humans and higher animals, it still isn't fully understood. Hypotheses that it is due to fatigue ...
*  yawning excessively and taking deep breathes - Respiratory Disorders - MedHelp
I had this situation occur last summer where I was consistently taking deep breaths and feeling like I needed to yawn all the ... I have the same difficulty with breathing and yawning. I am continually needing to yawn but can never get the actual yawn, it ... yawning excessively and taking deep breathes dootser I had this situation occur last summer where I was consistently taking ... Yes i have the same problem sometimes where i try to yawn and just can't do it - it drives me crazy. I only get it if i am ...
*  Baby Yawns in the Womb - Neatorama
... so you'd forgive the baby if it yawns. Using 4D ultrasound, scientists have captured the fetal yawn and suggested that it may ... The researchers went through the images frame by frame and counted the yawns a... ... Unlike us, foetuses do not yawn contagiously, nor do they yawn because they are sleepy. Instead, the frequency of yawning in ... Main Blog , Baby Yawns in the Womb Baby Yawns in the Womb ... Yawning is Contagious to Dogs. *Student Yawned in Class ... And ...
*  Eat, Yawn, Sleep.~ - JPG Photos
that is what our fur baby does, eat, sleep, yawn, stretch and meow, lol, nice shot, voted for theme!. ...
*  The yawning evidence gap in agriculture
... then perhaps issues of gender in agriculture make you even more likely to yawn. Indeed, our friends over at the Campaign for ... Source URL (retrieved on 03/23/2018 - 03:52): http://blogs.worldbank.org/impactevaluations/yawning-evidence-gap-agriculture? ...
*  Term For Yawn/Snore | BoardGameGeek | BoardGameGeek
This is killing me - looked through a bunch of posts and just can't find it. What is the gamey term I see tossed about from time to time for when rules, or a specific mechanic, help to create a situation that causes the player/pawn to kind of just
*  dog yawn Archives
What's in a yawn? When not related to sleep, a yawning dog could mean something else is going on. Be attentive to... ... Ellen the Dog Trainer's Video Tip of the Month: What's in a yawn?. May 2, 2017 ...
*  More than a sign of sleepiness, yawning may cool the brain
... a dispartity that indicates that yawning could serve as a method for regulating brain temperature. ... A Princeton-led study is the first involving humans to show that yawning frequency varies with the season, ... People yawn less frequently when outdoor temperatures exceed body temperature, suggesting that yawning could be a natural brain ... "According to the brain cooling hypothesis, it is the temperature of the ambient air that gives a yawn its utility. Thus yawning ...