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Injection sites for experiments DI1-DI7. Drawings show the spread of Fluoro-Gold (light shading) and CTb (dark shading) in these experiments. Each vertical co
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... stilbamidines MeSH D02.455.426.559.389.150.700.900 --- tamoxifen MeSH D02.455.426.559.389.150.700.900.775 --- raloxifene MeSH ...
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*  Neuronal diversity in GABAergic long-range projections from the hippocampus. | Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit
The formation and recall of sensory, motor, and cognitive representations require coordinated fast communication among multiple cortical areas. Interareal projections are mainly mediated by glutamatergic pyramidal cell projections; only few long-range GABAergic connections have been reported. Using in vivo recording and labeling of single cells and retrograde axonal tracing, we demonstrate novel long-range GABAergic projection neurons in the rat hippocampus: (1) somatostatin- and predominantly mGluR1alpha-positive neurons in stratum oriens project to the subiculum, other cortical areas, and the medial septum; (2) neurons in stratum oriens, including somatostatin-negative ones; and (3) trilaminar cells project to the subiculum and/or other cortical areas but not the septum. These three populations strongly increase their firing during sharp wave-associated ripple oscillations, communicating this network state to the septotemporal system. Finally, a large population of somatostatin-negative ...