*  RCSB PDB - 1OL0: Crystal structure of a camelised human VH Literature Report Page

1OL0: Crystal Structure of a Human Vh: Requirements for Maintaining a Monomeric Fragment


1HN1: Reversible lattice repacking illustrates the temperature dependence of macromolecular interactions.

*  RCSB PDB - 1GXM: Family 10 polysaccharide lyase from Cellvibrio cellulosa Literature Report Page

1GXM: Convergent Evolution Sheds Light on the Anti-Beta-Elimination Mechanism Common to Family 1 and 10 Polysaccharide Lyases

*  Literatures in English Section | Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)

Literatures in English Section, Association of College and Research Libraries ... You are at: ALA.org » ACRL » About ACRL » Directory of Leadership » Sections » Literatures in English Section ... and use of information resources related to literatures in English. ...

*  Stroke Literature Synopses: Basic Science | Stroke

Stroke is a multifactorial disease. Hence, potential therapeutic approaches can be found in multiple compartments and mechanisms. Three recent studies describe how new targets may be dissected in terms of preventing neuron death, ameliorating inflammation, and modifying thrombosis.. Irmady et al (MiR-592 regulates the induction and cell death-promoting activity of p75NTR in neuronal ischemic injury. J Neurosci. 2014;34:3419-3428) proposed that miR-592/p75NTR would be a therapeutic candidate to protect neurons from apoptosis after ischemic injury. p75NTR is a member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, and this study showed that p75NTR expression increased after ischemic stress both in vivo and in vitro (eg, mouse brains in a focal ischemia model and cultured hippocampal slice or neurons after oxygen-glucose deprivation). Delivery of function-blocking antibodies for p75NTR reduced neuronal apoptosis in vitro, and furthermore, infarct volume by middle cerebral artery occlusion was ...

*  The Top 5 Most Significant Fictional Characters in Modern Literature | HubPages

Western Literature. Evolution in Literature: An Analysis of William Blake's 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell' and the Bible.. ... Gandalf is inspiring in that he is vital to the most significant work of literature of the 20th century, and that he is still ... Gandalf is significant to Western Literature for a sum of reasons, but nothing stands out to me like the comparison to Wodan. ... Basically, if I were to ask you to list the five most important figures in Western Literature (post 1700 AD), you would ...

*  Cushing's disease and pregnancy: case report and literature review.

METHODS: We present a case report with clinical, laboratory, and imaging data and discuss the literature pertaining to ...

*  Komisja Europejska : CORDIS : Projekty i wyniki : Epistemic intersections in early modern England: the place of literature

Epistemic intersections in early modern England: the place of literature. Od 2014-10-01 do 2019-09-30, projekt w toku ... What does literature know, or tell us, that other discourses cannot, or do not, because of their disciplinary investments? What ... This project uncovers the interface between imaginative literature and epistemology in its wider sense in early modern England ...

*  RCSB PDB - 1M1E: Beta-catenin armadillo repeat domain bound to ICAT Literature Report Page

1M1E: ICAT inhibits Beta-catenin binding to Tcf/Lef-family transcription factors and the general coactivator p300 using independent structural modules.

*  RCSB PDB - 1O9J: The X-ray crystal structure of eta-crystallin Literature Report Page

1O9J: Crystal Structure of Eta-Crystallin: Adaptation of a Class 1 Aldehyde Dehydrogenase for a New Role in the Eye Lens

*  Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Bishop Dental

Wisdom tooth problems cause annoyance and inconvenience your daily life. Often people ignore these problems until they cause pain, infection or damage to adjacent teeth and structures. This eventually leads to more inconveniences to your daily work, study and/ or social commitments.. WE DON'T WAIT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL WISDOM TEETH GIVE YOU PAIN OR PROBLEMS!!! Our dentists are skilled in isolating existing wisdom teeth problems and predicting future problems so that you can make an informed decision of the management of your wisdom teeth.. Our clinic is equipped with the appropriate extra-oral imaging modalities along with the specialized surgical motors to ensure removal of you wisdom teeth (if deemed necessary) are managed in an appropriate, comfortable and safe environment.. Contact Us today to prevent PAIN at an affordable price! ...

*  UC Davis Humanities Institute, 2011-2012 Annual Report

the UC Davis Deans of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies and Social Sciences, Dissertation Year Fellow- ships enable a select group of advanced graduate stu- dents to spend a full academic year completing their dissertations. The fellowships are awarded to those projects that will make significant and original contri- butions to research in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Two of the Dissertation Year Fellows in 2011-2012, Vivian Choi and Matthew Russell, were in- vited to participate in the UC Society of Fellows in the Humanities, an interdisciplinary network of outstand- ing graduate student and faculty fellows whose research receives support from the UC Humanities Network ...

*  Traditional medicine (Literature)

This Ancient Chinese Secret Gives William His First Rock-Hard Erection Since 2010… स्तम्भन दोष - Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual activity.[1] A penile erection is the hydraulic effect of blood entering and being retained in sponge-like bodies […]. Read More ». ...

*  Eggplant in the Spotlight | Gardener's Journal

With a growing interest in healthier diets and reducing meat consumption, the lowly eggplant is becoming quite a star. This is great news for gardeners, because it's stimulating lots of new breeding efforts on the part of seed producers. We're seeing interesting new varieties with better cold tolerance, improved disease- and pest-resistance and higher yields. Case in point is Hansel, an eggplant that has been honored as one of this year's 2008 All-American Selections (AAS). More slender than the usual grocery store eggplant, Hansel also has fewer seeds and is less bitter. It produces clusters of three to six fruits that begin ripening just 55 days after transplanting. Fruit can be harvested at finger-size, or can be left on the plant until it's as much as 8" long. Hansel should be available this spring from your local garden center.. Compared with most other garden vegetables, eggplant can be a bit fussy. To produce well, the plants require warm, well-drained soil, at least eight hours of sun ...

*  sophie writes: Cooked Poem: The Eggplant Epithalamion

For a long time I steered away from cooking eggplant because how to prepare it always seemed to elude me. It wasn't until the last time I was in Italy with my grandmother that I started to cook it and realized that eggplants are not as intimidating as I had thought. I would buy the little eggplants at the market and when my grandmother would get up from her afternoon nap she would slice them and salt them and leave them to rest under a dishtowel on the kitchen counter for me. Often I would just grill them on the stove top with some olive oil, and we would eat them for dinner sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, chopped parsley, more olive oil, and salt and pepper. Once, I prepared them this same way and then topped them with leftover Bolognese sauce, which was delicious since the eggplant's meaty flesh can stand up so well to the heavy tomato sauce ...

*  Download E-books Reading Unruly: Interpretation and Its Ethical Demands (Symploke Studies in Contemporary Theory) PDF -...

In Jennings, the author of contemporary lifestyles, 30-45. Bennington, Geoffrey. "Cogito Incognito: Foucault's 'My physique, This Paper, this hearth. '" Oxford Literary evaluation four, no. 1 (1979): 5-8. Berger, Harry Jr. positioned Utterances: Texts, our bodies, and Cultural Representations. ny: Fordham college Press, 2005. Berman, Marshall. All that's reliable Melts into Air: The adventure of Modernity. manhattan: Simon and Schuster, 1982. Bernstein, Michael. sour Carnival: Ressentiment and the Abject Hero. Princeton NJ: Princeton college Press, 1992. Bertrand, Marc. "L'objet selon Sartre: de l'état sauvage à l'humanisation forcée - et retour? " Etudes Sartriennes five (1985): 7-24. Blanchot, Maurice. The e-book to come back. Translated by means of Charlotte Mandell. Stanford CA: Stanford college Press, 2003. -. The limitless dialog. Translated via Susan Hanson. Minneapolis: college of Minnesota Press, 1993. -. the gap of Literature. Translated by means of Ann Smock. Lincoln: collage of ...

*  Articles Archives

In their book, 'Black Tie Optional,' Harry A. Freedman and Karen Feldman explain how to use celebrities at fundraising events…. "For the group whose organizers are determined to land a big star to perform, list all those who might be interested in the charity and might also be in the vicinity around the time of the event. Then it's time to invite them to appear. A group representative could take the usual route and call a booking agent. Don't. He is a middleman who generally makes 10 percent or more of the amount he books the celebrity for, and so is looking to get the highest appearance fee possible. The booking agent negotiates with the agency that represents the artist. The agency also gets a percentage, so the agent there will also want to get the highest amount possible. Then the agent from the representing agency goes to the star's personal manager, who also get s percentage…. Get the picture?. Now there are three people between the organization and the celebrity, each of whom is ...

*  Wood, Samuel (1760-1844), Injured Humanity; Being A Representation of What the Unhappy Children of Africa Endure from Those Who...

Full Transcript: INJURED HUMANITY ;, BEING, A Representation of what the unhappy Children of Africa endure from those who call themselves CHRISTIANS., THE respectable and increasing numbers of those, who, from motives of humanity, have concurred in rejecting the produce of West-India slavery, cannot but afford a subject of the sincerest joy to every friend of mankind. Even those who, from motives of interest, still favour or engage in the trade, have been obliged to be silent upon the injustice of first procuring the Negroes, and have not had the hardiness to excuse or palliate the horrors of the middle passage: but still they assert, that the treatment the slaves meet with in the West-Indies amply counterbalances their previous sufferings, nay, they have not scrupled to extol a state of servitude as a happy asylum from African despotism, and calmly maintain, that the condition of the labouring poor in England is much harder than that of the Negroes in the West-India islands. Upon this ground, ...

*  CNN.com - Transcripts

Media relations here at the hospital deferring all questions to the senator's office, which did issue a press release a short while ago saying that Admiral John Eisold, the attending physician of the U.S. Capitol, said, "Senator Johnson has continued to have an uncomplicated post-operative course. Specifically, he has been responsive to both word and touch, and no further surgical intervention has been required." Meanwhile, we've seen a steady stream of high-profile senators here at George Washington University Hospital. Earlier today, soon- to-be Senate majority leader Harry Reid was by for quite a while. Then we also saw North Dakota senator, Democrat Byron Dorgan, and then a short visit this afternoon from current Senate majority leader Bill Frist ...

*  rubia weld

i saw quite a few things that got my dyeing juices flowing, including this bag in the window at the gap, which i actually think is kind of ugly, but is clearly inspired by shibori. it's likely printed fabric made to look like shibori though, rather than the real thing. one of the mannequins in the window at harry rosen was wearing an indigo coloured ombre scarf just like in the photo of me up top. mohssine had on another version of the same scarf that i had made him, but his is in a beautiful unbleached linen so the blue is even deeper and richer. ...

*  Dana Milbank: Immigration activists are hungry for reform - News - Crookston Times - Crookston, MN - Crookston, MN

As immigration activists ended a fourth week of fasting on the Mall, they were buoyed by a promise from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to visit their encampment Monday. But minutes before Reid's scheduled appearance at the Fast for Families tents a few blocks from the Capitol, the action's organizers told reporters and photographers that they had just received a call from Reid's office canceling his visit. The office blamed the icy weather -- although the majority

*  Bioterrorism.

Bioterrorism, Pandemic Flu Preparedness Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid last week said that bioterrorism and pandemic influenza preparedness are among his

*  Wisdom Tooth Extraction | Family Dental Care

Wisdom teeth, also known as your 'third molars' come in usually around the ages of 17 - 24. Many times they come in only partially, sideways or impacted due to limited space in your mouth - causing pain, swollen gums and infection. If this occurs, your wisdom teeth may need extracted.

*  Wisdom Teeth | Moats Dental

Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth, or third molars, usually appear around age 18. Eruption may be straight, crooked, or impacted. Even if these molars come in straight,

*  Arts and Humanities

UEA has an international reputation for creativity across Arts and Humanities. The UEA Literary Festival and Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts enrich the student experience.

*  Anoka Ramsey Community College humanities courses

Get info about Anoka Ramsey Community College humanities courses. Whether you are considering an associates or a bachelors degree, your educational investment may pay off with a higher-paying job, or an in-house promotion.

*  wisdom tooth vs molar - MedHelp

It is my sincere hope in communicating this information, that you will seek the advice of an Oral and Maxillofacial. Not every patient referred to me for wisdom...

*  Can wisdom h cause sinus proems - Teeth Whiten Pens - Mar 1, 2017

Can wisdom h cause sinus proems - Sinus infections that NEVER go away? | Chicago | Yelp. Teeth Whiten Tips - Polishes while Whitening, No strips or trays to wear, Removes plaque at the same time, Professional results at home.

*  DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Digital Encoding as a Hermeneutic and Semiotic Act: The Case of Valerio Magrelli

To represent the references between the list and the elements in the text we assigned to each adjective an identifier using the n-attribute (preceded by the "adj" attribute: adj_1, adj_2, etc.) The adjectives recur several times in the text and the author attached a particular importance to them, circling or underlining them. To render this emphasis we have used the ,emph, tag, giving it a rend attribute which explains what type it is (circled or underlined). The encoding of the fourth verse (lines 39-70) presents one solution to a complex set of interrelationships among elements in various areas of the autograph. Subsequently, probably during the insertion of nasce il canto, the author inserted an arrow, which refers to a list of four adjectives written in capitals at the foot of the page (Figure 02, bottom left). This type of indication can be interpreted as an "action" of the author directed towards producing certain effects - but not results, because the author is, in a certain sense, also ...

*  Eponym: Mark Steyn!

Since I've already started abusing exclamation marks, and haven't posted a complaint about Steyn in quite a while - here is definitive proof that Charles Johnson is a fatuous loon ...

*  A Touch of Humanity

Printer-friendly" is part of ATW Plus, our online premium membership. Subscribing will provide you access to exclusive news, carefully researched airline financial, fleet and traffic data, plus the option to receive our popular, award-winning print magazine. To learn more, click here. If viewing via ATW Mobile, please login and click "Read web article" to view fully. Questions? ATWPlus@penton.com.. ...

*  Clothing Swaps - A "How-To" in Humanity

For me, there's no major difference at all. I relish in the satisfaction of knowing that I've made a friend feel pretty and confident by offering up an old pink trench coat. That just because I repeatedly purchase shoes that seem to fit in the store, but don't when I get home, the money I spent wasn't a total loss. I know I can swap them for something equally as fabulous that actually fits. And finally, that I can walk into the Goodwill by my house on any given day and find an item that didn't to find a new home at one of our swaps ...

*  The Echinoblog

According to the author who described this species (and subsequent literature), there are actually BROODED young in these chambers! Its not clear to me if they are simply embryos or actual juvenile individuals. Strangely enough, these have not been documented..at least not in the literature that I could locate. and I have yet to actually spot them. But perhaps I've simply not been looking at the right ones ...