*  Effect of mental fatigue on induced tremor in human knee extensors - Northumbria Research Link
In this study, the effects of mental fatigue on mechanically induced tremor at both a low (3-6Hz) and high (8-12Hz) frequency were investigated. The two distinct tremor frequencies were evoked using two springs of different stiffness, during 20s sustained contractions of the knee extensor muscles at 30% maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) before and after 100min of a mental fatigue task, in 12 healthy (29±3.7years) participants. Mental fatigue resulted in a 6.9% decrease in MVC and in a 9.4% decrease in the amplitude of the agonist muscle EMG during sustained 30% MVC contractions in the induced high frequency only. Following the mental fatigue task, the coefficient of variation and standard deviation of the force signal decreased at 8-12Hz induced tremor by 31.7% and 35.2% respectively, but not at 3-6Hz induced tremor. Similarly, the maximum value and area underneath the ...
*  Homeopathy for mental fatigue: lessons from a randomized, triple blind, placebo-controlled cross-over clinical trial - Surrey...
Background: Difficulty in controlling attention can lead to mental fatigue in the healthy population. We identified one trial reporting a benefit in patients' attention using a homeopathic formula preparation. One component of the preparation was potassium phosphate, widely available off the shelf as Kali phos 6x for cognitive problems. The aim of this exploratory trial was to assess the effectiveness of Kali phos 6x for attention problems associated with mental fatigue.. Methods: We recruited student and staff volunteers (University of York) with self-reported mental fatigue, excluding any using homeopathy or prescribed stimulants, or with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. In a triple blind, cross-over, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 86 volunteers were randomized to receive Kali phos 6x or identical placebo 10 minutes before taking a psychological test of attention (Stroop ...
*  Placebo-controlled cross-over study of the monoaminergic stabiliser (−)-OSU6162 in mental fatigue following stroke or traumatic...
OSU6162 caused a remarkable improvement in mental stamina, as evaluated by a self-assessment scale on mental fatigue. Statistical significance was reached on the primary endpoint (Mental Fatigue Scale). There was a trend towards improvement in the secondary endpoints processing speed and attention. Principal component analysis showed an overall positive treatment effect in 7 of 12 patients. Beneficial responses were seen already during the first few days of active drug treatment. Increasing dosage caused no further improvement. Adverse reactions consisted of short-lasting mild nausea and attenuated appetite. These side effects disappeared upon dose reduction. ...
*  Ayurvedic Medicine for Mental Fatigue, Herbal Medicine for Mental fatigue
There are various home remedies available in Ayurveda.Cardimap is one of best Ayurvedic medicine for reducing mental fatigue. There is no side effect.
*  BCCA-Capsules
One of the challenges in maintaining focus during intense training and physical exercise is mental fatigue. Whereas most athletes worry about and take corrective action to ward against muscle fatigue, mental fatigue must be combated as well. In fact, recent research has placed increasing emphasis on mental fatigue during exercise. This mental fatigue is commonly referred to as central fatigue because of the involvement of the central nervous system. While central fatigue does not affect muscles, it can reduce the capacity to perform optimally. There is a correlation between the amino acid tryptophan in the brain and the degree of mental fatigue. Upon entry into the brain, tryptophan has the ability to "calm" the central nervous system, causing sleep and drowsiness. Normally, there are ...
*  Mental Fatigue CFS | Phoenix Rising ME / CFS Forums
This thread is for sufferers whose main symptom is mental fatigue. I want this thread to be a place where the forum foggies can relate and share ANY...
*  How to avoid mental fatigue? - Bike Forums
Does anyone else here have trouble with mental fatigue during medium-length to long rides? I find that often times when I ride, if I stop for even a
*  THE NICEGUIDELINES BLOG: subset of patients with CFS improve within the first 3 months of valganciclovir use
There is no known treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Little is known about its pathogenesis. Human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) have been proposed as infectious triggers. Thirty CFS patients with elevated IgG antibody titers against HHV-6 and EBV were randomized 2:1 to receive valganciclovir (VGCV) or placebo for 6 months in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Clinical endpoints aimed at measuring physical and mental fatigue included the Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory (MFI-20) and Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS) scores, self-reported cognitive function, and physician-determined responder status. Biological endpoints included monocyte and neutrophil counts and cytokine levels. VGCV patients experienced a greater improvement by MFI-20 at 9 months from baseline compared to placebo patients but this difference was not statistically significant. However, statistically significant ...
*  The asymmetrical influence of increasing time-on-task on attentional disengagement. - Oxford Neuroscience
Increasing time-on-task leads to fatigue and, as shown by previous research, differentially affects the deployment of visual attention towards the left and the right visual space. In healthy participants, an increasing rightward bias is commonly observed with increasing time-on-task. Yet, it is unclear whether specific mechanisms involved in the spatial deployment of visual attention are differentially affected by increasing time-on-task. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether prolonged time-on-task would affect a specific mechanism of visuospatial attentional deployment, namely attentional disengagement, in an asymmetrical fashion. For this purpose, we administered to healthy participants a prolonged gap/overlap saccadic paradigm, with left- and right-sided target stimuli. This oculomotor paradigm allowed to quantify disengagement costs according to the direction of the subsequent attentional shifts, and to evaluate the temporal development of disengagement costs with ...
*  Mental fatigue impairs physical performance in humans | Physiology
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*  mental fatigue
INFUSED OIL. Can be done with fresh and dried herbs. Rule of thumb: Fresh herbs need to be 'hot' infused, dried herbs won't spoil when slowly cold infused. Easy version: Fill a glass bottle with dried herbs (chopped) and cover with cold pressed (virgin, native, extra, first pressing, organic) olive oil or one of the many other carrier oils, depending on the intended use, like jojoba or sweet almond. Make sure you have about 1 inch on top of the herbs, all need to be covered. Keep in a warm (sun or near stove) place for a at least 14 days. Don't strain when starting to use, just take what you need. Most oils get stronger the longer the plants are left, of course. You can also exchange the herbs for fresh ones.. Best/most potent version: Use both, fresh AND dried basil. When using fresh herbs, use a double burner or crock pot and steep them on very low heat for 3 days, exchanging the herbs daily, then decant (strain), and adding new, dried herbs to the oil. This last batch sits for months in a ...
*  The Mental Fatigue Factor - The Horizon
Pitcher Chris Kemp said sometimes athletes can be their own biggest obstacles. He said it's easy for them to overthink when on the field.
*  Fatigue in primary Sjögren's syndrome | Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases
Considering our definition of fatigue, more than 50% of the primary SS patients in this study suffered from fatigue, indicating the importance of this symptom. In this study we found no differences in fatigue scores between patients with primary SS and patients with RA, both groups report significantly more fatigue than healthy controls.. Fatigue is, among others, a symptom of depression. In this study a subdivision could be made between the more physical aspects (physical fatigue and reduced activity) and the more mental aspects (reduced motivation and mental fatigue) of fatigue. Both patient groups (primary SS and RA) scored high on the depression questionnaire in comparison with the healthy controls and in those patient groups a correlation was found between depression and all subscales of fatigue. In the patients with ...
*  Psych Central - Fatigue a lasting problem after liver transplantation
A new study on fatigue experienced by patients after undergoing liver transplantation found that it is a major problem that does not tend to improve with the passage of time. Liver transplant patients experience physical fatigue and reduced activity rather than mental fatigue and reduced motivation.
*  Healthy Clinical Trial - Can Creatine Supplementation Reduce the Negative
Healthy clinical trial. Clinical trial for Can Creatine Supplementation Reduce the Negative Effect of Mental Fatigue on Cognitive Performance?.
*  Physical and Spiritual Health: 2012
Folk wisdom suggests that chicken extract is useful for recovery from physical and mental fatigue. To explore this question, the physiological effect of Brand's Essence of Chicken (BEC), a popular chicken extract used as a traditional remedy, was assessed during recovering from mental stress. We quantitated the blood levels of stress-related substances, and examined the task performance and subjects' mood states during mental workloads. Subjects were 20, healthy male students who have never tasted BEC. They took two bottles of BEC or a placebo (70 ml/bottle) daily in the morning for 7 days. On the final experimental day, two mental workload tests were performed: (A) a mental arithmetic test (MAT; 1600 trials of two or three figure-addition or subtraction for 40 min). (B) a short-term memory test (SMT; 20 trials of memorizing 9 digit numbers). Blood was collected before and after each ...
*  Cognitive Fatigue Training
By Evan Peikon This is an article i've been wanting to release for months, but have kept on the back burner for various reasons. At one point I considered scrapping it entirely as I didn't feel I explained my thoughts eloquently enough (I still don't), which is partially due to the limitations of written, short…
*  Cell-Charging Compound Gives Steady Energy to Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Patients
d-Ribose has been shown in well-designed clinical trials to help restore peak vitality to those struggling with physical and mental fatigue.
*  Cell-Charging Compound Gives Steady Energy to Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Patients
d-Ribose has been shown in well-designed clinical trials to help restore peak vitality to those struggling with physical and mental fatigue.
*  Multiple Sclerosis Research: Article of interest: the gray matter iceberg
Why all the focus on gray matter, brain atrophy and cognition? I think this is where real burden of MS resides and is what drives early impairment and disability in MSers. Why are 50% of MSers unemployed within 10 years of diagnosis when they are not physically disabled? I suspect this is due to poor cognition and the resulting mental fatigue and depression that occurs downstream of this pathology. If we want to make a difference to MSers' lives we need to intervene early in the disease course to prevent gray matter pathology and its downstream effects. With high-efficacy drugs we now have tools at our disposable to reduce the rate of brain atrophy in MS. Unfortunately, low efficacy drugs have little impact on this aspect of MS pathology. The problem in the field is that at present we don't measure brain atrophy in routine clinical practice and don't use it to make clinical decisions. I recently visited the MS unit in Prague to see how they are using brain atrophy in ...
*  On a side note... 5 hour energy drink - Top Law Schools
I was skeptical, but to my surprise, it worked as expected. I chose the extra-strength version, taking it right before going into the testing room. While waiting for everyone to check in, I started to feel this sense of alertness combined with a feeling of disorientation. However, after beginning the first section and getting through the first 4-5 questions the disorientation subsided. I was able to stay alert, and experienced very minimal mental fatigue throughout the test. I actually went on to write the entire 35 minutes on the writing sample which was unplanned and unprecedented on my part. My cognition is usually roasted by the time I reach the writing sample ...
*  GU Energy Labs Releases New Convenient Packaging for GU Energy Chews: GU Energy Labs
Berkeley, Calif. (11/18/16) - GU Energy Labs releases a new packaging sleeve for GU Energy Chews. This convenient sleeve gives athletes a new way to carry a double serving of portable energy that fits easily in a jersey pocket or hydration vest. The new sleeves hold a stack of eight individual Energy Chews that each deliver 20 calories.. Created for daily training and competition, GU Energy Chews help sustain the energy demands of long-duration activities. Now easier to open,eat on the go, and share with friends, GU Energy Chews contain sodium to replenish electrolytes, complex and simple carbohydrates for fast and lasting energy, and branched-chain amino acids to help prevent mental fatigue and reduce muscle damage. GU Energy Labs aims to create portable, convenient, and effective ways to deliver the functional nutrients that are essential to improved athletic performance. The new double-serving sleeve responds to the needs of discerning athletes who asked for a compact way ...
*  TWS: Health risks a reality of race | Advosports | Victoria Advocate - Victoria, TX
READ MORE:Spike in river stages could rcaers move faster. On one of Kennith Startz's 11 Texas Water Safari attempts, he saw visions of dinosaurs and castles.. At least he thought he did.. He laughs about it now but knows he will likely hallucinate again during his 12th safari which will begin Saturday morning in San Marcos.. While the "world's toughest canoe race" is treasured by most who experience it, the risks involved in the 262-mile competition are real.. Startz is part of a four-man team from Victoria. He and his wife have competed in multiple safaris, and he looks to someday get in the Texas Water Safari Hall of Fame.. "I've seen my family members on the river banks, my kids up in the trees waving at me," he said. "It made me scared because I knew the world wasn't right.". Mental fatigue and confusion aren't the only hazards that paddlers need to watch out for.. Dehydration, hypothermia, overheating and skin sloughing are only a few things that can happen over the ...
*  Mental Edge | Neuro By Nature ™
Mental Edge is a brain supplement that is made by Source Naturals. They base their supplements on a Bio-Aligned FormulaTM, which is meant to bring all body systems back into harmony. Not eating properly and aging bring our systems out of balance over time causing the brain and body to malfunction. This is easily seen in the brain when you lose memory capability in terms of inability to focus and experience mental fatigue. We've all experienced forgetfulness and inability to concentrate. In order to address these issues, Source Naturals has incorporated vitamins, amino acids, minerals, phospholipids and herbs into Mental Edge brain supplement to increase neurotransmitter production, promote myelin sheath health, support stress metabolism, boost energy metabolism and protect against free radical formation.. ...