*  Weaving Identity : Cultural Belonging and Cultural Change, 1600-1100 BC in Southern Scandinavia and Northern Germany
This article considers technical, cultural and gender-related aspects of textile production in southern Scandinavia and northern Germany during the Middle Bronze Age. Specifically, female networks and weaving technology are discussed through the different combinations of s- and y- spun thread. It is argued that textile technology is a cultural phenomenon that was spread through female interaction. These lines of communication and interaction shift over time, but at a rate that is demonstrably different from other changes in the society as seen on e.g. bronze objects that are more likely to be a result of male interactions and exchange networks. The study as a whole demonstrates that the textile evidence is a rich and informative source for Middle Bronze Age society, providing a key to understanding female identity and cultural change. ...
*  Court upholds OSHA cotton dust exposure standards that did not consider a cost benefit analysis - American Textile Mfrs....
1980), was relevant to the issues in the present cases. We disagree. OSHA amended its Cancer Policy to "carry out the Court's interpretation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 that consideration must be given to the significance of the risk in the issuance of a carcinogen standard and that OSHA must consider all relevant evidence in making these determinations." 46 Fed. Reg. 4889, col. 3 (1981). Previously, although lacking such evidence as dose-response data, the Secretary presumed that no safe exposure level existed for carcinogenic substances. Industrial Union Dept. v. American Petroleum Institute, supra, at 620, 624-625, 635-636, nn. 39 and 40 (plurality opinion). Following this Court's decision, OSHA deleted those provisions of the Cancer Policy which required the "automatic setting of the lowest feasible level" without regard to determinations of risk significance. 46 Fed. Reg. 4890, col. 1 (1981). In distinct contrast with its Cancer Policy, OSHA expressly found that ...
*  Effect of alkali treatment on the flexural properties of Hildegardia fabric composites - Guduri - 2006 - Journal of Applied...
A uniaxial natural fabric of Hildegardia populifolia was treated with 5% sodium hydroxide solution for 1 h, and the resulting changes were analyzed by polarized and scanning electron microscopic techniques. The untreated and treated H. populifolia fabric was reinforced in epoxy and toughened with 10% polycarbonate. The variation of the flexural strength and flexural modulus with different fabric contents and fiber orienrations was studied. The effect of sodium hydroxide and a silane coupling agent on the flexural properties of the composite was also studied. It was observed that the flexural properties increased on alkali treatment and when the coupling agent was used. The morphology of the cryogenically fractured surfaces indicated good bonding between the matrix and the reinforcement when a coupling agent was used. © 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 102: 1297-1302, 2006 ...
*  Black and White Goth, Black Widow Spider KELSI II Cross Body Purse Mini Messenger with Raven Boon Wallet | Canary Created
KELSI II Cross Body Purse Mini Messenger With Wallet. Follow us on facebook for updates and promotions! https://www.facebook.com/CanaryCreated/. This bag is a great size for carrying a wallet and cell phone and a few other essentials. This purse is a cross-body style purse and is great for your active days. It also features an adjustable strap!. Goth Black and White Fabric is sprayed with two coats of Scotchguard Fabric Protector.. Handmade out of a light faux leather and Alexander Henry Fabric.. Outer section of purse is made with Black Vinyl, it is upholstery weight, yet light. The faux leather section of this purse can be cleaned with a damp cloth.. The strap is made from the cotton webbing with a o-rings on both sides for looks or for hanging a set of keys from. The strap has a slide for adjusting.. Zippered pocket on the back of the purse.. The interior of the purse is made with a matching high quality cotton fabric.. The outer flap attaches to the purse with a magnetic closure.. All seams ...
*  Cellophane - Redorbit
Cellophane, made of regenerated cellulose, is a thin, transparent sheet with low permeability to air, oils, greases, and bacteria. In many countries it is a registered trademark of Innovia Films Ltd. Cellulose from most sources is dissolved in alkali and carbon disulfide to make a solution called viscose that is then extruded through a slit into a bath of dilute sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate which reconverts the viscose into cellulose. It is then passed through more baths to prevent it from becoming brittle. Jacques E. Brandenberger is the inventor of Cellophane. His inspiration was to create a cloth that would repel liquids rather than absorb them. When he sprayed viscose onto fabric it was too brittle to be useful but he did see the potential for the material and abandoned his original idea.. After ten years Brandenberger perfected his film by adding glycerin to soften the material. In 1912, he had machines manufacturing his film which he called Cellophane. Whitmans's candy company was the ...
*  San Luis Obispo County Womenade: What Womenade Shared July 15th - July 31st
Items Donated: school supplies from Candace Guldeman; pack n play from Naomi Blakely; crib mattress and linens from Mary Anne Morgan; clothes from Jacque Fondren, Nicole De Matteo, Mary Squellati, and Marion Gregory; blankets, burp cloths, and children's clothes from Judy Pinkston; potty from Jenn Woodward; case of diapers and children's clothes from Kathie Hendricks; backpacks and food from Baywood Navy and Brenda Hock; baby books, toys, shoes, socks, and safety latches from Anonymous; delivery by Mailee Lewis; bike helmets and, water bottles, and lunch boxes for 4 children living in a shelter from Kathie Hendricks; women's and men's professional work clothes from Delynn Morgan; clothes from Anonymous; high chair from Vanessa Salas; clothes and backpacks from Vita Miller; 5 bags of yarn from Ladonna Rinn; 2 strollers from Carly Rogers; clothes from Terra Clayton; new seated walker from Elizabeth Hure; 2 cases of diapers from Kathie Hendricks; diapers from Kari Bowron; delivery by Dick Tickner; ...
*  1800ml new model professional steam sterilization machine garment steamer iron clothes wrinkle remover, View clothes wrinkle...
1800ml new model professional steam sterilization machine garment steamer iron clothes wrinkle remover,US $ 25 - 28 / Piece, CB, CE, EMC, RoHS, CQC, 1500, 220.Source from Ningbo Miraguar Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on Alibaba.com.
*  Diapering Accessories :: Laundry Detergent - Little For Now | Cloth Diapers | Cloth Diaper Covers | Prefold Cloth Diapers
Cloth diaper detergent can make all the difference in keeping your cloth diapers clean and fresh Natural cleaning and laundry aids We carry Allen s Naturally laundry detergent as well as other popular natural cleaning supplies
*  Diapering Accessories :: Laundry Detergent - Little For Now | Cloth Diapers | Cloth Diaper Covers | Prefold Cloth Diapers
Cloth diaper detergent can make all the difference in keeping your cloth diapers clean and fresh Natural cleaning and laundry aids We carry Allen s Naturally laundry detergent as well as other popular natural cleaning supplies
*  Non Halogenated Flame Retardants (NHFR) Market is Likely to Grow by 2020, North America is Estimated to Grow at CAGR of 6.8% |...
Non halogenated flame retardants (NHFR) are used to induce flame retardant property to the manufactured products mainly polymers and textiles. Flame retardants control flame production to prevent spread of fire. NHFR finds application in major end-use industries including electrical, transportation, and construction. Growth in these industries is expected to drive the market over the next five years. Need for durability, insulation, and safety is addressed by flame retardants in many applications. These emit less heat and produce less smoke compared to bioaccumulation which causes halogens dangerous for human health as well as environment.. This advantageous factor is likely to augment NHFR market growth over the forecast period. Stringent regulatory policies over the usage of halogenated retardants in many countries is anticipated to have positive impact on non halogenated retardants market growth over the foreseeable future. EPA in U.S., WEE and REACH in Europe, and CEPA in Canada are few ...
*  6131-90-4 - Sodium acetate trihydrate, 99% - Acetic acid sodium salt trihydrate - A16230 - Alfa Aesar
Sodium acetate trihydrate is used in various applications. It is used as a buffer of pH range in between to 4.0 to 6.0. It is also used in the purification and precipitation of nucleic acids and in protein crystallization. It is used as mordant dyeing, as a pickling agent in chrome tanning, as a neutralizer in waste streams containing sulfuric acid in textile industry and as a photoresist while using aniline dyes. It plays an important role to retard vulcanization of chloroprene in synthetic rubber production. It is a precursor to prepare ester from alkyl halide.. ...
*  Drying laundry indoors could trigger eczema and contact dermatitis - Skin Magazine
A study carried out by the Mackintosh School of Architecture, in Glasgow, found many homes had too much moisture indoors and up to 30 per cent of this was caused by laundry.. [quote]A raised moisture rate in side can increase the growth of dust mites and mould spores which can trigger skin allergies including eczema and contact dermatitis as well an increase the risk of fungal skin infections.[/quote] In addition to drying clothes indoors, cashed-strapped home owners are also keeping windows and doors closed to conserve heat, which means houses with increased mould spores due to dampness from drying laundry inside are not being properly ventilated, according to the new research.. The best way to prevent mould spores multiplying indoors is to open the windows every day to ventilate the house.. Use anti-mould washes regularly in damp areas such as bathrooms, and in damper corners near laundry drying areas.. If you have to dry laundry indoors, put drying laundry near open window to dry, but ...
*  Patent US4622173 - Non-aqueous liquid laundry detergents containing three surfactants including ... - Google Patents
A mixture of an acid terminated non-ionic surfactant and a quaternary ammonium salt surfactant provide better detergency than equivalent amounts of either of the surfactant compounds alone. The surfactant mixture is preferably used in conjunction with liquid non-ionic surfactant in heavy duty non-aqueous laundry detergents but can also be used in aqueous liquid detergent compositions and powder detergent compositions.
0115] As used herein, the term "mordant" usually refers to a composition to allow for a dyeing agent to dye an article (such as a textile or hair) to be dyed through a medium, thereby fulfilling the dyeing purpose. In the present invention, since the ferric ions for forming pigments with the dye molecule gallic acid by way of complexation is generated from ferrous ions by air oxidation, the composition comprising ferrous ions can also be referred to herein as "mordant". In brief, the mordant can also be referred to herein as the second component to be distinguished from the first component as the softening agent and the third component as the dyeing agent. In addition, the above mentioned "the first component", "the second component" and "the third component" are used merely for distinguishing between each other, and do not relate to any relation, such as order, sequence, size, amount, importance or the like. However, the three parts as called "the first component", "the second component" and ...
*  China Polyester Inherently Fire/Flame Retardant Fireproof Curtain - China Fireproof Cloth, Fireproof Hotel Curtain
China Polyester Inherently Fire/Flame Retardant Fireproof Curtain, Find details about China Fireproof Cloth, Fireproof Hotel Curtain from Polyester Inherently Fire/Flame Retardant Fireproof Curtain - Hangzhou Kingland Garment Co., Ltd.
*  Sun Protective Clothing
... New standards for sun protective fabrics in the United States were unveiled in January 2001. The United States now has the most stringent UV-protective clothing standards in the world! The new units for UV protection are called UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). UPF is like the sun protective factor SPF used on sunscreen lotion bottles and fabrics today, in that both UPF and SPF measure sunburn protection. One difference between UPF ratings and SPF ratings is that UPF measures both UVB and UVA radiation blocked. SPF is a measurement of UVB radiation only. The new UPF fabric rating also requires that fabrics claiming to be sun protective must be prepared in the following ways before testing:. ...
*  Brown lung disease or byssinosis: The airway obstruction disease
In the chronic setting, there is no easing of symptoms by the end of the week. Chronic byssinosis is sometimes mistaken for emphysema. However, cotton dust does not cause emphysema but this lung disease may be present as a result of long term cigarette smoking. Breathlessness, chest tightness, crackles and severely reduced lung function is irreversible in the chronic stage and can lead to respiratory failure. This is often accelerated by continued cigarette smoking despite the patient having stopped working in the textile industry ...
*  OxiClean Laundry Detergent reviews in Laundry Care - ChickAdvisor
333 reviews for OxiClean Laundry Detergent. darnbarn says: hate overly scented laundry soap - I like my clothes to smell fresh and clean, not like apple lavender mango vanilla chemicals. This one smells good - like clothes that have been dried on the clothes …
*  40 CFR 63.500 - Back-end process provisions - carbon disulfide limitations for styrene butadiene rubber by emulsion processes. ...
a) Owners or operators of sources subject to this subpart producing styrene butadiene rubber using an emulsion process shall operate the process such that the carbon disulfide concentration in each crumb dryer exhausts shall not exceed 45 ppmv. (1) The owner or operator shall develop standard operating procedures for the addition of sulfur containing shortstop agents to ensure that the limitation in paragraph (a) of this section is maintained. There shall be a standard operating procedure representing the production of every grade of styrene butadiene rubber produced at the affected source using a sulfur containing shortstop agent. (2) A validation of each standard operating procedure shall be conducted in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section, except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, to demonstrate compliance with the limitation in paragraph (a) of this section. (3) The owner or operator shall operate the process in accordance with a validated standard operating procedure at ...
*  Brittany Cannon | Nanoscale Materials & Device Group
In the spring of 2015, Brittany received her M. Engr. for Materials Science & Engineering while attending Boise State University and intends to continue on to obtain her Ph.D. with an emphasis in nanoscale materials and optical devices. She spends her spare time being active by playing sports, such as soccer, volleyball, and kickball. Additionally, she volunteers through various organizations, including the Science Discovery Center, the Idaho Food Bank, and the Boise Rescue Mission.. ...
*  NIOSHTIC-2 Publications Search - 00192300 - Chrysotile Asbestos in Industry.
The six major forms of asbestos (1332214) were reviewed and then the most widely used form, chrysotile (12001295), was examined in more detail. The three largest industries using chrysotile include the asbestos/cement pipe industry, the asbestos friction products industry, and the asbestos textiles industry. A discussion was given for the production operations and products made in each of these in
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