*  Effects of increased dietary lysine on sow and litter performance
Three hundred arid fifty three lactating sows were used to determine the effects of increased dietary lysine on sow and litter performance. At farrowing, sows were assigned to com-soybean meal lactation diets consisting of either 1.0 or 1.3% total lysine. A treatment by parity interaction was observed, with first parity sows fed 1.3% lysine having heavier litter weaning weights than sows fed 1.00/0 lysine. Surprisingly, third and fourth parity sows fed 1.3% lysine had lower litter weaning weights than those fed 1.0% lysine. No other treatment by parity interactions existed. No differences were observed in the number of pigs weaned or pig survivability. Sows fed 1.3 % lysine tended to consume less feed in the first week of lactation than sow fed 1.0% lysine (9.6 vs 10.0 Ibid), with no differences observed during week 2 or overall. No differences were observed in subsequent ...
*  Regulation of Lysine Metabolism and Endosperm Protein Synthesis by the Opaque-5 and Opaque-7 Maize Mutations. - Lancaster...
Two high lysine maize endosperm mutations, opaque-5 (o5) and opaque-7 (o7), were biochemically characterized for endosperm protein synthesis and lysine metabolism in immature seeds. Albumins, globulins, and glutelins, which have a high content of lysine, were shown to be increased in the mutants, whereas zeins, which contain trace concentrations of lysine, were reduced in relation to the wild-type lines B77xB79+ and B37+. These alterations in the storage protein fraction distribution possibly explain the increased concentration of lysine in the two mutants. Using two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of proteins of mature grains, variable amounts of zein polypeptides were detected and considerable differences were noted between the four lines studied. The analysis of the enzymes involved in lysine metabolism indicated that both mutants have reduced lysine catabolism when ...
*  The Top 10 Lysine Supplements For Mood, Muscle, Stress And Acne - Supernatural Acne Treatment
Lysine is an amino acid, found widely in animal foods like meat, fish, and eggs, but now wildly popular as a supplement. Lysine has multiple benefits for both acne and health. Firstly, lysine is vital for collagen production, and therefore anti-ageing and strong skin. Both lysine and a structurally related compound it forms called allysine are raw materials for all collagen in your skin.. Secondly, lysine is an excellent remedy for stress, being known to reduce stress hormones strongly. Lysine activates the same receptors as benzos, the classic pharmaceutical anti-anxiety drugs, and it does so naturally. Lysine can even control serotonin receptors linked to anxiety.. Who is most at risk of deficiency? Easily vegans, vegetarians, and people who restrict animal foods for health. Unless you're smart and tactically eat the correct nuts and seeds using a meticulous system, ...
*  Global analysis of protein lysine succinylation profiles in common wheat | BMC Genomics | Full Text
Post-translational modifications (PTMs) play an important role in modulating diverse cellular processes, which are dynamic and reversible modifications of proteins during or after protein biosynthesis [1]. PTMs can change protein functions by introducing new functional groups such as acetyl, phospho, ubiquityl, succinyl and methyl groups. Among these changes, acetylation of lysine has been extensively studied in both eukaryotes and prokaryotes [2, 3]. Similar to lysine acetylation, lysine succinylation is one of the newly discovered PTMs that has been found in both eukaryotes and prokaryotes [1]. As one important PTM of proteins, lysine succinylation was defined as the transfer of a succinyl group to a lysine residue of a protein molecule [4].. Lysine succinylation was firstly discovered in histone proteins, and its role has been investigated in the regulation of gene transcription [5]. In addition to ...
*  China Lysine Sulphate 70% Min/ Lysine Quality / Lysine Sulphate Price Photos & Pictures - Made-in-china.com
Lysine Sulphate 70% Min/ Lysine Quality / Lysine Sulphate Price picture from Polifar Group Limited view photo of Lysine Sulphate Price, Lysine Quality, Lysine Sulphate 70% Min.Contact China Suppliers for More Products and Price.
*  Lysine carboxylation: unveiling a spontaneous post-translational modification (Journal Article) | SciTech Connect
A computational method for the prediction of lysine carboxylation (KCX) in protein structures is described. The method accurately identifies misreported KCXs and predicts previously unknown KCX sites. The carboxylation of lysine residues is a post-translational modification (PTM) that plays a critical role in the catalytic mechanisms of several important enzymes. It occurs spontaneously under certain physicochemical conditions, but is difficult to detect experimentally. Its full impact is unknown. In this work, the signature microenvironment of lysine-carboxylation sites has been characterized. In addition, a computational method called Predictor of Lysine Carboxylation (PreLysCar) for the detection of lysine carboxylation in proteins with available three-dimensional structures has been developed. The likely prevalence of lysine carboxylation in the proteome was assessed through large-scale computations. The ...
*  L-[14C(U)]-Lysine,>97%, 250µCi (9.25MBq) |...
250 µCi quantities of L-[14C(U)]-Lysine are available for your research. Application of [14C]Lysine can be found in: inhibitors of advanced glycation end product-associated protein cross-linking, kinetics of collagen crosslinking in adult bovine articular cartilage, growth and protein turnover in Atlantic salmon, lysine a-ketoglutarate reductase being subject to substrate inhibition in pig liver, enrichment of fusobacteria from the rumen utilizing lysine as an energy source for growth, etc.. ...
*  Agronomic, biochemical and genetic characterizations and adaptations of high lysine, shrunken endosperm mutants of barley ...
Agronomic, biochemical and genetic characterizations and adaptations of high lysine, shrunken endosperm mutants of barley (Hordeum vulgare L ...
*  AllAboutFeed - Global Bio-chem significantly to increase lysine production
Global Bio-chem Technology Group together with its subsidiaries made some major breakthroughs during the first half of this year on the R&D of new lysine products, namely, lysine 80% and lysine 75%, and improvement in the production processes which could substantially reduce the cost of production.
*  Lysine biosynthesis regulatory protein elisa and antibody
Shop Lysine biosynthesis regulatory protein ELISA Kit, Recombinant Protein and Lysine biosynthesis regulatory protein Antibody at MyBioSource. Custom ELISA Kit, Recombinant Protein and Antibody are available.
*  Synthesis of ε-N-propionyl-, ε-N-butyryl-, and ε-N-crotonyl-lysine containing histone H3 using the pyrrolysine system -...
Recently new lysine modifications were detected in histones and other proteins. Using the pyrrolysine amber suppression system we genetically inserted three of the new amino acids ε-N-propionyl-, ε-N-butyryl-, and ε-N-crotonyl-lysine site specifically into histone H3. The lysine at position 9 (H3 K9), which
*  Global Lysine Market Analysis And Segment Forecasts To 2020 - Lysine Industry, Outlook, Size, Application, Product, Share,...
Global Lysine Market Analysis And Segment Forecasts To 2020 - Lysine Industry, Outlook, Size, Application, Product, Share, Growth Prospects, Key Opportunities, Dynamics, Trends, Analysis, Lysine Report - Grand View Research Inc
*  Effects of lysine-containing mercaptoacetyl-based chelators on the biodistribution of 99mTc-labeled anti-HER2 Affibody...
The effects of polar (mercaptoacetyl-triseryl) and negatively charged (mercaptoacetyl-triglumatyl) chelators on the biodistribution of 99mTc-labeled anti-HER2 Affibody molecules were previously investigated. With glycine, serine, and glutamate, we de
*  Is l lysine safe to take while nursing - Doctors answer your questions
Is l lysine safe to take while nursing - Is it safe to take l-lysine while nursing? I've had been fighting coldsores for 6wks and I have a 7w.o baby. Using abreva. Ice makes it worse. Lysine and nursing. Lysine is an essential amino acid (protein) meaning our body cannot make it. It is part of our diet. We eat 60, 000 mg protein a day. For prophylaxis usually one takes 500-1000 mg a day and for an acute flare I have seen 1500 to 3000 mg/day given for 2-5 days. It may at very high doses interact with arginine another amino acid (but we have to have both in our diet, anyway). Discuss with doc
*  Lysine | StayWell Health Library | Main
Lysine Other name(s): a,e-diamino-n-caproic acid General information Lysine is an essential amino acid. It's needed for the synthesis of protein. It's also needed for the metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids. Unsubstantiated claims Please note that this section reports on claims that have not yet been substantiated through studies. Lysine has been said to slow or stop the growth of viruses. It may also protect against sexual transmission of the herpes virus. It may prevent the recurrence of cold ...
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Alibaba.com offers 220 organic lysine products. About 26% of these are dyestuff intermediates, 15% are feed grade amino acids, and 12% are feed grade proteins. A wide variety of organic lysine options are available to you, such as feed preservatives, promote healthy & growth, and promote nutrition.
*  A Synthetic Peptide That Inhibits Lipoprotein(a) Assembly | Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
The apoB4372-4392 sequence lies within a 32-amino acid region (amino acids 4365-4396) that is predicted to form a class A amphipathic helix6,18⇓ with lipid binding properties. The predicted α-helical nature and lipid binding capacity of the sequence was confirmed by CD spectroscopy studies of the apoB4372-4392 peptide (Figure 2). The CD data indicate that the peptide is comprised of ≈66% α-helix in the absence of lipid and 88% α-helix in the presence of saturating amounts of DMPC. The lipid-bound peptide most likely represents a more physiological setting, because the amphipathic domain of the peptide would presumably be associated with the lipid surface of LDL when noncovalently bound to apo(a). A helical wheel diagram of the 4372-4392 sequence demonstrates that the 4 lysine residues at positions 4372, 4379, 4385, and 4392 are located at the lipid/aqueous interface (Figure I). We speculate that one or more of these lysines interact with one or more of the apo(a) kringle IV ...
*  Lysine | Grand Strand Health
Learn more about Lysine at Grand Strand Medical Center Supplement Forms/Alternate Names : L-Lysine Lysine Hydrochloride Uses Principal Proposed Uses ...
*  Lysine | Reston Hospital Center
Learn more about Lysine at Reston Hospital Center Supplement Forms/Alternate Names : L-Lysine Lysine Hydrochloride Uses Principal Proposed Uses ...
*  Arginine & Lysine | LIVESTRONG.COM
Lysine and arginine are two amino acids found in protein-rich foods. Lysine is an essential amino acid, meaning your body can't make it from other...
*  What Is Lauroyl Lysine? | LIVESTRONG.COM
Lysine is an essential amino acid, meaning your body can not synthesize this amino acid and, therefore, you must obtain lysine through dietary sources....
*  Methylated Lysine Research Products: Novus Biologicals
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*  Introduction of lysine residues into the mouse receptor | Open-i
Introduction of lysine residues into the mouse receptor can increase sensitivity to NF449. A, representative traces of membrane currents evoked by ATP (10 μm),
*  User:Juliet Obi/Sandbox 1 - Proteopedia, life in 3D
The PHD finger of bromodomains serves as an epigenetic reader by recognizing the N-terminal histone H3 tail when it is methylated [14]. The function of BAZ1A-PHD, N-terminal to its bromodomain, is however unknown [12]. This can be attributed to the fact that BAZ1A-PHD lacks the "aromatic cage" as well as other key residues crucial for the recognition of trimethylated lysine [15]. BAZ1A-PHD also lacks acidic residues which particularly recognize unmethylated histone H3 lysine 4 (H3K4) peptides [16]. These information show proof that the PHD finger of BAZ1A might interact with DNA through its other biochemical properties other than the canonical residues which are absent [12]. The PHD of BAZ1A is structurally similar to its paralog, BAZ1B-PHD and the dual-zinc binding motif characteristic of their PHD fold have been found to be structurally conserved. BAZ1A-PHD is 54% identical and 73% similar to BAZ1B-PHD [12]. However, BAZ1A-PHD has been found to contain a positively charged ...
*  The Satiating Secret of Arginine, Lysine and Glutamic Acid. Plus: Things You May Not Know About These Aminos - SuppVersity:...
Similarly unknown as the involvement of glutamic acid in the concert of satiety hormones is the effect lysine (150mg/kg) had on the glucose, insulin and glucagon resonse of healthy volunteers, when Kalogeropoulou et al. administered it either alone or in conjunction with 25g of glucose to thirteen healthy volunteers, where it triggered an increase in glucagon and insulin, when it was administered alone and significant reduction in the blood sugar response, when it was administered in conjunction with the 25g of glucose (Kalogeropoulou. 2009). Interestingly the increased glucsose disposal did not depend on an increase in insulin, so that it must be related to downstream improvements in insulin sensitivity and the efficacy of glucose uptake ...