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Orbital metastases are relatively uncommon, but some primary tumours do have a predilection to metastasise to the orbit. This article concerns itself with extraocular metastases, rather than intraocular tumours or direct extension of tumours fro...
*  Congenital orbital teratoma: a case report and challenges of its management in a resource limited setting
We report a case of congenital immature teratoma of the orbit in a female neonate who presented on the second day of life. She was successfully managed by modified exenteration. The patient was lost to follow-up intermittently over a 24 month period without recurrence of the tumour. However the patient could not be traced again after 24 months of follow up. This happened despite concerted efforts to educate the parents. The possible implications of this and other social factors, in a challenging and resource limited setting, on the prognosis of the disease and cosmetic outcome are considered.
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Eyelid Cancer Blepharospasm Corrective Plastic Surgery Eyelashes Disease Tear Duct Tear Duct Disease Tear Duct Trauma Dry Eyes Orbital Thyroid Eye Desease Anophthalmic Socket Orbital Tumor Orbital Trauma Orbital Tumor The orbital socket contains the eye globe, extraocular muscles, nerves and vessels of the eyeball. Some tumors can form in this space or migrate to this area from other parts of the body.
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Definition of orbital neoplasms in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of orbital neoplasms. What does orbital neoplasms mean? Information and translations of orbital neoplasms in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
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RESULTS: Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed that ill-defined tumor margin (P = .003) had a significant association with orbital lymphoma whereas the "flow void sign" (P = .005) and radiologic evidence of sinusitis (P = .0002) were associated with benign orbital lymphoproliferative disorders. The mean ADC and contrast-enhancement ratio of orbital lymphomas were significantly lower than those of benign orbital lymphoproliferative disorders (P , .01). An ADC of less than 0.612 × 10-3 mm2/s and a contrast-enhancement ratio of less than 1.88 yielded areas under curves of 0.980 and 0.770, sensitivity of 94.1% and 95.5%, and specificities of 93.3% and 80.0% for predicting orbital lymphoma, respectively. ...
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Pris: 2040,-. innbundet, 2007. Midlertidig utsolgt. Kjøp boken Eyelid, Conjunctival, and Orbital Tumors av Jerry A. Shields, Carol L. Shields, Jerry A. Shields (ISBN 9780781775786) hos Adlibris.com. Fri frakt.
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Visit the Head and Neck Cancer Guide to learn the basic anatomy of the eye socket as it relates to orbital tumors and cancer of the eye socket or eye lid.
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Review references used in the development of information for the Head and Neck Cancer Guide pages dedicated to orbital tumors and cancers of the eye socket and lid.
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Lymphoid neoplasms of the orbit most commonly present in the sixth or seventh decades. True lymphoid tissue in the orbit is found in both the lacrimal glands and the subconjunctival tissue. Most of the lymphoid neoplasms occur at these two sites. Lymphomas tend to occur in the anterior portions of the orbit, most commonly involving the lacrimal glands, the eyelids and the subconjunctiva. In patients with lymphoma, the development of symptoms tends to be indolent and progressive. Symptomatology depends on whether the disease involves the anterior or retrobulbar portion of the orbit. With retrobulbar disease, patients may present with proptosis, eyelid swelling and pain ...
*  Imaging an Orbital Mass: The Essential
Looking for or discovering an orbital mass may raise many questions. To provide at least partial answers, we will target the most frequent pathologies encountered and propose for each of them a practical presentation including specific clinical tips, imaging protocol and characteristic features. The lesion may be disclosed during a brain Computed Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), or alternatively looked for because it causes symptoms such as exophthalmos and visual or oculomotor alteration. Imaging plays a major part in etiological diagnosis and patient management. If MRI remains the principal imaging method, CT scan and ultrasound (US) with Colour Doppler flow imaging (CDFI) may be very helpful. These different imaging techniques may be associated, depending on the lesion. The orbital MRI protocol performed in our institution includes the following sequences: thin (3 mm) axial T1-weighted, coronal T2-weighted or T2-weighted Dixon, axial ...
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*  Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Orbital Pathologies: A Pictorial Review
Orbital lesions form a wide range of pathologies that pose challenges in diagnosis, management and treatment. The soft tissue detail provided by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allows for better lesion characterization. MRI therefore plays a crucial role, especially in cases where history and clinical evaluation are inconclusive [1]. There are several approaches for the correct diagnosis of orbital pathology. A common diagnostic strategy is the localization of the pathology into the four main orbital compartments [2]: the ocular compartment or globe, the muscle cone and the intraconal and extraconal spaces (Figure 1). The muscle cone contains recti muscles and their fasciae; on its base, the globe is present, and the optic canal figures the apex. The globe is encircled by the Tenon's capsule, which has three layers: the sclera, uvea and retina. The extraconal space includes the superior and inferior oblique muscles, levator muscle complex, the lacrimal ...
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Advancing age has been described as the most potent of all carcinogens.16 In humans, the incidence of cancer rises exponentially in the final decades of life, culminating in a lifetime risk of 1 in 2 for men and 1 in 3 for women.17 This dramatic escalation in the incidence of cancer among the aged is largely due to epithelial carcinomas that develop between ages 40 and 80. Until recently, the most common explanation for the increased incidence of cancer among older people has been the.... ...
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The effect of orbit plane precession is used to place a plurality of satellites into one or more desired orbit planes. The satellites are distributed within each desired orbit plane in a selected configuration. The satellites are transported into orbit on one or more frame structures referred to as 'pallets'. When more than one pallet is used, they are placed on top of each other in a 'stack'. After the stack of the pallets has been launched into an initial, elliptical orbit, the pallets are separated sequentially from the stack at selected time intervals. Thrust is applied to transfer a first pallet from the initial orbit to a first, circular orbit, wherein the initial and first orbits are in planes that process at different predetermined initial and first rates, respectively. After waiting for a predetermined time while the initial orbit plane and the ...
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My employer used to operate the 3 Sirius Radio Satellites for them. They are highly inclined Geosynchronous, and are set so at least one of the 3 is always over North America. The idea is to have a higher look angle for most of their customers, reducing dropouts from obstructions. The Kep data for the 3 of them as well as XM radio's birds is available from Celestrack at http://www.celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/other-comm.txt . The 3 Sirius birds currently in orbit are Space Systems Loral FS 1300 Series birds modified so they can be flown inclined. 73 DE Mark KK7CU On 2/22/08, Alan Sieg WB5RMG ,wb5rmg@somenet.net, wrote: , , ,, The Sirius birds are in an 'Inclined Orbit'. , , , Is this type of orbit can be a solution for the next HEO? , , , The reference to the Molniya orbit could be to recall the orbit of , AO-13... slow high-altitude lingering Northern Hemisphere apogees, , rotating ascending nodes about the globe to ...
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In any solution to the 2-body problem, the open orbits are the parabola (with one body at the focus) and the hyperbola (with one body at a focus, and th...
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People sometimes wonder why we can place objects in orbits where they always seem to be at the same point in the sky. If a nearly circular orbit is assumed, the first obvious answer is that the orbit be very have to be near the equator since, otherwise, it would bobble up and down as…
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The futuristic Quickcam Orbit by Logitech is the only webcam in this shootout that has mechanical tilt and pan. By clicking the arrows on the control panel, you can make the lens of the webcam move left/right and up/down. When face tracking is tu...
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Into orbit : MediaWeek reports on a survey of Stern fans to find out how many are planning to make the switch. 22 percent said they are definitely getting...
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John has prepared a new page about the Sachs Orbit hybrid-gear hub and added information about this hub to internal-gears.html and sachs-internal.html; also links to Karsten Stielow's very interesting Web pages about Sachs and SRAM hubs.. ...
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Base metals were boosted on Wednesday as equity markets headed higher, with copper rising 1.6 percent, but analysts said the sentiment remained vulnerable.