*  Herbal Materia Medica: Garlic
Allium sativum Liliaceae Habitat: Cultivated worldwide. Collection: The bulb
*  Herbal Materia Medica: Ginkgo Biloba
An abundance of research has been undertaken on this ancient plant, revealing a wide range of profound and important therapeutic effects. They can be grouped into cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic effects. Here we shall focus on the cardiovascular indications.
*  Herbal Materia Medica: Saw Palmetto
Serenoa serrulataPalmaeNames: Sabal.Habitat: Eastern N. America.Collection: The berrie
*  Materia medica of India and their therapeutics
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*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Excited, irritable, with inclination to anger and to scold ; anxious and irresolute.. Sadness and despondency, inclination to weep.. Weakness of memory.. Delirium ; imagination ; thinks another person is lying with him in bed ; or always and continuously delirious talk of the same distressing and unpleasant subject.. Head.. [5] Headache when stooping or rising from bed.. Pulsation in the cerebellum.. Pressing stinging in the cerebellum.. Sensation as if every thing in the head were alive.. Headache in the forehead ; every mental exertion causes him to become quite stupid.. [10] Headache from anger.. Sensitiveness of the scalp on both sides, very sore to the touch, followed by numbness, and very sore on scratching, worse in the morning and on becoming heated.. Eyes.. Inflammation, with itching of the eye.. Fistula lachrymalis.. Like a veil before the eye.. Ears.. [15] Dryness and disagreeable sensation of dryness in the ear.. Hardness of hearing.. Discharge of pus and blood ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Hypochondriacal restlessness.. Very changeable disposition ; hypochondriacal anxiety, or trembling excitability.. Fear, especially in the evening in the dark.. Hysteria, with nervous over-excitability of the nerves, and very changeable disposition and ideas.. Head.. [5] Headaches appearing suddenly or only in jerks.. Pressing in the head, as from a stupefying constriction in the forehead, drawing into the orbits, with paleness of the face ; worse in the evening, when at rest, and in the open air ; better from movement, in the room, and when changing the position.. Sensation of coldness in the upper part of the head when covering it with the hat.. One-sided, drawing headache, from draught of air.. Headache in the sunshine.. [10] Stinging or pressing in the forehead, extending to the orbits.. Eyes.. Inflammation of the edges of the eyelids, with biting and stinging.. In the evening, in the dark, luminous appearance before the eyes, as if one could see the ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Anxiety about the future.. Despair of recovery, thinks to be very ill, and in great danger not to survive the sickness ; hopelessness.. Great anxiety, full of fears.. Religious melancholy.. [5] Impatience ; ill humor.. Head.. Vertigo with headache ; it presses the eyes out.. Congestions of blood to the head, with red-hot cheeks and nose, redness of the eruption on the face, with great anxiety every afternoon after dinner (during pregnancy fifth month).. Fullness in the vertex as if the brain would burst out, with formication in the head ; before the headache flickering before the eyes ; the objects dance before the eyes, or black spots and rings appear before the eyes ; afterwards very heavy sleep.. Congestion of blood to the head with heat, wakened him in the night, was stupefied, could not recollect what happened, and after sitting for a while had to rise to collect his senses.. [10] Fullness and heaviness in the head.. Morning headache with pressing in the forehead, ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Melancholy, sadness.. Head.. Flushes of heat from the abdomen to the head.. Sensation as if the head were tightly bandaged around the forehead.. Tearing in the vertex.. [5] Sensation as if a cluster of hair were pulled out from the vertex.. Eyes.. Violent jerking and twitching in the lids.. Pressure in the ball of the eye.. Inflammation of the Meibomian glands on the lower lids.. Nose.. Excessive continued sneezing, succeeded by violent bleeding of the nose.. Face.. [10] Pricking in the right malar bone.. Pain in the submaxillary glands, extending to the teeth.. Mouth and Throat.. Vesicles on the tip of the tongue.. Numbness of the inner mouth.. Stomach and Abdomen.. Retching and vomiting of watery fluid.. [15] Vomiting of glue-like mucus.. Tingling pain in the pit of the stomach.. Stool and Anus.. Emission of an excessive quantity of flatulence.. Diarrh a ; stool liquid, with flatulence ; creeping over the skin and cold hands and colic.. Urinary Organs.. Renal ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Great irritability, does not wish to be spoken to.. Vivacity, carelessness, followed by depression of spirits.. Unconnected ideas ; cannot follow an idea for any length of time ; if he attempts to think consecutively he is attacked by a painful vacant feeling of the mind.. Stupor, cannot open the eyes.. [5] Sensation of intoxication with diarrh a.. Confusion ; when attempting to move, the muscles refuse to obey the will ; head giddy.. Every exciting news causes diarrh a ; bad effects from fright and fear.. Head.. Staggering as if intoxicated when trying to move.. Giddiness as if intoxicated, as if should fall down.. [10] Giddiness with loss of sight, chilliness, accelerated pulse, dullness of vision, double vision.. Fullness in the head with heat in the face and chilliness.. Great heaviness of the head, relieved by profuse micturition.. Pain as from a tape around the head.. Dull pain in the back part of the head after breakfast worse when moving and stooping.. [15] ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Inert, hypochondriacal humor, without taking any interest in things around him.. Taciturn, disinclined to talk.. Head.. Headache (in the evening) as if bruised, with coryza.. Pulsating of the head which is felt externally.. [5] Headache with dazzling of the eyes from the light of the sun, with sensation as if the head would burst.. Eyes.. Dryness and pressure in the eyes.. Smarting in the eyes, as from sand.. Inflammation and redness of the eye from being wounded.. Stitches in the eyes (ball) from bright light.. [10] Inflammation and ulceration of the margins of the eyelids, with headache.. Burning, smarting lachrymation, particularly in the wind.. Swelling of the lower eyelid.. Increased secretion of purulent matter and nightly agglutination of the eyes.. Photophobia and pain on looking at the light.. [15] Obscuration of and pellicle over the cornea (after mechanical injuries).. Bluish obscurated cornea.. Fine eruption around the eyes.. Nose.. Eruptions on the wings ; of ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Ill-humored, irritable.. Head.. Giddiness ; the head feels dull, as if he had drank too much, with a white-coated tongue.. Congestion of blood to the head when entering a warm room ; better in the open air.. Eyes.. Sensation as if a foreign body were lodged between the eyelid and the eye.. [5] Sensation as if the edges of the eyelids were swollen.. Ears.. Sudden violent stitch in the left internal ear, extending to the left side of the neck and into the sternum.. Intolerable itching in the left ear.. Nose.. Dryness of the nose with inclination to sneeze.. Swelling of the nose, with itching, violent sneezing and increased secretion of mucus.. [10] Redness of the edges of the nostrils.. Crusts on the edges of the nostrils.. Mouth and Throat.. Sensation as if cold air were blown on the teeth.. Great soreness of the teeth to contact.. Scraping and dryness in the throat.. [15] Sweetish, metallic taste in the mouth.. Dry, brown-coated tongue.. Stitches and burning in the throat ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Pride and over-estimation of oneself ; looking down with haughtiness on others.. Illusion ; every thing around her is very small and everybody inferior to her in body and mind.. Low-spirited, inclined to shed tears, worse in the evening.. Anxiety, horrified by the thought that he would die soon.. [5] Great indifference.. After anger alternate laughing and weeping, with great anguish and fear of death.. Delirium, with fear of men, often changing, with over-estimation of oneself.. Mania ; with great pride ; with fault-finding ; with unchaste talk ; trembling and clonic spasms, caused by fright or from anger.. Pressing headache from without to within the forehead and temples, gradually increasing and decreasing, aggravated in the evening, from stooping, while at rest, in the room ; ameliorated from exercise and in the open air.. [10] Constrictive headache, as if a tape were tightly drawn around it, with sensation of numbness in the brain, flushes of heat and ill-humor, worse ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Great anguish in the evening, almost driving one to commit suicide.. Over-sensitiveness and irritability, with quick, hasty speech.. The slightest cause irritates him and makes him extremely vehement.. Dejected, sad, with inclination to shed tears.. Head.. [5] Faint giddiness when riding in a carriage or when shaking the head, with headache and obscuration of sight.. Boring headache from without to within, in the right temple ; on one side of the head ; the root of the nose, when waking from sleep ; aggravated by motion and stooping.. Pressure in the head, semi-lateral, as from a plug or dull nail, at night and when waking in the morning ; aggravated when moving the eyes ; and on stooping ; relieved when rising and from binding the head up tight.. Aching in the forehead, like a boil, from midnight till morning.. Lancinating headache ; better when walking in the open air.. [10] Sense of swashing in the head.. Boring headache in the root of the nose, every forenoon.. Morning ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Talkativeness and fond of conversing.. Mental labor fatigues him much.. Great forgetfulness when awake, with distinct recollection during half sleep.. Head.. Vertigo, when rising from a seat, on raising himself in bed, on moving about.. [5] Paroxysms of vertigo, most violent an hour after breakfast and dinner.. Headache from lemonade, tea and wine.. Violent stinging pain over the left eye, caused by walking in the sun and from strong smells ; with increased secretion of urine, and melancholy.. Headache every afternoon.. The hair falls off when combing the head, even of the eyebrows, whiskers and on the genitals, with tingling-itching on the scalp in the evening, oozing after scratching, and with tension and sensation of contraction of the scalp (with emaciation of the face and hands).. Eyes.. [10] Itching vesicles on the edges of the eyelids and on the eye-brows.. Spasmodic twitching of the left eyeball.. Ears.. Increased secretion of wax, which is hardened in the ear in ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Sad, taciturn, with anxious apprehension.. Sadness, peevishness.. Irritable, disposed to anger and chagrin.. Head.. Vertigo, with tottering gait.. [5] Headache, as if the brain were torn or demolished.. Feeling as if the brain were loose.. Tearing and stitches in the head, coming on in periodical shocks.. Heaviness in the back part of the head, with obscure sight, aggravated by the effort to see.. Headache from walking in the open air, especially in the cold wind.. [10] Headache, aggravated from rising up in bed, and from moving the eyes, ameliorated by moving the body.. Eyes.. Itching, smarting in the corners of the eye.. Itching in the eyes.. Stitches out of the eyes.. Swelling and redness of the eyelids.. [15] Perpendicular half-sightedness.. Ears.. Otalgia, with pressing pain.. Beating in the ear.. Hardness of hearing, deafness.. Very sensitive to noise and over acuteness of hearing.. [20] Tingling, humming and whizzing in the ear.. Nose.. Continuous bleeding from the ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Sad, depressed and desponding.. Awkwardness ; she lets every thing drop out of her hand.. Weak memory.. Head.. Headache deep in the brain, sensation as if the head were enlarged.. [5] Sensation as if bruised in the head.. Eyes.. Dim eyes, without lustre.. Objects seem to be too near the eye.. Ears.. Itching in the ears.. Discharge of fetid us from the ears.. [10] Ulcer in the (right) ear.. Nose.. Scurfs and crusts about the nostrils.. Stoppage of the nose with fluent coryza.. Bleeding of the nose early in the morning, (during sleep).. Face.. Chapped lips.. [15] Eruptions in the corners of the mouth.. Swelling of the upper lip (and chock, after toothache) in scrofulous subjects.. Teeth.. Bleeding of the gums, (when sucking them).. Stomach and Abdomen.. Bloatedness of the abdomen ; with softness, flatulency, or rumbling, with constipation.. Stool and Anus.. Ineffectual urging to stool.. [20] Stool hard and difficult.. After stool, tenesmus and burning at the anus.. In the ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Great cheerfulness and clearness of mind.. Thinking of his ailments aggravates them.. Aversion to talk ; with headache, fullness in the face.. Head.. Vertigo, with weakness and thirst ; anxiety ; headache and perspiration.. [5] Vertigo while looking out of the window ; when rising from a seat.. Vertigo, like swimming, on lying down.. Sensation of emptiness in the head.. Dullness in the forehead (morning).. Pain in the forehead and vertex ; on the left side of the forehead, on waking.. [10] Pressing pain on small spots.. Pressing, like screwing behind both ears.. Headache after lying down, after sleeping, and on rising.. Headache relieved after stool.. Head affected by drinking wine.. Eyes.. [15] Pain in the balls of the eyes ; worse in the left.. Inclination to close the eyes.. Small, especially linear, objects appear larger ; they are thought to be more distant than they really are.. Vanishing of sight, with giddiness and perspiration ; with bleeding of the ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Attacks of anxiety, with pain in the region of the heart.. Excessive mirth with irresistible desire to sing.. Head.. Vertigo ; at night when waking, with nausea.. Congestion of blood to the head, with pressing, beating, and pulsation in the forehead, with redness of the face, anxious look, restless sleep, relieved in a horizontal position.. [5] Pressing headache in the (right) frontal eminence, from within to without, worse when sitting, when entering a warm room, after walking in the open air, when looking intensely at any thing ; better when lying on the back in a horizontal position.. Violent itching on the scalp.. Sensation as if the hair were standing on an end (on the vertex).. Eyes.. Pressing and stinging in the eyes.. On looking intensely on one spot lachrymation and headache.. [10] Redness of the eyes with lachrymation and burning.. Pressing heaviness of the eyelids.. Double vision.. Ears.. Suppuration of the external ear.. Hardness of hearing.. Nose.. [15] ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Mental derangement especially in drunkards.. Loquacious delirium and mania.. Attacks of rage with beating and striking persons.. Desire for company and light.. [5] Very changeable disposition ; alternate ; anticipations of death and rage ; laughable gestures and melancholy deportment ; affected haughtiness and inconsolableness ; loud laughing and groaning.. Mania-a-potu with clonic spasms, with consciousness and desire for light and company.. Insensibility to mental impressions.. Head.. Staggering vertigo with obscurations of vision, headache and red face, colicky pain and diarrh a.. Stupefaction with vanishing of vision and hearing, and convulsive movements of the head.. [10] Fainting with paleness of the face, dryness in the throat, and subsequent red face.. Congestion of blood to the head, with pulsation in the vertex, loss of sight and hearing, bloated turgid face, total loss of consciousness, and painlessness.. Inflammation of the brain, with beat and pulsation of the ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Sad and weeping mood, with foreboding anxiety, as if some accident would happen.. Ill-humor, irritable.. Head.. Vertigo with heaviness of the head ; with spontaneous closing of the eyes.. Dull or stupid feeling of the head, as if bandaged or screwed in.. [5] Feeling of heaviness of the head with vertigo.. Stitches, stabbings in the head.. Boring in the vertex.. Sensation in the forehead on stooping as if something would fall forward.. Eyes.. Violent pains in the eyes, especially the right, as if it would start out of its socket.. [10] Stinging in both eyes.. Dimness of the eyes with frequent drowsiness.. Burning of the eyes, especially at candle-light.. Lachrymation with photophobia.. Nose.. Bleeding of the nose (at night) with diminution of the headache.. [15] Fluent coryza, with rough voice, pain in the chest and frequent flow of water from the nose.. Pain in the posterior nares as from air pressing through with violence, when coughing or talking.. Face.. Tearing in the ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Inclination to dwell on unpleasant subjects.. While writing, he often omits words.. Head.. Giddiness, especially in the afternoon, as if he would fall on his side.. Pressure on the vertex, extending to the spine, - without pain, but with anxiety.. [5] Rheumatic pains in the head.. Headache from a draft of air ; from uncovering the head ; in the morning, when awaking ; worse when at rest, returning periodically, and accompanied by pain the stomach, nausea, and cold hands.. Cold perspiration on the head.. Face.. Burning heat of one side of the face.. Circumscribed redness on the cheeks.. [10] Copper-colored spots on the face.. Cold perspiration of the face.. Tongue.. The tongue is spongy on the surface, with deep cracks, and with spreading ulcers.. Throat.. Sensation, as of a lump in the pit of the throat, as if some food had lodged there.. Sensation of swelling or constriction in the throat.. [15] The throat symptoms are relieved by eating.. Stool and Anus.. Watery, ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Stitches in the ear (right).. Suppuration after inflammation of the ear.. * * * * *. Copyright Robert S ror 2015 & mise en page par l' quipe Novomeo. ...
*  Text book of Materia Medica
Mind and Disposition.. Indifference and apathy.. Disposition to be alone.. Ill-humor, with disposition to hurt other people's feelings.. Nervous irritation, with slowness of ideas.. [5] Full of projects and ideas, especially in the evening and at night.. Head.. Congestion of blood to the head, with twitching in the temples.. Headache, from suppressed coryza.. Sensation, as if the whole head were bruised ; worse from exertion of the mind.. Sensation, as if the head should burst, with sleeplessness at night ; aggravated from touch, motion and stepping hard, ameliorated in the room, and when opening the eyes.. [10] Stitches in the head, with pulsation in the temples, which can be felt by the finger ; ameliorated by hard pressure, but aggravated by the movement of the head.. Sensitiveness of the scalp, especially the root of the hair, to the least touch ; worse when walking in the open air and from a draft of air ; ameliorated by strong external pressure and when scratching the head.. The headache ...
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Textbook of Materia Medica: Fourth Edition by BLUMGARTEN, A. S. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible ... Textbook of Materia Medica Fourth Edition. You Searched For: Title: textbook of materia medica fourth edition ... TEXTBOOK OF MATERIA MEDICA, Fourth Edition, Completely Revised. BLUMGARTEN, A. S., M.D., F.A.C.P. ... Textbook of Materia Medica, Fourth Edition A.S. Blumgarten, M.D., F.A.C.P. ...
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Repertory to the more characteristic symptoms of the new materia medica, arranged by Constantine Lippe by Lippe, Constantine, - ... Repertory More Characteristic Symptoms Materia Medica. You Searched For: Title: repertory more characteristic symptoms materia ... The concordance repertory of the more characteristic symptoms of the materia medica / by William D. Gentry ., v.2 Gentry, ... The concordance repertory of the more characteristic symptoms of the materia medica 1890 Gentry, William D. (William Daniel), - ...