*  The association between California Verbal Learning Test performance and fibre impairment in multiple sclerosis: evidence from...
The California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT) is recognized as a standard clinical tool for assessing episodic memory difficulties in multiple sclerosis (MS), but its neural correlates have not yet been examined in detail in this patient population. We combined neuropsychological examination and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) analysis in a group of MS patients (N = 50) and demographically matched healthy participants (N = 20). We investigated the degree of impairment of the uncinate fascicle (UF), the superior longitudinal fascicle (SLF), the fornix (FX) and the cingulum (CG). The patients were impaired on all CVLT parameters and the DTI parameters correlated moderately with disease-related variables. Regression analyses in the complete study sample showed that CVLT learning scores correlated with impairment of the right UF. This association reached marginal significance in the patient sample. In contrast to other studies claiming retrieval deficits, our ...
*  CVLT. CALIFORNIA VERBAL LEARNING TEST | Pracownia Testów Psychologicznych
Test measures ability to learn and remember verbal material.. DESCRIPTION: CVLT consists of three word lists: List A, List B, and a list of words to recognize. Lists A and B contain 16 words each, categorically connected and relating to supermarket items. The list of words to recognize contains 44 items including the whole List A, some words from the List B, and other words-distracters meeting defined conditions (e. g. phonetically similar to the List A words). The subject has to learn the list A by repeating it five times immediately after the presentation, then is asked to recall it after a short delay (presentation of List B), long delay (20 min., during which the subject solves non-verbal tests), and recognize on the 44 words list. Twenty-one indexes of CVLT are assessed quantitatively.. RELIABILITY: Polish standardization proves the internal consistency of the main index as well as the stability.. VALIDITY; Proved correlations with measures of cognitive functions, ...
*  Avoiding the Hippocampus During Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy in Treating Patients With Brain Metastases - Full Text View -...
OUTLINE: This is a multicenter study.. Patients undergo 10 fractions of intensity-modulated whole-brain radiotherapy (WBRT), avoiding hippocampal (HA) regions, once daily, 5 days a week, for 2-2½ weeks.. Patients neurocognitive functions (delayed recall, auditory and visual learning, and memory) are evaluated by the Hopkins Verbal Learning Test-Revised (HVTL-R), The One Card Learning Test (OCLT), and the International Shopping List Test (ISLT) at baseline and periodically during study.. Patients may undergo serum, plasma, or whole blood collection at baseline and at 4 months after completion of HA-WBRT for correlative studies.. Patients may complete the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy with Brain Subscale (FACT-BR), and the Barthel Index of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) quality-of-life questionnaires at baseline and periodically during study and follow up.. After completion of study therapy, patients are followed up periodically. ...
*  Malingering Research Update
Below are citations and brief -- just enough to give a sense of whether the research might be relevant to your interests -- summaries of studies and review articles that have been published in prominent peer-reviewed scientific and professional journals from January, 2001, to the present. They examine tests developed specifically to identify malingering, tests that include indices or subscales that might be useful in detecting malingering, and tests that may be vulnerable to malingering.. The articles are categorized according to the tests they address. The current categories are:. ADHD Behavior Checklist. ADHD Rating Scale. Amsterdam Short Term Memory Test (ASTM) - English version. Assessment of Depression Inventory (ADI). Atypical Presentation Scale (AP). Auditory Verbal Learning Test (AVLT). Basic Personality Inventory Benton Facial Recognition Test. Benton Visual Form Discrimination (VFD). Booklet Category Test California Verbal Learning ...
*  Visual associations cued recall |em|A Paradigm for Measuring Episodic Memory Decline in Alzheimer's Disease|/em
Repeated measurements of episodic memory are needed for monitoring amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI) and mild Alzheimer's disease (AD). Most episodic memory tests may pose a challenge to patients, even when they are in the milder stages of the disease. This cross-sectional study compared floor effects of the Visual Association Test (VAT) and the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT) in healthy elderly controls and in patients with aMCI or AD (N = 125). A hierarchical multiple regression analysis was used to examine whether linear or quadratic trends best fitted the data of cognitive test performance across global cognitive impairment. Results showed that VAT total scores decreased linearly across the range of global cognitive impairment, whereas RAVLT total scores showed a quadratic trend, with total scores levelling off for 90% of aMCI patients and 94% of AD patients. We conclude that the VAT shows few if any floor effects in patients with aMCI and mild AD and ...
*  Pregnenolone Trial for Depression in Bipolar Disorders or Recurrent Major Depressive Disorder With Substance Abuse - Full Text...
Seventy five - (75) outpatients meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria will be enrolled after completing an IRB-approved informed consent process. Baseline evaluation will include a medical and psychiatric history, structured clinical interview for DSM-IV (SCID), mood assessment with the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HRSD, 17-item version), Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology-Self Report (IDS-SR) (Rush et al., 1996), Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety (HRSA), Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS), and, and cognitive assessment with the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT), Stroop Test Color Trails, Wechsler Test of Adult Reading and the Brief Visual Memory Test-Revised (BVMT-R) will be performed. Substance use (days/week) of use, urine drug screens and time to relapse will be monitored. Craving for substances will be monitored with visual analogue scales. Pregnenolone or placebo will be initiated at one capsule/day (50 mg/d if active medication). Pregnenolone ...
*  Amount of HIV DNA in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells is Proportional to the Severity of HIV-1-Associated Neurocognitive...
Participant evaluations included demographic information, medical history, neurologic examination including the United Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale to examine for extrapyramidal signs, medication/adherence history, DSM-IV-based substance abuse/dependence inventory, immunologic and virologic laboratory tests, and neuropsychiatric testing; as previously reported.27 The 80-minute neuropsychiatric test battery, adapted from the NorthEast AIDS Dementia Cohort, assessed multiple cognitive domains affected by HIV-1 and included the following: choice and sequential reaction time from the California Computerized Assessment Package, Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT), Rey Osterreith Complex Figure (RCF) Copy and Recall, Trail Making tests A and B, WAIS-R Digit Symbol, Grooved Pegboard (dominant and nondominant hands), Verbal fluency test, Animal Naming, Boston Naming Test, the WAIS-R Digit Span (forward and backward), and Timed Gait. Depression ...
*  Abstract P043: Subclinical Atherosclerosis and Cognitive Functioning in Middle-Aged Black and White Adults: The CARDIA Study |...
Background: Cardiovascular risk factors in middle-age are associated with cognitive impairment and dementia in older adulthood. Less is known about the burden of subclinical atherosclerosis and cognition, especially in midlife. We examined the association of coronary artery calcified (CAC) plaque and abdominal aorto-iliac calcified (AAC) plaque presence (separately and in combination) with cognitive functioning in middle-age adults.. Methods: This study included 2,567 black and white adults without a history of heart disease or stroke who completed a year 25 follow-up exam (2010-11) as part of the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Study (age: 43-55 years). CAC and AAC were measured with non-contrast computed tomography. Cognition was assessed with the Digit Symbol Substitution Test (DSST) (psychomotor speed), Stroop Test (executive function), and Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT) (memory).. Results: In separate analyses, presence of CAC or AAC ...
*  Projects
2015. The Effect of Third Party Observation on Mental Processing Speed. Negative Emotion and Response Inhibition. The Copying Approach to a Complex Figure and its Relationship to Visual-Spatial Organization. Spatial and Memory Interference Effects on Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test Delayed RecallThe Effect of Ego Depletion on Visuospatial Construction​ 2013. Effect of Cold Pressure Stress on Working Memory in Healthy Female UndergraduatesCollegiate Athletes' Knowledge of Sports Related Concussions. Self-Report and Performance on Memory Measures in College Students. The Effect of Positive Mood on Visual Memory. Effects of Acute Stress on Motor Functioning in Females. 2012​. The Effects of Anxiety on Left and Right Hemisphere Working Memory. Effectiveness of Limiting Visual Fields in Demonstrating Brain Lateralization. Differences in Executive Functioning Between College Freshmen and Seniors. Left and Right Hemisphere Brain Priming and Its Effect on Reasoning Tasks. Gender ...
*  Vitamin K | Improved Verbal Episodic Memory | Life Extension
Researchers at the University of Montreal uncovered an association between higher vitamin K1 levels and better verbal episodic memory in older adults.
*  Minocycline for HIV+ Cognitive Impairment in Uganda - Study Results - ClinicalTrials.gov
Uganda Neuropsychological Test Battery Summary measure (U NP Sum)is the average z-scores of the 9 neurupsychological tests:Grooved Pegboard Dominant Hand,Grooved Pegboard Non-dominant Hand,Color Trail1,Color Trail2,Symbol Digit,WHO/UCLA Verbal Learning Test Trial 5,WHO/UCLA Verbal Learning Test Delayed Recall,Digit Span-Forward,Digit Span-Backward Since the score depends on age and education levels, the raw score was standardized as follows: Zx =(x − μx)/σx where Zx is the age and education adjusted z-score, x is the raw score, and μx and σx are the age and education stratified norms ...
*  Youth & HIV/AIDS Capacity Building - Life Skills Educator
As a Life Skills Educator, you will be assigned to an elementary, junior high or public high school to strengthen life skills education for students. Life skills education encompasses the development of positive identity, positive communication, decision-making, goal setting, leadership, and emotional health skills in youth, as well as HIV prevention and gender education. As an integral part of the staff at your school, you will work alongside the guidance and counseling teacher to implement the Ministry of Basic Education's life skills curriculum, build the capacity of teachers to integrate life skills content into their lessons and co-teach life skills lessons. You will also become involved with after-school activities, such as clubs and sports, and may work with out-of-school youth in the broader community, parents and other organizations addressing HIV prevention for youth ...
*  Verbal information about anesthesia before scheduled surgery - contents and patient satisfaction.
OBJECTIVE: The contents of information for patients before medical procedures are outlined by legislation and guidelines. The amount and form are less regulated. Our aim was to evaluate the contents of verbal information provided by anesthesiologists
*  Roll a sight word free printable # Added - 50074279
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*  Contiguity and reinforcement factors in multiple-choice verbal learning: parametric influences - William S. Verplanck
Table 1 gives the relative frequency of choices that were repeated on at least the next trial for both the present experiment and for Thorndike and Tilton. Following Thorndike, data are reported only on those choices made for the first time on Trials 2, 3, or 4 (and, therefore, followed by right or wrong for the first time). Thorndike eliminated from his computations all items that were chosen correctly on the first trial because his correct choices were the actual translations of the Spanish words. Because correct choices were selected randomly in the present experiment, data for Trials 1-4 are also presented in Table 1. All statistical analyses were made on this data.. The most striking result seen in Table 1 was the most unexpected. In all four groups, per cent repetition after choice-alone was markedly higher than after right. This result can be found in Tilton's tabled results, but it has not been previously discussed. Not only do Ss repeat unreinforced responses at greater than the chance ...
*  Life Skills of the Month - Your Therapy Source
Life Skills of the Month digital download includes 12 hand outs and posters to encourage practicing life skills throughout the year.
*  CCA - Life Skills Training
CCA offers life skills classes centered around parenting and family dynamics; budgeting; and occupational readiness. See more about these programs.
*  Part 2 Business Communication and Corporate Life Skills | Etiquette | Public Speaking
Part 2 Business Communication and Corporate Life Skills - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.
*  Mala Word List | The largest word list archive at LearnThat.org
hkhkhkhk Publisher: lkjljljljl. Author: jljljljljl. Subject: jlkjljlkjl. Grade Level: 8. Supporting Link: hkhkhkh., LearnThat free online word list resource.
*  Centre for Policy on Ageing - Ageinfo930518021
Two measures of cognitive ability (a mental status questionnaire and a psychometric test of verbal learning and memory) were compared as predictors of three measures of self-care (self-report, informant ratings and performance testing). Self-care ability of 150 elderly in residential homes was measured at baseline and after two years. Cognitive ability was significantly related to self-care ability at baseline and 2 years and to the changes in self-care during follow-up. However, this relationship was moderate and complex. (KJ ...
*  9 letter words that start with Di In The Censored Enable Word List
A list of 9 letter words that start with Di in the enable censored word list. diabetics diablerie diabolism diabolist diabolize diacetyls diachrony diaconate diacritic diademing diaereses diaeresis diaeretic diagnosed diagnoses diagnosis diagonals diagramed diagraphs dialectal etc.
*  21 letter words that begin with M in the enable uncensored word list.
A list of 21 letter words that begin with M in the enable uncensored word list. meningoencephalitides microminiaturizations multidimensionalities etc.
*  11 letter words that begin with Pe in the enable uncensored word list.
A list of 11 letter words that begin with Pe in the enable uncensored word list. peacefuller peacekeeper peacemakers peacemaking peacockiest pearlescent peasantries peashooters peccadillos peckerwoods pectination peculations peculiarity pecuniarily pedagogical pederasties pedestaling pedestalled pedestrians pediatrists etc.
*  9 letter words that begin with T in the enable uncensored word list.
A list of 9 letter words that begin with T in the enable uncensored word list. tabbouleh tablature tablefuls tablemate tablesful tableting tabletops tabletted tableware tabooleys taborines tabourers tabourets tabouring tabulated tabulates tabulator tacamahac tachinids tachismes etc.